8 odd things about my secret blogging habits no one asked about but I reveal anyway!

I am a very secretive* potato!!

Hence, this is a very monumental day as I am actually SHARING my top secret blogging habits! * no one gasps but GASP *

Everyone blogs a little bit differently, and we all have our own blogging habits! Some of them are pretty normal/reasonable, other ones are perhaps a little more… unique? Different?

Either way, I just wanted to share some of my own blogging habits and hopefully either relate to your own habits or spark a little chat about blogging habits because we’re ALL BLOGGERS HERE! Time to spill secrets. 😀

*Okay, maybe not, but humor me here, okay?

1. I almost never finish a draft right after creating it.

I don’t know if this is only me? But no joke, this is how 80% of my post writing process goes:

  • “Okay, today, I’m going to write a post!”
  • * gets distracted by YouTube and Netflix for an hour *
  • “RIGHT. Posting.”
  • * opens bullet journal for list of ideas because Analee* is uninspired for a new one * OR
  • “OOH LOOK [so and so person] from [so and so thing] just [did a thing]!! What if I bookified it to [insert idea here]???” (Spoiler: usually it makes zero % sense. BUT THAT’S OKAY.)
  • * Analee rushes to create a draft on WordPress. But her internet is slow so she cries. *
  • Sometimes, Analee has a funny** title already, but other times she just writes what the post is about??? (WHO DOES THAT.***)
  • “Hmm… okay, why don’t I start off this post with an obnoxiously loud HI for now…”
  • “I also want to mention how delicious ice cream is. Okay, done.”
  • “Ahh what’s this post about again?”
  • “OH YES. It’s a list!!”
  • * She writes: 1. [Something about the idea] and maybe a few more if she’s inspired *
  • * Saves *
  • “Wow, I’m so productive.” says Analee.

*Why am I talking in third person? NO ONE KNOWS.
**HAHAHA. So I like to think.
***Duh, every normal person Analee???

I KNOW. I sound absolutely insane, but this is actually how it goes (in a more exaggerated manner, of course). Currently, I have around 250 drafts saved on WordPress… *hides* Some of them are from wayyyy back in 2015 and probably will never see the light of day, buuuuut they’re there!

Basically: there is no method to my madness!! (Sometimes.) Literally, for every published post, there were probably at least 3 other drafts that I saved and went back and forth between before completing the published one.

Though I have a schedule and a list of posts that I want to publish and write, often times I end up publishing a totally different post simply because I pick up one of my previously-abandoned drafts and finish that one instead of the draft I just started.

2. Whenever I’m blog hopping on my laptop, I have AT LEAST 12+ tabs open of blog posts.

PLUS multiple windows!

Why? Well, because I often can’t comment on posts right away, particularly for blogs I like to follow actively, at some point I just round up all the blogs I want to binge comment on, and open a huge number of posts on my laptop! I just like having them all visually laid out so I can slowly go through them all. And then one by one, I’ll close the tabs.

Except then I usually end up with a lot more tabs because for each tab I close, I still discover new blogs through the comment section of the blogs I originally started with… #darnit

And THAT’s how blog hopping takes over an hour! 😀

3. I CAN NOT, for the life of me, write a post on my phone.

Fact: Every single post on this blog has been written on my laptop!!

Why? Because I absolutely am horrrrrible with using my phone for writing posts.

I don’t even know why!

I’m perfectly fine using my phone to write literally anything else, but I just can’t get on board with writing a post. Believe me, I’ve tried! While on the bus, a few times I’ve tried writing in my Notes section but the words didn’t flow as easily, you know? I’ve just given up on that front.

Now, if I have an idea for a post randomly and my laptop isn’t with me, I’ll note it down in my phone but that’s it! NOTHING ELSE TILL MY LAPTOP.

My blog would’ve been over and done a looooong time ago if I never had my laptop. (Laptop I love youuuuu. Until you’re replaced with a new one. And then it’s adios.)

4. And don’t get me started on using the WP app for posts!

I don’t know about you guys, but trying to write or edit a post on my phone using the WP app is always ten times more difficult. Even WORSE than simply using Notes on my phone. I KNOW.

There are less options, it lags all the time for me and I can’t type the words as easily because it glitches AND to top it off, I’m also paranoid that it will publish my draft instead of saving it like I want it to, because that’s happened before. *sigh*

WordPress really needs to fix its app aghghghghghhg.

5. I love having chocolate when I’m writing a post!

And everyone thought my comments about needing chocolate were jokes! Hahaha NOPE! 🙂

I love any sort of snack, honestly, (I mean, duh BOOK SNACKS, could I be any more obvious) but having chocolate whenever I’m working on a post is just a sort of habit of mine now? It’s not what I can call a common habit for other bloggers, that’s for sure. BUT CHOCOLATE! ❤ How can you resist??


And I swear it makes me work better, too. *nods innocently*

6. I am completely opposed to the “blue” WordPress post editor.

What do I mean? LET ME SHOW YOU.

You see, WordPress, because it is endlessly confusing, has two options as to how you edit your posts. One of them, I believe is older and the blue one I refer to is the new one I think?? Well, new ish. But anyway! Here’s what it looks like:

To access it, as most of you know and do, you go under “My Site” and find Blog Posts or ‘Add’, and voila!! You can see now why blue editor is a very good label for this?? Lots of blue accents, yay!

Buuuuut for me, I just can’t seem to warm up to this one for actual post writing. 

Maybe because I haven’t tried to as much?? But I find the ‘older’ version of the editor is just so much more comfortable for me! I’m not quite sure why.

In case you are completely unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, to access it, we have to go to our dashboard, which is WP Admin in the My Site drop down menu thingy.

Then you’ll be able to choose the Add New button from the sidebar, or check out all your posts, categories and all that jazz! This is what the post editor page looks like:


I can certainly see the appeal of the “blue” editor, and I’m betting most of you use that one, BUT I kind of really like this one more and NEVER use the other editor when writing my posts.


7. I like having something play in the background while I’m working on a post or blog hopping.

Could be a song, a TV show, or a movie, anything! Granted, it might make my productivity slightly slower because I am very easily


distracted! But, it’s fun and it became another one of my habits too? #multitaskinggenius

*Did this accidentally not-so-accidentally become a chocolate appreciate post? Yes, yes it did.

