Life according to YA literature!! // Slightly salty list on the unrealistic aspect of fiction

Hi guys!! ❤ I’ve missed youuuu!

I’m so sorry for my unexplained absence this week, my wifi has been going in and out all the time which made it super difficult for me to put together a post or reply to comments consistently, buuuuut I’m here today with a super fun and slightly salty post!! ❤ I had SO much fun writing this, mostly because I get to rant about how unfair fictional life is comparative to reality…! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What I wanted to talk about is the fact that despite our craving to relate to books and fictional characters, there are some things that show how unrealistic fiction can be, when we compare it to reality!

So without any further ado, here are a few unrealistic tropes/things that I’ve noticed a lot of YA books use all too often when telling the story of the lives of fictional characters!

– You will find one true love in high school/while 16, 17 or 18.

I’ve read my fair share of YA, and let me tell you!! THE ROMANCE. IS. EVERYWHERE.

I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing!! (Trust me, I loooooove my 10 000 precious ships.)

But going by my own experience and my friends’, I definitely did not find “true love” in high school, or at the ages of 16-18. Sure, you have dates, etc. But love??? Nope. Zilch. Am I saying it’s impossible? Of course not. But high school, in particular, is not just about romance! There’s studying for classes, extra curricular, friends… those can be a lot of our memories sometimes.

So I don’t know what world books are living in (fictional, right. Now hush), but all of these I love you forever confessions… while sweet, they don’t come as often as you’d think, compared to the majority of YA books that have all these passionate, undying romances, you know? At least they haven’t for me?? xD


– You and/or your significant other will always be super attractive and fit and smell amazing

Without much effort, seemingly!

Am I the only one who’s noticed this? SO MANY YA (mostly male) love interests I’ve read about are described a) being super handsome and attractive, b) being super fit and athletic, and c) having a “male” scent.


a) This is a story with teenagers!! I don’t care about how much of the world they saved or their genetics. Most teens don’t have flawless faces! There’s such thing as acne, for one. They’re not all going to be super attractive and perfect, and that’s OKAY.  Stop trying to make us want to live in a fictional word *cries*

b) My question is : HOW do all these characters manage to have such fit bodies without seemingly an inch of effort?? Let’s be real here. Of course there are the people who are blessed with a fast metabolism (not meeee *cries*) but even then, staying in shape can take WORK. Yet books fail to mention this??

c) “Male/masculine scent” “Woodsy” “Smells like [insert nature-related thing here]”

This is by far the most ridiculous one and it makes me laugh every time I think of it, honestly! I’ve lost track how many times I’ve met a character who describes their male L.I as having a ‘male’ scent, or something like that and I just. Can’t. What does that even MEAN?? Boys doused in too much cologne? Sweat? Is that it? Because that’s honestly not very appealing…

Bottom line: Fictional characters enhance beauty (and smell??) waayyyy too much comparative to reality!!

I of course don’t mind reading about attractive characters but if we’re thinking of life, these are teenagers! They’re not all going to have flawless faces, fit bodies without effort, and they don’t have some sort of special or particular nature-esque or male scent, you know???

– You will have effortless A’s

Geared towards contemporary, this one: Again, of course there are people who ace all their classes without studying, but studying and completing assignments IS a big part of high school! I don’t know about you guys, but having good grades is and was super important for me. Which meant that studying and late-nights were a regular for me! (The former, good, latter, not very much but shhhh.)

But in YA, although the majority of the students attend school, it’s either that they are super good at all their classes naturally, or just don’t care about school. Like excuse me! Education is hardddd and a good portion of your time is spent towards it? GAH.

– You no longer need food apparently!

I need food. You need food. We all need food! I, for one, am super cranky and irritable without food and DEVOUR my favourites like there’s no tomorrow.

And although there are several books that to good on this and APPRECIATE the deliciousness of food (Ninaaaaa <3), so many books go without mentioning food or have the characters stay alive on something flimsy and unappetizing.. like what?? #how #whywouldyoueven

– There is no such thing as periods, or, they are super low-impact.

Not to make anyone uncomfortable or anything, buuuuut I can’t be the only one to have noticed this?? I understand not everyone has super painful periods or any side effects and what not, but there are a good number of people who do!! At the very least, they exist! They happen. Period. (Yes, that was intended.)

