Struggles every reader with a bad memory understands // ft. books I loved but remember nothing about oops

ICYMI, I suffer from this thing called BOOK AMNESIA.

It’s basically the syndrome where you a) read a book. b) either love, hate, don’t care about it, whatever your opinion is and c) forget about it! (C is the most important symptom.)

If you say this has NEVER happened to you, you’re lying, Pinocchio.

And, as usual, because I’m a SUPER HELPFUL* person with a tendency to expose everyone (mostly myself tbh), I decided to make a post in honor of us book amnesiacs!!

I’m also linking up with this week’s Top Ten Tuesday (now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) prompt: Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Anything/Much About!


*Don’t look at me like that, it’s true.

1. Forgetting what happened in a book.

This is one of the foremost!! Struggles!! Of having!! A bad memory!! Even if you generally have a good memory, I will never ever ever believe you if you say this has never happened to you okay AT LEAST ONCE (unless you’re some sort of superhuman).

And it’s epecially lethal in the case of series!! I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve complained about forgetting the previous book in a series, but IT’S A LOT. It’s not my fault thouuuuughhhh.

There are many books we read throughout the year, and in case you forgot, a year is a horribly long time?! In the span of that time, am I honestly supposed to remember what happened in a 500 paged book? BECAUSE I WON’T. (Thank god for recaps like there are on this site and this site.) EVEN IF I LOVED IT.

And it’s such a struggle since now I either a) have to reread the series (which isn’t always a bad thing but also look at those UNREAD BOOKS on your TBR, hm and also who has time) b) continue with the second book not knowing or remembering the characters or what happened, and therefore not enjoying it as much or c) cry and eat chocolate <– best option

2. Not knowing or remembering what you read because you haven’t updated Goodreads/written it somewhere.

GUYS. I straight up forgot several books I read last year because I forgot to put them on Goodreads and it’s not in my phone and now I’m having a C R I S I S because I actually really loved them (well, one of them) and now I haven’t mentioned them anywhere and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.

I have the vaguest memory of books I feel like I’ve read but I have no idea when and if I did actually read it or I’m just imagining it?? Nowadays I’m neglecting updating Goodreads as well which becomes a struggle trying to remember when I read a book BECAUSE GR FAILED (to somehow read my mind and automatically add it for me, of course).

Here’s your daily reminder to write down somewhere what book you read and when you read it and also write down your thoughts on it immediately if you want to save your sanity!! 

MEEE figuring out when I read a book and if I liked it or not

3. Not being able to write a proper review because it’s been too long since we’ve read it.

And by too long I mean like, 2 days. THAT’S 48 HOURS OKAY. IT’S A LOT.

Nowadays I try to write at least a list of major points that come to my mind right after reading a book, in the notes of my phone because then I can say something other than “OMG I LOVED IT MY HEART DIED” or “UGH IT WAS A PLATE OF SOGGY POTATOES”*. You know?

Because it’s so incredibly hard to write a review when it’s been several days. You’re just sitting there knowing that you loved it but also having no clue why other than the pieces of your heart are on the ground (pain = good book) and that it made you FEEL THINGS. But what things? One may never know.

This is also why that ‘review to come’ will never come and you SHOULD JUST STOP LYING.

Why am I exposing myself here so much jeez

*I have not used this sentence yet in a review but I think I really should.

4. Being asked, “What was it about?” and stuttering like a dying fish.

Tbh, a fish might actually be able to summarize a book better than me BECAUSE I SUCK AT IT???

It’s honestly scary when someone asks me “what was it about” after hearing me squeal and scream about it because they expect me to be able to answer*??

What goes on in my brain when someone asks me what a book is about BECAUSE PANIC??!?!?!?!?!? (at the disco)

Literally I would make the best and worst publicist because my SCREAMING AND SHOUTING is so annoying you would obviously pick up a book because I said so** but then I would never be able to tell you what the book was about even if I loved it to death.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*The worst is when it happens in person because I can’t just shove Goodreads at them and run away??? WHYYYY.
**Pff, obviously.. right?? Also if you actually have done this I hope you know I LOVE YOU AND YOU SHOULD TALK TO ME ABOUT IT unless you hated my favourite book in which case I’ll come after you with my scary non-weapons go hide in my guilt

5. Losing interest in a book after it’s been a year between the release of the first book and the sequel

A year is a looooooonnnnggggg time. That’s 365 days and there’s so much that happens? And so many books you read in between? There’s only so much space in our brainnnnn and I just… need to delete some information to make space for new stuff?

And so then I don’t care as much about what happens to the characters because it’s been so long and it lost that ~magic~ it originally had?