8. I can never write posts early in the morning.

Whenever I do wake up early it’s for a purpose such as class, or work or something? I am NOT a morning person whatsoever which means you will not see my waking up early for a recreational activity, let me tell you.

Chandler understands me on a spiritual level, here.

Thoughhhhh there was a time that I DID wake up super super early to write blog posts (like, 5 or 6 AM) and I just look back on those days like HUH?? Who was I and what had blogging done to me??! That was probably in my phase of “post everyday” thing going on.

I have learned, since then, it is in fact possible NOT to die from early mornings and still keep up a consistent blogging schedule! WOO for that blessing.

Now, I mostly either write posts in the late-morning (11-ish) to afternoon times (like, 3 ish) or, LATE at night (11 pm to 12 and up!) There is literally no in between; you will not see me writing posts at 7 AM or even at 5PM. Nope. Instead, I prefer being a vampire, up at like, 1 AM OR a reasonable human being and working at 12 PM ish.

 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ MY MIND IS ODD. Someone help me. Or join me. Either one. xD

What odd blogging habits have you not dared to share with the world??? I pinky-promise I am a good secret keeper. *nods* Can you relate to any of my habits? (WE SHALL BE ODD MINIONS TOGETHER.) Or am I just too far gone in my odd-ness for you? LET US TALK!

OH and I already asked what was your favourite chocolate in another post buuuuut because of all my totally unintended chocolate appreciation here, tell me what is your favourite chocolate food?? (ex. Is it chocolate cake? ice cream? brownies? chocolate chip or double chocolate cookies? donuts? Oh my gosh I’m so hungry now aghghghg help)

And I hope you’ve had/are having a LOVELY Monday, even if Mondays are kind of the worst. 🙂 Lots of love (and chocolate)!! ❤ 

Bookish life goals almost EVERY bookworm has or had!

Say it with me: Goals are fun! Goals are motivating!

Goals are also very NOT achievable if you’re a bookworm.

Hello everyone!! I just had a long moment of confusion over whether I use has or have for this title (and here I thought I passed English grammar issues) buuuut I’m over it now and here to present you with a mind-reading list! Or a list based off my mind-reading? Either one.

Basically, I was thinking about something to do related to BOOKS and BOOK LOVERS, as we all are (happy belated book lovers day, btw!!) and I conjured a list of some of my our book-related goals!

They’re not necessarily all realistic but pff, who needs achievable and realistic goals anyway?

1. Own a library as large as the one in Beauty and the Beast (or just a huge personal library) without going broke!

FJKSJSDJFJDSJSFDJ what a dreaaaaaam come true that would be???


But even if I weren’t to have a library like this one, just having a collection of shelves upon shelves of YA books in my room… literally heaven??! I am serious, this is one of my NUMBER ONE GOALS IN LIFE. Someone help me win the lottery please I don’t want to be broke.


It’s so PERFECT. *bursts into tears*

Quick question: Uh, do you think Hogwarts accepts students over 17???


I think 90% of the bookworms I’ve met, if not more, have read and are fans of Harry Potter so I MEAN COME ON. Tell me with a straight face you haven’t wanted to go to Hogwarts??

3. Visit the Harry Potter studios (London) or Harry Potter world (Florida, and other places)

Second best thing, eh?? I don’t know about you guys, but ever since I heard of the existence of these two places, they immediately went on my bucket list!! I MEAN OBVIOUSLY.

*swoons* I neeeeeed to visit London RIGHT NOW AGH. Imagine all the posh accents! the things to see!

Oh, and then of course there’s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida! There are other places where there’s Harry Potter world of course, but I finally got the chance to visit Florida’s last December and IT WAS SO AMAZING GUYS. I love roller coasters, and this was basically roller coasters + Harry Potter fabulousness + food and shjjejfikwejfkqjfikqjfindjkjdk

Sources: Flight of the Hippogriff // Diagon Alley // Hogwarts

Sorry for those of you on the Reader who can’t see the photos, but ahhhhh if this place isn’t on your goals list…. I have no words!

3. Meet/Interact with their favourite authors, go to a book convention(s)

AHHH I want this SO MUCH. Omg. Especially after joining book blogging, seeing so many people go to conventions like BEA or BookCon (both in the US though *grumbles*) and meeting authors, getting ARCs of anticipated books and I just *dies*

I am half tempted to travel to Toronto just to meet authors (because I live in Ottawa and no one ever comes here) honestly. And get books signed!!

At this point, I would love even for interaction over social media. xD Having an author reply or like my tweet…. *dies again*

4. Be featured in the Acknowledgements of a book!

I don’t know about you guys, but I ALWAYS read the acknowledgements at the end of a book! I don’t know why, I just love doing it for some reason? And ahhhh it would be such a dream come true to be featured in the acknowledgements of a book!! I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS.

5. Visit fictional worlds.

Okay, hear me out here!! This may not exactly be a realistic goal (I did warn you) but can you honestly say you’ve never wanted to visit a certain fictional world?? Here’s another one: if these worlds were real would you not consider it a life goal to visit said worlds? 

EXACTLY. I don’t remember what I was trying to prove but you get my point right?

I remember making a list of some of the fictional worlds I want to be real, and guys. Guyyyyyys. SO MUCH WANDERLUST!! Visiting fictional worlds would be so amazing, I just can’t. AGH.

Life goal: discover how to travel into books. Yup. 

6. Making a living off BOOKS!

Getting paid to do something related to books would be amazingggggg! I’m still devastated that the nearby bookstore isn’t hiring anyone jkdfjefjqejfieoqjfe. Whether it’s being an author, librarian or working in publishing, who knows? Just being paid for something we love, isn’t that everyone’s dream??!

Me with the prospect of having a book-related job, tbh.

7. Conquer the (monstrously large) TBR without dying!

And the FINAL, most unachievable important goal of all!! I was saving the best impossible one for last, you know. Let me tell you, I REALLY want to achieve this goal! And I bet most people will…

Buuuuut considering my circumstances I find it very difficult to believe I will actually be able to achieve this goal myself. Considering on Goodreads my TBR has a total of 1889 books. I’m not kidding!

I even had just taken off a bunch of books from my shelf? I’m nearing 2000 books asjfjekfwefnjwnf #sendhelp!! I WILL BE SMUSHED.

(Heyyyy does anyone happen to have a recipe for immortality stashed away somewhere??)

Do you have any life bookish goals???! Can you relate to any of these goals?? (I mean I hope so or else this title is severely misleading.)

