Thank god it’s finally May! // 2017 May Book Releases

Guess who’s going broke once again this month??

(Hint: it’s meeeeeeee.)

It’s that time of year again, and I’m actually super excited for the end of the month for once, because my classes have FINALLY ENDED. *cue cheers* 4-month summer, yessssss! I am taking summer courses though (ughhh) so that will still take up my time, but STILL. SUMMER.

Anyway, the end of a month bringing the start of a new one, and with that brings NEW BOOKS. *squeals* and also *cries because this human read only 5 books this month and can’t keep up* SO MANY BOOKS I can’t wait to read omg. Let’s just get right into the books so I don’t go onto a 500-word intro.

May 2

Avenged by Amy Tintera (Ruined #2): I ADORED RUINED SO MUCH. I need to return to my preciousssss children!! ❤

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas (ACOTAR #3): PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR HEART STOMPED ON. It’s releasing in like 2 days?!! (But sidenote I’ve heard it has some really problematic things in it and now I’m scared and sad…)

The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan (The Trials of Apollo #2): I really liked the first book! I don’t remember it very much (nothing new, hi, I’m a goldfish.) but yayyy for another Riordan book!

Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before #3): I would like to be overwhelmed with all the adorable feels, YES PLEASE.

How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake: I’ve seen this around but I can’t remember what it’s about but WISHES. It’s probably some symbolic meaning for something but whatever. It sounds really good!

Noteworthy by Riley Redgate: Heard so much about this one, apparently it has DIVERSITY and it’s about singing which I am an expert on, obviously. So this is my book. I am so not an expert but shhhhh. I’m trying to sound convincing.

Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman: Cute contemporary which also had diversity rep like a black love interest with a disability and lesbian friends.

Cold Summer by Gwen Cole: I can’t get over how pretttttttttttttttttty the cover is omg.

Dreamfall by Amy Plum (Dreamfall #1): I haven’t read anything by Amy Plum, but I know many people who’ve loved her books!

May 4

Release by Patrick Ness: Two words for you; Patrick. Ness. (!!!)

The Seafarer’s Kiss by Julia Ember: The Little Mermaid retelling!! (Mermaidsssssss. I haven’t read a book with mermaids in a very very long time. Disgrace.) And also lots of diversity, f/f romance,

Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell (Spellslinger #1): It’s a cool cover!! And I like the author’s name haha.

The Fallen Children by David Owen: Firstly children fall down all the time I mean they might have a few bruises but otherwise nothing special???  I have zero idea what this is about, so. Um.

May 9

Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy: I really liked Dumplin’ when I read it last year, so I’m interested in seeing how this one turns out!

It’s Not Like It’s a Secret by Misa Sugiura: I’ve read some really great reviews on this one and it’s a diverse read featuring a gay Japanese-American protag. It may also be #ownvoices, but I’m not sure. But it sounds amazing!

It Started With Goodbye by Christina June: Another cute contemporary! (I’m pretty sure, anyway.)

Dear Reader by Mary O’Connell: Gilmore Girls with magical realism?? YES PLEASE.

Someone Else’s Summer by Rachel Bateman: How many times can I say cute contemporary without sounding repetitive? I wish I could say something else but I mean… either way, it sounds like a fun story!

That Thing We Call a Heart by Sheba Karim: Friendship! Diversity! Pakistani-American protagonist + Muslim American characters! And exploration of love, identity and relationships. SO EXCITED OMG.

May 16

Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh: OH LOOK IT’S RENEE AHDIEH, pff, she’s only like one of my favourite authors of ever?? This is a retelling of Mulan with Japanese mythology and omg I CAN’T. I NEED THIS. ❤

The Crown’s Fate by Evelyn Skye (The Crown’s Game #2): It’s almost hereeeee YAY. I loved the first book and needed this, like last year??! Apparently it’s really good so I am super excitedddddd.

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich: A story about a love triangle that I’m actually… looking forward to?? And many other people too??? *cue shock* This book actually seems like it could put an interesting twist on the trope and be interesting and I WANT.

The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord: I finished her other novel, When We Collided, a while back and liked it well enough so I’m curious to see how this book is!!

Seeker by Veronica Rossi (Riders #2): I’ve had the first book on my TBR for a while but never got around to it! I hope whoever is following this series likes this one though.

Grit by Gillian French: Zero clue what it’s about, but it looks good! I’m so shallow when it comes to books, I know…

May 23

Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare (The Dark Artifices #2): I’ve waited enouuuuuuugh!! I really can’t wait for this omgggg why is it still so far away?

The Gauntlet by Megan Shepherd (The Cage #3): I liked the look of the series but haven’t gotten around to it.

In a Perfect World by Trish Doller: I’d have all the time in the world to read books and also have a ton of money to buy said books. But it’s not a perfect world and so now I’m sad?? But I digress. This sounds interesting!

May 30

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon: Diversity and a story about two Indian-American teens and arranged marriage!! It sounds utterly adorable and I CAN’T WAIT.

