Choosing between SHINY NEW BOOKS and backlist titles // Pros and Cons + Recs you must read immediately!

I am a huge fan of backlist titles.

But I am also very easily distracted by NEW titles.

You remember that little kid who pokes things and runs off to look at every remotely new and shiny object in the store? YEAH, I’M THAT KID. (Except I’m not considered a kid anymore so it becomes slightly more of an “issue”.)

The problem becomes, although there are a ton of books I’m interested in reading that were released in past years, THERE ARE ALWAYS SO MANY NEW BOOKS I keep discovering, especially thanks to book blogging.

So now, to decide, once and for all*, I will be comparing the two in order to somehow reach a conclusion between the two options!

Plus recommendations because I like screeching about books and very kindly nudging you to read them all. :)))


  • You feel like you’re “in the know” and don’t feel as left out with everyone hyping up certain new releases!
  • And more hyped and obviously you’re curious*??
  • If you write reviews, writing a review on new releases are likely to be more popular because people know about them more/are more interested in them

*even though curiosity killed the cat. Haven’t you learned, child.

Me @ new books


  • Like, REALLY scary
  • New and hyped books can let you down
  • Like, a lot.
  • Also money spent
  • Like, a lot.


  • Old books deserve the love tooooooo. Don’t be so mean against the books with white hair, excuse you.
  • You can find a surprise favourite! Surprise because sometimes backlist books that aren’t talked about as much but then you realize how amazing it is?!
  • You can be Special and Stand Out and be a Rebel and not follow the status quo
  • You catch up on the 10 000 books that were released last year that everyone just forgot about the minute the new year came around (even though everyone was just as excited for those books)
  • So they were hyped!
  • So if you did want to follow the status quo, well, those books work
All the backlist books you’re supposed to be reading cause they’re on your (or the library’s) shelves…


  • If it’s from a looooonng time ago then people might not recognize or care about the book as much, which might be a factor when reviewing books
  • Not as many people care about the book, even if it was hyped before
  • Seriously, we have the attention span of a goldfish
  • Who has time for old books anyway?
  • (Yes I’m contradictory, your point is?)
  • You might read a book and LOVE IT but there’s not many new readers who share the same excited feelings?

(Not that I’ve read many of them hahahahaha oops)

Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann: very very adorable read! It is super cute, but it’s also a super needed book featuring a bi-romantic (and black) main character. I loved how honest it was about it, how it delved into the struggles Alice faces while also not making it her whole identity! It was just super fun.

Iron Gold by Pierce Brown: I already talked about this one here, but basically I loved it and it’s the fourth book in the Red Rising series that you should definitely read if you like fantasy and murder!!

Love, Hate & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed: My review on this is coming!! I think!! Thank you so much for all your support on the issue I was facing for this book, it encouraged me so much. Overall I would definitely recommend this though!

Down and Across by Arvin Ahmadi: I related to Scott’s struggles so much! Not knowing what he wants to do in life, feeling his parents are too overprotective (but knowing/finding out they come from a good place), was so real to me! I didn’t particularly care about Fiora though.

American Panda by Gloria Chao: An #ownvoices novel ft. a Taiwanese main character and Japanese L.I! This was equally super super adorable and also kind of heavy/tension-filled when it comes to Mei’s family?! I related to her so much.

Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh: I really loved the concept of exploring grief in a fantasy world! I didn’t particularly like how long it lasted or how fast it happened, but Odessa’s emotion was really real and not to mention the necromancy and zombies things was super cool! I also loved the side characters so much.

I’d also recommend Meet Cute if you’re one for romance, but I personally had mixed thoughts? Some of the stories I liked/loved, others didn’t… but it was cute! I also didn’t love Batman by Marie Lu or Everless by Sara Holland, but you might still like them!

Newly backlisted – 2017

Does 2017 count as backlist?? I guess so, but it doesn’t feel that long ago? Oh well.

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller: PIRATES AND BANTER. I love it. Alosa, our MC is super fierce and feisty and I loved the banter between her and Riden so much! I’m currently reading the sequel and so far it’s really good as well!

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee: Percy is the most precious soul okay, Monty is… pretty ignorant? But I felt for him and loved seeing him grow and all the action and I am super pumped for Felicity’s book!!

