Feeling GUILTY about blogging habits! // How it’s valid but also why it’s not.


(not really.)

Hi everyone!! Did you miss me?? Of course you did. Right? RIGHT?????? Say yes please my insecurity requests it okay thanks. :)))

I am so horribly apologetic about my disappearance for the past three-ish weeks! I’ve just kind of been in denial these past few weeks like “nahhhh I’m not on a hiatus, I’ll be back soon” and then LIFE KEPT HAPPENING (#rude) and I drowned. In school. And work. And all those life-y stuff. o.O

So here we are with this post!

Because I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about my blogging habits these past few weeks, and that kind of had a part in my mini extended accidental hiatus (aside from the biggest part in which I HAD ZERO TIME)!

So I wanted to get some of these things off my chest in hopes of getting back into the blogging spirit and get rid of all this ugly GUILT piled up and tell my past subconscious* (and you guys!!) how utterly RIDICULOUS it is.

*I’ll name it Fanny! Because why not.

“I’m not commenting enough/blog hopping often.”

This is by far the BIGGEST guilt I deal with. It’s better now for sure, but oh my god. It’s really the commenting issue that gets me, because I have become so, so horrible with blog hopping and commenting back and replying to comments on time and I just kind of want to go dig a hole and live in it with my chocolate stash and all my books and never return.

I LOVE reading other bloggers’ posts and there are so many lovely humans who stop by my own blog that makes me so happy, and I try to share that by leaving comments on other blogs, but sometimes I just don’t have the time or the will in me to comment on all the blogs in my feed, as much as I want to. (I CRY)


But, as I’ve learned the hard way: DON’T DWELL ON IT. It’s 100% okay to not comment on all the blogs in your feed!!

Comment on the blogs you’re able to, or don’t comment at all… honestly, just do what’s good for YOU. Without the guilt. 🙂 ❤

(Take that, Fanny.)

“I’m not reading/reviewing enough.”

Who says how much reading/reviewing is “enough” anyway??? NO ONE BUT YOU. *glares at Fanny who didn’t believe this*

Whether you read 10 books, 2 books, no books, or if you don’t review all the books you read… there is no one keeping track of that apart from yourself–so no such thing as “enough” here!


*Fanny explains* “Well we live in a world where publishers are conspiring against us to publish 10 000 books per month and shove it in our faces before we can finish the books on our TBR which means if we read a low number of books we feel the hopelessness of completing said TBR*.

Not to mention everyone is reading every book ever and YOU ARE MISSING OUT?!??! *cries in sorrow*

And, as a book blogger, you’re kind of expected to write reviews for the books you read?? Soooo then you get that pesky thought in your head when you don’t write as many reviews, or any reviews in a month of blogging like “I should’ve written more reviews?? What if the book blogger monster tries to kick me out?**” HENCE GUILT.”

*Fanny disappears* (Gee, Fanny, what a rant.)

YET! Whatever number of books you read, or reviews you write, it is perfectly fine. #saynotoyourFanny Literally no one is tracking how many reviews you write or books you read**, okay? I haven’t posted a review on this blog in SO LONG (oops) and I’ve felt guilty about that? But I’m happy with the material I’ve been posting in its place and if I don’t WANT to post a review, I won’t. WITHOUT GUILT!

*Which usually isn’t as large as 1800-something books, so there usually is HOPE (before publishers crush said hope).

**Shhh, go away Goodreads reading challenge, go away.

“I don’t always think of my blog/the blogosphere.”

Wait… bloggers have LIVES outside of blogging??? MINDBLOWING.

I don’t know why this is a guilt… but it is?? It’s just that feeling, when you see all those bloggers who are super attached to their blog and the community… I mean, so am I, but not as much sometimes??? I JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME TO SPARE.

Aaaand sometimes (confession time, omg what am I doing my secrets are no longer secrets): I just don’t want to blog.


Whether it’s laziness, lack of energy, or just avoiding looking at all my drafts glaring at me (hehehe oops), it happens! (And there’s nothing wrong with that)

Hence the guilt, once again!

Which is all a ridiculous basis for being guilty; there is not a certain amount of attachment you must feel towards your blog or the community!!