Yet in books they just straight out DISAPPEAR, even when they’re not in fantasy novels (where food is scarce). #explainyourselves

– EVERYONE is in love with this ONE person

Okay, usually it’s 2. Or 3 or 4 if the author is particularly villainous?? (Yes this happens and I CRY.)

No, triangles, this is not a happy situation? It causes pain and misery and ALL THE ANGST and a grumpy Analee!! So stop smiling. Thank you. Yes, I am very salty today.

But either way!! The dreaded love triangle! YA has been better, nowadays (or so I like to think) and books have less of our pesky love triangles but they still exist and, I am so over them!

I can appreciate a well-written love triangle, sure, but just the CONCEPT. I’m pretty sure most people will agree with me when I say that having 2, 3 (or more) people fighting for the attention and in love with this ONE person is kiiiiiind of unrealistic in real life. Just saying.

And the repetitiveness! #nope

– Everyone always seems to know what they want in life.

I still struggle with what book I should buy (all of them) or what kind of toppings I want on my ice cream??

Let alone figuring out what my life goal is (apart from these fabulous bookish ones obviously)? It took me AGES to figure out what to study in uni. Or even deciding if sleeping in was worth missing breakfast. #thestruggle

And here all these characters have such clear plans?? Study _________ at [insert top notch university here]. (Almost every contemporary character ever) Become a pirate. (Lila is that you? Yes, yes it is.) Pull off a major heist without dying and become filthy rich. (Hi Kaz!!)

Teach me your goal-setting and decision making skills!!

– What are parents??

Pff, who needs parents anyway??

Definitely not children or teens. Nope.

And I get it! I do! It can be a whole lot easier on the author to just not have to worry about parents setting curfew for their courageous destiny-bound hero and all that extra stuff that parents tend to do, like taking care of their child. Not to mention parents are often used as TRAGIC backstory for our precious characters!!

And so we see a lot of:

  • Dead parent(s) who are … well, dead. Usually killed by someone.
  • Absentee parent(s) who are always away or missing!
  • Oblivious parent(s) who are useless and may as well not be there.
  • Abusive parents who are abusive. (No duh. Also sad face.)

My heart HURTS and BREAKS for all the people in real life who have to deal with any of the above because it’s awful and sad and shjfkefnjekflnlejfef.

But those aren’t the only types of parents!! We have parents who are:

  • loving
  • kind
  • responsible
  • intelligent
  • protective
  • disciplinary
  • caring
  • all the good stuff

And they deserve to be spotlighted in books!! Because THEY EXIST TOO. ❤ And positive parent-child relationships always make me warm and happy and just awwwww.

ALRIGHT! After that lengthy, and slightly salty discussion about the UNREALISM (that is now a word) found in YA books, now it’s time for you to share your thoughts!! I’ve missed talking to you guys SO MUCH. Have you noticed any of these unrealistic tropes in YA? What other unrealistic things have you seen in books? (I’m sure there are plenty!) Let us talk and question how YA characters always smell nice and have no need for food!!

65 thoughts on “Life according to YA literature!! // Slightly salty list on the unrealistic aspect of fiction

  1. Oooh yes, the tropes are EVERYWHERE! I am always so happy when I end up reading a YA book that does away with at least one of the tropes. I swear, sometimes when I’m reading I just do a mental check-off list in my head and it almost always ends up completely checked off.

    And you’re so right about the food, periods, and the fit bodies. (Especially the periods! How the heck are all these girls just flittering through their teenage years with hardly a cramp to be had? I was curled up on my bed in a cold sweat for one week a month!)

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    • RIGHT?!? Haha sameeee, finding those books are a true gem. 😂 Aw really? What a shame!! Hopefully there will be more and more books who do away with these tropes someday haha.

      Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only one who think so. (EXACTLY. Like girl how??!)


  2. OOOMG YESS !! It’s so annoying, the stuff about male L.I smelling like woodsmoke or pine or whatever combination of natural elements. Unless you have supernatural smell, nobody can recognize and/or name scents like that !! The period thing, I agree with it bad xD I have only come across the Throne of Glass series which actually acknowledges its existence. It would feel SO good to relate to book characters about it, except THEY DON’T EVEN. #WHYYYYY

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    • RIGHT?! It’s utterly ridiculous, especially in fantasy books where the characters are travelling for days?? Like no, you’re not going to smell all nice and lovely after a whole day in the sun and no baths.. even less whatever fancy naturesque scent the MC’s come up with! 😂 Haha I’m glad you agree!! I’ve only read a few books where they mention it, even if most of the books I’ve read have female MCs. 🙈 I know right?!? 😭😭 So much lost potential GAH.