Warcross by Marie Lu: The MC, Emika was a huge special snowflake, but I actually really loved her!! Not to mention Warcross and the virtual reality thing they have going on in their futuristic world is AMAZING and I WANT TO GO THERE RIGHT NOW SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.

Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer: I was surprised with this one!! It explores grief, mother-child, father-child relationships and broke my heart but omg it was so good.

Dear Martin by Nic Stone: This was soooo short but omg it packed a punch?! It tackles racism, police brutality, racial profiling, sexism, and GOD IT WAS SO GOOD. And so important!!

Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody: Magic carnivals! Illusions that are real? Murder? I wasn’t that interested at first while reading, and the pacing felt kind of off for me, but the world, the characters, and the plot twists were actually so so so good omg.

THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD. *side glances at you to pick them up immediately*

Kind of old backlist – 2016

The Imposter Queen by Sarah Fine: Ahhh I haven’t read the sequel yet, but the magic and ruling system in this book was so cool and I loved it

Beyond the Red by Ava Jae: This is a sci-fi, which I don’t usually pick, but I remember actually enjoying this one a lot?? I… don’t remember specific reasons why though which makes this recommendation utterly useless. Oh well.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye: Okay, so I kind of didn’t like the sequel very much, but the first book I enjoyed!! I loved the Russian influences to the world and the magic was super cool as well.

Ruined by Amy Tintera: More people with superpowers and stuff in a world where people are then afraid of said people! I loved both Em and Cas SO MUCH and there was so much tension and ahhh I really need to read the sequel!!

The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury: Aladdin retelling!! Must I even say more???!

Starflight by Melissa Landers: Another hate-to-love romance!! ADORE. It’s also another sci-fi, which is odd considering I don’t usually read the genre. But omg so much banter I love itttt.

Oldish backlist – 2015

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh: Guys, I’m not sure if you know, but, I freaking ADORE hate-to-love romances, and this has that, and also magic, intrigue, and a MC who is the BESTTT. I adore her so much!

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin: There’s a motorcycle race during a time where Hitler rules and we have Yael, a shapeshifter who must win and murder him. SO GOOD.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli: SIMON. IS. THE. BEST. I love him, and his family, and his story and huadjkasdald you NEED to read this.

The Weight of Feathers by Anna-Marie McLemore: I

Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine: So much diversity in a fantasy world! It’s the best!! Also libraries and I remember this being super interesting, but I read it a while ago so details are vague hahaha oops. BUT IT’s GOOD. trust me.

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell: Simon and Bazzzz!!! My two little preciousness. Also there were sour cherry scones and SNOWBAZ okay I love them so much

(And OBVIOUSLY there are gems such as Six of Crows, and A Darker Shade of Magic! Obviously. I just take it that you’ve read them already… right??? 👀 Exactly.)


Hahahahah so many of these are my favourite series because I don’t remember many old standalones. 😂

Shatter Me by There Mafi – 2011 // The Raven Boys – 2012 // Shadow and Bone – 2012 // Red Rising – 2014 // The Lunar Chronicles – 2012 // Angelfall by Susan Ee – 2011

These are all the first books in each of their respective series, because those are the oldest! But it seems crazy that these were published so long ago omg.


The Sky is Everywhere (2010) and I’ll Give You the Sun, both by Jandy Nelson (2014) were such emotional reads!! I loved them both so much! The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (2011) was about a magic circus/carnival and omg it was so good!

I don’t mind backlist books! After all, they’re just like any other book? BUT. At the same time, I feel like I’m also not actively looking for them? Obviously there are the backlist books I own myself that I need to get through, but say if I were at a library, I generally don’t pick up books that were published before 2015? I know, it’s bad!!

I don’t know, there’s just something about book blogging nowadays that makes me feel like I HAVE to read the newer or somewhat recent books… which is ridiculous, I know.

For newer books or books released the same year, well, I usually end up picking them up later in the year? Except for this year, I’ve read a lot more January releases closer to their release date, which is so weird.

But I also have a fear of hype??? And I procrastinate on new books?? Sooooo I don’t know how all that works.