OH and how many books do you have on your TBR? (How much shall I bet that I have more than you mwa haha) Do you read the acknowledgements of a book? What are some of the fictional worlds do you want to visit? Have you met your favourite author before, or who would you like to meet? Isn’t the Beauty and the Beast library AMAZING AGH. Let us talk!! 

Happy belated book lovers day!! ❤ ❤

9 Reasons I have TRUST ISSUES with WordPress!

“WordPress is useful! WordPress is easy to use!” They say.

And sure, they’re not completely wrong? (Obviously or I would not be blogging on WordPress at all because I hate anything complicated and that I don’t understand there are many other platforms available if I didn’t like it.)


No site is perfect and so I find myself facing great troubles that cause much woe*! So obviously I came to wonder if WordPress has done this before to other people or whether it just holds a grudge against me… Hence, here are the odd glitches that have happened to me on WordPress, or just simply why I have trust issues with WP!

*No exaggeration whatsoever. Nope.

1. WordPress not letting me follow people while I’m on the app

This hasn’t happened to me before often but on occasion I haven’t been able to follow people while I’m on the WordPress app on my phone?? And I’m honestly so baffled? Like I tap on the follow button multiple times but it doesn’t seem to work. But it works sometimes? It’s not currently working, but it used to, not long ago. SO UM.

If anyone knows why this happens or how to fix it I would be much grateful?? Because it’s just plain annoying to be forced to switch to my laptop just to follow a person and I might not end up following that person because of it, to be honest. (I’m sorry! Lazy person here.)

2. Randomly unfollowing someone even though I KNOW I followed them?

Okay, this one I know has happened to other people and all I can say is WordPress, WHAT are you doing?? Especially for bloggers I actively follow regularly, or who I’ve followed for a long time, one day I see I’m not following them and I feel so confused? And then awkward as I follow them again and hope they don’t notice? But then I become paranoid that they secretly hold a vendetta against me now for unfollowing them. But! It! Wasn’t! My! Fault! And then …

Aghghghghghg. WORDPRESS WHY*.

*I’m seriously chill, guys. I just have TRUST ISSUES.

3. Putting comments in spam that were NOT spam

Gahhhh I know, I know! The spam thing is just doing its job. But there were times where there’s a comment from someone new, or even someone who’s commented before, that just gets put into the spam section! Sometimes they had links in the comments, which I understood (because there are often a lot of links in spam), but other times it was a simple comment! And I used to forego checking the spam section, so what do you know? One day I check my spam folder and there is a comment from someone posted A WHILE AGO that was actually not spam. Gah. WP, why are you letting me down here?

4. Not showing my notifications when I get a comment/like

This one is just odd? Now, there’s two things I mean. There’s the app of WordPress, which I have on my phone, where there’s supposed to be an orange notification bubble thingie™* that pops up every time you have a comment/like. Yet, there were times where I know I have a comment/like, but there’s no orange bubble thing! This is far from the worst thing that could happen, but I like seeing my orange bubble, you know?

And then there’s the other (worse) situation! This happened for SUCH a long time for me.

Whenever I was on my laptop, the notification bell part at the top right corner would show an orange bubble thing, but when I pressed the bell, it wouldn’t show me my notifications! This was so frustrating because I’m on my laptop A LOT, and not being able to see my notifications while I was on it made life so much harder**!!

*LOL. Orange notification bubble thing are my new favourite words. Because BUBBLES. Also it’s sunset orangeeeee. 

**First world problems, I knowwww BUT GAH. Not helping the trust issues thing.

5. Asking me to log in 10 000 times to have my comment posted

Okay, yes, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly.

And no, this isn’t the most horrible thing to have happened, just slightly frustrating at times when I try to post a comment on a blog (and I’m already signed into my account, mind you!) but then I can’t until I’ve signed in AGAIN. Am I being a tad unreasonable? Perhaps. 😛 But it is a disgrace! And WordPress has revoked its right to my trust for its simplicity!!

(Full disclosure: It’s not as bad as I make it sound, so don’t worry if you have a blog that does this! Just a small thing that in my eyes is totally unnecessary??? Like it’s so MEANINGLESS. I’m just confusedddd.)

6. Not showing pictures properly on the app after showing up perfectly fine on my laptop

I think it has to do with images in a gallery in particular? At least, from what I’ve noticed. And ahhh I wish there was something I could do about this? Because I tend to use galleries quite a bit, for book covers, as they’re super easy to organize. And they look really good!


In which case I’ve seen either blanks or even just a link/code thingie …………………… WHERE ARE MY BOOKS???

*muffled screaming in frustration*

And I know there are a lot of people who probably read my posts on their phone, and so for them to not be able to bless their eyeballs with PRETTY COVERS is just a tragedy!! For my part, it takes so much more effort to open the post in an internet browser, and also my wifi is super slow.


7. Publishing my post based on the time I last revised it instead of when I was actually publishing it.

At least I think that’s what it was based off of? But this happened to me a few times, where I press publish but then I get like, no people visiting my post. And I check, and it says it posted yesterday or some odd thing like that.


I am now very very paranoid and always make sure to SAVE as a draft again before I publish, and have to check the date and time as well.

So much extra work.


8. Having a limit to the media storage space.

I still have quite a bit of storage left, thankfully, BUT I’m worried I’m going to run out of storage for photos? WHAT IF. You never know?? And then I’d be forced to, what, delete old photos??? But then they wouldn’t appear in the posts I used them in! I guess I would just have to start using the photo’s link instead?

But I’ve gotten used to uploading my photos! And what about my galleries??

LOOK AT THE AESTHETIC. This would all be lost without my photo-uploading ability!! I no longer trusttt WordPress with my media. *cries*
Yes, I realize you can upgrade and pay money for more storage, BUT MONEY. And me is broke. So.

9. Not publishing my post at its scheduled time.

Similar to #7, but also kind of different in the sense that I think this affected me the most, out of all of these? Like, I got over those issues. But this one? It happened maybe only a few times when I first started blogging, but ever since then I’ve been SO PARANOID.

