Fictional schools that I would LOVE to attend!! // These schools need to get better mailing systems

Summer is ending! And school is starting! Or has started! Let us all have a moment of silence for our (my) free time going down the drain.


See, I’m not very looking forward to returning to school. (And for those of you have already started, LET US SHARE THE PAIN.)


What if we could somehow attend the schools we find in our books instead? Think of all the schools that we could’ve gone to. You know, if the schools’ mailing system wasn’t so horrible and they managed to mail our acceptance letters. 😉 I would be so excited to return to school???

And so, in order to do something for school season (or to remind us once again how fiction can be much better sometimes) I have a list of fictional schools that I would love to attend!!

1. HOGWARTS (Harry Potter [duh])

It’s Wingardium LeviOsa, not Leviosaaa!!

I’m already so skilled, guys. Obviously Hogwarts just lost my letter??

Which is SO SAD GAH. :'(((( I mean, just IMAGINE studying at Hogwarts?!? *dies*

Everything is so much more interesting, and UM you do MAGIC and not something ridiculous and torturous such as math, etc.?? Any school where math is not included I am already a happy camper.. and here we have NO math AND MAGIC YAY!

OH and now that Harry’s gone, people also have a chance at NoT dYiNg. Which is good. *nods* (hahaha sorry Harry child I love you)

2. Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson)

No math… check! Magicky-type things… check! Possible death and severe injuries… check… wait what???

#oops #stillwantogotho

Pff, what’s a little danger anyway? I can obviously use my epic demigod powers for self-defense?

I’m still curious as to who my godly parent would be–I mean is. I just haven’t been claimed, you see? I kind of hope Athena… or maybe Apollo? Or Poseidon haha. I DON’T KNOW OKAY.

Someone just claim me already and stop my wondering and let me go visit Camp Half Blood ok thanks.

3. Watford School of Magicks (Carry On)


Three words: sour cherry scones!! (I swear my mouth is watering ahhhhh I’ve never had scones but they sound SO GOOD can someone make me some please)

Oh, and magic too, I guess? xD

Carry On seems like a form of Harry Potter, and I know a lot of people didn’t like this book for that reason, but I loved this book!! Simon and Baz are the CUTEST and if I can’t go to Hogwarts (stupid mailing system), Watford is definitely a must.


4. Beauxbatons (Harry Potter, France)

Another magical school, you say? Why yes, because obviously those are the best schools to attend. Even if we literally have zero information on this school apart from a) it’s called Beauxbatons, b) it’s a school of magic and c) it’s in southern France!!

YAY. Lots of information.

For all we know this school could be teaching students how to be axe murderers?? (Wow that got dark I apologize…. Then again, they don’t look like axe murderers???)

But I digress!!

I like magic + I like France (and can kind of speak French too??! Taking french immersion will finally be useful yayay) + MAGIC + France (yes I’m repeating the same points to make this school a valid one to attend) + french food + MAGIC = Beauxbatons > Real life schools!!

5. School of America in Paris (Anna and the French Kiss)

I swear, I could not understand Anna AT ALL for the sole reason that she was.. somehow UPSET at having to go to Paris for school???????????

Am I reading this properly?! PLEASE, let’s switch places. (I mean I suppose Anna isn’t going to switch now because of Etienne buuuuut…)

It’s a boarding school in PARIS. Paris. Um, yes please!! Imagine all the things we could seeeee oh my gosh. *dies from wanderlust*

(Much death in this post. Apologies.)

I swear, just reading Anna and the French Kiss made me SO JEALOUS and ahhh I still will never ever be able to be on board with Anna’s grouchiness at being sent to Paris. GOSH. Someone help Anna and also give me a plane ticket.

6. Shadowhunter Academy (The Mortal Instruments)

Five words: WE. CAN. BECOME. SHADOWHUNTERS. (As long as we don’t die…….)

Hahahha sure.

I mean, I AM WORTHY. Right, guys?

Being a Shadowhunter would be so, so awesome though, there are runes for everything and if going to Shadowhunter Academy ensures I can use those, SIGN ME UP PLEASE. And also I want to save.. humans.. from…. demons and things.

To be real though, I would probably make a horrible demon hunter because I would be all too lazy and you know, unwilling to die… to actually hunt demons? Unless a demon tried to destroy my books.

Then it’s time for death.

(Hahahaha hi I’m Analee and I’m a passionate bookworm and super duper harmless and friendly!!)

7. Literally almost any contemporary high school

OKAY, OKAY, I’ll tone it down from all the fantasy magicky schools!! (Even though those are 100% the best ones to attend.)