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  3. I love this post Analee, I mean yeah I don’t normally read books for their realism but there are some things that I see so often that I start wondering if they’re presenting an unrealistic life for the readers. I mean, most people don’t meet the love of their life in high school and most people don’t fall in love with the same person. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a love triangle in a real life situation but for some reason there are tons in the books I read.
    There are books that stray away from these tropes (I’m gonna call them tropes) but it’d certainly be nice to see more, especially more parents in YA fantasy books! 😀
    Great post. 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks Beth!! Haha yes exactly, I don’t tend to read books for their realism either but these things happen so often you have to wonder…! 😂 Right? It’s not very common in real life, whereas in books they’re everywhere haha. Oh yes for sure, there are definitely books that change things up, which is lovely!! Having more of them would be great ahah. Yes!! More parents in fantasy is much needed. Thank you! 💕

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  4. Haha so many of those are so true! I always wondered what Katniss did about her period during the Hunger Games. And as I’ve gotten older, I’ve really started to realize that most 16-18 year old boys are NOT the hunks that they’re described to be in YA haha.

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    • I’m so glad you agree!! Oh my gosh yes haha I’ve totally questioned that as well. Right?! I’ve yet to find a 16-18 year old guy who’s attractive per YA book standards haha, they’re made out to be… very-not-teen-like in books? 😂

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  5. Yes yes YES to all of these! Especially to the food and periods in genres like historical/dystopian/sci-fi, and actually even contemporary, because UM cramps are a thing that keep me from doing basically anything except roll around in bed lol! The lack of studying is also something that really bugs me because I always tried so hard and took up a lot of my time worrying about school. Still do now more than ever, being in college…

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    • Hahah right??! Yesss exactly, even in contemporary, I’d expect it even more because of how it’s more life-oriented in a sense?? xD Yet all these characters never seem to have cramps or anything and I’m just like HOW?? Haha sameeeee oh my gosh. They’re brutal. Yes!! School didn’t/doesn’t always come easily to me, and it took/takes EFFORT. Jeez. Right?? Education is NOT easy haha.


  6. OMG!! So true! Most of the books tend to focus on romance, while I have zero complaints about that, all the realistic stuff added in the mix would definitely make everything more relatable. Great post!

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  7. UM YeS FOR THe ROMANCE THING. Like they whine about ‘I don’t know which boy to choose’ DARLING JUST CHOOSE ONE ANd BE DONE WITH IT OKAY? I don’t even HAVE boys to choose from? LIKE SHUT UP.


    Love triangles are annoying but sometimes they’re subtle and done well and I LOVE THOSE LOVE TRINAGLES.

    And yes! Everyone is fit with ease and pretty and just beautiful. I’M SOME UGLY LUMP OKAY? This is so unfair!

    And yes FOR THE PARENTS THING. I want more variety of parents?! Like what about over-protective mums and dads.

    AND LIKE they always have time! BRUH, I’m here slobbering over homework and exams while your out with your bf all the time? SDFGHJKL teach me time travel please? Because I hardly have any time for myself. And they get away with skiving off lessons? UM THANKS. And there is so much canteen drama? Like no one pays attention to anything in the canteen apart from food tbh.


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    • OMG another great point! YA books feature characters that skip class SO OFTEN! Like… how is that even possible??? Because that was never an option for me – staff walk those hallways regularly and they take attendance and if you skip class, they’ll call your parents – like “Excuse me, Mr. Smith, but your daughter Suzy Sue was here for 1st period and then was absent 2nd period.” And then blammo! Suzy Sue is in DEEP TROUBLE! It’s sooo unrealistic that these kids are skipping class left and right and never get in trouble for it. 🙄


  8. I totally laughed at the dudes being described as having a woodsy/nature scent. I never paid attention to that, but now that you mentioned it – it really is in like… every YA romance book LMAO! Why is that?!

    The lack of periods is SUCH a great point! They are especially absent in dystopian novels – I mean Katniss was never visited by Aunt Flow in the arena??? o_O C’mon son! That is a damn LIE!

