Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to produce “quality” content? // BLOGGING IS HARD, OKAY.

Blogging is many different things.


It can be fun! It can be a way to share our thoughts! It can be also be stressful! Or a step towards dominating the internet! All or none of those things!

But for it to be all of those things, we need, of course, CONTENT. Yet within content comes my dilemma, because within content there’s the question of TYPE of content and within type of content there’s the question of is it good enough or will others enjoy it?

Because as much as this blog started off as a place for ME and my thoughts, it has expanded to where I think about it as a place for me to TALK TO OTHERS, and others to talk to me. Without the community, truthfully, I probably wouldn’t have continued blogging for so long, you know?

Which is why I started thinking more on content and what people enjoy reading and responding to, and the idea of “quality content” which swirls around in my head quite a lot.


SPOILER: This post is going to be kind of all over the place but I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

What is considered quality content?

I’m going to be repeating quality content quite a bit throughout this post, even though it’s VAGUE as heck. I don’t even know if we can define quality content, honestly, cause it can be so subjective. For me, I would say it:

  • makes you think
  • makes you think AND/or laugh
  • is well written?
  • makes you go #relatable
  • you enjoyed writing?
  • includes cats rolling over

Personally, when I think of posts from other bloggers that I consider as “quality content” or posts that I am happy with myself, those are the things that come to mind. FOR ME. And the type of posts I personally enjoy reading.

(But spoiler quality content actually cannot be defined by these characteristics at all)

So far, so good, yeah? Okay, good, cause I’m completing changing the focus to stats in like two seconds but it’s RELATED OKAY I SWEAR.

Bear with me, this post is low-key a mess but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The relation between stats and quality content

BECAUSE IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO THE STATS. *muffled screaming into a pillow*

See, there’s this idea I have for my blog, that so-called quality content (above) = better stats. Or for better stats you need quality content. Either one.

Aka ALL POSTS must always be super well-written, funny and/or insightful and that NOTHING ELSE works for the stats and hence must be avoided at all costs.

(Slightly hyperbolic but you know what I mean.)

Ughghghghghgh this kind of thinking is so problematic!!

I wouldn’t want anyone else to feel as if they were held or forced to very high standards for themselves when writing posts; so why is it okay for me to do so myself?

Answer: IT’S NOT.

Not all of it is bad, of course. I myself ENJOY writing “quality” posts that are relatable and fun! I think they share a lot of my personality, and allow me to be creative and share my thoughts, which is what I aim for. The fact that I choose to write more of those because stats are higher for them (aka people seem to enjoy them more) doesn’t make that post any less genuine

So sure, wanting to write quality content, or things that people enjoy, based on stats, isn’t necessarily a bad thing!!

But the part that posts that don’t work for stats are neglected more often? Yeah, that’s been a part of writing posts, too, not gonna lie.

And spoiler: it’s not great. Because for me, it’s built up this RIDICULOUS notion that if the stats aren’t as high or don’t reach the “usual” for a post, it’s not “quality”, or popular, content.


Why? Because stats can be totally random!! Sometimes there are posts I am SUPER confident in, posts I write that I’m happy with, that I enjoyed writing and that maybe even fit my “usual quality” type of post… but still a flop in terms of stats. And then I post something similar another time and it becomes super popular. WHO KNOWS.

If a post doesn’t reach or surpass the usual number of stats, it’s not really your fault?? Because it’s not like you can control it? Yet I still feel that disappointment, that feeling of failure, associated with that post EVEN IF I loved writing it. And that freaking sucks!!

why can’t I be more chill about blogging oh my god

I completely derailed from where I intended to go with this post, but my answer to the original, titular question: A huge, fat, YES. I can’t speak for everyone, but concerning my own blog, I definitely put too much pressure on myself to post certain types of posts, or writing a certain way in order to have “quality content”, whatever that may be.

But what’s ridiculous, is that I BRING IT ON MYSELF. That feeling, that pressure I feel, to post things that are of “good quality” comes solely from my own insecurities and ambition(maybe?). What if my posts are not as good as the ones as [insert name here]? What if people don’t enjoy this post because it’s too [insert adjective here]? What if, what if, what if…????

Let me ask: Is there anyone out there policing whether or not something is quality content (apart from ourselves)? NOPE. Is there really even any definition to what type of post is quality content? NOPE.

Therefore the pressure is IMAGINARY and we need to breathe and chill* and write whatever the heck we want, OKAY???? Okay.