Maybe I’m poking fun at contemporary just a little about its unrealistic schooling aspects, buuuut honestly, half the fictional schools in contemporary are just SO CHILL. And if it’s unrealistic, well… either way, it makes them a good choice for less stressful school?? (I mean, unless you want to actually LEARN something.)


  • We get to have all the MEET-CUTES! 
  • (Seriously, how do fictional characters manage to just find eachother all the time?)
  • Oh, and you only have one or two subjects at school per day. 
  • Usually English? (I looove English)
  • Ft. a super cool and sensitive teacher who will help with your life problems!
  • Hardly any math!! (*happy dance*)
  • Don’t feel like going to school? It’s okay, you can walk out during school hours with zero consequence!!
  • (hahaha I wish.)

Did this just become a mini follow up to my previous post on unrealistic tropes in YA? Yes, yes it did. #noregrets

Am I too obsessed with magical schools?? (NO OF COURSE NOT.) What fictional schools would you like to attend? Which magical school is your favourite??? (Very tempted to put my opinion but I think we all know the answer here.)

AND MORE: If you’ve read Harry Potter and/or Percy Jackson, what’s your house and who’s your godly parent??! Are scones delicious?? (Can I have some pleeeeeeease) OH and if you attend school/uni,college, have you started yet or when do you start?? (I start tomorrow and I CRY send cookies please)

80 thoughts on “Fictional schools that I would LOVE to attend!! // These schools need to get better mailing systems

  1. HOGWARTSSSS YAS OBVIOUSLYYYY! “Ft. a super cool and sensitive teacher who will help with your life problems!” OMG SO RELATABLE! Most of my teachers aren’t so supportive and understanding! also everyone is so good-looking in high school and have the cutest couples and Im just like BRUH. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC.

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    • YASSSS HOGWARTS 😍❤❤ Haha right??? Where do all these fabulous teachers COME FROM and where can I get one??? 😤 YES. Haha. Is there some button I have to press to have access to this witchcraft? Even genetics don’t work all the tome smh 😂

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  2. YES TO ALL OF THESE! Honestly if I would’ve gone back to Hogwarts instead of my actual school I wouldn’t have been so sad about summer vacation ending hahaha. I mean sure you have homework and exams, so there’s the usual stress but… MAGIC. LIVING AT A CASTLE. MAGIC. HOGWARTS. WHERE’S MY LETTER DUMBLEDORE
    I do get that Anna was upset since she wasn’t asked about it/not given a choice, but I totally understand you too. PARIS? YES PLEASE. It would be an amazing experience
    Oh oh! Pottermore has (or had? I haven’t been on there in a long time) some informaton on Beauxbaton! I barely remember anything but it sounded super pretty. Apparently people from The Netherlands also go there so Hogwarts is not my school?? Beauxbatons is?? I am confused at how we would communicate though. Most of us here don’t speak French, and if we do it’s because we started learning it in secondary school and if you end up going to Beauxbatons, you don’t go to a regular secondary school and learn French. So?? Is there a magical solution? EXPLAIN JOANNE

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    • RIGHT?! Going back to Hogwarts would’ve been AMAZING ahah, definitely wouldn’t have been as sad about summer ending. 😂 MAGIC YES. 100% cancels out all the regular school stuff?? BECAUSE MAGIC AHHH. 😍😍 I KNOW RIGHT. 😠😤
      Ahh true, the details of it are muddled in my brain now buuut PARIS haha 😂 It totally would!!
      Ooh really??! I haven’t been there for a while aha. Ahh no Michelle you must come to Hogwarts with meeeee!! 😉 But yes haha how would that work?? That would be facing some complicated language barriers yikes. 😳 INDEED WE REQUIRE EXPLANATIONS.

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  3. Oh there are so many fictional schools I’d want to go to. I mean, I was never much of a fan of school in real life but I reckon school in a fantasy/contemporary book would be 100 times better right? 😀
    Hogwarts is like my number one choice (with any school from the HP world a close second!) and yes Camp Half-Blood would be incredible as well!
    I have to admit I was kind of jealous of Anna in Anna and the French Kiss for getting the chance to study abroad. It doesn’t have to be Paris I would love the opportunity to go to any foreign country and study there. If only I could have done that instead of going to high school in my home town.
    Great list Analee. I never though I’d be daydreaming about going back to school again! 😀 ❤

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    • Ahah right?! Eep yes exactly, bookish schools would totally have me more excited than I am for school irl. 🙈
      Definitely!! Hogwarts is just THE school everyone wants to go to haha. Camp Half Blood would be so cool for sure!!
      Haha yes!! I was totally jealous Anna to get to study abroad. Ooh yes for sure, just visiting a foreign country for school would be so incredible! Haha I know right? 😍
      Thanks so much, HA so true. 😂

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  4. I go back to uni in a few weeks but I would much rather be going to Hogwarts (lets skip the part where I’m too old!) to join my fellow Hufflepuffs!

