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It’s been a long day, without you, my friends.

Sorry, that song has been stuck in my head for some reason. But hi, hello! I know it’s Tuesday, and I swear, I had really meant to do a Top Ten Tuesday post, but it’s felt like a while since I posted the last discussion, so I thought, why not write up another one? I promise I will be doing Top Ten Tuesday posts once again sometime, but today is not that day! As the title dictates, for this post, I’m going to be talking about things I wish I knew or did back when I was a newbie blogger. In many ways I still consider myself to be one, to be honest, (there’s new things I learn everyday!) but I suppose technically, since I’ve been blogging for a year now, I’m not as much of a newbie anymore–at the very least, I have the basics of the whole blogging thing down. 😉 But back in the day, when I first started blogging, there were many things I didn’t know! So, now, to walk down memory lane, I’ve decided to think about those things and reflect on the things I know now–that I wish I had known before. Oh, also, warning: this is a no judgement-zone! Mine is a fragile ego. XD (LOL jk but entertain me, why don’t you.) If you judge you shall get no chocolate. And that’s a horror you don’t even want to consider, right? Right. Exactly. *nods*

Alright, now that we got that cheerful little thing out of the way, let’s get on to it, shall we?

Agh, sorry for the terrible image. I totally rushed this! I'll be editing this later, haha.

1. I don’t have to post everything on one single day.

Erm, I hope I’m not the only one who thought this? Back when I first started blogging, I was under the impression that I had to write several posts in one day. And can you guess? I wrote many posts, for one day. Uhhhh, nope. I was most definitely mistaken! Firstly, there’s no requirement for anything. If I wanted I could post nothing on a day, or 10. Who knows. Secondly, there’s really no point in posting everything in one day (though if you wanted to, of course, that’s all your choice). So. Once I noticed that I was just wasting time posting so many posts in a day, it became much better, yes yes. Which brings me too the second point:

2. There’s this magical thing called a scheduling button.

Okay, so I knew I had the option of scheduling posts, like, many weeks (perhaps months, I dunno really) after I started blogging? (Hush hush, no judgement here, remember?) But I (in a move that boasts of utter ridiculousness, to be honest) kind of ignored it for.. oh, I dunno. Months, definitely. Lots of months. I don’t even know why? Maybe it was just paranoia that it wouldn’t work, or… I really don’t know. Once I actually took the big step and used it (like, 10 thousand years later. Well, slight exaggeration, but whatever.) it turned out to be great and quite useful! So yeah, I most definitely would’ve wanted to have use it before. XD Again, I don’t even know what kept stopping me from using it? What can I say, I’m a confusing person. We’ve established this.

3. I don’t have to be worried about putting my personality out there.

I think it’s kind of natural, at the very start of blogging, that our personality isn’t, perhaps.. as clear? Okay, okay, I know that explains nothing whatsoever, but like, I mean.. aghhh sorry excuse my moment of utter failing-at-lifeness there. Basically what I’m trying to say is that I feel like when I first started blogging, in the back of my mind, I might’ve been more reserved in terms of letting my voice and my personality show through my writing. Now, as I am more comfortable with blogging and everything, I think I make more of a conscious effort to be ME in my posts, and show more of who I am than before. And I love it? It makes the blogging experience so much the more genuine and I wish I hadn’t been so worried about my voice and personality and what other nonsense had been going through my head back at the start, lol. 😉

4. Creating graphics is nothing to fret over!

Back when I first started blogging, I had been in awe of all the amazing graphics I saw on other people’s blogs. When I saw that the blogger himself/herself created the graphic, I was in even more awe! Yes, I know I know. Hush children. No judging, remember? XD Come on, I can’t have been the only one in this situation, right? But anyway, yes, I was in awe. And then I became confused as to what I would do in terms of graphics. I love design and appreciate art (though I’m terrible at art like drawing, music and the like) After all, pictures always make everything so much the more interesting! But as I discovered later on, creating graphics is not too difficult! After searching online (because duh, Google has basically all the answers. LOL) I found many helpful graphic design websites, like PicMonkey, Canva, among others. My only wish was that I took the initiative to find out how to make graphics much earlier! It’s not that difficult, really, when you have the right tools.

5. It takes time to get successful stats and followers.

Although the definition of success depends from person to person, the universal key to remember is that everything takes time–especially stats and followers. Building up a successful following takes a while (most of the time). Having the types of expectations that you’ll get 100 followers in a day sadly holds no weight and will get you nowhere. For me, I wouldn’t say I had such an expectation, but it did take a while to accept that I won’t be receiving tons and tons of likes, comments, and followers in just a little bit of time. 😉 I did end up accepting it in the end (it might’ve been hard to find amusement in blogging if I hadn’t) but I do wish I knew this when I first started blogging! The first couple of weeks can be tough (lol), when you kind of find that no one is actually reading your posts and you’re talking to yourself. XD But the important thing is not to be worried or stressed out! It’ll happen eventually.