    And the lack of parental authority – YES GIRL! Why does no one talk about this??!! I was not allowed to leave my house at a certain time – curfew was always a rule. And I also didn’t sneak out of windows – does no one has alarm systems at their house where it will beep if a window is unlocked???? Because I did so sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night WAS NOT AN OPTION! ^^’

    Great post! I can always appreciate a salty rant! 🐱 ❤

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    • Hahaha I KNOW RIGHT??! It’s everyyyyywhere and I mean… guys don’t smell that good all the time?? Or even the female main characters too, haha they always just smell so good?? xD

      YES EXACTLY. Ummm Katniss I know you’re the mockingjay and all but you’re defying some major… um biology codes right there?? I’m not buyin’ it. LOL.

      RIGHT??! I MEAN COME ON. I definitely had a curfew as well–and yes! Why do these characters never seem to have an alarm system???? I don’t have an alarm system for my windows, but um sneaking out that way was not an option either unless I wanted to severely injure myself and break all my bones SO NOPE. I’ll sleep, thanks. UGH. The struggle. xD

      Haha thanks!! I always love writing salty rants. :)))

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      • Lmfao for real! The window I have now only opens to the side and I can literally only crack it open by about 4 inches – I definitely won’t be squeezing out of that any time soon 😂😂😂


  9. I don’t know if I hate this post because I’M DYING of hungry rn and that chocolate chip cookieeeeee…… ❤

    But I think I love it because:

    1. Anyone who uses this emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is my BFF.
    2. The food thing DRIVES ME CRAZY.
    3. And the easy As.
    4. And the dead parents.
    5. And everything.
    6. Everything, everything, everything.

    Okay I probably love it.

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    • MWA HAHAHA you’re very welcome *devilish smile* (Same though. Same. I WANT A COOKIE.)

      1. Bahaha isn’t it fabulous???
      2. YES. Omg. Why are there not more hungry people??
      3. Hahah yup #iwish
      4. We need more parents to be aliveeeee!
      5. & 6. ❤ ❤

      Hahaha well I'm glad to hear that! ;D

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  10. I didn’t read a ton of YA contemporary when I was younger (or even know; I like genre fiction), but I would have had some weird views of high school if I did. I think I had some bizarre expectations just from TV/movies showing high schools. Like, that prom would be amazing, and everyone would care…not that my school had an unexciting venue with food no one liked, and I chose not to go, partially because the school would not allow anyone in without a date. Very weird all around.

    I totally agree about the periods! I wrote a whole post about that once! I don’t need them everywhere, but it’s weird that they’re NOWHERE. And I think it creates this expectation that everyone else’s is just fine and dandy, and if yours is painful or a problem somehow, you’re alone…when apparently the opposite is true and most people get cramps or whatever.

    Also, yes, about the lack of studying! Either characters are just effortlessly smart, or somehow studying and actual work disappear from the novel. It could be good to see a character who struggles or needs a tutor or something.

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    • Haha right??! I’ve definitely had some unrealistic perceptions of high school because of books (and TV)! Oh my gosh yes!! So much unrealistic tropes were perpetuated. My prom was not bad, but definitely not what I expected based on books and movies! Ahh seriously? That’s so stupid, why would your school do that? Definitely weird.

      YES EXACTLY. They’re like, never mentioned?? Or if they are, it’s AS IF they’re not mentioned because of how low impact it is, which, although can happen, is not the case for everyone! Exactly ahah, cramps can actually be super common? (AND THEY ARE A PAIN gah and characters should show this??)

      I know right?? This happens SO often oh my gosh. Yes! That would be so refreshing, to see a character who struggles or ACTUALLY STUDIES. xD

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  11. YESSSSS like seriously what is with this stuff!? The no parent thing drives me crazy. And the no putting effort into shill work!? Like what!? I wish. Come on guys.

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  12. THIS POST. YES. Okay, I’ve always wanted to be either a fictional book heroine because they a) always seem to be SUPERHOT despite claiming to be ugly, b) they ARE LITERALLY SO SUCCESSFUL without even putting in any effort?? like sometimes they magically win some award or the other… can that happen to me?? AND c) THEY NEVER SEEM TO GO TO THE LOO TO PEE or to carry out any of those normal bodily functions which is kind of scary, really

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  13. Haha! These are so true, but I love the books that do this, anyway! LOL!