*I need to take my own advice, geez.

Basically, to sum up this whole mess of a post:

  1. Wanting to please your audience with “quality content” being posts you enjoy writing, isn’t a bad thing!
  2. Not posting something you want to post for fear of it not being “quality content”/getting lower stats IS problematic though because IT’S YOUR BLOG, and you should have the freedom to post what you want, yes? 🙂
  3. Regardless of the pressure we may bring onto ourselves, a post doesn’t HAVE TO be well-written, funny, or anything, just something true to your heart and something you enjoy writing.

What are your thoughts? Do you put pressure on posting certain types of posts due to stats? How do stats affect your posts; do they influence what you produce, or not really? Have you ever held off on posting something for fear of receiving a negative response or less stats? 

Even after all that “don’t put pressure on yourself” and don’t worry about stats talk, I’m super self-conscious about this post because it’s unlike my recent, more fun and happy posts??? Less organized, more cluttered, not at my usual time, but this has been SO REAL for me, on and off and I wanted to share my thoughts. 🙂

I hope you’re happy and having fun eating, sleeping, reading, life-ing, doing whatever!! ❤

62 thoughts on “Do we put too much pressure on ourselves to produce “quality” content? // BLOGGING IS HARD, OKAY.

  1. This is actually a really important subject to talk about and something that I’ve thought about a lot! I try not to take my stats too seriously, especially not in terms of views and how long visitors stay on my blog, but I do think I put value in the amount of engagement I get, so comments and likes. If a post gets a lot of comments, I want to write more of that kind of content because I really love connecting with the community.

    But some of my favorite posts to write don’t get a lot of comments, maybe because they’re a little more personal. And sometimes, because I know not many people are going to read and engage with a post, I get a little less excited to write it, and sometimes I push them back and I might post other, more popular content first. But I’ve been trying not to do that, because in the end it’s my blog and I need to post what makes me happy! 🙂

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    • Oh, I’m glad I’m not alone in this??! Same, I don’t pay too much attention to page views and visitors (they don’t really say as much in terms of how well a post is doing, imo, to be honest?) Yes! Comments and likes are what I look at as well; the posts that get the most comments are definitely the ones I try to write more of. It feels so great to have the interaction, for sure!

      I KNOW! Oh my gosh. That’s exactly what I do as well. It just becomes less appealing, knowing other people won’t enjoy it as much as other posts? So I just post the other posts instead? Yes, exactly! I’m definitely trying not to let my stats dictate TOO MUCH of what I should post haha. Best of luck!! ❤ (It can be such a struggle?)

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      • So glad to hear I’m not alone! I agree it just becomes less appealing, that’s a good way to put it. Best of luck to you too!! ❤


  2. I LOVE this post, Analee! I 100% think there’s pressure to write quality posts in the blogosphere. Obviously, we want to follow blogs with the best posts, and we don’t want to read “bad” (good & bad are subjective!!) posts. I think that the quality posts are ones that the reader will enjoy reading?? But I think that it’s SO SO important to create content that not only is for readers, but for ourselves too.

    And I DEFINITELY feel disappointment over how some posts perform, even tho I love pretty much all the posts I write! (Otherwise,, I wouldn’t write them? 😂) I think it’s jut ingrained in our crazy blogger minds that if a post doesn’t get high stats, it wasn’t a good post. And that’s just such a horrible mindset to have. 😭

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    • AH YAY I’m so happy to hear that, May!! ❤ Yes, exactly! We definitely don't want to 'waste time', I guess, on blogs with content we don't enjoy, or bad posts?? (But yes of course they're subjective!) Yes, that's a good way to put it, it's how I see it as well! It's so important to post for ourselves as well for sure, just amidst posting for our readers I think it can be so easy to forget or lose track of that?

      SAME! I enjoy writing my posts, and it just sucks when it seems like others don't enjoy them as much? Ahh yes, us bloggers have some crazy ideals and expectations? IT REALLY IS. 😭😭

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  3. As per usual, great post!!! I have given up on trying to understand my stats. There are posts that get regular views MONTHS after posting and for the life of me, I don’t know why. I would be lying if I said I didn’t care for the numbers or that I didn’t want to please people with my quality content, but some days it’s really difficult to tell what people want and what not haha So, I just try my best and hope it’s enough.