I don’t even think it was WordPress’s fault, it was probably the time zone, but one time I tried scheduling a post in advance and it just DIDN’T WORK! I think one time it didn’t post, and another situation, it was at the wrong time (even though I swear I posted it at the right time!!) SO. Can you blame me for having trust issues after that?? 😛

Now, I sometimes even schedule a post for a certain time a few minutes beforehand (BECAUSE PARANOIA). “What if it doesn’t post on time?” Or even if I’ve scheduled it in advance, I’ll start WATCHING my phone obsessively for either the time or the notification from WP saying my post is scheduled.

YES I AM THAT EXTRA. Don’t laugh at me. xD

I was aiming for 10 reasons, buuuuut I think you guys have had enough of my overuse of question marks and screeching about WordPress glitches!! Ahem. (Also I can’t think of another reason at the moment because I haven’t had chocolate yet. So.)

Tell me!! Do you relate to any of these issues?? I may have gone slightly overboard with my paranoia and overall distrust (oops) BUT I think I got the general idea across? 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I do like using WordPress!! But of course from time to time there will inevitably be little mishaps here and there, which I just wanted to share, from my own experience!

Are there any other odd things that have happened to you on WordPress?? Can you offer any explanations for these odd happenings? LET US TALK.

Happppy Tuesday! Sending you all well wishes and hope your day is great/has been great. ❤ OH and feel free to tell me about your favourite type of chocolate, too! I’m feeling hungry!!

2017 August Book Releases // ft. my return to life, squealing and the disappearance of my money

I have come back from the land of the dead!

(Also known as perhaps the land of reality. Ew.)

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I last posted, or interacted with most of you, and for that I… shall hide can say nothing other than it’s good to be back? I’m SO sorry for my lack of interaction, agh, July was just such a crazy month for me (so much for summer vacation SIGH).

I’m slowly (and I mean, S L  O W  L Y) making my way through my feed and comments–I swear I haven’t forgotten about you guys! ❤ Let’s talk more pleaaaaase I missed you.

So, I have a new blog spread for my bullet journal, I have my thinking cap on (yeah, idk either), aaaaand it’s the start of August! (HOW.) Which obviously means new books to add to my, and your TBR!! Woo! You’re very welcome. *nods deviously*

August 1st

Sparks of Light by Janet B. Taylor (Into the Dim #2): This is a.. time travelling series I believe? Haven’t read it, but, for those of you who did and are interested, well there you go!

Venturess by Betsy Cornwall (Mechanica #2): Okay, am I the only one who remembers how popular Mechanica was back when it was first released in 2015? No? Now I feel old. BUT STILL. I lost interest now, but it’s a Cinderella retelling! Retellings = yes please.

The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby: Girl has fatal accident. Can’t remember the details of her old life. Feels an inexplicable connection to the male that saved her life. Etc etc. Wow when did I become so salty eep. Won’t lie, it sounds pretty generic but it has potential! So who knows?

Just Friends by Tiffany Pitcock: Awww a contemporary romance where a girl and a guy become more than friends. Never heard of this one before. Nope. But I’m kind of a sucker for fluffy romances anyway? 🙂

We Now Return to Regular Life by Martin Wilson: Okay, I NEED this book. It sounds absolutely heart-wrenching, but so so so important! It’s about Sam, a kidnapped boy who is finally found, but who faced horrible abuse. It also shares the story (I think) of Josh, his friend, and explores the power of being an ally and friend and GAH. I NEED.

The Wood by Chelsea Bobulski: Oh, I’ve seen a few people talk about this book! It sounds so interesting, about a missing father, and some sinister woods or whatnot. And this is why I can never be a marketing person.

August 8th

Little & Lion by Brandy Colbert: From the reviews and the description I’ve read, this sounds AMAZING. TONS of diversity, found in the main character, who is a POC as well as bisexual, and who has a brother with bipolar disorder. The side characters are also diverse, with many on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, as well as POC. I KNOW. It’s a dream.  

Shimmer and Burn by Mary Taranta: I’m getting strong sister vibes! So obviouslyyyy <3. And it also sounds like it has an intricate magic world which I’m all for.

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo by F.C. Yee: A Chinese MC with asian mythology? SIGN ME UP. From the reviews I’ve read, this is a really good debut!

The Authentics by Abdi Nazemian: This book features an Iranian-American MC and a story about self-discovery! I’m all for character-driven stories, and I LOVE the diversity aspect of it as well.

The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd-Jones: So this girl makes a deal with a demon (does NO ONE in these stories read? Or have common sense?) to trade her heart to escape her home, aaaand then stuff happens. I’m so good at predicting things! 🙂

Reunited by Colleen Houck (Reawakened #3): Okay, I’m gonna admit that I’ve actually lost interest in this series?? I might still read it someday, but probably when the books are all released… The cover is pretty though!

Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moïra Fowley-Doyle: This was first published on June this year, but there’s another hardcover edition being released this month and because I missed this when it was first released, I just had to put it here because I looooooved The Accident Season so much?? So #yes.

In Some Other Life by Jessica Brody: I’m gonna be honest, I mostly stumbled on this book because I was looking for another book to complete my gallery thing here, BUT. It’s about this girl who discovers how her life would’ve been if she had made the choice to go to a different school, and hey, didn’t we all have that thought sometime? Just me? Okay.

This Is Not the End by Chandler Baker: RESURRECTION. Tbh that’s the only part of the synopsis that stayed in my head because it was full of very flowery, slightly generic “secrets, betrayal and whatnot” going on. But it sounds good!! (I’m so great at this.)

August 15th

Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popovic (Hibiscus Daughter #1): I’m getting really strong sister vibes with this one! Also, MAGIC. (And there of course has to be forbidden loveeeee because when is there not. Ahem.)

The Art of Feeling by Laura Tims: Ahhh this was pitched for fans of All the Bright Places and I NEED. It also seems to be a novel of friendship?? Between a girl and a boy, moreover? (*gasps everywhere*) I am seriously predicting it will turn into a romance though but whatever, I really want to read this bookkkk.

A Map for Wrecked Girls by Jessica Taylor: Sister vibessss YAY! I am slightly concerned the focus on the romance will overshadow the sister plot, but hey, this still sounds so good. ❤

Crystal Blade by Kathryn Purdie (Burning Glass #2): I haven’t read the first book, so I haven’t really read the synopsis for this one, but the covers for these books are so prettyyyy! I’ve been planning to pick up this series. Erm, not for the covers, psh, how shallow do you think I am?

August 22nd

The Arsonist by Stephanie Oakes: This girl is on fireeeeeeee! Sorry, I had to. Full of not-your-average-and-regular characters and mystery! AND FIRE. I hope think.