Do you prefer reading backlist books or newer, recent books??? (Isn’t the hype scary.) What are some of your favourite backlist or 2018 titles?? Have you read any of my recommendations?? (YOU SHOULD. JUST SAYIN’.) What are your thoughts?! 

67 thoughts on “Choosing between SHINY NEW BOOKS and backlist titles // Pros and Cons + Recs you must read immediately!

  1. This is my dilemma like every day. This is why I go to the library. A) I am forced to read the backlisted books B) If you unleash me alone in a book store, it may get ugly. As in I may go broke. Or I have to make a concerted effort not to stop at the new releases tables, which are conveniently scattered all over the store.

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    • Ahh right??! Oh, so true!! Libraries are super helpful for picking up more backlisted books ahah and my wallet is forcing me to avoid book stores more often… 😳😭 Ahahah I know!! It’s so hard to resist the new releases, which happen to be EVERYWHERE. Making our life so much… easier. *coughs*

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  2. YAAAASSSSSSS! This is me every damn day of my life! Like NO Samantha, you do not NEED those five new books because you JUST ordered 12 books from the last three years that you haven’t read yet…..

    Thank you for posting!

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  3. I loved Daughter of the Pirate King! And if someone reads that then they will want to read Daughter of the Siren Queen which came out like a week ago, so you get both backlog and new all rolled up into one!

    I am a mood reader (I refuse to plan out what books I am going to read) and I have noticed I tend to read about half and half older and newer books 🙂 I get the best of both!

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    • Yesss, it was so good! So true, you get the best of both worlds there! Very convenient haha.

      Same here!! If I try to plan out what I read, more often than not I become less interested in reading those books haha. Oooh that’s great! Having a balance between the two is perfect, I think. 🙂

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  4. Oooooo. But this is a really big problem though… I’m glad I’m not the only one XD. I almost always buy a book thinking, “OOOOOoooo this is so new and shiny and I’m gonna read it next!”…. and then a newer, shinier book comes out….. and the cycle repeats itself. I swear though, there are some hidden gems in the recommended section on Amazon. The amount of times I find good books there and add them to another list……. meaning my TBR….. ;_;
    My book shopping list is now a lot longer ’cause of this post XD

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    • Yessss, you’re definitely not alone!! Hahah I know, it’s a treacherous, never ending cycle. So many amazing books being constantly published! Ooh yes, I’ve spend so much time scrolling through the lists on sites like Amazon, or Book Depository and then it becomes so hard to resist them!! 😳
      YOU’RE WELCOME *cackles evilly* 😉

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  5. I kept scrolling to see how far in years you’d go lol! I feel like this is every book blogger’s struggle! I jumped out of book blogging for a few years (like 5) so I have A TON of catching up to do but at the same time NEW TITLES! PRETTY COVERS! EVERYONE’S TALKING ABOUT *THIS* BOOK! So it’s really freakin hard lmao!

    I read Warcross though and I wasn’t impressed. And also with Caraval, I thought these books were just okay. I really want to read Regin (I spelled this wrong and I’m too lazy to look up the correct spelling lol) of the Fallen but I’m afraid I won’t like it even though it sounds SUPER interesting!

    Also I love your divider graphics! Oh how I miss having Photoshop lol!

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    • Hahaha I already felt so old going back to 2015 releases!! 😂 I KNOW!! Omg books are published so fast over the years, I can’t imagine how it must be to catch up on backlist titles after 5 years because I’m already struggling with it. 😅 AND YES THOSE NEW TITLES ARE EVERYWHERE??!? Like some kind of sorcery honestly, and it makes things so difficult hahahah.

      Aw, that’s too bad! I keep meaning to read Caraval, but never get around to it haha. It’s Reign I think??? (Same with spelling 😂) I do hope you enjoy it when you pick it up!! It is really good!!
      Ahh thank you!! I actually used a freebie from the site Angie Makes and the arrow is from Freepik, I just edited both using Canva. 🙂 I’m glad you like them!

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      • I’m literally sobbing at playing catch up with all of these titles lmao (I’m laughing on the outside)! Not to mention that it feels like the tone? The way books are written? I don’t know how to describe it. But it changes so much. Like think of how books were written in Twilight days compared to now, it’s a subtle change but it’s still kinda of something you notice when you bounce and forth between the different years of publication. Or maybe it’s just me? IDK lol!