It makes me so sad though!! Because what if I originally wanted to continue with the series but then I’m less excited about the sequel coming out because I feel so emotionally distant now from the first book???

6. Not remembering what books are released when

If you’re even mildly implicated and involved in the book community, you know how many books are released every month!! The answer: A LOT.

See, the second I just look at a new book, there are like, 10 more books being released. Which is great, sure!!

But also all these amazing books are being released and I’m so excited but I also don’t know if they’re releasing tomorrow, in 6 months, or the next year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But I plan on reading them so that counts for something right???

Thankfully, as far as struggles go, this one isn’t as bad as the other ones?? Goodreads got our back, it’s all good. 😉

7. Putting your bookmark somewhere and never finding it again

See, let me tell you a story!

I once had an extreme bookmark fascination!! They could be so pretty and funny and were so functional, and I used them all the time….


Tears of sadness as one disappears! But it’s okay, I got another one!

And… there goes that one.

Oh, see, let’s just put them all together in this very organized and specific place so that I always know where they are! Great idea, right?


You pick one up, use it, then put it down and the next thing you know is you’re doing this.

But you never found it again.


No, but seriously if you’re someone who can remember where your bookmark is, YOU ROCK. And have great skills!! Because my memory sucks and I can’t ever remember where they are!!

I’ll just sit over here, bitter over my lost friends, petting my twin, the goldfish, and my slips of random paper that are my bookmarks.

Ah, struggle #1, visualized! Loving books and having very little idea as to what happened is literally the story of my life and ahhHHH well let’s go, exposing myself once again. You can see from my “mini blurbs” how much I remember (no spoilers though obviously). I REMEMBER A LOT.

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (read 2016): Julian and Emma are parabatai! Mark is a sweetheart! I love Cristina! Fae threats! Julian is such a cutie and I love his family!! Anaand that’s it. BUT LOVE THIS BOOK.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye (read 2016): Magic! Russia! Kingdom! BAD MAGIC.

Ruined by Amy Tintera (read 2016): I can’t even remember anything. I mean, there are people with magic who are shunned? But I don’t even remember the main character. Something with an e? Emma? Evaline? But seriously this book was so good.

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh (read 2015): SUCH A LONG TIME AGO WHAT. Shazi is fabulous! Love her and Khalid! Hate-to-love romance! Food! Tariq was awful can someone smack him please! Magical and beautiful writing!

The Imposter Queen by Sarah Fine (read 2016 or 2017 I forget): SO GOOD. There were.. imposters? Oh oh and ice and fire magic was super cool!

Angelfall by Susan Ee: I looooove Raffe!! Also Penryn’s love for her sister is amazing and so pure. So gory and interesting and SO UNDERRATED.

More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera: I ADORE ADAM SILVERA’S BOOKS. And this one was amazing but all I remember is sadness!! Broken heart!! But give me the gay!! Where did my heart go oh look it’s broken!!

Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom: Blind MC!! Loved her even if she was super negative!! Felt so bad but also it was cute!! Ugh why can’t I remember things

Starflight by Melissa Landers (read 2016? I think?): Hate to love romance! So much banter! Sci-fi, which I don’t usually read but this was really good!! Action!! And the side characters were great!

Rick Riordan books (read… uhhh.) : I read pretty much all of Rick Riordan’s books, I think, except for the newest ones? But I remember Percy!! And Annabeth of course!! And humourrr his books are always so fun.

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare: I ADORE CASSANDRA CLARE but I also don’t remember her books very well oops. Clary’s the special snowflake, Jace has an identity crisis??? Aaaand love triangles everywhere, but THE SERIES IS GOOD I SWEAR.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes: Okay this series is totally cliche but apparently I enjoyed the books??? But I remember zilch. There’s magic! And incest at one point?? wait why did I like this I forget

Wow I just used way too many exclamation marks, oops. BUT GO READ THESE if you haven’t already I swear they’re better than my stupid mini blurbs!

Do you also struggle with a bad memory with books??? Do you remember the details of books you read in the past or no? Do you also lose interest in a sequel after it’s been too long? What books do YOU love but also don’t remember much about? EXPOSE YOURSELF.

Happy Tuesday!!

53 thoughts on “Struggles every reader with a bad memory understands // ft. books I loved but remember nothing about oops

  1. Oh my goodness, this is so relatable! I can rarely remember anything about books I read! It’s the worst when somebody is trying to talk to me about a book I recommended, and I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about… I swear this is an actual conversation I’ve had with my friend…
    Friend ‘and So-and-so just got stabbed’ Me ‘Wait what?! So-and-so got stabbed?!?!?!’ Friend ‘Well thanks, it’s now obvious that they survive… Even though I was actually quite concerned, but I think you’d remember it if they died.’ Me ‘Oops’
    It’s really quite a problem…

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  2. I definitely get fuzzy on the details, however, I always remember how the book made me feel. I also will remember something that delivered an emotional punch, good or bad, and the characters too.