The Tiger’s Watch by Julia Ember (Ashes of Gold #1): From what I’ve heard Julia Ember’s books have lots of diversity and yay for fantasy!

Dress Codes for Small Towns by Courtney C. Stevens: Ohh I love the self-discovery vibes of this one! Featuring a questioning main character on the LGBT+ spectrum, this sounds like such a lovely read.

August 29th

Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo (DC Icons #1): AND NOW WE FINALLY GET TO WONDER WOMAN!!! *commences squealing* *dies of excitement* In case you didn’t know, Leigh Bardugo is one of my FAVOURITE authors ever! (Seriously, I will dieeee with the Six of Crows duology.) I absolutely cannot wait for Wonder Woman ahhfkefjoewjfwencj, it’s one of my most anticipated for this whole YEAR. *Breathe, Analee, breathe*

Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller: A genderfluid MC in a fantasy novel!! Yesyesyesyesyes PLEASE.

Thirteen Rising by Romina Russell (Zodiac #4): Ohh it’s finally the fourth and last book! I’ve been meaning to pick up this series but I’ve been waiting for the series to be complete first lol.

The Dazzling Heights by Katherine McGee (The Thousandth Floor #2): I loooove the covers and fonts of these books! I still haven’t picked up The Thousandth Floor yet, buuuut I want to? That counts for something, right?

Aaalright that’s it for some of the books releasing this month! Can anyone guess which book I’m looking forward to the most??? WONDER WOMAN WONDER WOMAN WONDER WOMAN!

There are soooo many books I can’t wait for though, there seems to be so many incredible reads being released this month! #byesavings Tell me: Which of these books are you looking forward to the most?

AND BONUS: Tell me the most exciting thing that’s happened to you in July or so far in August! For me, it’s probably going to Calypso, which is a water park a little bit outside Ottawa. I totally got sunburnt (blech) but I had ice cream and water slides! So I #win. (Shh, sunburn, you don’t exist.)

Now your turn, GO! (And don’t forget the books!) I love you guys, I hope you’re all doing well! HUGS!

Reasons why book bloggers would write the best books ever!

Fact: book bloggers are pretty amazing. They’re so smart, they’re so BOOKISH, they’re so friendly (ily people <3), they’re so aware and fabulous. Like, seriously. All of you book bloggers, YOU ROCK. I admire all of you so much, you have no idea!

Writers, you see, are also some people who I admire! They provide us with the AMAZING books that I would honestly be lost without. That I adore to read. That are fabulously written. SO. Just imagine the potential, then, if you mash the two together and have a writer who’s also a book blogger?! I KNOW. GENIUS.

This is partly inspired by the fact that there are so many book bloggers I’ve met and talk to (and many who I haven’t) who are aspiring writers and such? (So my genius idea and dream to have writers who are book bloggers publish books might not be too far off??! I AM PSYCHIC.)

And in case you had any doubts of the amazingness of book bloggers and their talents, well, here are reasons why book bloggers would write the best books ever!! (Talk to me after you’ve read the post, muggle who doubts the awesomeness of book blogging writers. Also seriously, they have some of the best ideas and I would 10/10 read books by book bloggers. #publisherstakenoteplz)

Oh and disclaimer I’m not trying to undermine authors at all!! In case you read any comment in that way, I’m proving why book bloggers would write amazing books, not that they are better than the authors we have or that the authors we have aren’t good! 🙂

1. They are creative as hell??

I’ve seen so many ideas for books and WIPs over on different blogs and via Twitter and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM ALL. Like why can’t these books be written and published asap?? So many book bloggers I know come up with such great material for their blog, and even aside from that the book bloggers themselves are always so imaginative I’ve seen (bookworm trait??) and I’m telling you, some day these bloggers WILL get published and I’ll be here saying I told you so. JUST YOU WAIT. Just you wait.*

(Though like teach me your ways writing bloggers honestly I am very much a dull potato in comparison?? How are you so creativeeeee?)

*Wink wink.

2. They know what we need more of in books!

Like friendships and good families and diversity??! As book bloggers, they have access to so many different opinions and point of views and from their own reading must’ve picked up on things they like vs don’t like and things we need more of in books! Like, so many bloggers I’ve seen have spoken about having realistic characters, less romance, rep for marginalized voices, diversity and AGH. So many amazing ideas… imagine if those book bloggers put them to the page??! EXACTLY. Utter fabulousness. Told you.

3. They are fabulous writers.

I exclude myself because my writing is rubbish and I have no idea what I’m doing 100% of the time even if I’m a book blogger BUT so many book bloggers I know write such amazinggg blog posts and I have no doubt if they tried to write a book I would love it. Anyone who says blog posts doesn’t count as writing can FIGHT ME. 😛 Blog posts actually can take so much work if you put effort into making it yours and putting your voice into it? And like that would translate so amazingly into a book. ❤ Of course a reader does not = a writer but the best writers are definitely readers so you never know? Book bloggers = infinite potential for fabulousness

4. They would most likely write the best characters ever.

Goes back to the previous points a bit – book bloggers have such a good idea on different types of characters and what works/what doesn’t, you know? And they’re just so AWARE of story elements I think, and most specifically characters in this case, which means they would write the most amazing ones ever?? For example, it’s now considered a fact (for me anyway lolol) that bookish and sassy characters are some of the best characters in existence?? And what better person to write/create a character like that than someone who IS ONE aka a book blogger?? (NO ONE. Apart from maybe Becky Albertalli) And of course there are so many other options!! Bottom line is they would no doubt write FABULOUS CHARACTERS. ❤

5. #ownvoices for the win!

Books about marginalized people FROM marginalized people are one of the absolute best things to ever exist, second only to books in general! Of course not all book bloggers are part of a marginalized community, and those that are writers are not all necessarily #ownvoices authors either. Yet there IS still so much own voices material, of that I have no doubt. We want to hear your voices!!

And even aside from potential own voices authors in the book blogging community, the book blogging community is so diverse, there are so many lovely people offering beta reading and sensitivity reading services! As book bloggers, I feel like it’s a lot easier to have access and find beta readers? Which means proper rep and (hopefully) fabulous books!! #yas

6. They are good with deadlines!

Again, bar me from this grouping because deadlines are AWFUL AND I CAN’T DEAL WITH THEM.

