Publishing conspiracy theories // Basically I rant for a very long time

I’m backkkkkk! It hasn’t been 2 weeks this time haha. This week has been busy which is why I didn’t get up any posts in between my last one but the weekend is here, at least?? (But it’s leaving so quickly whyyyyyy.) I did read 2 books though!!* So that’s good. And I hope you guys are doing well!

*(The Love Interest, which was entertaining but ultimately disappointing *sad face* & Flame in the Mist which was THE BEST THING EVER. Ahem. I did like TWATD better tbh but it was still really really good. Debating over a review?? I will basically just bribe tell you to read it so I don’t know. I have no clue what to read now though? HELP. Save me and give me recs for outstanding books, people.)

So, on to the topic of this post, which may have some/most of you theoretically scratching your head in questioning?? I swear this will make sense. Or I hope it will. Because I’m kind of writing this at 1 AM in the morning and I may be completely senseless?

Publishers, you see, are marvelous creatures. They are, second only to the authors and the crew of people helping them with their book (thank you, acknowledgements for drilling into my head a book is not made by only one person), greatly responsible for giving us bookworms the books we read soooooo. As book collectors, or even just people who eye books in the bookstore (very oddly put, but oh well) there are certain pet peeves that pretty much every bookworm can relate to, and it all comes down to the PUBLISHER. And this happens so often, with so many different publishers, in my humble opinion, publishers are TOTALLY are conspiring against us………….. right, guys?

WARNING: Fair amount of ranting and complaining and crying in this post!! Maybe it’s the lack of sleep… or hunger? Brb, let me get a snack.

1. Changing formats mid-series/after series completion

Okay. The snack did nothing. /START RANT/ This doesn’t even make sense! Yes, I get making money and whatever reasoning there is behind this (actually I do not because I am a sleep deprived raging bookworm but shh) but if you start with releasing the first book in a series, say, in paperback and then second or third book comes along and you SWITCH TO HARDCOVER. And don’t offer the option for paperback either?? Sure, hardcovers cost more but then use hardcover from the start, don’t just change midway when poor, broke bookworms (ME) are spending money on those paperbacks only to have the second/third/whatever book be in hardcover/paperback and NOT MATCH the size of the first book.

This happened with SO MANY SERIES it’s not even funny. Agh. I just want my books to match in height and format, is that so much to ask???

I had the first three books of the Selection series in paperback (it was a special deal, or else I would’ve preferred hardcover haha) and then the next two were released and they were in hardcover *cries*
I KNOW. I was heartbroken. I got the first book, The Lost Hero as a gift in paperback… You guess what happened when the next books were released… YET. I did buy a hardcover version of The Lost Hero so there’s that (yes I’m that extra) BUT MY MONEYYYYY.

I warned you!! Salty.

2. Changing covers mid-series/after series completion.

And the horror continues!!! For series I really love, okay, fine, if I like the new covers better I will buy the new set if I happen to have money. (my money thooooooo could’ve been spent on new books?!) BUT. Here I am, minding my own business and consuming addictive books that the publishers release, and then BAM. Cover change. If it’s mid-series especially, aghhhhhhhhh. I have the first book in a certain style and I LIKE IT. Okay? So when the second book comes along, do not, for all bookworms’ sake, do not decide to give it a makeover pleaseeeeeeee. Because I really really want to read the book and now here you are making it impossible for me by making sure my covers don’t match????? WHY.

A horrible, horrible circumstance includes (Only one because if I do more I will rage):

The first one is obviously better!! I own that one, so obviously.

You go, but Analee, there’s the sequel’s cover that matches the first one! YET. I actually don’t get that one because in the US/Canada it’s the second cover?? I KNOW. I have the first book in the original cover and there they go changing the covers mid series without even letting me have the sequel cover I wanttttt. I still have not read the sequel. I loved the first one, might I add.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the situations where the cover AND format is changed. I just GIVE UP.

