Book News | ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show Casting Update: Jocelyn!

We now have another casting update, this time, the second Fray & recurring role: Jocelyn, Clary’s mother!

Previous castings:

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Moving on. It has been revealed that Jocelyn will be played by:

Maxim Roy

Maxim Roy

About Maxim (courtesy of Wikipedia): Maxim Roy is a Canadian actress. Among her other roles, she currently stars in the English version of the Canadian police drama television series 19-2.

My Thoughts: I really can’t identify what my feelings are on this casting. I’m not upset with this casting, but it’s not all that favorable either. I think I kind of prefer the movie casting (Lena Headey, pictured below). Right now I guess I can’t really see Maxim as Jocelyn, or see resemblances between her and Clary, but I guess that I’ll adjust more when I see her with red hair and side by side with Clary.

Lena Headey:

So what are your thoughts on this casting? Like it? Dislike it? Let me know in the comments below! ❤

Enjoy your Monday!


P.S. ‘Shadowhunters’ filming starts in less than a week! (6 days to be exact) ❤

8 thoughts on “Book News | ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show Casting Update: Jocelyn!

  1. One thing the movie did right is the choice for Jocelyn. Not that I have anything against Maxim Roy, but I think Lena Headey shouldn’t have been replaced.

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