I passed my goal…now what?

Hey everyone! This is going to be a pretty short post, but I’m currently in a little debate here and I’m unsure over what to do, so I’m turning to you guys! It might seem kind of silly that I’m stuck over a seemingly easy question, but oh well. You guys all know by now that I can be really indecisive about things, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

So, I passed my Goodreads goal! A while ago, it seems. I didn’t realize for a while since I kind of lost touch with updating my reading status for the books I read, but recently I decided to add the books I had read over the past couple of months to my Goodreads shelf. And so Iย found that I have passed my goal of 150 books—by give or take 10 books! I definitely didn’t expect that.ย But now, I’m faced with the ultimate question. Should I increase my goal or should I just keep it at what I have now?? I mean, there’s still a month and a half left of 2015 for me to get some reading done, right? Not that school is going to let me do that, but you know what I mean.

Which is why I need some help. And some opinions! Have you completed your goal already? What did you do? And even if you haven’t reached your goal yet, I’d still love to know what you think! Tell me below how your challenges are going, and whatever thoughts you may have! I’d appreciate even the tiniest comment. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Enjoy your Monday! (Difficult to do, I know…)

Until the Next Meal, Analee

22 thoughts on “I passed my goal…now what?

  1. I haven’t passed my goal yet, but I always say, leave it the way it is. It’s such a nice and accomplished feeling to see the percentage go over a 100. You can always unofficially aim for more ๐Ÿ˜€ and next year, you simply increase your goal!

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  2. I am about to reach my goal of 100 books (one book left) and I am going to keep it as is. That way I know how many books I was able to accomplish and I know what a good, challenging goal could be for next year. That’s what I did last year when I read 96 out of 90 ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. I have passed my goal already, but I didn’t increase it. In the beginning of the year, I chose to read that much. And I accomplished it! So I wanted to show that. I am reading more, but those are just an added bonus. So next year, I’ll probably raise it ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Wow, such high numbers! I had the mother of all book slumps and didn’t read for good few months (before I started blogging) and so am struggling towards 35 this year! I reckon you have time to increase it, but only if you want to. Congratulations on reaching your goal early! ๐Ÿ˜€


  5. I passed my goal, but am leaving it as it is. I will see how many I read and use that as a base for next year. Well done on all your reading, hopefully you found some amazing books.


  6. Whoah that’s a lot of books! My goal this year is 50 books and I haven’t reached it yet, I’m still on the count of 44 books, hope I can reach it by the end of the year. But tbh I don’t really care about the quantity of the books I read in a year as long as they are great reads.


  7. Last Wednesday, I finished my goal of 50 books. I’m thinking, for this year, I am going to leave it and just see what I end up with once the year is finished. It’s neat seeing the percentage over 100%, and it might also help me decide on my goal for next year. 50 sounds good for next year, but should I change it to 60, knowing I beat 50 this year? Or 55? Ugh, so many decisions! But if I up my goal now, who knows if I will make it.


  8. I’m almost double my good reads goal – I think it’s fu to see how much you go over what you thought you could do – I guessed low because of book writing and promotion and I am happy to be wrong !


  9. Wow, 150 books! That’s a lot! I set my Goodreads goal to 100 at the beginning of the year, but then I kinda stopped using Goodreads for a while, so I actually have no idea whether I’ve passed my goal or not. Personally, having reading goals do tend to stress me out a bit, but that’s just me.


  10. I stopped updating my goodreads challenge in March so I have no clue where I am at mine. xD Congratulations on getting through yours though! ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. First off, congratulations!! That must be exciting to not only reach your goal in advance but also to surpass it! I think you should just keep reading and when you finsih just add it to the goodreads reading goal thing so you can see how many books you read over your goal. That way when the next year comes along you know more or less how many book you can read in a year and set that as your new goal.


  12. First of all Analee, CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING YOUR CHALLENGE! That’s so awesome! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
    Secondly, if you’re confident that you can complete more books, maybe increase your goal by 5 or 10 books. If you continue to complete that, then you can again raise your goal number before the end of the year!
    That’s how I would do it! โ˜บ๏ธ


  13. Congrats! I passed my goal of 210 back in September, currently on about 269 but I’ve left my goal as is. I know that if I put it up I’ll want to do more next year and I won’t have the great excuse I had for the second half of this year!


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