If you love your blog, great! If you love spending hours on the blogosphere, great! If you don’t always concern yourself with your blog or the blogosphere, also great! Everyone will still love you, you’re not horrible and you can still live your epic book lover, book blogger life. 🙂

“Sometimes I don’t WANT to read.”

THE HORROR! The sheer nerve of this disgrace of a bookworm!!


Yeah, no. Stop that, Fanny.

See, sometimes we don’t want to read! Sometimes, we want to sleep, or snuggle up with a box of candy and chocolate in our blankets and do anything but reading.

And we, (or, I) feel super guilty about it! Or, used to. I have too much work now to be guilty about not reading because it happens! I often read on my commute to uni or work, which is great because I get a ton of reading done, but other times I’m so tired all I do is sleep and skip reading.


It doesn’t mean you don’t like reading anymore, or that you’re not a good bookworm because you don’t want to read or you’ve fallen into a slump, okay?? Okay.

I can’t always purchase/read all the new books.

Confession: I am a BROKE af bookworm.

Which means I can’t always buy or read all the latest books! I’m fortunate enough to have access to a library that provides a lot of new books, which I get to read, but I’m not necessarily someone who is able to purchase or has the time to read, all the new books.

Which is sad!! Puts a dent in my life goal to have a library as beautiful as the one in Beauty and the Beast, you know?

What makes me feel guilty in particular though, is what if people are relying on me for my thoughts on a certain hyped book?? (In reality, there is probably NO ONE waiting on my opinion and I’m just deluding myself.) Or if I said I’d be reading something and then never did??

But again (this post is getting super repetitive now, isn’t it?): It doesn’t matter! What matters is your own happiness/will to read a certain book. If you get to buy or read all the newest books, great! If you don’t, here’s some chocolate and ice cream (which is obviously a fitting substitute)!

This post is getting overly preachy and repetitive now, I apologize. I NEED TO FIGHT AGAINST FANNY THOUGH.

“I haven’t replied to people’s comments!”

Yeah, I’m just mildly panicking as I realize how many people’s comments I haven’t replied to?????? *flails and hides in a rabbit hole* DON’T MIND ME.

I love, love, LOVE talking to everyone who comments but my schedule often means I see comments at the end of the day when they’ve all piled up and because I try to comment back as well, it takes a verrry long time and then I don’t get around to replying to all of them right away.

And then what if it takes too long for me to reply and the person secretly hates me???

And then I feel guilty for not replying right away and then think what if now they will never want to talk to me again and ijwojgoiwdjfoijewoifjoiefjoiejo SEND HELP. 

Because as much as blog-hopping is important, everyone acknowledges the importance of replying to your own comments! And I LOVE replying to comments, I swear I do. It’s just sometimes it takes me longer??

Fanny has taken over for this one, guys. #oops

But I do say that the guilt is ridiculous all the same!! Just try your best. :))

“I go on too many hiatuses.”

OH HI one of my biggest guilts ever!!

I see so many bloggers so perfectly coordinating their blogging schedule, always on top of everything and I’m just there like

Because I don’t have everything put together! My schedule is now more hectic than ever (UGH) and so sometimes, taking a break is what’s necessary for me, and so I SHOULD FEEL NO GUILT.

But I doooooooo. Am I being a bad blogger? Will I be forgotten? Should I not take a hiatus?

Answer to all of the above: Noooooooo!!

Self-care > blogging!!

So DON’T feel guilty about taking a hiatus. :)) (Trust me, it’s not fun.)

What guilts have you had before? (I can’t be the only one to have felt guilty about these before??) What would you say to your Fanny? 🙂 Some ice cream for you if you made it this far, this post was LONG. I was like, making up for all this time I’ve missed. I MISSED YOU GUYS, talk to me!! I’m a little attention seeker here. ❤

57 thoughts on “Feeling GUILTY about blogging habits! // How it’s valid but also why it’s not.