        But seeing shiny new titles all over Instagram is like AHHH KEEP SCROLLING lmao!! LET ME FINISH THESE INCOMPLETE SERIES I LEFT BEHIND FIRST lol!


  6. This is such a dilemma for me too! I want to keep up with the new, talked about books coming out all the time, but then I keep finding or hearing about older books that sound amazing, and the conclusion is that my TBR just grows and grows.
    I just picked up Let’s Talk About Love today and I’m so excited to get into it! Also it messes with my mind that books like Carry On and Simon vs. are considered “old” books. They came out three years ago already??? how????

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    • Ahh I’m so glad I’m not the only one?! It is so tempting to read all the new books, but then there are also so many backlist titles that sound interesting? Hahah I know, the TBR is constantly growing and I don’t know how to stop it??!
      YAYYY I’m so excited to hear that!! It was so, so adorable and so important as well. I KNOW RIGHT?! It seems so crazy that they were published 3 years ago??? I FEEL SO OLD.

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  7. OMG I need to raid your backlist titles! Although of course I did read Simon, Carry On, Six Of Crows, ADSOM (duh!), The Grisha, The Lunar Chronicles and Angelfall. And I started the Raven Cycle. But like you said, those new releases coming out a preeeeetty distracting haha. xD

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  8. Omg when “kinda/oldish backlist” is only in 2015…

    I try to do a few backlist titles a year especially if they’re continuation in a series that I seem to start when they’re released but just never get around to continuing it because of all the pretties that get released hahha.

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  9. I love backlisted books but, I also love new releases! This year I am trying to read at least one 2018 release a month and so far have exceeded that which I am really enjoying. I only read maybe 4 or 5 new releases last year so I am really loving actually knowing what the hell people are talking about so far this year.
    However, as much as I am trying to read 2018 books this year, I am also trying to concentrate on backlisted books as much as I can!

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    • Ahhh so true!! Both are my favourites haha. Ooh that’s great!! I’ve definitely been reading a lot more 2018 releases lately, and I agree, I love being able to participate in current discussions on books!! 😂 Backlist books are great, but not many people are talking about them which makes it more difficult ahah.
      Very true!! Can’t afford to neglect them, honestly. 😅

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  10. Hm, I think this year I’ve mainky focused on tackling backlist books over 2018 Releases, but that’s just because I have SO MANY BACKLIST TITLES. Like, so many. And I’ve wanted to read all of them for 2+ years, so I think it’s about time that I finally do. 😂 I think I try to find a balance between the two, and not push myself to read too much at once!

    Liked by 1 person

    • SO TRUE. For me it’s more of the opposite, I think I made a more conscious effort to pick up more 2018 releases this year, but I definitely have so many backlist titles to read as well!! Hahahah I know what you mean!! 😂 That’s true, a balance is a good idea!

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  11. I tend to read a mix of new and backlisted books. Sometimes, it depends on reviews and what I’ve read each month. I try to balance it out so I always stay a little bit ahead of my never ending TBR.
    Oh, Gentleman’s Guide is so sweet. Monty made me pretty mad sometimes, but I love Percy & Monty!
    Also, I’m trying to read the Lunar Chronicles & Gemina because Obsidio is coming out and I just need to finish this second book!

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    • Ah so true!! I like having a balance of both new and backlist books; best of both worlds, I suppose? Hahaha I’m never ahead of my TBR no matter what I do, so props to you there!
      I KNOW!! Monty was pretty ignorant but Percy + Monty is such a gem.
      Ahhhh I hope you enjoy the Lunar Chronicles!! I NEED to read Illuminae and Gemina asap omg. I hope you love both Gemina and Obsidio!


  12. Can confirm – The Great Library is seriously amazing. This entire series is AMAZING and I totally wish more people would read it!

    Also, Red Rising is one of my all-time favorites so I of course recommend it too. 🙂

    Great post!!