  4. Oh, this is me so much! I post something I’m completely excited about and there’s just so little activity? And then I post something meh, and everyone reads and comments on it? Super weird.
    Hard not pressure yourself, but I try not to fret about what I’m writing. Write what I enjoy & focus only on that.

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    • Ah I’m glad I’m not alone! Omg right?? It’s always so discouraging/frustrating when that happens because I was SO excited for it and then……. *crickets* It’s super weird for sure, I think WordPress is conspiring against us??? 🤔
      Yes, that’s so true! We should enjoy what we write, end of story. No stress, no pressure. 🙂

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  5. Yes to this post! Yes, yes, and more yes! I feel like I’m constantly putting pressure on myself to have quality content, and in a way it’s a good thing… I want to do my best of course, and I don’t want to post something REALLY awful, but I also definitely put too MUCH pressure, for posts to be ‘perfect’, and it’s really stressful!


  6. I think this is such a great and complex discussion!! I like how you defined quality content and I definitely agree with it! I do find stats random as well- so not posting something cos of it not being quality or even just not being a popular subject shouldn’t be a factor, cos posts can surprise you and have a better impact than you think! I love your closing point- ultimately it should just be something you enjoy!! 😀


  7. I agree that stats can be unpredictable. Sometimes I think it’s just that i gave the pot an uninteresting title or something, so no one clicked on it, or maybe everyone was just on vacation or not online, and it wasn’t that the post was bad. :p


  8. This has been haunting me for the last few weeks, gosh darn. Thank you so much for bringing this up! I have to agree that yes, it is super stressful to come up with witty, relatable posts. Sometimes I think too much and say “Why does this post look so forced?” But then again, I enjoyed making that post. And I thank people for reading it and enjoying it with me. As for the stats, eh. I honestly learned to ignore it at times. Life is unpredictable. 😂


  9. This is great. It’s definitely stressful to try and create content that feels genuine, fits with the popular conversations of the day/week/whatever, is well written, and so on so forth. Especially when you finally feel like you’ve got something good ready to go, only to have it get four hits. I’m slowly learning that my hits are not a reliable way to judge a post, but I also get stuck in the mindset that my hits are the only way to judge my posts. Which brings us back around to wanting desperately to write quality content. It’s a vicious cycle, and if you find a way to break it, please let me know.

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    • Ahh right?! There’s so much invisible criteria that it feels like we need to meet and it’s SO stressful. Yes! It’s so discouraging when something you’re really proud of flops aghhh. Yesss same here! I’ve been blogging for a while and the stats still get me? Even though I know they’re random? It’s just hard not to associate the quality of a post with the stats, agh. It is such a relentless cycle, yes! Ahh if I ever do, I will be sure to tell you! 🙈

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  10. This is such a fantastic post, Analee, and something that has been bothering me for a little while now. I feel pressured to create content that I both personally enjoy writing and content that will please the readers of my blog and make them come and want to have a conversation with me. We can’t deny that a quality content is always, in our mind, linked to stats: I know whenever I wrote something and I see my stats getting a bit higher I feel like I did a quality post and that enough people came to enjoy it comment on it etc. But it’s such… it’s so random, sometimes? Whenever I write a post and realize it has gotten less views and comments, it is linked to the quality of it all in my mind. But it shouldn’t matter, a quality post has to be one you enjoyed writing before anything else, because… it’s our blog, right?? It’s SO hard to think this way, sometimes, though… blogging is hard haha.


  11. I struggle so much with the quality versus time issue. Obviously I would love to post original and imaginative content on a regular basis but sometimes life gets in the way and I can’t even write sentences I’m so tired never mind coming up with ideas and whole posts. The question I keep asking myself is when it’s one of those times is it better to take a hiatus or just post anything (memes, tags) to keep things ticking over?

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    • Ahh right? I totally get that as well. It can take so much time to think up and write creative content consistently, and sometimes we’re just not in the mood?? Ahh I deal with this so much haha. Life can get so stressful! Oh such a good question, I’ve totally asked myself this as well. I’ve taken to taking a hiatus, but then if stats were ever a concern, they become even worse during and afterwards haha so there’s that. 🙈



    Yesterday, for the first time ever I posted something from the “heart”. It wasn’t “quality” It wasn’t 1000 words and it wasn’t funny. It was such an EASY post to write but such a difficult post to publish. I was so scared that…what? People would see me as a human? My blog wouldn’t be considered “higher up”?