3. Misleading synopsis

/END RANT, START COMPLAINING/ Okay, so not all publishers do this but some books do have misleading synopses! Obviously this is a conspiracy to make sure the readers have high expectations for something and so they read the book only to find that something is nonexistent or hardly there??? #rude Teeny tiny detail though? I actually can’t think of any books I’ve personally read off the top of my head where this happened (BUT IT DID I KNOW IT), however there have been other people who’ve read books and claimed this? SO. I am indignant on their behalf!! And honestly it’s just so inconsiderate. A marketing ploy that does work, occasionally! But so inconsiderate to the people looking forward to something and then just being let down. Why are publishers conspiring against usssssss??

4. Making sure books have pretty covers so I never complete my TBR.

Before, I used to struggle with the pain of dealing with unappealing cover. Shallow? Perhaps. A bad thing? Not really. Yet, nowadays, there are SO MANY pretty covers. From most publishers! Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

These books all have SUCH BEAUTIFUL covers and they don’t follow a theme at all haha my taste is all over the place but I wanted to showcase a few of the different types of covers I’ve seen and aghhhhh there are so many amazing covers out there!!! I chose these ones especially because they were all books I first added to my TBR because of their covers… I SENSE A CONSPIRACY. They’re all published from different publishers too (I think!) And there are many moreeeee which obviously shows the publishers’ conspiracy to make sure I never finish my TBR??? Or that I am way to happy to add a book to my TBR because of the cover.

If you now have the urge to add these to your TBR or want to read more about it, here you go BECAUSE I AM HELPFUL and also conspiring to make your TBR largerForest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie Dao \\ Cold Summer by Gwen Cole \\ The Color Project by Sierra Abrams \\ The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano \\ The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

5. Releasing sequels ten thousand years after the first.

NOT AN EXAGGERATION WHATSOEVER. Nope. I suppose most sequels are released after a year? (Though the book after Lord of Shadows will be released in 2019. IN TWO YEARS. RIP my soul *sobs*) But when you have books in a series, and the first/second/whichever book ends on a cliffhanger and the next book isn’t released yet????? IT BRINGS PAIN. So yes, a year-long wait is the equivalent of ten thousand years when you need the next book and it’s not released yet. *cries* Why are they making us suffer??

I haven’t read Lord of Shadows (but I waited SO LONG for this too!!) but like I said, the third book releases 2 YEARS from now like WHY? (I understand that Cassandra Clare will be releasing the first book in TLH trilogy next year but stilllllll my need for the third book for TDA doesn’t disappear??)

I recently finished Flame in the Mist and I loved it and I want moreeeee but it just released this month meaning I am going to have to wait forever for the next one!! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. This happened with The Wrath and the Dawn, too and I am displeased. *grumbles*

Funny story for Crystal Storm! (Not so funny, actually) I read up to the fourth book, uhhh I forget the name, but yeah, the 4th book of the Falling Kingdoms series, and I just ended up waiting SO LONG for this one, that I just… um.. am not interested in this anymore?? Tragic, I know!! I do plan on picking it up but definitely not until the whole series is finished. *sighs*

Ahhhh the wait for A Court of Wings and Ruin has been sooo long!! I loved the second book so much and I NEED THIS. But the wait was torturous and now also a) I don’t remember what happened in the first two very well and b) I am scared to read it because emotions????

6. Hyped books being released all in the same month

It’s not just me who noticed the everflowing abundance of books being released each month right?? And also some months just perfectly coordinate allllll the hyped books in the same month. (AHEM May I’m looking at you.) Which leads to me going broke. AGAIN. Seeing how it’s most likely the publishers who set the release date?? CONSPIRACIES. Also, with the end of May and the start of June coming as well, we all know one person who’s going to be spending their money this month. Someone should ban me from the bookstores. (NO PLEASE DON’T.)

