Book News | ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show Casting Update: Valentine & Magnus!

Yep, we have another casting update, and this time it includes the casting for our favorite warlock: Magnus Bane! So far we have:

(You can check out my thoughts on them HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.)

Now, joining the cast as Valentine Morgenstern, we have:

Alan Van Sprang 2

Alan Van Sprang

About Alan (credit to Wikipedia): Alan van Sprang is a Canadian actor best known for playing Sir Francis Bryan in the series The Tudors and for appearing in the Living Dead films of George A. Romero. He has many other television and film credits. [age 43]

My Thoughts: Doesn’t he remind you of Jason Isaacs, the guy who played Lucius Malfoy? 😛 Anyway, I think he seems like a good Valentine. He just needs to grow out the hair a bit, dye it white… but other than that, I think he has the whole ‘big, bad father Valentine’ vibe. I was mostly “meh” with the movie casting (Jonathan Rhys Meyers, pcitured below) and I’m liking the new casting a bit more.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Valentine
Jonathan Meyers as movie Valentine


And now, for the grand reveal, I present to you Magnus Bane, played by:

Harry Shum Jr


Harry Shum Jr.

About Harry (credit to Wikipedia): Harry Shum, Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and choreographer. He is best known for his role as Mike Chang on the Fox television show Glee.

My Thoughts: I really liked Godfrey Gao (pictured below) as Magnus in the movie and wasn’t sure how I would feel about the new casting. Fortunately, I like this casting! I actually think he looks a bit like Godfrey, which might explain it. 🙂

Godfrey Gao as Magnus
Godfrey Gao as movie Magnus

So what do you think of these two castings? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! ❤

Have a nice weekend!


5 thoughts on “Book News | ‘Shadowhunters’ TV Show Casting Update: Valentine & Magnus!

  1. I love Valentine! Super happy with him 🙂 But being a Glee fan, I don’t know if I like Magnus. Hopefully I can get used to him…
    I should really find out these actors myself. I rely on your posts 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Just needs to grow out the hair! 😉
      I watched maybe one episode of Glee, so I think I’ll be pretty good with this Magnus. 😀 Maybe you’ll get used to him more as you watch the show? (But hopefully before then.) 😛
      Ha ha glad to hear it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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