Bookish life goals almost EVERY bookworm has or had!

Say it with me: Goals are fun! Goals are motivating!

Goals are also very NOT achievable if you’re a bookworm.

Hello everyone!! I just had a long moment of confusion over whether I use has or have for this title (and here I thought I passed English grammar issues) buuuut I’m over it now and here to present you with a mind-reading list! Or a list based off my mind-reading? Either one.

Basically, I was thinking about something to do related to BOOKS and BOOK LOVERS, as we all are (happy belated book lovers day, btw!!) and I conjured a list of some of my our book-related goals!

They’re not necessarily all realistic but pff, who needs achievable and realistic goals anyway?

1. Own a library as large as the one in Beauty and the Beast (or just a huge personal library) without going broke!

FJKSJSDJFJDSJSFDJ what a dreaaaaaam come true that would be???


But even if I weren’t to have a library like this one, just having a collection of shelves upon shelves of YA books in my room… literally heaven??! I am serious, this is one of my NUMBER ONE GOALS IN LIFE. Someone help me win the lottery please I don’t want to be broke.


It’s so PERFECT. *bursts into tears*

Quick question: Uh, do you think Hogwarts accepts students over 17???


I think 90% of the bookworms I’ve met, if not more, have read and are fans of Harry Potter so I MEAN COME ON. Tell me with a straight face you haven’t wanted to go to Hogwarts??

3. Visit the Harry Potter studios (London) or Harry Potter world (Florida, and other places)

Second best thing, eh?? I don’t know about you guys, but ever since I heard of the existence of these two places, they immediately went on my bucket list!! I MEAN OBVIOUSLY.

*swoons* I neeeeeed to visit London RIGHT NOW AGH. Imagine all the posh accents! the things to see!

Oh, and then of course there’s the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida! There are other places where there’s Harry Potter world of course, but I finally got the chance to visit Florida’s last December and IT WAS SO AMAZING GUYS. I love roller coasters, and this was basically roller coasters + Harry Potter fabulousness + food and shjjejfikwejfkqjfikqjfindjkjdk

Sources: Flight of the Hippogriff // Diagon Alley // Hogwarts

Sorry for those of you on the Reader who can’t see the photos, but ahhhhh if this place isn’t on your goals list…. I have no words!

3. Meet/Interact with their favourite authors, go to a book convention(s)

AHHH I want this SO MUCH. Omg. Especially after joining book blogging, seeing so many people go to conventions like BEA or BookCon (both in the US though *grumbles*) and meeting authors, getting ARCs of anticipated books and I just *dies*

I am half tempted to travel to Toronto just to meet authors (because I live in Ottawa and no one ever comes here) honestly. And get books signed!!

At this point, I would love even for interaction over social media. xD Having an author reply or like my tweet…. *dies again*

4. Be featured in the Acknowledgements of a book!

I don’t know about you guys, but I ALWAYS read the acknowledgements at the end of a book! I don’t know why, I just love doing it for some reason? And ahhhh it would be such a dream come true to be featured in the acknowledgements of a book!! I WOULD DIE OF HAPPINESS.

5. Visit fictional worlds.

Okay, hear me out here!! This may not exactly be a realistic goal (I did warn you) but can you honestly say you’ve never wanted to visit a certain fictional world?? Here’s another one: if these worlds were real would you not consider it a life goal to visit said worlds? 

EXACTLY. I don’t remember what I was trying to prove but you get my point right?

I remember making a list of some of the fictional worlds I want to be real, and guys. Guyyyyyys. SO MUCH WANDERLUST!! Visiting fictional worlds would be so amazing, I just can’t. AGH.

Life goal: discover how to travel into books. Yup. 

6. Making a living off BOOKS!

Getting paid to do something related to books would be amazingggggg! I’m still devastated that the nearby bookstore isn’t hiring anyone jkdfjefjqejfieoqjfe. Whether it’s being an author, librarian or working in publishing, who knows? Just being paid for something we love, isn’t that everyone’s dream??!

Me with the prospect of having a book-related job, tbh.

7. Conquer the (monstrously large) TBR without dying!

And the FINAL, most unachievable important goal of all!! I was saving the best impossible one for last, you know. Let me tell you, I REALLY want to achieve this goal! And I bet most people will…

Buuuuut considering my circumstances I find it very difficult to believe I will actually be able to achieve this goal myself. Considering on Goodreads my TBR has a total of 1889 books. I’m not kidding!

I even had just taken off a bunch of books from my shelf? I’m nearing 2000 books asjfjekfwefnjwnf #sendhelp!! I WILL BE SMUSHED.

(Heyyyy does anyone happen to have a recipe for immortality stashed away somewhere??)

Do you have any life bookish goals???! Can you relate to any of these goals?? (I mean I hope so or else this title is severely misleading.)

OH and how many books do you have on your TBR? (How much shall I bet that I have more than you mwa haha) Do you read the acknowledgements of a book? What are some of the fictional worlds do you want to visit? Have you met your favourite author before, or who would you like to meet? Isn’t the Beauty and the Beast library AMAZING AGH. Let us talk!! 

