How reading books is like playing or watching SPORTS // I compare my most favourite thing ever to my least favourite

Fact: I love reading.

Second fact: I really don’t love sports.

So why not compare the two? Because OBVIOUSLY THEY’RE SUPER ALIKE.

Am I crazy? Yes. No.

(Okay, maybe slightly.)


In books, in movies, everywhere, we’ve always been shown the two “opposite” groups: the bookworms and the nerds, vs. the jocks, the athletes. And I find it SO annoying how the nerds are always portrayed as being so different, or feeling less than, the more athletic/sporty group of people????

Personally, sure, yes, I’m a bookworm with little interest in sports. But that doesn’t mean I consider myself less than people who play sports, or that I’m not happy being a bookworm? (How can you not be happy being a bookworm tho.) I’m happy being a bookworm! But there are others who like books, and who also like sports! And that’s fine too! It’s not mutually exclusive!!

Wow, I just went on a mini-rant there, but you get the point! Tons and tons of tropes and stereotypes make nerds and sports so incompatible, such a foreign thought and it just frustrates me. IMMENSELY.

So in order to demolish the idea that sports people and books people are so different*, I’ve decided to compose a list of ways reading is like watching/playing/training for sports! (Because watching/playing/training are all the same. Obviously.**)

*Okay, maybe they are a teensy bit different. A teensy bit. BUT SHH LET ME PROVE A POINT.
** ;))

1. Getting all nervous/sweaty/excited/scared during a book –> like during a game 

I just finished the second book in the Red Rising series, okay. I NEARLY DIED. (Or maybe I am dead and this is my ghost writing???) The way I was sweating, you’d think I was actually the one having to deal with everything going on in there?!

Honestly, BOOKS ARE SO FREAKING NERVE-WRACKING. The characters are constantly either a) making life-threatening decisions, b) making stupid decisions, or c) making decisions that get them injured and IT’S SO STRESSFUL and you want to murder them while baking them cake and shielding them like a mother dragon. Okay? Okay.

Then they’re also occasionally super geniuses making you nearly gnaw the book because of how excited you are for them to kick the enemy’s butt. You know. Either one.

Now on to the sports side and you see there’s not much difference??? (I’d assume, anyway.)

For anyone passionate about sports, I bet when you’re watching a game you get just as stressed, nervous as you watch in anticipation what will happen next with the game. (Although books are a lot more stressful tbh because there is SO MUCH MORE which can go wrong ahem such as death, and you know, the end of the world. No biggie. But yes, go on stressing about a ball going into the net.)*

Will they get the basket? Will they win? Who cares Will you ever stop finishing your popcorn in 5 minutes? (I don’t care, I don’t care, and nope.)

*Darnit my bias is showing. I’M SORRY. (I’m not sorry.)

PLAYING a game definitely raises the stakes higher, though! If you play any sort of sport, I COMMEND YOU because it seems so stressful??! But also I’m sure it’s exciting too!! Like reading a book, where you can be crying one second in pain and screeching in happiness the next. Much like playing a game, yes?

(I legit have no idea but whatever.)

2. Cheering for your favourite character –> Cheering for your favourite player/team

When I adore a character, you can bet allll your money (but keep some for books, obviously) that I will stand by them like my life depends on it!! Take: Hermione, Kell, Lila, Rhy, the DREGS AHHH, Simon… And when you read a book where you love the characters, obviously you’re cheering for them?! One of the absolute best parts of reading is how attached you can get to the wonderful wonderful characters out there.

Like I honestly get SO HYPED when my precious children do things right and are badasses and jsaidjoiajfojefioewf it’s just the greatest, honestly. And I WILL fight anyone who goes against them, okay.

I’m going to ASSUME it’s similar to how people stan their favourite players?? Because if you’re as passionate about the sport as I am about books, then of course those players are like the characters we read about, and as they’re off running about* scoring goals, passing finish lines, and being overall very fabulous, it’s always great to cheer them on! :)))

Not to mention I’ve met some INTENSE sports fans, okay. Those fans are NOT joking around when they defend their teams/players. (Okay I relate… but with book characters.)

*I say running, but I also mean any sports that don’t necessarily need running like swimming, or volleyball, etc. Just a note!

3. Stupid life interrupting your reading –> Stupid advertisements in between games

Omg this is so real it’s not even funny.