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  13. I’d say 90% of the books I own and read are super old because I get soooo many of them from second hand stores. Seriously, it;s like Christmas whenever I find a book I ACTUALLY recognize from people blogs (like The Crown’s Game which I just picked up last weekend). I’d love to read newer books, but they’re just so pricey, so I have to be really picky about what I choose and I’ve all but given up trying to keep up with everyone else 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh I totally understand how you feel, new books are super expensive!! I manage to get some from the library, which saves me a ton, but it can be super hard to keep up with new releases when money is involved, unfortunately. 😦 As a student I can’t always afford to purchase all the new books either, so backlist titles are there for me ahah! I’m sorry to hear that, though! Have you tried ebooks, maybe? They can be less expensive than physical books, or if you have access to a library (I know not everyone does)? I do hope you enjoy the older books you pick up, at least!


  14. I feel like the only time I actually read backlist books is when I’m rereading old favorite series of mine? Which is really quite unfortunate but also a reality. I often find myself drawn towards new and shiny releases because everyone is talking about them and obviously I want to be able to join the conversation too!

    But I feel like it can be a good thing to read backlist titles especially when they are part of a still ongoing series! I plan to review books 1 and 2 of Sabaa Tahir’s Ember Quartett because I am just SO EXCITED for A Reaper At The Gates and I need everyone and their mother to read it too!

    I read 4 of the books you mentioned from 2017 and really enjoyed all of them but The Gentleman’s Guide *goes into hiding*, none of the 2016 ones and only Simon VS from your 2015 mentions (but that one I adore with my entire being and have read it FOUR TIMES since first reading it in July of 2017) and YES to pretty much all of the series you mentioned! I didn’t continue both Angelfall and Shatter Me after the first book and still haven’t read Red Rising but the other series are SO GOOD.

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    • I get that! It’s unfortunate for sure, especially because there are so many good books out there from previous reads! New releases are definitely super appealing though and it’s so hard to resist them haha.

      Ah, so true!! You kind of get the best of both worlds there haha, reading backlist titles while also staying “recent” with the newest book’s release. Speaking of that series, I definitely need to pick up the sequel!! I read the first and loved it but didn’t continue with the series?? I’m illogical.

      Nooooo you didn’t enjoy The Gentleman’s Guide?! *cries* The 2016 books are really good!! BUT YESSSS FOR SIMON VS omg it is so amazing, everything is forgiven 😂 Right??! THEY ARE AMAZING.

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  15. Okay so The Wrath and the Dawn was released over three years ago and Cinder is even older. I FEEL SO OLD NOW why are you doing this to me hahahaha.
    That’s such a great post, I love all of the points you made here! ❤ I have to admit, I'm always having a hard time juggling between new releases and backlist titles. I want to read everything, but let's face it, we often hear more about new releases all around the community, so… we're more enclined to remember these whenever we are browsing for new books to get online / in a bookshop / library / wherever you get your books. Also, there is something about this damn hype and wanting to read that damn book that everyone else is talking about ???? It is SO annoying at times, but… we can't help being curious either?? It's frustrating haha. Plus, there are SO many amazing books that have been released a little while ago, like THE FORBIDDEN WISH YOU MENTIONED HERE AHHH IT IS AMAZING. ❤ It's definitely a struggle, to juggle between new and old releases and…. I don't know how to do it hahaha 🙂
    That was a GREAT post 😀

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    • I KNOW. Omg. THREE YEARS AGO. I remember reading it when I first started blogging… And Cinder !! I FEEL SO OLD TOOOOO. Send help I’m having a crisis 😂
      Ahhh I know, that’s so true! Backlist titles are more easily forgotten amidst all the talk around new books, omg. YES! The hype is just so darn convincing??? TOO convincing, haha. I KNOW RIGHT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT AND IT’S SO SAD BECAUSE IT’S GREAT. 😭😍 Right?! Also, it’s just so expensive to keep up with all the new releases haha. Do let me know if you ever figure it out ahhahah!
      Thank you!!

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  16. I honestly never really thought about what I read (newer or backlist books) I just read whatever catches my eye. I ofter read unknown books, just because I don’t let the hype get to me. The fun thing about it for me is, that when I write reviews about them people are often really enthusiastic and curious towards the books. As it isn’t a book they have heard about 1000 times before on all kind of platforms.