Happy belated book lovers day!! ❤ ❤

85 thoughts on “Bookish life goals almost EVERY bookworm has or had!

  1. I think I have to agree with all of these! I would love to have a huge library! And hopefully other people would appreciate it. My one “problem” with all the books I own now is that no one ever seems to borrow them!

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  2. Ahh this list filled me with so much envy for these things. I so want to go to a book convention and actually SEE the living breathing authors I love!! But I’m happy that I can say I’ve been to both the Wizarding World theme park and the studios in London, and THEY ARE AMAZING, I hope you go to the London HP stuff one day!!

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  3. Omg yessss who needs walls when you have bookshelves? Don’t worry, that will be me in 50 years! 😂 Of COURSE I want to go to hogwarts, btw. *sniffles*
    I ALWAYS READ THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS TOO and I’m like how can I get me in here does that make me selfish IM JUST EXCITED OKAY.
    My Goodreads TBR currently has slightly under 700 books which tbh is TOO MUCH FOR ME. Don’t even start me on yours 😂 I’m doing the Down the TBR hole meme now though and getting rid of SO MAMY BOOKS I FEEL FABULOUS.
    Awesome post! 😉

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  4. OH MY GOD i was at the edge of tears while reading this list ALL OF THEM ARE GOALS you just knew where to hit at the hardest i was just thinking of fictional places i would like to visit and hogawrts was the first place i thought of!!

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  5. I relate to ALL OF THESE!!!!! Ahhh if only I could have a library that big!! It’s been my dream (for as long as I can remember) to have a library room in my house (ya know, when I can finally get my own house). When my brothers and I used to design dream houses, I would always make that the biggest room!!!

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  6. I totally agree with all of these! Sometimes, I wish I was rich so I could build my own personal library. I also would love to feature in Acknowledgments page and who wouldn’t want to visit their favorite fictional world. And yeah, Making a living off books is definitely a dream come true! 🙂

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    • Ahh I’m glad to hear that!! Ahah right?! If I was rich I’d definitely spend most of my money on books and building a home library haha. 😍😍 EEP yes!! Those would be such amazing goals to achieve haha even if the second one is kind of impossible. YES that would be the best!!


  7. I have 700ish books on my physical TBR…
    The London Harry Potter was AMAZING! Like it took you behind the scenes so you can see how everything was done and then there was some props and sets. I GOT TO GO ON THE HOGWARDS EXPRESS!

    Btw I’m in reader and I can see the photos

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  8. HAHAHA – YES YES DOUBLE YES TO ALL OF THESE! I have a tendency to go book happy on my mother’s credit card so I literally buy like 10 books every weekend with the dream of one day having a library as big as the one featured in Beauty & the Beast.
    My dream since like forever has been to work in publishing – I would sell my soul for a career editing Young Adult for Penguin! *sigh* #thestruggle.

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  9. Brilliant post. You have just given us all book lover envy. Belle’s library is a dream for us all I think. I’m not a HP fan, haven’t read them but I like the sound of ButterBeer!. 🙄
    I read the acknowledgement pages too. I would love to be mentioned, I hear of some bloggers being mentioned sometimes so there is hope for that one. The ‘no chance ‘ of being fullfiled is finishing the tbr, it just keeps growing. Mine is not as big as yours..yet! 😉
    You made me chuckle with the ‘posh accents’ in London 😆

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    • Thank you!! Haha I know right? Belle’s library is AMAZING. Oooh yes Butterbeer is so good!!
      Oh, I’m glad I’m not the only one! Yesss I’ve seen that too, so there IS a chance! I knowww the TBR just never wants to be conquered. *sighs* Haha you never know!! (Though for your sake I hope it doesn’t hahaha.)
      I’m glad! ❤


  10. I totally agree with all of these! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of my fave authors and going to Bookcon this past year and going to the Wizarding World a while back! Hoping to take a trip to Europe in a couple of years to go se the Harry Potter studios! 😍 I want to work in publishing when I’m older, so hopefully I do get to be surrounded by books 😄


  11. I absolutely relate to ALL of these goals 🙂 My ideal library has shelves along all four walls, full of books that I love, and a pole in the middle (because I also love pole dancing, not of the stripper variety). My dream is to be an author and write books that people will relate to 🙂

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  12. Omg. This so true! ggsdgskdjjsg. I just want to go to Hogwarts so bad!!! Also going to a book convention is a dream. I have the same problem living in Canada. Plus can I just get a huge library for free? How about I go to a fictional land where there are fairy godmothers who will give me a giant bookshelf? Will that work?
    Love this post!

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  13. WELL ANALEE. Sit down with some tea and let me tell you a story.

    There was once a girl called ilsa. Her friends invited her to, in the summer holidays, go the HP world in London since she lives in London. They all decided this was a great idea. So, Ilsa got really really excited – so excited she was about to explode. and then it got cancelled for several reasons and here she is telling her story, letting her ghost haunt comments. The end.