Dark Breaks the Dawn by Sara B. Larson: PRETTY COVER! No idea what it’s about. But looooook at the cover! #helpful

Eliza and her Monsters by Francesca Zappia: I adored her previous book, Made You Up [review here] and I am suuuuuuper excited for this one!

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo: Diversity!! Korean main character and a super cute contemporary romance. Happy Analee!

Romancing the Throne by Nadine Jolie Courtney: This sounds like fun! So much adorableness is written on this cover!

Spectacle by Rachel Vincent (Menagerie #2): I don’t know much of what this is about but it has a character named Delilah and now I kind of want to know more.. (Yes I’m that obsessed with ADSOM. Hushhhh. Yes I know they’re not the same characters…)

What books are you looking forward to this month??! THERE ARE SO MANY I KNOW mwa ha ha you must choose. Also look at me, keeping this post at under 1200 words! (it’s at 1152.) *Gives self a cookie* This day should be documented. (Seeing how my last post was like, 2000+ words oops. Is this a normal thing, or…?)

I hope you guys are all having a super amazing day!

39 thoughts on “Thank god it’s finally May! // 2017 May Book Releases

  1. OMG May is going to break the bank! I won’t have any money as well 😛 So, so many amazing releases! Dark Breaks the Dawn, When Dimple Met Rishi, I Believe in a Thing Called Love and Flame in the Mist are some of my must haves.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ACOWAR, Grit, One Of Us Is Lying, Lord of Shadows, Dreamfall!!! I know there are probably a lot more that I’m missing out on, but I’m very excited for ALL THE BOOKS! Haven’t read Trials of Apollo yet (oops) EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS BRILLIANT. 😂


  3. There are so many amazing books being released this month, and so many of them are my most anticipated releases for the year as well! Of course ACOWAR is right up at the very top, I don’t know if there’s anyone who isn’t excited for that book.
    I also can’t wait for The Love Interest and Release (with Patrick Ness writing it it’s bound to be amazing right?) They both sound beyond amazing. 😀
    Great post Analee! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know right??! Same here. May is just book heaven! Ahah yes ACOWAR is definitely on the list for so many people!! I’m debating over a reread of the first two books at the moment haha.
      Yesss The Love Interest seems so good!! And of course, Patrick Ness can do no wrong, from what I’ve seen from him so far, anyway haha. Release is sure to continue the trend! ❤
      Thank you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG ANALEE. PLEASE STOP. TOO MANY. TOO MANY. TOOOOOO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANY. Basically, some of these books were already on my TBR, and then I just got a WHOLE BUNCH ADDEDDDDDDDDDDDDD. *wails* I freakin’ hate recs sometimes. BECAUSE THEY’RE ENDLESSSSSSSS. And haha, yes, that time of year. I love and hate May & October. I think that if I ever publish a book (maybe??? possibly??? hopefully???) I wouldn’t do it in those months because #competition. And also I have to swallow all those wonderful books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MWA HA HA NEVERRRRR. 😈😂 YOU’RE WELCOME DARLING!! 😘 Ahah recs are never ending when it comes to the book blogging world. Truth: the TBR will never shrink?? For every 1 book I read, I swear 50 are added. 🙈 Ahah totally!! (HOPEFULLY!! 🙏*fingers crossed*) So much competition those months. 😂 So many books!!

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  5. Ahhh yes to so many of these! I’m quite excited for Ramona Blue! It has received quite negative reviews on Goodreads but that’s only because the blurb sounded quite misleading and offensive but apparently it’s such a great and important read!!!
    Jeez, I think when May is over I will have NO. MONEY. LEFT. on my bank account with all these amazing books coming out! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yesss!! Oh, I haven’t checked the reviews much, that’s too bad! I’m glad to hear it’s a great read though. 😊 Makes me even more pumped for its release!!
      I KNOW RIGHT. None at all!! I won’t be able to resist buying these books… 😳😂

      Liked by 1 person

    I’m most excited for ACOWAR, The Dark Prophecy, Lord of Shadows, Always and Forever, Lara Jean, I Believe In a Thing Called Love and When Dimple Met Rishi.
    I’ve never heard of Dear Reader but it sounds like the best thing ever!
    Yup. Gonna be broke for a while now xD

    Liked by 1 person

      Ahhhhhh yes those are all at the top of my list!! They’re going to be so amazing and I am SO. EXCITED. I want them nowwwwww! Ahah it totally does!
      I KNOW RIGHT?! 😂


  7. CAN I JUST READ THEM ALL, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!! 😍😂 (Well except ACOWAR, I must be like the 1% of the blogging world who doesn’t care about it at all hhahaaha.) But yessss to Lord of Shadows and Flame in the Mist *flaps about happily* I cannot wait to read them! I also need to hurry up and read the 2nd Lara Jean book obviously.😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW RIGHT?!!!? (Ahah it is quite popular! 🙈 Sorry to hear you don’t like the series though I feel like there are a lot of people who don’t as well, so you’re not alone there!) YESSS I CAN’T WAIT FOR THOSE. 😍😍 Haha you totally do!! 😂


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