    One thing I’ll add — and it may just be me — but in both YA books and films, there’s almost always the jealous, beautiful, incredibly mean girl who is out to get the main character. Maybe I had a unique experience, but in my high school, I don’t remember any mean girls who cared enough about one person. Typically, if there was drama, it only lasted a day and then it faded.

    Then again, this was many, many moons ago. Maybe times have changed?

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    • I know exactly what you mean, in my experience none of the more ‘popular’ girls (and boys for that matter) seem to pay attention to every one else, let alone target them for a life of misery…… x

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    • I know right?! Some of my favourites do these so I mean I don’t enjoy a book LESS because of these but 😂
      Oh yes!! I was just thinking of that after writing the post, I’ve seem so many jealous, mean girls who bully the main character. I’ve never encountered those mean girls either!! That was the exact same for me haha, not that long ago. YA books are definitely way off on that front! 😂

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  14. Hehehe, those were all so true. I always think the period thing, and in movies especially. People constantly seem to have all the time in the world, whereas I’m struggling to fit ont piece of maths homework into a 6 week holiday….. 😕😕 xx

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  15. Hi Analee! I absolutely love this post! It makes me smile. I completely agree that these tropes are used all too commonly in ya books. I am particularly annoyed by the “attractive love interest” one. In my experience, I’ve also read about girls being described as super pretty and smelling like funny things such as strawberries, vanilla……. it makes me self-conscious about whether people are sniffing me and what I would smell like?! :/ Most of the ya books I’ve read have characters who have parents (maybe because I read more contemporary than sci fi or fantasy), but often parents are portrayed as being oblivious or just don’t seem to make an effort to understand their children. I think parents deserve more credit 🙂 This is an amazing post! Thanks for sharing!

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    • Hi Sophie!! I’m so glad to hear that ahhh. ❤ Haha right?? YES omg. I so relate!! Like everyone smells so good and I'm just there like… am I missing something? I don't naturally smell like strawberries? Oh haha yes, in contemporary there does seem to be more parents but often they are definitely more oblivious or not great at disciplining their children ahah. They definitely do! And aww thank you so much! ❤


  16. Yes! There are a ton of unrealistic tropes in YA, especially Contemporary YA. A lot of the ones I find most unrealistic are ones that revolve around High School Experiences (which I actually wrote a post about a month or so ago).

    Authors just seem to be out of touch with today’s High School experience. So much of mine, and my friend’s, was filled with worrying bout college and worrying about school work. I can only think of a couple YA books in which homework or class are actually involved in the plot.

    YA has this strange idea that parents aren’t involved in teenagers lives at all. Characters have such an easy time getting to places despite not being old enough to drive. I was an independent high schooler, but that doesn’t mean I ignored my parents and they let me run wild or that I wasn’t dependent on them for resources.

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    • Right?! Oh yes, I’ve definitely seen a ton of unrealistic tropes in contemporary. So true!! Authors’ interpretation of high school is so off compared to reality. SAME. Oh my gosh. University applications, exams, assignments… SO much to think about agh. Haha same!! And even then I’d struggle to come up with any off the top of my head.

      Right??! Which is so far from the truth (for most people, anyway)! Oh, that’s such a good point! How do they manage to move around so easily?? And yeah, for sure! All of these YA parents are letting their kids just run around with no rules half the time and I’m just like ??? 😂

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    I was going all hyper and nodding my head crazy at every point, because I’ve thought about all these points too, at some point or the other.
    These fictional characters are have such sorted lives. I mean even though their lives might be vv messed up, they are still sorted. ( Did that make sense? xD)
    And, god. Their *regular* lives are so different from ours. I wonder if anyone actually has lives like those.
    And, these high schoolers miss their classes so regularly and they just walk out of the school during school hours, because they don’t feel like attending class? :0
    Ah, I lovedd this post. (like always) ❤
    PS: I'm still trying to get over that COOKIEE! ❤

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    • AHHHH THANK YOU SHRUTI!!! *smothers you with hugs and chocolate* YAYAY that makes me so, so happy!! ❤
      Haha I know right?? That totally makes sense, I get you. Even if a character has a totally messed up life or whatever, their lives are still put together in different areas?? YES, omg. Like honestly. I doubt it. xD
      I KNOWWW? Like how??! If I tried to do that in high school I'd be getting a phone call home and two angry parents haha. And these students face no consequence??
      Thank you love!! ❤ ❤
      P.S. MWA HAHA (also same tbh)