The amount of times I’ve had to sacrifice reading a book because of school (ugh), work (ugh), because LIFE (ughghhh) is INFINITE. And I always have to stop just as I get to the interesting part (because of course)?? Apparently I cannot just hole myself in my room and do nothing but eat books and chocolate. Sadly.


You’re* in the middle of a battle! Between you and your his enemy! And the enemy comes forward with a knife and they’re talking about how painfully they’ll kill you and—

Whelp, you gotta go now because reality’s calling! HOW FUN.

*dies from suspense*

*Well, the main character. Fortunately. Or else you might die.

I don’t think it’s quite the same when watching a game with advertisements? They usually come in during breaks, right? BUT STILL. How dare someone interrupt you??? No, I don’t want to hear for the millionth time about how great Coca-Cola is, okay, bye.

(I actually passionately hate pop drinks because they’re so uncomfortable to drink?? The fizzy feeling and just blechh. I don’t understand. xD)


Now, before any protestants try to argue how mental exercise and physical exercise are different and not the same!! Let me just offer this definition (because I’m extra and need to prove this point even if it’s not strictly correct):

the regular or repeated use of a faculty or bodily organ

[thanks, Merriam-Webster]

Reading = repeated use of the bodily organ, the brain! It’s one of the best forms of exercise, okay.

  • You need to exert so much energy, being awake far into the night, reading tiny tiny fonts
  • Not only absorbing the information once, but also retaining it*
  • Forming connections to characters!!
  • Not to mention if you’re reading a very suspenseful book, thinking of plot twists!
  • Noticing foreshadowing!
  • Having intellectual** opinions!

Quite a good mental exercise.

*For the duration of the book, anyway. Afterwards all bets are off.
**Or just incomprehensible screeching. They’re synonymous.

Of course, for athletes playing games are super intense and not to mention, training is a TON of physical exercise!! Sure, mental and physical exercise are working two different organs, but they’re both equally important, yes?

Honestly though, the amount of exercise all you athletes do is honestly SO impressive!!! *bows* If you’re an athlete or someone who does a lot of exercise, know that there’s a person in Canada cheering you on and in awe of your powers. :)))

5. Building muscle lifting piles of books –> Building muscle lifting weights

BOOKS ARE HEAVY. If you contest this you are either a) delusional, b) smart to NOT pick up a million books stacked on top of eachother or c) lying to yourself.

So I think it’s fair to say we bookworms build muscle carrying all our VERY VERY HEAVY books, right??

I have very poor upper body strength, I’m telling you, so it’s a true struggle lugging all the books from the library or moving them around because my poor arms are very weak. But! They’re getting stronger day by day thanks to the piles of death books!!*

*Hahahaha. Sure, honey. Keep telling yourself that so you avoid going to the gym, YA LAZY POTATO.

Am I seriously comparing piles of books to weights? Yes, yes I am.


Athletes often do strength training and such! Build muscle and all that jazz to be a fearsome opponent and super fit and all that I’m not! Although readers don’t build muscle as intensely as an athlete would aim for (it’s more accidental, tbh) the idea of it is the same? Somewhat? One just uses books, the other weights. Same difference……

6. Running away from your TBR –> Running away from your opponent

Firstly, let me tell you: my TBR is over 1800 books. Accumulated over 2.5 years? I don’t even want to LOOK at it because it’s scary and I’m AVOIDING IT, OKAY.

I don’t think it’s very healthy? I have a growing suspicion my TBR is trying to smother me quietly and HENCE THE RUNNING.

If I run I don’t ever have to deal with it, you know? (Even though I should be cleaning out my shelf and getting rid of the books I don’t actually want to read. But figuratively running is easier.)

Me @ life, basically.

NOTHING IS AS DANGEROUS AS A LARGE TBR. Whether the TBR is 200, or 1000, doesn’t matter because it’s probably still taller than yourself and is very keen to destroy you.

Do we see that threat with playing or watching sports? I THINK NOT.

Darnit my bias again.

I meant. Uh. Oh yes!! Running away from an opponent is indeed very stressful!! Although I suppose it’s more of an immediate stress* while with your TBR you’re just stressed because it will kill you slowly.

But both are equal**!!

*I don’t know about you, but I would be HELLA STRESSED because I have two left feet and would probably trip over the ball as I’m running away, okay. NOT FUN.
** That’s not a lie at all. Nope.

