Things blogging has given me that I’m grateful for!

On the rare occasions I am NOT a salty, bitter potato, I can be rather cheesy!
Spoiler: this is one of those rare occasions. :)))

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my Canadian folk out there!! This post was actually supposed to go up last week but I didn’t end up finishing it in time so here I am, a week after Thanksgiving, making a Thanksgiving-themed post. Don’t mind me.

So, I don’t excessively celebrate it, to be honest but I had so much FOOOOOOOOOD last week??? #yas Plus here comes my opportunity to become a cheesy potato! And talk about all the things that I’m so thankful blogging has given me!

Let’s gooooooo!

I’m warning you though: VERY CHEESY.

*Disclaimer: The original featured image is from Freepik, all edits are done by my potato self.

Giving me a medium to scream and squeal about books without it being weird. (a blessing)

Okay, fine, maybe it’s still weird sometimes. BUT STILL. (Let’s ignore the fact I haven’t done book reviews in a while, hmm?)

Because either way, the blogosphere is my FAVOURITE PLACE TO FANGIRL, OKAY. Because otherwise I’m fangirling with my sister who doesn’t understand my obsession and so it becomes a painful, one-sided fangirling and it’s very sad okay.

Because there is ALWAYS a person who will fangirl with you!!! Always. I guarantee it. Occasionally you may need to scour the interwebs for someone who shares the same opinion as you but there is definitely a person out there. WHICH IS GREAT. Like, I have friends??? Who also loves books an unhealthy amount??? #hownice

Although I have a few friends who read in real life, most times they haven’t read the book I’m squealing over or they just don’t understand how amazing it is that V.E. Schwab is writing more books in the ADSOM world (!!!!!!!) or that Leigh Bardugo is writing books on Nikolai (!!!!!!!!) or that Tahereh Mafi is writing more Shatter Me books??? (!!!!!!!) (Old news for most of you, but hi I just reappeared from the void okay and needed to squeal about these informations.)


Wait what was the point of this again?


Book blogging = fangirling with people who don’t think you’re crazy!! #win #thankyoublog

Giving me design resources and practice doing aesthetic things!

Helloooo resources like: Canva* BeFunky**Freepik***PicMonkey**** / Pixlr !

THEY HAVE SAVED ME and the only reason I got so familiar with these are cause of blogging? And I’ve now used these resources for other things as well, and even something for school, so like.. How amazing is that??!

THANK YOU BLOG. Or perhaps the blog should be thanking the resources because it’s the only reason new people don’t seem to run away in horror when they see my blog design?? That’s because they haven’t met me yet. 

Lara Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han aesthetic!

I just had to include this aesthetic I made for Lara Jean with BeFunky and Canva and Pinterest! I previously made a pastel blue aesthetic for Lara Jean, but I decided to also make a pink one because it suits her so much!! (also I want ice cream)

*What I use for the majority of my blog, including featured images for posts, blog header, dividers, etc.
**What I use for making book aesthetics!! SO GREAT. I bet you could also use Canva but I prefer this one.
***Freepik offers so, so many free images you can use by crediting the creator! LOVE.
****Apparently you need to pay to download stuff from PicMonkey or something now??? But it used to be a really good free resource!

Introducing me to FABULOUS books I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise!

Hiiii Shades of Magic series! (seriously, I literally only picked these books up for the blogosphere and it was THE BEST DECISION EVER okay)

I’m going to ignore the fact that blogging has also made sure my TBR went from a tame 40-50 books to 1800+ books because I’m SUPPOSED TO BE THANKFUL HERE. *growls at blogging for making sure my TBR collapses on me*

Very. Thankful.


My reading tastes has changed and evolved so much, and a large amount of that is due to blogging! There are just such a large variety of books that we can discover, and I know I’ve discovered SO many amazing books these past couple of years thanks to blogging. Such as:

A List of Cages // Red Rising // The Wrath and the Dawn // I’ll Give You the Sun // The Hate U Give


Giving me my excuse to procrastinate on school

Hehehehehe I should not be thankful about this. But er, seeing how I’m currently procrastinating on school by writing this post, I couldn’t NOT mention it??? Besides, at least I’m being more productive than when I procrastinated by scrolling through Youtube or binge-watching a TV show.. :)))) SO THERE.

Blogging, you’re useful. Don’t listen to them procrastination haters.

Giving me an incentive to track my thoughts on books I’ve read.

In case you missed it: I HAVE THE MEMORY OF A GOLDFISH. 


Me: Oh my gosh I love this book so much and I have so many feels!!!
Me, two days later: wait who’s this character again

Forget character names, I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast half the time, and I LOVE breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And all snack times. 

As such, I struggle SO MUCH with remembering details on books I’ve read! And although I don’t write as many full-length reviews these days, blogging has given me the push to actually track my thoughts after I finish a book, thankfully. 

Now I usually type up my thoughts on notes or something (my thoughts generally being a huge mess, but whatever) or Goodreads, and so I can always go back to it if I ever want to see what it was like! (This is especially useful for rereads, because I love seeing how my thoughts have changed/ stayed the same)

SO THANKS, BLOGGING and those pesky helpful human beings who suggested I write my thoughts RIGHT after I read, and not an hour later. :))

Giving me a HUGE AND WONDERFUL community of bookish friends whom I adore to death!