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  18. OMGGGGGGGG ANALEE I LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH YOU QUEEEEEEN. 😭💕 I definitely do not know how people manage to smell good all the time and look good all the time and generally be just GOOD ALL THE TIME??? We all go through lots of crap. 😂 And YESSS like come on how do characters NOT need a snack every five minutes??? Very unrealistic. 🙈

    And ahahaha yes it’s definitely easier to have parents who aren’t there, but I love having loving supportive parents much more!! 😍 YES PERIOD STRUGGLES EXIST WHY HAS NO ONE MENTIONED ANYTHING ABOUT THEM??? And YES to knowing what they want in life! I mean I want to be an author but I know I’ll probably have to major in something else. 😭😭 (Btw what are you majoring in???) And OMG YES! I study a lot and work really hard to get good grades and that just isn’t there in YA. 😂

    LOVE this post, Analee! 😊💕

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    • AAAAHHH MAY I LOVE *YOU*, AND THIS COMMENT OMG THANK YOU CAN I SMOTHER YOU WITH HUGS ❤ ❤ ❤ Yessss like HOW?? How do you manage this without some form of magic or witchcraft??? Haha yess. xD RIGHT?? How do characters manage without frequent snacking I will never understand. SO UNREALISTIC.

      Yesss!! Loving parents are the BEST ahhh. ❤ HAHA I KNOW RIGHT?? Like why are we the only ones struggling here?? YOU FICTIONAL PEOPLE NEED TO STRUGGLE TOO. Haha yess exactly! All of these characters being so certain in what they want to do and always achieving their goals ahah. (Not saying it's not possible but!!) I RELATE AH. I hope you get to be an author!! I was thinking of majoring in English or Biology but opted for business instead ahah. Still deciding if I like it or not, which is probably not a good thing. xD RIGHT?? GAH. Give us your brains please, thanks, YA characters.

      THANK YOU!! ❤

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  19. […] Life According to YA Literature by Analee @Book Snacks: Have you ever thought: “Wow, my teenage life is / was nothing like this?” while reading YA books? I think we all have! Analee shares the most unrealistic aspects of YA fiction which makes for a hilarious post. Highly recommend. […]


  20. This is a FABULOUS POST, yes yes yes to everything here. I feel like there are so many unrealistic things in books at times – and I’ll admit it, when I read these at a younger age, I thought something was wrong with me because I didn’t meet my soulmate at 16, or 17 for that matter, while I was in high school at all and… I don’t know hahaha, books set very high expectations on romance and life in general ahah. AND YES for all of the GOODness in books. I mean, we never look good or smell good after a run or something haha. WHY. I mean, we read to escape a bit, which is good, but sometimes it is a bit annoying to see these unrealistic things happening. And YES. I do want to see characters struggling and NOT KNOWING what they want out of life. We all don’t know everything at all – being sure of themselves is good, great, even, it’s fabulous, but…it’s not what most people feel, especially teenagers trying to figure themselves ou.
    Great post! 🙂


  21. All of this is so true and I rejoice whenever a book gets one of these aspects right! I have mentioned food, and even if it was only in passing, in my own book just to make sure that it was there. Because people need it! Periods, I have to admit, are a bit more difficult to incorporate. I haven’t even tried that yet to be honest.
    There’s just so much truth to this post, sometimes I feel like these books (and movies/TV shows as well for that matter) give us these really wrong expectations of how our life, especially our love life, will look like. I haven’t even been in a relationship to this day and I am (sadly) in my mid-twenties. It just hasn’t happened. I was busy with school at first, because, yes, it takes effort to get good grades, and then I was just too involved with learning about myself and what I want (because I don’t have it figured out) to have room for another person and their feelings and needs.
    Wow, that was a rant. Sorry hahaha but AMAZING POST!!! ❤


  22. I totally agree with the always being attractive thing! (not that I’m complaining…) and OMG the scent thing is TO REAL! I seriously, no joke just read two books (Sweet Evil series and Obsidian series) where all they did was obsess over how good the guy smelled! And it was always something nature related like pine or ember. WTF does that even smell like! Great post 🙂

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