  1. Ahhhhh so relatable!!! School has been KILLING me and the only reason I am still around is I luckily wrote ten posts or something this summer to schedule in the fall so I was a whole month ahead. But not they’re running out and I have no time and uhhhhh idk what Im supposed to do. Also there was a solid week here and there where I just didn’t even open this app. Sorry to all those blog posts I did not read! My commenting game has been weak lately but I’m trying to strengthen it!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Omg I’m so relieved I’m not the only one who has felt like this, though I’m sorry to hear that!! Haha. RIGHT?! School is killing me tooooooo, it’s been so difficult to manage. Omg that is such a smart idea, I wish I had done that??? Ahahh I knowww I feel the same, that’s totally happened to me as well. Yes, same here!! LET’S DO THIS. 💪😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ohhh my god the “I haven’t replied to people’s comments” is my BIGGEST guilt right now! I went on an official hiatus in like July and in the first month I had a few reviews scheduled—but life was being an a-hole and I just did. not. have. the. time. to reply to all the comments I got. I’ve only just returned to blogging yesterday and I have comments that go TWO MONTHS BACK. TWO MONTHS, ANALEE, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT.

    And obviously people must (hopefully) know that I was on a hiatus but I’m honestly dreading going back to those posts and replying now?? People are going to see my reply and think wut??? I don’t remember commenting on her post??? And then they’re gonna click on the post and think WHAAAAT THIS GIRL IS REPLYING TO MY COMMENT FROM 2 MONTHS AGO??? WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS??? #rude

    Anyway, that’s my guilt right now even though I shouldn’t really be guilty about it because I had a REASON. Still, I’m scared to reply to those comments 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • RIGHT???!??! SAME, omg, I’m so behind on comments I need to reply to ahhhhh WHERE is the time??? (Welcome back, Jackie!!) Oh my gosh though, Jackie, SAME HERE. It’s actually scary and I FEEL SO BAD but I just didn’t have the chance to reply to those???? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. xD

      YES exactly!! What if they hadn’t realized how late I was and now they\ll get the notification and think I’m a horrible person?????? (This probably is not the case but tell that to my brain okay.) HAHAH yesssss IKR. xD

      I know!! We totally had reasons, and I am 90% sure we are making it bigger than it is but IT’S SCARY. AGH. send help, someone. Allow me to go back in time. Or just give me more time, in general???

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This rant will be so relatable to so many of us. And you know what, it needed to be said. Blogging is a hobby!!!!! We don’t get paid for it and no one will tell us off or make us feel bad for doing or not doing, except ourselves.
    Great post. Keep blogging, reading, reviewing and commenting at your own pace and the way you want to.
    Ps. I love your posts and will read them every other day, every week or every few months if that’s when you choose to post. 😙

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I’m so glad I’m not alone in this!! Yes, exactly! We are not obligated to do it, or all the other things associated with it and I bet we are all making it out to be worse in our heads than it really is to everyone else haha.
      Thank youuuuu so much Amanda, I really needed to hear that, you are the sweetest! ❤ ❤ ❤
      THANK YOU lovely!!! *tackles you with hugs and chocolate* 😉


  4. Two, three and four are reletable to such an high level that I can’t express my feelings is not with: AAAAAHHH!! Like, I re-schedule my publishing time and blog time because I was going to burnout.
    Or when I’m more focused on writing and not reading.
    And feeling guilty of not reading is the worst 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • And I shall go AAAAAAH with you because SAME. GAH. Why are we humans such guilt-prone creatures??? Oh that is such a good idea! Changing things up definitely keeps from burning out, I should do that haha.
      Right?? Even though logically, it’s 100% okay to not focus on reading as much! IT IS. *sobs*

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I definitely feel guilty about not reading and commenting on enough other blogs. My shameful secret: I don’t like reading on my computer or phone. I need to figure out how to get webpages onto my kindle, then I’d read all the things!


    • Right?? I feel like I read and comment on other blogs such a small amount and I feel soooo bad about that! Oh that definitely presents an obstacle haha. xD Fingers crossed you’re able to read webpages on your kindle someday soon! 😀


    • Right?? I often feel like I’m doing a lot less reading and reviewing than I should be aha. Yes, exactly!! It’s 100% okay if we don’t feel like reading, and blogging is definitely supposed to be a hobby, rather than a job!

      P.S. AHHH I missed you toooo!!! ❤ ❤


  6. This was interesting and fun to read – do you know authors are often willing to give a ‘free’ book to reviewers? You could try to find some who’d like a beta-reader or reviewer (strategy!).
    and the responding thing: even a ‘like’ to the comment is an acknowledgement, they then know you’ve read what they said. Is there any more obligation than that? Not in my book.