But other book bloggers seem to be so good with them??? Submitting ARC reviews, scheduling and all that jazz. And I’m not an author, but from what I’ve seen and what I infer, there are many deadlines for an author? Submitting drafts, final copies, making edits, etc. So being good with deadlines would probably be very useful?? (Another reason why I can never be an author hahaha.)

7. They would have the best cheerleaders!

Writing a book is a solo effort, but there is SO much that goes into making/writing one and obviously supporters and friends are a big part?? PERSONAL CHEERLEADERS. To bring you cake and screech at you to finish the book, obviously. Jk. Kind of.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the book bloggers I’ve met are some of the nicest, most enthusiastic and supportive people ever? Like, apart from my irl supporters, you guys are like my family without the annoying side? #win 😛 Which means there’s a whole crew of people to support a book blogger in his/her book writing journey!! To provide feedback, etc and because the crew of people are also well-versed in books, it’s constructive and useful! YAY. And they also (figuratively) provide food! Secret to writing a book, I’m sure. (I wouldn’t actually know but shh)

Am I right or am I right that book bloggers would write AMAZING books??! What do you think is the number one thing that makes book bloggers great writers? If YOU are a book blogger who is also a writer, or simply a writer, tell me what you’re currently working on!! I want to squeal about your fabulous ideas ❤ Allow me to become your cheerleader!! *THROWS CAKE AND CONFETTI and pom poms*

ALSO. I just wanted to say that I will be on a mini-hiatus!! I kind of have been already, considering how I missed my scheduled day post for Monday, and this is a scheduled post right now. I haven’t gotten the chance to reply to comments YET, but I will soon-ish! I’ve just been super busy, I have summer classes and work and I am dying under stress and sleep deprivation. So. Um. That makes it difficult to write posts or even have time for myself? GAH. But I just wanted to give you a heads up and apologies in advance!! And THANK YOU for all your support, I feel horrible that I’m so behind on everyone’s blogs but once this week goes by *I HOPE* everything will calm down and I will go on commenting binges. WOO! ❤

Blogging disappointments: Unsuccessful blog posts! // SAD FACE.

Disclaimer: There are many positive things about blogging! Books! Friends! BOOKS!


Life is not full of positives always??? (I know, it’s an injustice.) And sometimes, we face disappointments which also applies to blogging (obviously or I would not be writing this post). There are a few I can think of but what I wanted to focus on for today’s post is unsuccessful blog posts!! (No duh Analee, go ahead and ignore the title again why don’t you??)

What is considered ‘unsuccessful’?? And what is ‘successful’?

Whelp, there I go again using a subjective term! Like what does unsuccessful even MEAN? (Not the definition, but like in this context.) And much like when I talked about success in blogging last month, it varies once again? I need to choose better discussion topics.

But, if we think in the form of stats; i.e. views, likes and/or comments: The thing is with each and every blogger, the numbers, the stats they expect and the stats they consider to be successful or unsuccessful for their blog VARIES. Greatly. But even those who are newbies to blogging, everyone has an idea of what most of their stats look like, you know? So successful and unsuccessful could be anywhere from stats that REACH or better yet, PASS their usual numbers and that DON’T REACH their usual numbers, respectively. And that’s only from a numbers perspective! Which is not the only definition for success.

But those numbers? They vary SO MUCH. A number that is considered a success for one blogger could totally be unsuccessful for another, based on the majority of their posts, and vice versa you know? It’s so subjective.

Now, for me, what I consider to be successful is a combination of two things; one of them being, COMMENTS. Likes too, but primarily comments because I love having that interaction with blogger friends and readers! Which means a successful post for me, is one that initiates conversation, one that people are interested in reading. And because I don’t check my stats all too often, comments (and likes) are the easiest way for me to measure how well a certain post is being received. Plus I love talking to you guys and getting comments on my posts just totally makes my day?!

So yes, when it comes to successful and unsuccessful blog posts, if we’re thinking numbers (which, I won’t lie, I do), the one ‘indicator’, persay, for me is the number of comments. I don’t go counting them obsessively or anything, but just seeing, oh, this [meme/review/discussion/list] did really well, I might try doing it again, or noticing trends like how reviews, for instance, aren’t that very popular, and so on. It’s just interesting to me and gives me an idea of what readers like, what worked and what didn’t, you know? There’s anything wrong in looking or paying attention to stats, and that applies to posts of course.

YET. I’m going to also admit, paying attention to stats can also lead to feelings of disappointment or discouragement? Not when they’re doing well, obviously, that’s an extremely positive feeling. But when a post doesn’t do as well as I’d hoped/expected, I’ll be the first to admit, I feel disappointed. Much like a book! You have high expectations, and when they’re not met it leads to disappointment! When they are met, or surpassed, it is the BEST feeling ever and it’s the exact same for blogging, for me haha.

And again, like books, obviously I don’t have the same level of expectations for every post, especially because there are so many factors that affect the stats you receive on a certain post! Examples, because I am a helpful potato today:

  • What type of post is it? i.e. review, discussion, list, book tag/award, bookish meme post [like Top Ten Tuesday, etc.]

Obviously this can be different for different blogs, but generally I’ve noticed a trend (for book blogs, because that’s what I am and what I follow) for different posts:

book reviews don’t usually bring in very high stats, unless it’s for a popular/hyped up book
meme posts are more popular than reviews, and they can be great for stats and discovering blogs but more and more people seem to be against these posts because they become very repetitive?
discussions & lists tend to be the most/super popular! I’ve noticed this on my own blog, and also on a ton of other blogs as well; I love reading their discussions and lists can be super fun as well if you come up with a topic I’m interested in!

  • What day did you post on?

I’m still trying to figure out which day is the most popular for me… WordPress claims it’s Tuesday? I’m not going to be posting all my posts on Tuesday though, and right now the way I set up my schedule I only have like, one other Tuesday post. So.

But different days can definitely bring different amounts of people visiting your posts? I am speculating that Tuesday is popular for me because a lot of people participate in Top Ten Tuesday? In comparison, Monday posts or Sunday posts don’t always do as well BUT again so many factors that play into that!! I give up on trying to analyze my stats why am I doing this

  • What TIME did you post at?

I am FOREVER conflicted on what time to post!! I don’t know about you guys, but for me, when I posted something totally affected the stats. See, a lot of people, I am almost 100% certain, read posts from their WordPress Reader. Which means posting at a time where people are most likely to go on to their Reader = better stats! What do you mean you can’t predict when people are going to go on their Reader shh.

