Love/Hate Tag (Bookish Edition)

Hi! I know what you’re all thinking: “ANOTHER tag?!” And yep, it’s another tag! It’s not ’cause I don’t have a review ready, I swear. 😛 Anyway, let me get to it. I was tagged to do this by Emily @ Diary of a Bibliophile & Alicia @ #LoveBooks quite some time ago! Glad I’m finally getting to it. Thanks for tagging me, ladies!

So, in Emily’s version of this tag, she did ten bookish loves & hates, and ten non-bookish loves & hates, while in Alicia’s version, Alicia did five random loves & hates. I’m going to do a mix of both, and do the bookish edition of loves & hates (like Emily) but instead of ten, I’ll do five for each (like Alicia).

Five Bookish Loves

Fangirling over books with bloggers and friends. It’s always to great to find people who feel the same way about a book as you do! And I fangirl so much, it’s become a part of me. So, yes I love fangirling over book! Also, fangirling is just simply so much fun. Lol. XD

Ranting about books with bloggers and friends. Just like it’s fun to fangirl over books, it’s so much fun ranting over a book I did not like! (Even though it really shouldn’t be fun…) Especially if those bloggers & friends feel the same way. If they don’t, it’s still fun, and interesting to see their POV. 🙂Read More »