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  5. Ha this post was HILARIOUS! I mean, all of your posts are, but this one especially. I go back to school tomorrow too—kinda excited, kinda not ready for summer vacation to be over. Hogwarts is obviously the bets school. I could learn how to do spells and hang out in the hufflepuff common room which is the best by far! (Apparently there are like trees and stuff INSIDE the room.) You totally just inspired me to take a percy jackson godly parent quiz—apparently I’m a daughter of Athena. I get to be sisters with Annabeth! Good luck with school tomorrow!

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    • THANK YOU! Haha. I had such a fun time writing it. 🙈 Ahhh I’m not ready for summer to endddd. 😭 RIGHT?! Haha that would be SO cool and omg really?? That sounds super amazing ahah. 😍 Ooooh how awesome! Annabeth is fabulous haha. ❤ Thank you, good luck to you as well!!

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  6. OF COURSE, HOGWARTS IS THE BEST! I haven’t met many people who don’t want to be a student at Hogwarts! I can’t wait to read Carry On, yay for more magic school! I also agree, YA high schools sound 100% better than regular school (although it’s been a while since I’ve been in regular school, haha)! Great post ☺️

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  7. I can’t believe my letter hasn’t arrived yet. I mean I’m in my thirties already so it’s leaving it a bit late 😂

    I’m not so sure about Hogwarts it doesn’t seem very safety conscious. Look how many dodgy teachers there are and how many pupils died or were seriously hurt. I’m pretty sure they do have maths too. They just call it something else to try and fool you.

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    • Haha right?? The owls have gotten extremely lazy smh.

      SHHH. Details, details. 😂 On the bright side, Hogwarts is likely a ton more safe now! I hope! (Besides, isn’t Neville a teacher there or something?) NOOOOOO!!! My dreams have been crushed!! How dare they decieve me like this. 😭

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  8. This has nothing to do with books, but I always thought that the school from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide would be fun! Like how they let Mose change out her locker door for a wooden locker door? It also seems like they attend nothing but elective classes and Science. Anyway, no back to school for me! I just graduated Cosmetology school as everyone else is headed back.

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    I want to attend ALLLLLLLL of these??? And also I TOTALLY AGREE WITH thE ANNA THING. Like. How do you not want to go there? It’s literally freaking FRANCE. And also you could take the cutest aesthetic pics with books and baguettes and *insert more stereotypical French things*



    ALSO I STARTED SCHOOL TODAY (HIGH SCHOOL) AND *cue intense screaming*

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    • EXCUSE ME NO SUCH THING. (You know you are tooooooo hush)

      RIGHT?!? 😍 YESYESYES. Paris would be the DREAM AH. Hahaha yes totally and ofc the Eiffel tower tourisr picture. 😂

      SAME!!! I’m *almost* a Hufflepuff though but RAVENCLAW FTW. ❤❤ I think Athena too??? Pretty sure there is… somewhere haha.

      NOOOO WE MUST BOTH TRY THEM THEN because yesss probably delicious. 😍

      AHHHHH!!! I hope your first day and week of high school went well??!?? 😱❤

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  10. I don’t know if this counts but…. CAMP HALF BLOOD IS THE PLACE TO GO, OMG. I remember wanting to be a demigod sooo badly when I first read the series (I still kinda do, tbh) :’)

    also, hogwarts ofc. 😻 still waiting for that acceptance letter though!! (it MUST have gotten lost in the mail; I refuse to take any other answer)

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  11. I would love to go to House of Night if only they’d allow humans to attend as students too (come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind being the kind of fledgling vampire they described in HoN). If not House of Night, then I wouldn’t mind going to Camp Halfblood either. BUT the top fictional school I would give up ANYTHING to get into is probably Professor Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. I have yet to find a fictional school that beats Prof X’s. 😀

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  12. YESSS to Hogwarts (obviously!) and I love what you said about schools in contemporary novels. It’s so true that everyone just find each other. Very convenient. Also, they’ve got A LOT of freedom. Like you said, school is easy if you’re the MC in a contemporary novel 😀

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  13. OF COURSE HOGWARTS AND CAMP-HALFBLOOD. Tho tbh if I had to choose one, it’d have to be Camp Halfblood because PJO is my CHILDHOOD. ❤ Umm, I'm probably daughter of Athena?? I mean I think we'd all want to be daughter of Poseidon haha, but Athena is most likely to me! And RAVENCLAW FOR LIFE WHOOP WHOOP. (What house are you in??) Omgggg if we could go to the schools that take place in YA contemporaries — that'd be so great??? There hardly seems to be any homework and I'm all for that, man. Love this post!! ❤


  14. AAAH, WAIT.
    AND OH, SO IS CAMP HALF BLOOD, oh god, where are my letters?
    I sense Dobby to be behind my missing letters.
    Going to Hogwarts would be like the BESTTT THINGSS!
    Feasts everyday, ghosts swarming around you, talking portraits, teachers like Mcgonagall and ofc. Dumbledore ( Oh, he's still alive, just so you know), the magical hallways, the moving stairs, the classes, AAAH! ❤
    Man. Don't even get me started on this. I'd end up writing this the whole day and would end up in tears. *CRIESSS*
    Analee, WHYY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? :((
    And ofc, DADA and Transfiguration instead of maths? ANYDAY!