    AHEM. Soon I will rule all libraries in the world and only I will be allowed to read the books from them.All you mortals will perish in a fire. MUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I mean…oh books! FUN! I swear if I was librarian or book seller I WOULD BE SOOOO HAPPY, like #goals. I mean it wouldn’t even feel like work, just my true calling. My life’s purpose. *wipes tears*


    I mean SOMETIMES I read Acknowledgments and I would squeal if I was in one but sometimes they’re super long and boring so *shrugs*

    7 bookish life goals almost EVERY bookworm has had or had? I don’t KNOW. MY SOUL IS CONFUSED. Every day is book lover’s day. My whole life is book lover’s day???

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    EXCITED??? I mean the flight to Cali is on the day of a book festival WITH MARIE LU and other amazing authors (dude I’m pretty sure I told you this already 😂), so I don’t know how to feel about that… But I’m very lucky to go!

    YES THAT BEAUTY AND THE BEAST LIBRARY. I want it so badly. 😍 ACTUALLY, I want that and looooots of time do I can read the books. Or like… no life and I can just live in that castle forever and have food prepared for me and just READ all day.

    WHAT THE CRAP ALMOST 2K BOOKS ON YOUR TBR??? I have like… 300. 😂 (But tbf I just started on GR near the end of May.)Girl I wish you luck because you’re gonna need it. (Or you could always clean it out but HAHHAHA I would NOT go through 1889 books just to take some off.)

    YES YES YES!!! I reeeeeeeeally want to go to BookCon or other cons (which is why I was so excited about the book festival… 😭) but unfortunately, tickets are already super expensive AND on top of that, I’d probably have to pay for airfare. 😒

    And acknowledgements! I loooooooove reading them, for a peek at the author’s life and also seeing all the author buddies they have. 😂 It’d be a dream to be mentioned in there, haha!



  15. I agree with all of these except 2 and 3. Before you kick me out (jk) I do enjoy Harry Potter, Buuuuuuuut I’m not like a crazy fan though. I’ve never wanted to go to Hogwarts or the world in London. *apologizes deeply* I’m just not thattt invested in HP. I’m sorry lol. BESIDE THAT!!!! I have always dreamt of Belle’s Library (lets be honest, who hasn’t??) -Ash

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  16. Oh these are epic goals Analee! 😀 ❤ I'd love to be able to go to Hogwarts, the real Hogwarts, and learn magic and just live in that world. Until then I'll settle for the Studio Tour or Harry Potter World, it's got to be the next best thing right? I've been to the Studio Tour but one day I'll make it to Florida and Harry Potter World, it's a goal of mine. 🙂
    Also owning a library like Belle's in Beauty and the Beast would really be a dream come true! It would probably completely bankrupt me but I think it would be worth it at the same time.
    Great post Analee! 😀 ❤

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    • Thank you!! 😀 Haha I know right? Definitely, the Studio Tour and Harry Potter World are totally the next best thing! Oooooh that must’ve been so amazing!! I shall go to you for tips if/when I end up visiting myself haha. I hope you make it to Florida, yes! It’s so beautiful and it was so much fun.
      AHHH yes!! It would be so amazing, totally render me broke as well but it would be so worth it. ❤

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  17. I so jealous 😭😭😭
    It must’ve been so fricken magical to go to Hogwarts Universal Studio, it’s definitely on my bucket list! Also so is going to London and Kings Cross Station! The library in Beatu and The Beast is absolute goals 😍
    This was such a fun post to read, Analee!

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  18. Um. YES TO ALL OF THESE??? I have always wanted to go to Hogwarts of course and I was in London last year BUT I DIDN’T GET TO DO ANY HARRY POTTER-ING. I cry 😣
    I would loooooove to work with books!! Obviously my goal is to become a traditionally published author but in the meantime I wouldn’t mind working in a bookstore or in publishing 😍😍

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    • RIGHT??!? 😀 OH NOOOOOO that sucks!! AGH. I feel your pain. Hopefully you’ll get to visit the Harry Potter studios in London another time?? (Pack me in your suitcase if you do pleeeeease.)
      EEP YES! Ahah yup, I would totally love to be a traditionally published author but I can’t write sooo working in a bookstore or publishing would be AMAZING. ❤

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  19. OMG. I thought my TBR was bad. *hands over award.*

    Your pictures are amazing. When I went to WWoHP, it was so crowded in that section of the park, you could barely move. Just sort of one giant mob of ants being shuffled here or there! Seriously though, top notch photos. 😀

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  20. I AGREE WITH EVERY.SINGLE.GOAL!!!! and OMG if I get to go to Velaris I am NEVER EVER coming back!!! Also I so so SO badly want to visit the london studios of hp AHH and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST LIBRARY IS GOALS AND I PROMISE I AM GOING TO GET ONE!!!

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  21. I agree with EVERYTHING !!! I have had dreams about the Beauty and the beast library! And I have been to like every Harry Potter world in existence….though I am still waiting on that letter!! And as I am in Scotland there is never any conventions or book signings😢 Great post 🤗


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