Now, this whole list has been in random order but I’ll go with biggest, most important one for last? Which is this one (oh, major cheese btw and I’m not even sorry)!!

Because: I LOVE YOU GUYS. And I am so, so grateful I’ve met all of you here on the blogosphere. Some people might think it odd that I’m so attached to people I’ve only talked to online, but I seriously feel like I know so many of you irl and wfjiefjoejfojwefoiwjfij I just love youuuuuu?!?!

*everyone unfollows the weird person obsessed with their internet friends*

SO THANK YOU. *sobs* *happy tears though* *stuffs face with food* *slinks away*

What are things book blogging has given you that you’re thankful for?? Any other fellow Canadians who celebrated Thanksgiving this month? (Pff Thanksgiving isn’t in November, shhhh Americans, shhh.) How much do you remember of the books you read?
What are some of your favourite books you’ve read because of blogging?
What other things are you thankful for??


Wow that sounded rude, I meant hi I’m very approachable and hungry to talk to people (okay that sounds weird) and I hope you have a great day!!

47 thoughts on “Things blogging has given me that I’m grateful for!

  1. I also love that reviewing gives me an opportunity to record my thoughts on books. Sometimes people ask me what I thought about a book I read two years ago, and I literally have to go reread my review to find out….

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  2. I agree with this so much! Especially discovering novels I most likely wouldn’t have found on my own. I think the majority of novels I’ve read this year has been because I’ve seen someone rave about it on their blog 😛 this is such a lovely post

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  3. What a great post! All of these are so true. I know I would have never picked up TRC or TLC or SOC if it wasn’t for the blogosphere and what do you know I LOVE ALL OF THEM. plus I feel like my graphic design skills have increased SO MUCH and I’ve discovered a newfound love of watercolor???? Plus my TBR grew which is kinda good thing but also not? But before I would want to buy a new book but couldn’t find one that interested me and now I find too many but at least there’s always a book I want.

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    • Thank you! Haha right??! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH life would be so sad if we’d never read them??!? Ahhhh yes!! I never even realized how amazing watercolor was until I got to blogging haha. Uh mostly good thing? (Apart from the fact that it will one day topple over and destroy me xD) So true! Now there are so many books I want but at least I’ll always have a choice at the bookstore haha.

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  4. I love this post! I could definitely relate with many of the things blogging has given you. The connections is definitely one of the best parts–meeting authors both in person and online and having a reason to keep in touch with them is my favorite thing about the experience!

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  5. HAHAHAH not gonna lie I started reading this and went “wait I don’t think we had Halloween yet”. Us silly egocentric Americans…. Happy Thanksgiving!

    These are all lovely things and I’m so glad you’ve found a happy place in the blogosphere. ❤ It is sort of amazingly nice to be able to just talk about books and be happy with other people reading what you're reading. NONE of my friends read what I read, as they are All Grown Up and Too Mature For Childrens Books (pfft). 🙂

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    • Tsk tsk Amber how could you??? xD Hahaha I completely forgot Americans have Thanksgiving in November, so I guess that evens out?? 😀 Thank you!

      Ah me too! It really is, it’s so lovely to find people who are reading the same thing, are interested in the same book?!? SAME, ahah, my friends have totally different interests and hardly ever read the same books as me. HAHAH “Too Mature For Childrens Books” NEVER.

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  6. Ohhh yes, this is such a great post, I love that you’re spreading the love. Also, HAPPY THANKSGIVING even if I’m late, I hope this still counts ahah.
    Blogging made me discover so many amazing books – LOVE your picks here, by the way. I’ll Give You The Sun is too amazing, right? ❤ I probably wouldn't have heard about these books, if it weren't for blogging, and I'm SO grateful ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhh THANK YOUU!! ❤️ Oh, it absolutely counts, thank you so much. 🙂 (I’m just going to proceed to hide from how late my reply is.)
      Right?! Blogging has given us such amazing bookish discoveries. Where would we be without it? 😁

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  7. Awww I loved reading this! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you!! ❤ ❤

    I'm also really thankful that blogging has encouraged me to reflect on books because i have the worst memory ever too!! Seriously, it's SO bad. D:

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  8. Ahh yess, such a lovely post! ❤
    The blogging community is so nice! I just love scrolling through other posts, talking on comments and aargh the constant book reviews. They conspire against me to make my tbr longer and longer.
    And, fangirling is so so so exciting! Like honestly, some posts actually make you get the fangirl vibes. Or wait? Is that just me?

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    • Aw thank you!! (So sorry I’m replying to your comment so late!)
      Ahh I know right? It’s just such a wonderful place to be. Hahaha they totally do!
      YES!! It’s so much fun and amazing, especially because there aren’t always as many opportunities to do so in real life. No, they totally do!!
      THANK YOU!! ❤️❤️

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  9. I’ve always been a reader, but since blogging I read so much more (my parents thought it was a phase…😂) I’m also so grateful to be able to connect with other book lovers because I lack real ones in my life and my friends just have to put up with my fangirling moments 😂 great post!