  15. 1000% agree to Hogwarts and Beauxbatons like ommggggg I can’t even DESCRIBE just how much I wish I could attend those magical schools!

    And LOL at the dig to contemporary book schools – everyone skips class! Why are rules so relaxed? I don’t understaaaand!

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  16. Oh this is such a great post, Analee! ❤ I would LOVE to go to Hogwarts, it would be THE DREAM ahah. I would also like very much to visit that Beaubâtons school, you know, since, well…it's supposed to be in the same country as I am ahah (also, you can speak French? How come I did not know that??? Tell me ALL THE THINGS haha). To be honest I would be…well, it would be a big no for me to go to school in Paris, but I guess that's because I'm French? And I know the city… and I don't really like it? (I know. sorry? ahah)
    Great post! ❤


  17. Hahahah I feel you so hard with SOAP and any fictional contemporary school EVER. why do teachers in contemporary books have all these evil matchmaking plans and set you up with a cute boy for the rest of the school year and where can I find one????? and the no homework aspect seems super cool like I want to go home and just chill/hang out with friends not study for hours until I fall asleep. Also they all seem to start super late??? like these teens are waking up when it’s light outside????

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    • RIGHT?!!? Omg yessss ahh where can I get myself this kind of teacher?? These fictional characters have no idea how good they have it haha. 😂 SAME. Oh my gosh, homework just took up all my free time and they just…??? HAHAH omg I relateeeee so true. 😂😂 Why can’t we start that late????

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  18. I love this post so much! Also I’m sorry you have to go back to school soon.
    Scones are delicious! I can’t believe you haven’t had them yet, but you have to have them with jam and lots of cream 😍 I’d love, love, love to attend Hogwarts but I’d also want to go to The School of America in Paris and The Shadowhunter Academy 😭😭😭 There’s too many good choices!

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  19. OMG I just finished To All the Boy’s I’ve loved before and thought it was totally adorable and amazing. (I literally posted my review about it today!) I love all the schools you mentioned (Harry Potter is a total no brainer am I right?) But another school I wouldn’t mind attending would have to be Vampire Academy because Rose and Dimitri are not a force to be reckoned with! (seriously love that series if you haven’t read it you need to!)

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  20. Oh my gosh this post was brilliant. You want to know which fictional school I want to go to, well my answer is all of them. Sadly I cant do that, and that would be to much home work for even me (I am very open about my nerdiness). I am going to say Hogwarts, and the New York Institute. How is this possible, you may ask. It’s simple I will use a time turner or some other spell potion to make it possible to finish all of my homework. (thank you Hermione for that useful study hack.) then I will head to the New York Institute by having Magnus Bane portal me ( I will pay him in glitter) Thus, completeing my training to become a bad ass demon hunter taught by the greatest shadow hunter of all time Jace Herondale. See it’s all planned out. P.S. I think my letter may have been lost or worse intercepted too.


  21. YASSS to all of these!! I’m definitely going to Hogwarts for the year school and Camp Half-Blood during the summers, but then… when do I go to Shadowhunter Academy??!! *waails* And YES to all those contemporary schools, like ok I don’t feel like going to school today… so I don’t! Wait what? What about the lessons you’re missing?? Honestly, I feel like they are so much better equipped to handle their life’s drama when there’s no stress or catching up to do with that demon we call “school”. Doesn’t hurt that most of the time they live alone (or have nonexistent parents like what even) so no social obligations or responsibilities either 🤷
    ALSO (gosh this comment is getting long sorry), I completely relate with you about Anna! I SO wish I could exchange places with her! I mean, sure, you’re losing a bit of your stable life and leaving a couple of things behind, but you’re going to a BOARDING SCHOOL IN PARIS!!! Like wake the hell up, girl, how can you NOT be excited about this??!!
    Great post, Analee, as always! ❤️


  22. HOGWARTS YASSS. Like literally being in a school where Flitwick and McGonagall teaches? Sign me up please. (Cause my letter got lost somewhere??) Or maybe someone stole it oh shoot

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