What time to post? I honestly don’t know. #help I once (accidentally) scheduled a post for 10 or 11 at night and I got, like 2 or 3 views? It was kind of funny, to be honest. But I do not recommend for stats!!

Nowadays, I tend to post more in the mid-afternoons. Not any particular reason why, though I’ve seen a lot of blogs I follow posting early in the morning like 7 or 8! So I might try that but so far my time has been working for me… mostly. What are your thoughts???

  • How relatable is it or how easy is it to create discussion?

Relatable posts are the best! Part of the reason why discussions and lists can be so much fun to read/write! Posts where your readers can relate in some way or talk about something do really well. Of course, it can be argued you can talk about something no matter what type of post, which is why I mention relatable! Obviously not every post has to be relatable, but having a mix of posts is so important, and relatable ones are the most fun to read and write, for me anyway!

OKAY got sidetracked there. Back to successful/unsuccessful posts!! I just wanted to touch on one more aspect of successful/unsuccessful posts, which is something totally unrelated from the numbers.

Comments and interaction is super important to me, but apart from that, I consider a successful post to be one that I’m proud of writing and put a lot of effort into as well. In the past, I’d say I kind of failed at this side of success? I posted mostly memes (SO MANY MEMES omg I honestly don’t know how people managed to survive on my blog back then) and effort was minimal! Which isn’t a bad thing, obviously, but I now focus more on quality over quantity, in terms of my posts? Being happy with your post is a whole different kind of success that can’t be measured.


Sometimes, even if I consider a post to be ‘successful’ in the personal satisfaction sense, the stats don’t always match my opinion. Which sucks, sometimes. I can pour my heart out into a post, spend HOURS on a post and be really excited about a post, and it might still flop? There may not even be a reason why.

Blogging, in that sense, can be so unpredictable. Of course you have certain expectations for each post, stats-wise, sometimes they’ll be met (YAY), sometimes they’ll be passed (YAY x2), aaaaand sometimes they will flop (CRY). It’s just how it goes?? I will be the first to say it’s disappointing when the latter happens, of course, but at the same time I don’t dwell often on it too long–my tip is to focus on all the ways your post was AMAZING rather than the numbers. 😉 Does wonders for your mood, haha. (“Easier said than done”, I can hear you say, but I swear it does get easier!)

RECAP TIME!! Because this discussion was too long and too confusing.

For me, I consider a successful post to be one with a lot of comments/interaction AND that I’m proud of writing. And whether a post is successful or unsuccessful depends on so many things, things like: type of post, what time and what day you post on, and also if the post invites discussion or is relatable. Yet sometimes there might not be a reason! Sometimes posts just flop, with no obvious reason why. And I think it’s happened to us all at one point?

What I consider personally to be unsuccessful posts, in a nutshell would be when I spend a lot of time on a post and it doesn’t provoke as much discussion as I was anticipating/expecting? Because comments mean SO MUCH to me, and having that positive feedback on posts I put effort into is a lovely thing. ❤

But I’ve learned to NOT dwell on disappointments for long, because then it just makes blogging all too serious and sad. 😦 AND THAT CAN’T HAPPEN!! (#hellobloggingslump) Focus on the happy stuff! Eat cake. Read fluffy or heartbreaking books. All is well. 🙂

Whoops, that was supposed to be a short recap. NOW is finally the time for me to shut my mouth!! What are your thoughts?? Don’t let this become a unsuccessful post pleeeease! (*wiggles eyebrows* Do you see what I did there?) What time do you usually post things? Have you had unsuccessful posts before and what is your definition of successful or unsuccessful posts? How popular are reviews, for you? Do you agree with me? What are some of your most popular posts? Let us discuss!!

Types of characters I LOVE and HATE!

Hi guys!! Hope you’re doing well and happy fourth of July to those celebrating! 🙂 I hope you’re having an amazing time + eating lots of cake and chocolate!

Anyway, to state the obvious: I am a total bookworm! And as a reader I have come across various different types of books and characters and have kind of shaped my preferences through all the books I’ve read. Especially through book blogging, since I’ve discovered so many different books because of it. I have no doubt everyone holds some preference towards certain types of characters than others as well?? IT IS IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO. So let’s see which ones we may have in common, shall we?

*Pst: I also have news about my giveaway!! It ended yesterday and I chose the winner, who will be announced at the end of the post!! ❤

1. Bookish/Nerdy/Geeky/Fangirl-Fanboy Characters

You have no idea how many times I squealed “MEEEEEE” as I read Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda or Fangirl??? Or just found a book with a Harry Potter reference? Or a book/movie/something I recognize? And even if I don’t recognize it, the general fangirl sentiment is there and it makes the book just that much more relatable. And I love relatable! You love relatable! Everyone loves relatable! And having these types of characters are just universally representative? If that makes sense. You can’t really get these characters “wrong” or misrepresented unless there is NO PROOF of actual fangirling/bookishness in the character? (Pst: Show vs tell!!)


Fabulous examples ft. books I’ve read and on my TBR:

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE SO MUCH. This book is fabulous in its own right but would not be the same without Simon’s utter geekiness?!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell: Oh hi do I see my name written on this book??? INDEED. ❤ Such an amazing and adorable book!!

Geekerella by Ashley Poston: I’ve mentioned this book a few times, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It is an utterly fluffy and adorable book with fangirl and fanboy main characters, also a retelling of Cinderella and it’s so cuteeeeeeee. ❤

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde: SO MUCH GEEKINESS. AND I (WILL) LOVE IT!! Shh, no I haven’t read it yet because I am an odd procrastinating pumpkin but I can’t wait to read it!

The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash: Look at all these geeky books *proud tears* The synopsis mentions a love of Harry Potter (#yes) and comic books + visit to Comic Con!! I’m not a comic book person but GEEKINESS please.

Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira: I was SO excited for this one when it was first being released, and I think a lot of other people were as well (THE TITLE)! I’m still excited for this but I kind of forgot what it’s about? But it sounds like the perfect book for a bookworm omg.

2. SNARKY/WITTY Characters for lifeeeee

If there were two types of characters I would never ever ever get tired of, it’s the bookish and the witty ones!! Oh. My Gosh. The amount of love I have for these characters is unreallll?? Snarky and witty characters are just so much fun to read about! Also because I wish I was that witty in real life? But also banter is one of my favourite things of ever in books and with these types of characters, the banter is endless and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. You can never ever ever part me from these types of characters!!