    But the thing is every blogger I look up to ALWAYS has quality posts so I feel Like I’m breaking some sort of rule when I don’t. I personally like having “quality content” on my blog because it makes me feel more accomplished. I just wish we bloggers were more comfortable with writing posts that aren’t of the usual standard.

    Loovvvved this post!!



    I’ve been writing a post about reasons why I would follow /unfollow a blog, and at every turn in the topic, I’ve been saying “BUT SONT PUT STANDARDS ON YOURSELF!” because I don’t want people to take it the wrong way!! And this post basically said everythinggggg about putting standards on yourself.

    I too like to do “quality” posts, but I GET why they’re also bad. I like to write posts that people can enjoy/relate to, and that also shows a bit of my personality. I, however, think that “quality” posts are posts that people are proud of. But I also feel this pressure that I HAVE TO because everyone else is and that in order for a post to be enjoyed by others IT HAS TO BE quality and for people to think my blog is “good” everything has to be hardly short of “perfect” and have all these insightful posts. Even though it doesn’t and it’s silly to think that way. I think that as bloggers we put loads of pressure on ourselves that isn’t really there!! Ahaha.

    Really loved this post!!

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      Ahh I’m so glad I’m not alone in this?! Ahahah what a coincidence! Honestly though we put so many standards on ourselves WHEN WE DON’T NEED TO JEEZ. 😩

      Yes, same here! I definitely want to write posts that reflect myself and that people will enjoy. Oh, that’s a good way to look at it! I definitely see that as well. I KNOWWW. Agh. It feels like everything needs to be PERFECT and always amazing for people to like my blog even if that’s hardly the case?? Ah yes we totally do! (Why do we make our lives so difficult agh)

      Yayyy I’m so happy to hear that!! 😊❤️

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        Omg yesss. I’m worried that my posts won’t look “finished” and that every single one of them needs to look 43876438573% finished when they don’t!! and it’s just me putting standards on myself when really, NO ONE ELSE IS!! Why do we make our lives so difficult???????

        ❤ ❤


  14. I loved this post, and absolutely agree with everything you said. The blogging community feels too much like a competition sometimes, and while breaking into the blogosphere as a new blogger is hard, you always have to remember to stay true to yourself, and post things that you are proud of.

    Thanks for posting – that was very insightful!

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    • Ahh I’m so glad to hear that!! ❤️ Oh yes I totally get that, the pressure and comparing your blog to others can make blogging feel like a competition for sure, even if it’s not. Ah yes, couldn’t have said it better myself! 😊 That is so, SO important to remember, especially as it can be so easy to forget.

      Ahh thank you for reading!! 💕

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  15. Great post, Analee! I totally agree with this post! When it comes to blogging, for me, it’s always quality first, before quantity and I don’t care much about stats. Putting too much pressure on ourselves to produce quality content is a total no-no for me. It’ll totally stress you out and blogging will soon become a chore for you.

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    • Thank you! 😊 Ah yes, quality before quantity is definitely so important! Ohh that’s great to hear you’re not that affected by stats, they can be quite unreliable ahah. That is so true! Blogging should never be a chore, but it can easily become one with all the stress. 😶

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  16. I’ve never really linked stats to the blogs I post in that way. I’ve never posted something for the stats I think. Only because I wanted to. In the end it is my blog. You can take it or leave it. 😉

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  17. I totally agree about the stats being random sometimes! There are some posts I’ve written that I think are so interesting and insightful and thought out and that I’ve been really proud of and the stats have been okay. And then some of my top posts are random Top Ten Tuesdays or ones I wrote totally on a whim. Great post!

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    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed this! YES, exactly. It’s discouraging to see something we put so much thought into go unrecognized but not really having anything to do about it. Haha I know! It’s so random. Thank you! ❤️

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  18. You want blogger to RELAX? Ha! You seem you have forgotten who you’re talking to 😉

    No, but really, this is such a great thing to discuss. I think bloggers definitely put so much self-imposed pressure on themselves, and it’s so easy for it to get out of hand. Bah, we need to relax and build each other up, remind ourselves that we ARE putting in a ton of work! Thank you for this 🙂

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  19. Oh yeah, chilled out bloggers are not a thing, unfortunately. I find that I stress myself out trying to write discussions when I could easily write a list post and get the same comments.
    I think, mostly, we just put too much pressure on ourselves because of the unspoken need to be like other bloggers and keep up with whats going in the book and blogging community.


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