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    • Haha same!! I’ve discovered so many more books thanks to blogging and just became so much the more passionate about them. Yes, it’s so great to find so many book lovers!! It can be so hard to find them in real life ahah. Thank you! ❤️


  10. Wonderful Post, Analee! The blogging community has given me lots of bookish friends to fangirl over favorite characters and books. It’s a great place to discover books that you aren’t aware of and also not to forget the book reviews, book discussions, blog tours, cover reveals etc.

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    BOOK blOGGING has given me friends and confidence in myself! Even if you can't find people irl that believe in you, there will always be someone across the country or world that will!!!


    I remember like… zero percent. BOOK BLURBS SHOULD HAVE MORE INFORMATION ON THE CHARACTERS OKAY. My favorite books are… well… I don't know, tbh most of them I would've read anyways since without blogging I read a lot XD. I'M THANKFUL FOR THANKSGIVING AND TURKEY.

    I like how many times you referenced food in this post, it's very relatable.

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      Yes!!! There is ALWAYS someone out there online who will support you and that is just so empowering and so important especially if it’s not possible to find that support irl.

      IT IS DEFINITELY COOL (also cool as in cold… it’s cold here okay ya I’ll stop it’s not funny) AND YOU SHOULD VISIT IT SOMETIME. 😂

      I know!! Who are you again? Do I like you? Are you even important? WHERE ARE THE DETAILS. Hahaha that’s true! MM TURKEY. AND FOOD. YUM.

      Hahaha it’s a staple of my personality. (Also I was probably hungry.)

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  12. Oh, I totally read some books bc of the blogosphere!! ADSOM, THUG, Illuminae… 😍😍 Of course I’ve also added hundreds of books to my TBR but that doesn’t matter??? And ahahha YES, I am so much better at recognizing what is aesthetic and what is not bc of blogging! AND YES. The community here is so amazing and I’ve made so many friends and I love them so much akdlajfjsl. (Including you!!! 💕💕)

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    • AHH ADSOM and THUG are so amazing omg. I still can’t believe I haven’t read Illuminae? Oops? Everyone is over the moon for that one haha. Right?! My eye for aesthetics has been awakened. 😂 (Wow that sounds odd.) I know the community is just my absolute favourite!! I love the friends I’ve made here as well ahhh. ❤️❤️ Ahh ily toooo!

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  13. I thought I was the only one having trouble remembering specific things about the books that I read! I just started blogging and have already realised that it lets you get a clear idea in your head and helps you pick things within the mess inside. I’m so intrigued about you having built a network of friends. I hope the same happens to me. Its wonderful to have a space to speak your mind and to find people who think the same!


  14. OMG THIS IS SO CUTE and granted a tad bit cheesy BUT IT DOESNT MATTER ITS TOO CUTE. I totally agree. Blogging is fabulous like147% of the time until it’s not and the comments are REAL. But other than that I wouldn’t trade it for the world and I’m glad you feel the same. ☺️ Also I LOVE INTERNET HUGS I COULD DO THIS ALL DAY
    Okay, maybe this is a stupid question but what does canadian thanksgiving celebrate? I’m not trying to be rude I’m just uneducated. 🙈 Please enlighten me! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW THE CHEESE IS REAL BUT IT WAS GENUINE AT LEAST???? 😂 Hahaha YES that’s exactly it omg. There are so many struggles but I love it?! I KNOW SAME INTERNET HUGS ARE GREAT.
      Oh, don’t worry about it!! 😀 I don’t formally celebrate thanksgiving as maybe other families do, more just in name, but I’d say it’s just a day to kind of celebrate and appreciate what we have and I think in the past it was related to celebrating a successful harvest and whatnot. I never thought there was much of a difference between American and Canadian Thanksgiving? Is there?

      Liked by 1 person

      • THAT’S TOTALLY OKAY. If only internet hugs could be REAL LIFE HUGS it would be SO fabulous.
        Haha okay fair enough! American thanksgiving definitely celebrates that as well, but it’s also (especially for younger kids) supposed to be related to when the pilgrims sailed the Mayflower from England to North America and eventually had a meal with the “Indians”. It’s a big thing with dressing up and things for younger kids but us slightly aged and wise are aware that it wasn’t quiiiiite that happy-go-lucky… Whoops?


  15. This is an awesome post! Okay, firstly, I am just like you? I read a book, say I love it, a year later the sequel/next book in the series comes and most of the time I’m like huh, what, who are you again? It’s a little disappointing for me, but I guess it just happens.

    Also, thank you for alerting me about the fact that there are going to be more Shatter Me books! Like you said, probably old news, but I haven’t been truly active on in this community for AGES even if I have been writing blog posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thank you!! OH PHEW I’m glad I’m not the only one??! Haha. Yes, exactly!! It’s just too much of a long time for me to be able to remember everything that happened in the previous book and my attachment decreases haha.

      Oh yes, no problem, it was news for me too despite being a while! I’M SO EXCITED.

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