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  3. This is one big #Relate to all the reasons stated above!
    The number of times I’ve asked “Who are you again???” while reading a book is immeasurable!
    (Sometimes I even forget characters while I am reading the book for the first time O-o)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Why do I relate to this so much? My memory is terrible when it comes to books! All that information just does not want to stay in my head. I always remember if I liked it or not, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. i’m dying at your description of cassandra clare’s novels. i’m forever referring to jace as that one dude with the “identity crisis” xD

    also, i applaud you for somehow managing to sum up the entirety of the crown’s game in five words. bad magic and russia is all i remember too, tbh 😛

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  6. Ah, yes, my bookish memory is the absolute worst. 😂 I forget what happened in books pretty often, mainly from books I call my favorites but I haven’t read since middle school?? But I don’t feel like re-reading them because re-reading is the most boring thing to me. I JUST WANT TO MOVE ON! This is 99.99% of the reason why I can’t even with series anymore. And I also tend to forget the books I read! I deleted my Goodreads account, so I manually keep track of my reading, and I missed out on a couple of books last year. Oops.

    I also have forgotten pretty much everything about Falling Kingdoms?? And I’m only halfway through the series so that’s not good. 🙈 I actually remember bits and pieces of Angelfall! I re-read City Of Bones two years ago, so I remember it pretty well actually! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha right?! 😂 Same!! I haven’t reread books I read and loved in middle school for sooo long, tbh I don’t think I will for a while haha. Honestly yes! It can be tedious trying to remember previous books in the case of series. You deleted Goodreads?! 😱 Was there any specific reason? I manually track my books now as well cause I can’t rely on myself to update GR, but I probably still forget the books I read haha.

      Haha I know!! I finished the fourth book a while ago and haven’t continued the series cause I remember nothing. 😩 Ah really?! That’s good! Oh haha I’ve read books one year ago and I still don’t remember them very well, so kudos to you for that one! 😄

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  7. I have book amnesia tooooo!!! Like, I remember … sort of … how I felt about a book, but details are almost very vague. And I write reviews for almost everything on the day I finish it or in the next couple days, because afterwards everything is GONE!!! This is also a major reason why I like to binge-read series. Whenever there is a year, or god forbid more, until the release of a sequel, my brain will feel like swiss cheese and I won’t even know what happened before.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one??! Ahah same! I get the overall idea of how I felt, but I don’t remember details very well. Right?? My brain just deletes all information on the book’s content and my feelings after, like, 2 days. Writing reviews fast is so important haha. Agreed! So true!! Sometimes I avoid unfinished series so I can binge read them after all the books are released because then I don’t have to struggle with remembering the previous books haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I used to always wait until series were completely published and then I’d buy the book box, but that backfired a couple times and now I just read everything whenever with complete chunks of books missing when I start the new ones hahaha


  8. OHGOSH so true and it’s one of the worst moments because I’m legit stuck there, racking my brains thinking of a book, and there comes book amnesia. *OBLIVIATE*
    This is so so so accurate! ❤
    Like I'll legit be obsessing about a book for days/months'/years and then somebody asks what it's about, and I'm literally standing there, staring at that person, trying to find something to say and thinking about HOWW I got myself into that conversation, more like WHYY?
    Gosh, one of the saddest stories of a bookworm.
    Honestly, it's such a big task to be a bookworm. Phew.xP

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    • I KNOW RIGHT I forget so much and it’s so hard to remember things?? Book amnesia is such a painnnn!!
      Ahh I’m glad you think so!! I KNOW! It’s like, I love it, you need no other information okay?? Just go read it?? Aka I can’t answer your question and I AM PANICKING. Haha ikr. 😂
      It really is!!

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    Who remembers how to write reviews? I mean “RTCs” are LIES. i try and remember what happened in a book so I can write a review but one day later I’m like “Wait I read this book?” and so my RTC reviews are very messy and me trying to remember previous emotions.

    ALSO CHARACTER NAMES ARE THE DEATH OF ME. I’m like so i like the character I think was named Lucas he was cool. comment: His name was James. AGH DARN IT.

    I swear I think some books are released and then I realise there’s still like 3 months to go until the publication but everyone’s raving about the ARC. And everyone ALWAYS talks about the US release date so when I try and order something its like “pre-order” and IM LIKE WHAT CAN SOMEONE KEEP ME UP TO DATE WITH UK PUB DATES PLEASE.