Some precious examples:

The Dregs from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: I recently-ish reread the two books in the Six of Crows duology and it just hit me again how AMAZING the characters are?? + SO MUCH BANTER ❤

Will & Jace from The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare: Ahhhh it’s been so long since I read or even mentioned these books!! MY PRECIOUS.

All my precious characters from the Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab: Rhy! Lila! Kell! Alucard! Schwab writes such amazing characters and seeing how there is so much wit and sass in these ones it’s no wonder I love them?

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee: I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s on my TBR! I have been promised diversity and many sassy characters so I can’t waittttt. ❤

3. SOFT and pure characters

This goes more for love interests in particular (but not necessarily), but I am kind of really over the “macho”, agressive love interest which trended for a while? And have rediscovered my love for the soft characters who are sweet, and kind and thoughtful because WHO DOESN’T like them?? ❤ They are true book boyfriend material, you know?

Reid from The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli: He’s SO SWEET! ❤ *cries* He’s also a geeky character?? #win I’d also add Simon to the list but I already mentioned that book and I didn’t want to repeat lol. Becky Albertalli writes such amazing characters!!

Adam from A List of Cages by Robin Roe: I will neverrrr stop trying to get people to read this book haha. It’s so heartbreaking, and also Adam is the BEST. He is an amazing brother, his personality warmed my heart and GAH.

Frank from Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson: Frank is also so niceeee! I loved how his and Emily’s friendship/relationship developed, it was so cuteeee.

Rishi from When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon (unread): I haven’t read this book yet but I’ve read a ton of reviews that have mentioned how sweet Rishi is!! I absolutely CAN’T WAIT to meet him and Dimple ahhhhh.

4. Characters who bake/love food

NINA from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: I’m going to make an exception for my no repeats rule here because there are so little characters I can think of who show an appreciation for food? Nina is my SPIRIT ANIMAL.

Layla from Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen: So much french fries appreciation in this book through Layla!! and I was SO HUNGRY and also I relate??? French fries are treacherously divine.

Cath from Heartless by Marissa Meyer: Cath baked soooooo many delicious things and that was probably my favourite part of the book? Lol. I wasn’t the biggest fan of her character itself unfortunately but there was food!! A+

Lara Jean from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han: So much baking in this one as well!! I am utterly jealous because I can’t bake to save my life?? I want allll the stuff she made. *stomach grumbles*

Story time: I tried making icing the other day for cookies and I ended up with watery butter and a bowl of wasted icing sugar?? It was like soup with butter and sugar chunks. It was SO BAD. #neveragain 

I don’t have any books that I know of on my TBR yet where there are characters who love food?? Give me recsss of food positive books haha.

5. Intelligent + Kickbutt Characters

Shahrzad from The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh: She is SO fabulous oh my gosh!!! Her wit and sass is great, and although there isn’t much evidence of her combat skills (I don’t think?) WOO for brains!!

Kestrel from The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski: I LOVE Kestrel’s intelligence, it is so important to hightlight how being physically capable in a fight is not the only way to be a strong heroine!

Zahra from The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury: I loved Zahra’s character so much as well, she did not show particular physical strength (though she is a jinni), but her outstanding feature was resilience and strength of SPIRIT. This book is so underrated!!

Alex from The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis: Yayyy a strong character from a contemporary novel!! Alex is… something incredible. I never met a character like her, it was so amazing to read from her POV and I loveddd this book!

(Do I want to add in the Dregs, or more specifically KAZ??? Yes, yes I do. But I am resistingggg. Now on to:

1. Cliche 1 dimensional mean girl (UGH)

No more girl hate please?? Or slut shaming?? And with this character, 99% of the time both are present and I absolutely hate it. It is one of my biggest pet peeves in books. Sure, perhaps there is this type of person in real life, but more often than not: Girls are each other’s ride or die, best friends, shoulder-to-cry-on, and #1 supporters. The girls I know in real life are SO SWEET and some of the best people ever! So excuse me if I am TIRED of seeing girls oversimplified to 1 dimensional mean girls no purpose other than to create tension and drama between the main couple. #nothanks *mini rant over*

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before // The Problem With Forever // Holding Up the Universe

2. Manic pixie dream girl

I don’t dislike these characters completely?? But I think I just got tired of them because I can’t seem to relate to them? The manic pixie dream girl, in case you don’t know, refers to the characters who are most often very quirky, attractive and full of life, usually a contrast to the more quiet and reserved male love interest. Sound familiar? They’re nowhere as bad as the mean girl characters, those ones I’m just totally over and quite frankly, hate at this point. But at the same time I’m not a fan of the manic pixie dream girl either, most of the time they just seem so cutout/formulaic like quirky + lively + fun + splash of mysterious and there you go–but people aren’t really like that in real life, you know?

Paper Towns by John Green // Looking For Alaska by John Green // My Kind of Crazy by Robin Reul // When We Collided by Emery Lord

3. Predatory & possessive boyfriend

Once upon a time, I overlooked these characters and didn’t mind them? But oh boy, these types of characters are… annoying at best and disgusting/problematic at worst? I’ve stopped reading books with them so there’s that, at least haha. It’s the worst for me when possessive/rude actions are passed off as being ‘romantic’, like no?? I can be a total sucker for the bad-boy-with-heart-of-gold character, but this one is nowhere near the same. I’ve seen these types of characters STALK the love interest and pass it off as romantic?? #nope

Twilight // Hush, Hush // Obsidian

I actually didn’t mind these books when I first read them, but looking back the characters are kind of horrible, and I probably would not enjoy these if I tried reading them now? Don’t recommend them whatsoever, though that’s just my opinion and I know tons of people who like them still which is good!! Just not my cup of tea. 🙂

What types of characters on this list do you LOVE or HATE??? Aren’t bookish/geeky characters THE BEST? Which of the books I’ve listed have you read, and do you have any other recs featuring the types I love? (if you do I would be immensely grateful!) Let us spotlight our favourite characters and least favourites!!!

OH and!! The winner of my 1k followers giveaway celebration is: Kat @ Life and Other Disasters!! CONGRATS! And thank you to everyone else who entered, and anyone who has ever supported me, it means so much. ❤