WWW Wednesday #18 (August 5)

Hello! How are you all on this fine Wednesday? I am taking a little break from my sighting around Quebec to take the time to update you guys on my reading! Let’s get to it—It’s time for WWW Wednesday, a meme formerly hosted by MizB @ Should be Reading and now hosted by Sam @Taking on a World of Words. To play along, answer the three questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading

I’m currently reading 3 books (kind of a relief after these past weeks of reading 4-5 each week, lol). I’m really enjoying both of them, and I’m constantly finding an excuse to read them! Even though technically I’m supposed to be spending time with my family and visiting places around Quebec, hehe. 🙂 The writing in The Summer of Chasing Mermaids is so beautiful, I’m loving it! And Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares and The Wrath and the Dawn is a really interesting read.

Recently Finished

I read 5 books this week, as you can see. They were all great, I’m happy to say! Me Before You was a touching and wonderfully written story (it managed to get me to shed a tear, actually! And if you know me you know how rare that is for me). Hide and Seek was thrilling and suspenseful, just like its predecessors. Your Voice is All I Hear is another great book, but my emotions are still a bit all over the place. And I was so excited to read Every Last Breath, I’m so glad I received it before I left for Mont Tremblant, because I got the chance to read it on my trip. It was really good! I would say I’m pretty happy with it.

Read Next

I can’t wait to start The Wrath and the Dawn! I wanted to start it during this past week, but I never got the chance, and plus, I wanted a bit more summery reads. I didn’t want to start The Wrath and the Dawn when I was in the mood for a different genre, it would ruin the experience. But I’m definitely going to be starting this book this coming week, I can’t wait! And Until We Meet Again and The Sister Pact are both looking great too. And as for The Night Circus, I think it’s high time I start this one! I’ve heard generally positive reviews on this, but there are some mixed opinions, so I’m curious.

So that’s it for this week’s WWW Wednesday! What do you think of this week’s selection of books? And what have you been reading now, then and next? I’m running a bit late now, so that’s it for now! I gotta go and visit some more places in Quebec but feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts and your WWW Wednesday!

Happy reading!

Analee 10

17 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday #18 (August 5)

  1. I have been meaning to read The Night Circus for years. I need to get on that! I can’t wait to see what you end up thinking of The Wrath and the Dawn. Happy reading!

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    • I haven’t read it yet, but I can’t wait! I’ve heard so much about it. And I recently finished The Wrath and the Dawn; I ended up really enjoying it! I remember going as far as thinking of rating it 5 stars soon after I finished it. Although now, when I’m more rational and thinking clearly, I think it would be a solid 4 stars, at least. Maybe 5 stars. I’m not 100% sure yet. Happy reading to you as well! ❤

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    • Yes, it seems so! I actually managed to find quite a lot of time for reading in between my touring. I recently finished The Wrath and the Dawn; I really enjoyed it! I’m not sure exactly what my rating is yet though. Happy reading! ❤

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  2. I’m going to try and read Dash & Lily and The Wrath & The Dawn soon as well! I’m really looking forward to the second. 😀 The Night Circus has been on my shelves for ages; I really need to read it soon!

    Happy reading! Here is my WWW.

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    • I’ve finished both (sorry for this extremely late reply) and really liked them, especially The Wrath and the Dawn. I totally know what the hype is all about now!! It was an amazing read. 🙂 I still haven’t gotten to The Night Circus, but I plan to read it soon! It’s been on my TBR for a long time. ❤

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      • I’ve read Dash & Lily since and I enjoyed it… Although I think I would have liked it better during the Holiday season. 😉 The Wrath And The Dawn I hope to continue reading later today. 🙂

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    • Aw, that’s a shame! :/ I hope by now it has arrived. I recently finished it, and it was amazing!! Hmm, that’s interesting to hear, I’m curious to see what it’s like! I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I hope to soon. Thanks for visiting, happy reading! ❤

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  3. As usual, I admire the amount of books you get donein a week! It took me a week to finish the book I currently just completed, ugh.
    But these are some great books and a great little weekly update! I’m also planning on reading The Wrath and the Dawn soon, since my copy came in the mail today! xox]

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    • Aw thanks Josie! 🙂 And no worries, I know you must be under a lot of pressure in school, right? Your last year and all! ❤ Don't sweat it.
      I recently finished The Wrath and the Dawn, and omg, it's awesome!! My thoughts are currently all over the place but I'm trying to write a review. You have to pick it up asap if you haven't already! 😀

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