    • Oh yes, that is definitely a good point!! A strategy to keep in mind for sure. 😀
      I see what you mean! It’s good to acknowledge a comment at the very least ahah. I do want to talk to other people though, and respond to their comments! I try to do that as much as possible, but liking a comment is a good alternative, rather than to leave it unanswered.

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  7. Ah, I relate to so many of these! I think my biggest ones are not reading and reviewing enough! I don’t think I’ve read or reviewed a book in a good two or so months, WHICH MAKES ME FEEL SO BAD. I want to read and I want to continue reviewing, but I’m too busy with school and wanting to do other things, like binging too much TV, to want to read sometimes! IT IS A STRUGGLE.

    And yes to all the “not being able to comment!” Again, school is killing me, and with commenting back, it makes it pretty much double the work, especially with how many posts I post. THE STRESS; IT GETS TO ME.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right?? SAME, I haven’t reviewed a book in soooo long, and feel so guilty? Even if I’ve read a book, I don’t tend to post reviews on my blog anymore although I feel like I should ahah.) And finding the motivation to read sometimes is so difficult! (Yess LOOK AT ALL THE SHINY TV SHOWS.) IT REALLY IS. *cries*

      Right??! School is killing me as well, and commenting back definitely adds more work. Ah, yes how do you keep up with it all?! It’s all SO stressful, agreeeed. SENDING YOU NAPS AND FOOD AND TIME-TURNERS. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  8. The only one I’ve really felt guilty about is commenting. It’s great when people comment on my blog, so I am disappointed when I can’t “give back,” I suppose, by commenting around on a bunch of other blogs. I try, but, yes, life happens.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I always miss you when you are gone, but I also agree on all the points. I feel guilty about every single one of these, but at the same time I refuse to feel guilty for having something going on in my life or not being in the right mood. Great post, as always 😉 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      • I am still in Vancouver but only for 2.5 more weeks and then I have a couple days in Toronto before I fly back to Vienna. I am sad about it … I don’t want to leave and I get stressed when it comes to travelling and I don’t really want to pack and send stuff home. BUT I made sure I have something to look forward to in Vienna and that’s Comic Con. I will work there again and I already have a costume planned which is semi-ready by now. EXCITEMENT!


  10. I feel guilty that I only post once a week and that I am pretty darn bad at commenting and interacting with the bookish blogging community – which is bad for multiple reasons because I’m not friendly with readers/other bloggers, and it damages my chances of being found by new people (which is important because I only have like 20 followers right now)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah same!! My posting schedule is all over the place right now and I feel so bad that I can’t be more active in the community! Ah yes, for sure, blog hopping and interacting is a big way on getting your blog “out there” haha. Good luck! 🙂 It can be SO HARD to find the time to do it all.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. This is so relatable. I feel guilty about all of these–except perhaps reading more and purchasing more because foreign titles are twice as expensive here than in US or UK. But it’s all about prioritizing you know? You have to decide what is more important and do that unapologetically. As much as I love the blogosphere and the people who take the time to read and comment and like my posts, my studies and my family will always be more important, and I have to take hiatuses or skip out on commenting back for a few days for them, then I have to do it.

    I am just really grateful that despite disappearing every now and then the blogging community still welcomes me back with open arms. BLOGOSPHERE IS THE BEST!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that’s a shame! 😦 It sucks that prices for books are so much more expensive. Have you seen if Book Depository can ship to you? Their prices can be pretty good, and it’s free for shipping as well.
      So true! Prioritizing life can be so important and is 100% okay, especially seeing how blogging is more of a hobby than anything else. I’ve definitely had to take multiple hiatuses for my studies, and although I feel guilty about it, I know it’s the right thing!