6. It’s okay if I have to go on hiatus.

This is something which I still don’t like to do very much, LOL, but it is especially something I wish I knew back when I first started blogging! I was in grade 11 when I first started, and at times (lol, who am I kidding, almost all the time) it became tough to juggle so many things at once; school, reading, blogging, there’s only so much time you have to spend for each. And sometimes taking a break is what we need to balance everything, you know? I know that now, but it would definitely have helped if I had known that before. 😀 I think, it felt like if I took a hiatus and didn’t blog, for, I don’t know, even a week or something, I’d lose followers, and people would forget about my blog, and whatnot. It’s a worry that’s long gone now, but as a newbie, I couldn’t help but think that way, lolllllll.

7. Other bloggers don’t bite!

As a newbie in the book blogging community, where I was surrounded with a bunch of other bloggers who had so many more followers than my humble, like, 10 (lol I don’t actually know how much I had back then) it definitely could be intimidating to actually find the courage to talk to them! Now, I know it’s ridiculous to think that way–bloggers don’t bite! They’re just as human and just as friendly as the rest of us, and it’s 100% okay to talk to them. Thank goodness I ended up talking to other bloggers in the end after all; or else I’d be quite a hermit and quite lonely, lolllll. XD Talking to these bloggers back at the start, and even now, created such lovely friendships and it’s the greatest. Truly. ❤

8. It is impossible to read each and every single blog post that appears in my blog feed.

Truer words have never been spoken, if I do say so myself. I mean, have YOU been able to read every blog post that arrives in your Reader? Didn’t think so. But back then, I tried quite hard to do so (and comment too!) which, proved to be quite futile in the end save for the posts I actually did manage to read and comment on. I followed quite a lot of blogs back then (and even more now!) and there were SO MANY posts appearing all the time. It’s impossible to read them all! Don’t fret if you can’t read/comment on each post; I doubt it’s even possible unless you follow, like, less than maybe 10 blogs. Which I doubt is the case? I did (and still do) put an effort into commenting and reading at least some of the posts that appear in my Reader, but it would’ve definitely saved me a lot of time had I not attempted to read all, or almost all, of the posts that I find. 😉

9. It’s okay to be different.

Whether it be in terms of what you post, what your blog looks like, how you talk and how you fangirl, it’s okay if it’s not like everyone else. Normal is overrated! Be unique, be yourself, and that’s all that matters. I think, when I first started blogging, I wanted more to be like the other bloggers? Kind of? A smidge? Not that I was afraid to be different, but more that I felt like I should be like everyone else. Wrong! Totally wrong. There is no need whatsoever for you to be like everyone else, and when I accepted this, it became so much more fun for me and more, I don’t know, free. It’s partly the reason why I’m still holding on to the theme I currently have (light text on dark background), despite thinking about changing it. It’s a lot more uncommon, as far as I’ve noticed!

10. I’m blogging for MYSELF first and foremost.

Perhaps one of the most important things I wished I knew as a newbie blogger, this is one that I still remind myself about. When blogging gets tough and we get caught up in the stats game and it becomes, you know, less of a hobby and more of a job, this is the best thing to think of! We blog for ourselves and no one else, and that’s what matters. (LOLLLL notice how all the other ones I ramble about FOREVER yet this one I spare three sentences. This says nothing about importance or anything! I’m just lost at what other things to say. :P)

Alright, so that’s it for this post! The 10 things I wish I knew as a newbie blogger. Don’t leave me hanging; do let me know your thoughts in the comments! ❤ I’d love to know which of the YOU wish you knew as well, when you first started blogging. Feel free to let me know all and any of your thoughts! I’d love to chat. Oh, and just a little note; I might be disappearing, in and out for the next couple of weeks! It’s getting super busy and it’s incredibly difficult to keep up with blogging sometimes. But I will still be around!

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying your Tuesday! ❤

Until the Next Meal, Analee


55 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Knew/Did as a Newbie Blogger — Newbies, take notes! | Book Snacks Babbles

