That’s What HE Said Thursday #11 (June 18)

Hello! Today is Thursday, which means a That’s What He Said Thursday post! (A meme hosted by Chapter Break.) Today I have a little conversation between Addison and Leo, from Wash Me Away by Wendy Owens. Now, usually I don’t use the same book for a meme twice in a week (I used this book for Teaser Tuesday), but I had this bookmarked, and it’s just so cute. So here it is:

Wash Me Away“Call me Addy,” I offer.
“So informal. I do believe you might just be warming up to me.” He grins, and I think again he might be flirting. I see my uncle’s woody station wagon pull up.
I hop to my feet. “There’s my ride. I gotta go. How much do I owe you?”
“I got it. The conversation was well worth the price,” he answers, and my cheeks flush hot.
“What movie is that line from?” I question, hesitating for a moment, wishing my uncle had been late.
“No movie, only the truth,” Leo answers. “I’ll see you in class, Addy.”

Isn’t it just so cute? Their banter is just so much fun to read. Really liking this book so far, and I’m almost finished! 🙂

Happy Thursday! Gotta go now, bye!


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