      YES, oh my gosh, the blogging community is nothing less than supportive no matter what happens, no matter how long I’ve been away and I love that about it so much!! IT TOTALLY IS. ❤


  12. Aaah, I see my future. In this post. Ouch 😂 I don’t have enough followers to comment so much that I can’t answer them all yet xD But I’m familiar with the rest of the list. *sigh* I do wish I could go around the blogosphere and blog hop, like, 276 times the amount I do now. And I have this upcoming black cloud of worry on what to post once the posts I scheduled are all published, as I have very little free time now D: *trembles*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha omg. xD You will get there and then I’ll cackle evilly (uh I mean, give you cake) because you feel the pressureeee. (Jk, jk I hope you don’t feel that pressure!! It kind of is very stressful. xD) RIGHT??! Why can’t someone just give us 10 000 more hours in a day dedicated to just catching up on blogs and blogging and reading and eating *sighs happily* Yesss I know!! I’m currently floating in that black cloud… GOOD LUCK. 😀


      • *throws lasso to catch you* Nooooo COME BAAAACK 😭 Also, like, UGHHHHH because I have 102 years of blogging, 49 years of reading, 64 years of blogging and 40 years, 7 months, 3 weeks and an afternoon of eating and sleeping to catch up on 😭


  13. I feel all of these. And I have solutions! Come up with a few image heavy post ideas and schedule them out at least once a week for a few months (comes out to like 4 posts a month, not all that bad) and then those posts are there to catch you when you fall behind! As for being broke af: my God aren’t we all? A few solutions: make yourself a netgalley.com or edelweiss (abovethetreeline) account and start requesting some titles or visit your local library! Hope that helps.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that is such a good idea!! I really want to write up posts in advance, that would be a lifesaver! It would definitely be a super helpful safety net ahah. Ah, thank you so much! Those are great tips, I have a Netgalley account but not Edelweiss. The library is definitely a big help as well! Thanks for sharing! ❤


  14. Aah, the accuracy of this post is my sympathy.
    I can relate with so much.
    Honestly, I have so many books on my tbr, but Time?
    Nah. Time’s playing GAMES with me. 😦
    That’s so sad.
    *Oh, but I’m still complaining about my always-getting-longer tbr 24*7*365, cause why not.xP*
    Yes, ofcourse you were missed xD
    I wish I had advice, but I’m still figuring out how to manage this stuff, so yay, join the club. 😀
    Lovely and relatable post! ❤
    PS:Thanks for the ice cream, haha.! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahh I’m so glad I’m not alone here!! ❤
      RIGHT??! There are sooooo many books to read and Time's just there like "HAHAHAH you wish." #rude xD
      Definitely!! How dare the TBR get larger when it KNOWS I don't have the time to read all the books. *glares*
      AW YAY that makes me too happy xD ❤ ❤
      Woo, we can have a party!! Thank you so much, lovely!! ALL the ice cream for you! (And me, obviously. Because ice cream.)

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Hahahaha I have to say something here. This post is ON POINT and you made it even more on point by calling your subsconscious, Fanny. It’s my sister’s name and she constantly reminds me NOT to feel guilty about blogging and stuff, so… THAT WAS SO ON POINT ahah, I love it.
    I am forever feeling guilty of these things, most especially of not “blogging” or blog hopping or commenting enough. I already do tons – I think I do a lot, anyway -, yet I can’t manage to cut myself some slack?! I’m just annoying myself sometimes hahaha. It’s so important to take care of ourselves, even if the guilt happens (because we care and love our blogs, obviously), we need to remember that we should have fun, this is fun and should not make us feel anxious too much ahah ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahah omg what a coincidence??! xD The name Fanny just stuck with me for some reason, I didn’t even think of that. (AM I PSYCHIC??)
      Right?? The guilt is real. But oh my gosh Marie!! YOU DO. SO MUCH. Girl, I don’t know how you do it, but you’re like a superhero, commenting and being involved and being everywhere at once. ;D Definitely cut yourself some slack! ❤ blogging!! ❤ Oh yes, exactly. No matter what, blogging should be fun and make us happy, not stressed. (I'm not doing so great on that but shhh it'll get there, right? xD)


      Liked by 1 person

  16. I can totally relate to all of these. I think my biggest one is not replying to comments quickly enough…it’s the guilt of unanswered comments that always pulls me back to blogging even when I don’t feel like it. But it’s like, I never mind when other people take breaks or don’t read or don’t respond to me quickly….so why do I feel so guilty when I do it myself???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in this!! Right??! I still have SO MANY comments to reply to and it drives me crazy. YES! THIS. It never bothers me when other people don’t reply to me fast either! And chances are, most people don’t care half as much as we do about how fast we reply. Yet I still have all that guilt?? GAH. The struggle.