  10. I think a lot of book readers can relate to this post! My memory is pretty bad when it comes to books especially the series that I left unfinished. Yeah, I easily lose my interest on a sequel if it takes a lot of time to release. The positive thing about book Amnesia is you can enjoy re-reading them again in the future. I enjoyed re-reading the penryn and the end of the days!
    Great Post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahah I’m glad to hear I’m not alone! Oh yes, unfinished series are such a struggle. Right? I just move on to new things haha. True! Rereading favourites can be so much fun. Penryn and the End of Days was such a good series! Thank you! 😊

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  11. Ahahaha I love this post so much. I have book amnesia as well and it is so annoying, because I want to recommend a book but I’m unable to tell what it was about, just the feelings I had. It made me cry, it made me laugh and so on. I constantly forgot the characters’ names and I think that’s the worst, every single time I draft my book reviews I have to look them up again hahahaha. I’m ashamed sometimes 😛


  12. I LOVE THIS??? I totally have this??? I just… can’t remember all the books?????
    I generally have a good memory, but when it comes to remembering the plot of a book, my brain just. can’t. OMG SERIES!!! ESP when they’re being released each year.

    If it weren’t for GR I’d actually forget all the books that I read???
    And omg I have to review books as sooooon as I’ve read it because otherwise I totally forget it????? Like, literally straight after!! Other wise I just end up saying “I loved it!!!!”

    And bookmarks??? pftttt. I use a scrap of paper, a pencil, my phone, ANOTHER BOOK??? IDK ANYTHING I HAVE.

    Honestly I can’t remember so many books?? For example: City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, Eleanor and Park, Shadow and Bone, A Torch Against The Night, The Infernal Devices. IDK, A LOT OK???

    I really liked this post??? IT WAS SO COOL?? SO LIKE,,, UNIQUE




  13. This is so true particularly number four! Someone mentions a book and I say, “Oh that book’s amazing!!” They respond, “Really? What’s it about?” Me: “No idea…I only remember that it was amazing.” Then I get weird looks. Strangely enough though, I seem to have no problem remembering the books I didn’t like. Why is that? Happy Reading!

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  14. Hahaha I swear, with each post you make, the more I get the feeling we are book soulmates xD
    I forget things SO EASILY and my only saviors are: Goodreads, my notes app where I write everything that happens along my reading journey in case I *ahem* forget, and reviews. Reviews are not only helpful to those who want to read a book – that is a lie. They are perfect for those who have read and don’t recall said books at all, too xD
    Amazing post, Analee! Thanks for always being so relatable hahaha ❤


  15. Oh man, you took all the thoughts right out of my mind!
    Just before I got into blogging I decided to keep notes on all the books I read. Just little bullet points of the main plot and characters and how the book ended so that I wouldn’t have to reread the book again before the release. Sometimes I write great notes, sometimes I don’t 😛
    I’ve DNF’d a few sequels because I’m just not feeling the series anymore since it’s been over a year since the first book. The Red Queen series is an example of that. I loved Red Queen so much but was bored to tears by whatever book 2 was called…


  16. I have been dealing with this on THIS VERY DAY.

    So. I love The Diviners books by Libba Bray. LOVE THEM. As anyone who loves them knows, the 3rd installment came out a few months back. I have not purchased it yet. Because I don’t remember exactly what happened in the first 2 books! And they are both super long, so rereading time would be time consuming and would seriously mess with my blogging schedule!

    *sigh* Life is hard.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw noooo!! *shares chocolate and shares pain over memory struggles*

      Ahhh I relate! I haven’t read those books, but I had to hold off on new installments so often because I remember nothing of the previous books haha. And rereading is definitely super time consuming!! 😩 WHAT SHALL WE DO.

      I agree, friend. I agree. *cries*

      Liked by 1 person

  17. hahaha yeah I can relate to this. I recently posted a review on my blog and one of the people who commented mentioned that they liked the book although they didn’t like one of the twists which was unrealistic. It hurt my brain trying to figure out what she was talking about. I couldn’t remember and didn’t want to go back to the book and find out lol.

    I really enjoyed reading this post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one haha! Oh my gosh yes and the struggle is worse because they expect you to remember it since you wrote the review but then you don’t. 😂😂 Story of my life.

      I’m glad to hear that! ❤️


  18. LOL!!! Omg Analee this post is SO relatable!!

    My memory is absolute TRASH and I often do have to re-read the first book in a series when the sequel comes out. Most of the time my tactic is to wait until the entire series is finished – seriously!!! – so i can read the entire series back to back lmao

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