  1. Such a wonderful post. I am still quite new to the blogging world and I found all of your points to be really helpful. Especially the points about letting your personality show and realizing that other bloggers do not bite! I don’t know why I was so nervous to just write what I felt or thought. Maybe it was the idea that if someone didn’t like what I posted, they would be less likely to follow? Who knows. But at this point, I am just blogging it up because it’s fun and I enjoy it! And that’s really all that matters. Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANK YOU!! ❤ Omg I'm so glad this proved to be useful–now the things I didn't know as a new blogger can help someone else and I'm so happy for that. 🙂 I can totally empathize with your worries, ahh you're not alone! When I first started blogging, I think I was worried about if people would judge my personality or the things I posted–and wouldn't like it, you know? But it definitely turned out to be a weightless worry! Yayy of course, having fun with blogging is the number one thing to focus on. Thank you, I hope you're enjoying your day as well! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Goodness all of these speak to my newbie soul but number 8 is still a constant struggle. I feel like people will forget I exist if I don’t read and comment on their blogs and then they won’t like or comment on mine and that would be sad 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ah yes, the newbie in me totally recognized all of these as I wrote them down. XD Agh yes I can totally empathize! I want to keep up with everyone’s blog so much yet it’s just not possible!! The worry that if I don’t keep up with other blogs, those blogs won’t keep up with mine often pops up. The only thing to do is to not let the worry overwhelm you! It’s impossible to keep up with everyone’s blog; it’s just a fact.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is such a useful list! I’ve been blogging for about a year and I still haven’t got the hang of it yet but I’m getting there (at least I like to think so). My main issue is coming up with ideas and talking to other bloggers so I know I’m guilty of a few of these 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great post! I’m still a newbie (I only started blogging last year) and I was nodding my head while reading most of this, it’s really reassuring to know I’m not the only one who has felt like this but it also helps to have such good advice too. Thank you so much for writing this post.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I used to post like five times a day LOL. So awkward. Because then I would take like a week break…ERGO SCHEDULING. WAHOO.
    I’m too pro-slump, it drags out WAY too long. I’ve learned that yes, sometimes you need a break, but sometimes you really just have to push yourself a bit, and there you have a perfect balance.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Heya! Wonderful post, I could relate to so many things – being fairly new in the blogger-world myself.
    I have one question if you don’t mind: I didn’t quite understand what was so good about the scheduling button. What has convinced you to use it, what are its advantages over posting as soon as you’ve finished editing? I’ve always wondered about that option…
    Loving number 10 by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! ❤️ I’m glad to hear this was relatable.
      Oh I don’t mind at all! Mostly it was just the convenience that made it so useful. Sometimes when I know I’m running low on time it can be so helpful to schedule posts so they can automatically go up, without me having to do it myself. Sometimes I prepare posts in advance for the next day so I can’t exactly post it right after writing it up either. 😉 It’s all up to the blogger, though!
      Haha thanks!

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  7. Great post. #10 is my first rule and it comes in handy when I doubt my posts and my blog’s content.
    Aaanndd I’m currently battling with #8. I was off for a little bit and I like to keep up and show appreciation and all that. But I agree, it is impossible. I’m currently following over 200 blogs so I know I won’t get to every single post despite my efforts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yes, #10 is so important to remember. Ourselves come first and foremost! ❤ Oh gosh, I know what you mean. I want oh so much to visit all the lovely people who show support for my blog but it's physically impossible, seeing how I follow so many blogs! Not enough time in a day, unfortunately.


    • Thank you! That means a lot to me. Haha no worries, I think #7 was a worry for everyone! There’s something so intimidating at first, interacting with other bloggers who’ve been blogging for longer than you. 😉 Glad to hear you’re getting better at it! There really isn’t anything to worry about. ❤ Thanks!


  8. I am so glad I found this post. My blog is less than a month old and I’ve had many, if not all, of your points weigh on my mind at some point. What helps keep everything is perspective is #10 – I started this blog for me and if other people love it, well then that’s just a bonus 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eee I’m so happy to hear that!
      It can be so hard to balance everything and juggle all our worries when it comes to blogging. The most important thing to remember is just to make sure that we have fun with blogging! It’s a hobby that is first and foremost for ourselves. 😉 Glad to see you have that down!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. This is such a great post! I’ve just started a new blog (been a month now) and it’s great to read through tips such as these because sometime the simple thing like commenting on others’ posts can help grow your blog. Also, the whole thing of not reading *every* post that shows up on your Reader – so true! It’s good to know not to stress over skipping a couple in the millions that show up everyday 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Oh my gosh, how did I not notice this comment!! Commenting on other blogs definitely help grow your blog. Aha it was so stressful trying to keep up with every post that showed up on my Reader! It’s so much healthier and fun (and less stressful!) to just comment on as many or as little posts as we want. ❤ I hope your blogging experience has been going well since you started your blog!


  10. I am not certain you’ll even read this comment but I must tell you that the part about finding other bloggers intimidating was 100% relatable. I still avoid commenting at a few places, feel as if I’m making a fool out of myself (hoping that’s not the case here ). And when someone with tons of followers visits mu blog or likes a posts, I feel sooo alleviated… my heart does these leaps… In all it is very exciting to blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad to hear that I’m not alone in having been intimidated by other bloggers! But oh my gosh, bloggers are SO NICE, I promise you, you don’t need to be worried! Aw, you are not making a fool of yourself! ❤ I love reading comments, and it’s so great to hear someone’s thoughts. Aha sameeee totally can relate!! 😂😊 Blogging is work, but so much fun.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Reading this long after everyone else, but thank you for some really useful tips. I am just starting to extend some tentative feelers to other bloggers through commenting but still have a long way to go to feel confident!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Ahhh, your post sort of reassures me XD I’ve had most of these worries. Still worrying that I’m not funny enough/original enough/cool enough, or that my blog looks terrible. *scared shudder* It makes me feel comfortable to be told that however I blog is okay and that there’s no pressure whatsoever *relieved sobbing*

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