  17. I definitely missed seeing you on WordPress Analee, and I’m thrilled to see you back again. 🙂 Still I definitely get what you mean about real life getting in the way, it happens to me a lot and I get a lot of the same guilty feelings you have. All part of being human right? 😀
    For me the main one is guilt about not commenting/blog hopping enough and guilt about not replying to people’s comments. I always worry that if I take too much time off I’ll offend people, but then I realised that was just going to lead to me burning out and now when I need to I take breaks. I know WordPress and the community will be waiting when I come back, it’s the same for you as well right? 🙂
    Great post Analee. 🙂 ❤


  18. I feel like one of my biggest blogging guilts is hands down not commenting enough. I’m pretty sure I used to be much more active in the beginning and I would blog hop and reply to comments on the respective blogs rather than just on my own post – but I often find that I simply don’t have the motivation to do it and I’d rather not force myself to comment. Because who wants that, right?

    Also, everything you said about your reading related guilts? Man, do I feel those! And suddenly you find yourself down this really annoying path were you try to force yourself to read (because obviously, that’s what you should be doing as a book blogger) and because you’re trying to force yourself, you don’t enjoy what you are reading as much. Which might just put you into a reading slump. That’s always something I try to remember whenever I feel bad about not having read as much during any given month. Sometimes I just prefer Netflix over reading books. It happens.

    Fantastic post, Analee! And welcome back to blogging! I hope you’ll be able to put the time into blogging that you want to in the future! I sure missed seeing your posts in my reader! ❤


  19. Oh man.. I needed to read some of these. My posting schedule is so, so sporadic because my life is basically a circus right now, and I get so upset with myself whenever I sit down and think about it. Honestly, I’m satisfied on days that I make it to work and back, feed myself, and get to bed without any major incidents, so I don’t know why I get so worked up about my many mini-hiatuses. Anyways, rambling aside, awesome post Analee. I love reading your posts, and you’re one of my favorite blogs.


  20. I have had pretty much all of these?? When I first started I went on a lot of unnanounced hiatuses but I don’t anymore. But I am definitely late at replying/returning comments and I feel like I don’t read fast enough or post enough reviews but lately I have simply realized that it isn’t worth it!! I blog to feel good, to connect with others and I don’t want it to turn into a chore for me so I try not to stress if I’m behind. Once I find the time I reply to all my comments and then I go through the blogs I’m following and return comments on new blogs. I have a policy to only comment if the content really interests me though, because I feel dishonest otherwise.


  21. Omg YESSSS. I totally feel like I’m not reading enough or reviewing enough (I’m at least 10 reviews behind) and I feel so bad. And definitely with the commenting thing!! I am just getting back to blogging after ny hiatus and I’m wondering how I was able to do this before????

    And girl you go on as many hiatuses as you need!! Of course WE MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU BACK 💕💕 but if you need to take care of yourself, take care of yourself!! It’s super important that blogging comes after school and life in general. 😊


  22. #3 is soooo relatable and I’ve been feeling that way for like the past 3 months or more?! I just can’t seem to shake it though. I’m always attempting to re-motivate myself to GET BACK IN THERE (there = blogging world) and yet I still don’t think I’ve made it back?? Lol I feel so disconnected from everything and everyone!!


  23. #1 and #6 are especially relatable for me. I went on a REALLY LONG hiatus when I started working full-time (I was away for 2-3 years??) and now that I’m finally blogging regularly again, writing posts and reading takes up so much of my time that I don’t have the time to comment (or respond to comments). This makes me feel so guilty most of the time >_<


  24. This post is just what the doctor ordered! I have ten thousand and five reasons why I can’t/don’t want to blog, but just as many as to why I do! Good to know I’m not the only one lol



    I have had ALL OF THESE GUILTS AND MORE!! If you feel like you need to take a break from blogging and that you’re just not motivated- don’t be afraid to go on a hiatus! ❤ Going on one can really help destress you and help you plan forwards. YES I LOVE ICE CReAM THANK YOU.


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