7. Buddy reads –> Team sports

And solo sports = solo reading, naturally! Now I haven’t ever actually done a buddy read?? I don’t think?? (Feel free to hit me up if you want to buddy read something I might be interested in!) But obviously I have the qualifications to comment on the topic. Obviously.

The similarity is there though!! Buddy read -> read the same book with other people. Team sport -> play the same game with other people. (Does that work? I think that works.)

Personally, (and this is a surprise for sure) buddy reads are evidently superior because you get to fangirl!! or!! rant!! with!! other!! people!! and see their thoughts and have a sort of shared CONNECTION, you know.

And reading! Is great! Especially if you can share the experience with other people?? And if they’re across the world you can wake them up with your screaming thoughts at ungodly hours… #fun

I won’t pretend to know what I’m talking about* but my common sense dictates team sports also create a sort of ~connection~ or kinship, or teamwork, SOMETHING POSITIVE, between its team members! Not to mention team sports also require a good understanding of the other person and what their strategy is, you know? Lots of good ol’ friendship building and all that. :)))

*Hahahahaha says me as I’ve done this throughout the entire post

8. Finishing a book/Reaching a reading goal –> Scoring a goal

REACHING GOALS ARE GREAT. One step closer to conquering the TBR! One step closer to completing your GoodReads challenge! One step closer to destroying the world!

I don’t know if it’s just the over-achiever in me, but I’m always super happy once I’ve finished a book! (Unless I didn’t like it. In which case it can go ahead and delete itself from existence.) Because then I can add it to my GR challenge and FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF, OKAY.

On the same side, scoring a goal/backet/point/WINNING SOMETHING during a game is always great! Obviously. That way you’re closer to winning the game, the whole point, etc etc. So, us readers win reading challenges, and athletes win games!!

Not to mention, both readers and athletes spend a TON of time and effort in reading/training and playing their game and that should be recognized on both sides. :))

9. Feeling happy over books –> Feeling happy playing sports

Ah, the cliche, everything comes down to happiness! Honestly, if only more people cared about happiness.

Because at the end of the day, both a bookworm reading a book and a person playing or participating in a sport they love, those two people ARE HAPPY. Different things make different people happy! The happiness I feel when I’m reading a book, or talking about a book, is because of my passion for reading and how much I love it, and I’m not going to say sorry for that??? IT’S GREAT.

And I’m going to bet, for people who play sports, they have a similar passion and love for the sport they play; just because it’s a sport doesn’t mean they deserve higher/lesser respect or recognition.

So in terms of happiness, both reading and playing sports are EQUAL. End of story.

*mic drop*

And now some sports books! Even though they would most likely be awful torture!

Pepped Up by Ali Dean: Running!

Coming Up For Air by Miranda Kenneally: Swimming?

Breathe, Annie, Breathe by Miranda Kenneally: Running!

Winger by Andrew Smith: Uhhh. Rugby?

First & Then by Emma Mills: THAT COVER. But also football. (ew)

Tumbling by Caela Carter: Gymnastics! This one actually sounds like something I might like.

Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K Johnston: Football?

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger: Football vs soccer or something like that

Not gonna lie, I plan on reading maybe like, 2 of these. At most.  If even that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I TOLD YOU I DON’T CARE ABOUT SPORTS, OKAY.

But there you go, if you ever want to read about sports-related things! xD

This post makes 0% sense, but you know what, we’re going to roll with it (’cause I wrote it and posted it already so) and act like it makes total sense (and if it doesn’t.. whelp.). I attempted to form a bond with sports using books in an attempt to perhaps enjoy it more, buuut it’s hard impossible because BOOKS ARE SO MUCH BETTER. xD

In any case, despite this post, sports and books should stop being compared/divided!! Case in point: when I told my sister what I was writing on, she straight up told me I was crazy and delusional because books and sports are just TOO different. At their core, sure, both reading and playing sports uses and strengthens very different parts of our body.

But the point I’m trying to make isn’t just comparing the surface aspect (although that’s what I kind of do in this post hahah), but to just point out the two areas don’t have to be as divided as we make them out to be in books/movies/society! They are two different things that make different people happy in different quantities, can’t we leave it at that rather than pit them against one another?


But let’s go on pretending there’s a true competition/debate here while I ask you: What are your thoughts on sports and books being similar?? Am I the only one who feels the reader/athlete superiority distinction?? Am I just wayyy off the mark on this one? (I may have high-key been reaching for points but hey, now they exist and are somewhat valid.)