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    • That’s a good attitude!! I wish I could adopt it ahah, would make things a lot easier. 😅 Oooh that’s so true, reviews on lesser known books are definitely more sparse, and hence, less repetitive for sure. Those are great reviews to find!

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  17. I tend to read more backlist books. I do love new releases, I just don’t have the funds to get them when they first come out. By the time I can finally get them from the library everyone has moved onto new books.

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  18. This is one of the HARDEST things I have to choose, Analee! I think I usually read more of the shiny new books than backlist, which makes me sad because there are so many great backlist titles??? But then all the NEW ONES ARE COMING OUT and I can’t keep up. (Tho I am still trying to catch up on all the 2017 books I missed, so I’m not quite sure if that counts for backlist or not. 😂) And omg I never knew Ink and Bone was from 2015?? But I recommend it with all my heart. And aahhh yes I can’t believe there’s barely anyone who’s read Dear Martin, it’s so incredibly important!

    Liked by 1 person

    • RIGHT?! Ahhh I know, it’s so sad!! There are tons of amazing backlist titles out there. But it’s so tempting to read the new ones!! Hahahah I know what you mean, I was kind of unsure because 2017 doesn’t feel that backlist?? 😂 I know!! It was so good. Right??! I feel like amidst all the hype for THUG, Dear Martin wasn’t focused on as much which is sad because it was super good as well!!

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  19. I am trying to find a balance this year. January was great, but now I am failing, as I think I have only read new releases this year (my audiobooks are throwback though). I hope to return to 50/50 old and new soon. A lot of the older books I have read, were from popular series or were popular back when, and have generated some good discussions because they were well loved. I guess it just depends on the backlist titles you choose.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahahah yes, same here!! Ooh wow, that’s quite impressive! Keeping up with new books can get pretty expensive, but it’s so tempting because they look so good haha. My audiobooks are backlist as well, which helps keep a good mix, I think? 😂 Oh, that’s true! Well known backlist books can be pretty popular.

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  20. I’m your complete opposite 😂 I avoid new releases like the plague and prefer backlist because new ones stress me out. Add the fact that they aren’t well reviewed yet and my refusal happens. Only con though is I don’t know what is happening in the book world because I rarely check out book news 🤣

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  21. Love this post! As you probably already know, I am on a book buying ban until I am at least halfway through my backlisted books (although I have changed the rule to being allowed one (1) new book each month hahaha) so I need to make a confession: the reviews for my backlisted books are getting more attention than those for new releases. People even keep coming back for 2-3 reviews over and over even though I posted them months ago. So I am riding that backlisted train haha

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, right? I never actually thought the whole backlisted books thing would work so well, but I guess the chances are higher that people have already read it and can talk about it too.


  22. Well, this is kinda in the middle for me. I enjoy reading new release because I can find many people that are reading them at the sime time, so I can discuss with them. But I’m also late at the young adult party and there’re many interesting series that I still have to read and everyone talks about or quote.
    Plus I must say that some reviews of old books really get kinda of attention

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    • Oh yes, it’s great to find other people to discuss with at the same time! I totally get that, some backlist titles are super popular and well-loved but I still have to make my way through them, oops.
      Oh, that’s good!! Backlist books should get attention too ahah.

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    I feel the same?? I feel guilty reading backlist books all the time?? I just,,, im not a very “current” person and find that people are always reading a new release at the same time and IDK I WANT TO BE DIFFERENT?? But then the backlist becomes HUGE since books are being released faster than I can read them ahaha!!

    Great post ❤


  24. May I just mention one thing: I want to read Let’s Talk About Love SO BADLY but I can’t get my hands on it and I’m :((((((( Many of the others you’ve mentioned are books I want to read like hell, too :((
    Honestly, I used to be all about the blacklist and not even wanting to hear of new releases, but then I kinda started loving both? I can’t really choose haha :’)
    Great post! ❤

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  25. I have so many backlist books on my TBR list plus a silly amount of eARCs from previous years that I really want to read, yet somehow I never manage to get around to read them. I always feel so much pressure to keep up with new releases, even though there are lots of books that I missed when they came out that I want to get to. I just get so easily distracted by new books that it’s hard to keep up with older ones and easy to put backlist titles to the side.


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