Also don’t pop drinks taste awful??? Don’t let me be the only oneeeee PLEASE.


45 thoughts on “How reading books is like playing or watching SPORTS // I compare my most favourite thing ever to my least favourite

  1. THIS BLOG POST IS EVERYTHING!!! I tried a lot of sports and I just … don’t like to be part of any of them? My maximum sport association is my weekly yoga class, which I haven’t been to since before visiting Canada … so, there’s always that.
    But the whole nerd/jock divide has always bothered me. As you put it so greatly, those are not mutually exclusive! Kudos to everyone who can combine those two passions in their life and at the same time, who cares if you don’t like one or the other? (Although, I do get judgy if people don’t like ANY books whatsoever … I always try to convince them to try audiobooks or comics or something pertaining words haha)
    As always, you were right on the mark! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right?? I’ve tried so many sports but they’re just not my thing. Hahaha oh yes yoga can be fun! (Says me who hasn’t done it in forever.) Yes!! It’s totally possible for people to be passionate about both, or just prefer one? There should be no special treatment or a negative connotation to one or the other? (Haha I know right, I just always say they haven’t found the right medium or the right book?? Because honestly you never know what you’ll like until you try it.)
      Ah thank you! 💕 (Omg, I’m over a month late on this reply, I’m so sorry! *hides*)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yesss I love this post!!! I think books and sports can be similar in some ways, especially watching sports and being a supporter vs reading a book. I’m someone who loves both books AND sports. I watch a ton of football (soccer), ice hockey, baseball, athletics, and I also love reading. When I tell people I love both, I sometimes get weird looks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh yay I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! ❤ Right? There are definitely similarities, especially with supporting players/characters while watching or reading sports/books respectively. Yayyy that's so great to hear! Haha I can imagine! People have been brainwashed with the idea that sports and books don't mix. *shakes head*


  3. This blog post is so real. The whole “athletes are better the bookworms” thing really annoys me. Everything you said is so true. Even though my parents won’t agree. Have a Great Day!!!!
    P.S. I don’t like pop sodas either.

    Liked by 1 person

    HAHA Yess running away from my TBR, but it can’t seem to stop coming after, can it?
    Oh and mental exercise. Gosh too much.
    It’s so much of stress to deal with your fav character’s life, I mean come on, she is stuck between dangers, and he lives under the stairs. So the stress is obvious isn’t it xD
    And the energy while reading, man, nextt levell!
    And ofc, life gets between it. It just has to. *Third wheeler-Life*
    Aah this post is SO SO ACCURATE.

    Liked by 1 person

      Hahahah right??! It has a mind (and legs) of its own!!
      I KNOW. So stressful. So much exercise.
      Haha I know!! It's such a stressful and hard life. I just want my poor children to be okay and not live under stairs. 😢😂
      Haha right!! Honestlyyyy life is the most annoying third wheeler ever.
      YAY I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR THAT! This just made my day. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard at this post! I love it!
    And yeah, I think you’re sadly right about the whole nerd/athlete thing… Like, people, someone can like both. That is a thing. And athletes shouldn’t be viewed as better than bookworms either… Yes, maybe a lot of us are lazy couch potatoes (Or maybe that’s just me…?), but we also have a lot of knowledge from reading all this books. Not to mention we’re human. That should be enough on it’s own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahah YAYY I’m so glad you loved it!! 🙈
      I know right? :/ It’s so frustrating how people are of such one-or-the-other mentality?? That’s not how the world works, okay. (I am totally with you, fellow couch potato!) Even if we’re not all sports fans, we have other values?? Intelligence! That should be worth as much as sports? YES, absolutely, you said it all wonderfully. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I think there are definitely a lot of similarities between books and sports. Particularly in the discussing it side. How many times do you hear people discussing the game last night or the book they’ve both been reading? And reading does get you fit just like sport. Some of those books are pretty heavy, I have legit gotten a sore arm from holding up a heavy book when I’m reading it. I would definitely recommend a buddy read or a group read. It’s so good to be reading the same book as someone at the same time.

    For some reason i absolutely love books about sports. Very happy to see Ali Dean on your list, I love her books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yayy I’m glad you think so!! 😊 Ohh yes that’s so true! So many people talk about the results of a game ahah, like someone would do with a book. Yes!! It really does omg, books are so heavy. Same!! My arm was not happy with me. Buddy reads seem like so much fun!

      Ohh really? That’s nice! I’ve only read one of her books, but it was a fun read!


  7. Oh my goodness – this is so true! Books are alot like sports, but SO MUCH BETTER. And the intense feels, the rooting for your favorite characters, and running from your TBR. All so true!

    I don’t like sports at all, except for some English football. Books are just better!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. *scrolls past the sports books because nope*

    i dislike how they’re always “mutually exclusive”??? I mean YES YOU CAN BE SMART AND LIKE SPORTS OKAY. You might just be better in one area than the other!! It’s not “rare” really, but like… definitely not SUPER COMMON that you’re super good in both areas because both areas take a lot of work to excel in!!

    READERS ARE BETTER and i completely agree with your bias.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahah right?? 😂
      EXACTLY. Ugh. Yes, for sure!! Both take sooo much time so one or other definitely can fall on the side if you’re interested in both but you can still like and do both??

      YESSSS you can’t beat readers okay.


  9. not much of a sports person either (does swimming count??) but this post was amazing xD

    i love how you managed to find so many parallels between sports fans and bookworms?? and they’re all pretty accurate too, mental and physical exercise are absolutely on the same level

    (but readers > sports players)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Swimming totally counts! 😊 I love swimming, though it can be such a workout haha. Yayy I’m glad you liked this!!

      Haha yesss there are many hidden similarities society has neglected!! 😂 I’m glad you think them to be accurate! My sister kept saying I was making things up. Pff. 😉 Yes!! If only my gym teachers would’ve understood this.

      (ABSOLUTELY. 💪📚)

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Ahahah I love this post so much and all of the comparisons are ON POINT. I am soooo not a sports person, I’m just a book person overall and I’d rather sleep and read my book than do any kind of sports, I’m such a lazy kind of person hahaha. I’m definitely cheering for my books all the time and hate life interruptions whenever I am reading, like, that is so very rude??!
    Fantastic post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yayyy I’m so glad you enjoyed this!! RIGHT?! The amount of time people spend into sports, I can spend into books! Honestly the better deal. Hahah sameeee oh my gosh. 😂 Yes!! Gotta support our favourite children. Yessss omg how dare life disturb our reading?? 😤 Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Such a fun piece of post! I never really realized how related those two things are 😀 I used to HATE sports and 100% would prefer reading a book on the side of the field than join in the game!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I totally agree with you! I hate sports (unless it’s the Olympics, cuz then I like watching gymnastics or figure skating cuz those are pretty artistic) but I totally see your points on the similarities? I don’t see what anyone else’s problem is. XD
    And sadly I love soda…maybe a little too much. 😛 It just tastes good!
    And hey, if you want to buddy read, (well kind of) I started a book club on my blog called The Second Star Society where we are going to read a different retelling every month this year. I set it up so you have a choice to read the “official” book or a different retelling of that month’s theme if you want to be independent but still participate. Here’s more info if you’re interested: 🙂 We started on January 1st, but you could join any time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yay I’m glad to hear that!! Ooh yes gymnastics and figure skating I enjoy as well, it’s so cool and pretty ahah. Right?!? There are tons of similarities, honestly. Haters need to back away. 😂
      Hahaha nooooo it’s the poison!! 😂😵
      Ooh that sounds like fun! I will definitely check that out later. Thank you for letting me know! 😊 I love retellings.


  13. OKAY BUT YAY FOR LIKE ORIGINAL CONTENT BECAUSE I’m sure no one else has posted a similar post to this. I mean…BOOKS and…SPORTS?! Thats quite the imagination you have there.

    I also think you learn a lot of new skills with books. Like how to balance books in your arms and on the tip of an object and how to old 78 books at once and you do that with SPORTS as well like learn new things so?? Yes?? I have just made another comparison?? WE ARE SUCH GENIUSES.

    But yes. BOOKS ARE SO HEAVY. and like we get injuries too? Like HARDCOVERS FALLING ON OUR FACE is as bad as a footballer injury okay. MY NOSE IS FOREVER BROKEN. whelp.

    And like YES ROOTING FOR CHARACTERS SO MUCH!! like I LUUUURVE ROOTING FOR CHARACTERS AND FANGIRLING OVER THEM and Im sure sports people do the same. Like we need book matchatax with like character names insteaD? I WOULD COLLECT THOSE 100%


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