JUST LOOK at the books released in May like oh my gosh. (When Dimple Met Rishi is still not released though and I want to read it so muchhhhhh!!) I can’t wait for The Crown’s Fate and The Names They Gave Usthey both sound so good. I actually read The Love Interest though, and it was kind of disappointing but I was totally looking forward to it! But now I am broke and I WANT ALL THE JUNE BOOKS TOO. *cries*

7. Putting extra blank pages at the end of a book

NO. NO. NO. That moment you’re finishing a book and reach the final few pages and you’re all excited and scared and feeling all the emotions and you turn to the next page and…

[Empty page


IT’S HORRIBLE. Utterly horrible, I tell you.

Aaaaaaand on that positive note, there we have it! *breathes* WOW that took so much energy haha I was very passionately furiously typing for a while there… Anywho, to get back to the more positive way of things momentarily before I ask you to share negativity with me!! I DO LOVE PUBLISHERS. I am forever grateful that they make the amazing books I read possible to be shared with me, and so many others. They just… are incredibly frustrating but I’m sure there are many factors that play into their conspiracy interesting decisions! Do publishers hold a conspiracy against us??? YOU MAY NEVER KNOW. So.

I hope you enjoyed that very long rant/complaining session of mine!! It was a long time coming, I think haha. But it had to be said! All of these little peeves are so torturous to my smol soul. But I must know: I cannot be the only one to feel the effects of this horrid possible conspiracy??? Which of these bother you the most? Let me know in the comments! ❤ I hope you guys are having a great day. 🙂

72 thoughts on “Publishing conspiracy theories // Basically I rant for a very long time

  1. This post was amazing!!! 😂 I so agree with you with pretty much all of these! I’m super happy about the amount of gorgeous covers being produced, but I hate when they do a cover change mid series (looking at you The Bone Season). Honestly there are so many amazing books to read out there that when I have to wait a year or longer for the next one, I really don’t mind. I just want my favorite authors to write the best version of their books that they can!

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    • Thank you!! 😂🙈 Aha right? I adore gorgeous covers as well, they don’t help diminishing my TBR but what can you do?? Ugh yeah it’s honestly horrible! Haha I get you, there definitely are so many books being released but when I’m in the middle of a series, woth cliff hangers especially it can be so hard for me to wait haha! 😅 But yes, I totally agree on that! I would much rather have a quality book and I get that can take time!

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    And also RELATABLE. I was so upset when they changed the cover for Traitor to the Throne! Like who is this PERSON now I want the beautiful design ok. And it’s probably bad that I’m reading the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series REALLY SLOWLY. I read the second book last year and haven’t read the third book? And I always forget who everyone is?

    Great post, as always!

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    • YAYYYYY I’m so glad someone agrees with me HAHA. 😀
      I know right??! Like NOPE I want the pretty cover that matches the first one too? Not this generic cover that does not suit my liking at all ughghghghg. Oh noooooo that’s not a good sign?!? I actually love that series haha but reading it so far apart will probably not do you any favours Julianna WHAT ARE YOU DOING stop sabotaging your own enjoyment??!
      Thanks so much lovely! ❤


  3. LOVE THIS POST and it’s so trueeeeeeeeeeeeee. But first of all, am I the only one who thinks the cover of Forest of a Thousand Skies is ugly??? I know Cait agrees with me (or maybe not??? I forgot) but everyone else is like IT’S GORGEOUS and I’m just like *CRINGE*. But omg yes all the books are being published in May and October (in my opinion). Like NO. I HAVE NOT READ THESE YET. I HAVEN’T EVEN READ RELEASES FROM LIKE LAST SUMMER. I also hate when publishers make books different sizes. I’m just like NO. NO. NO. Also I don’t like getting a paperback, and then a hardcover sequel. I mean, they still produce the sequel in paperback later, but I need the book NOW??? Love this post! ❤


    I honestly don’t know what is wrong with publishers. STICK WITH a size and cover. Have you not heard of #AESHETICS which is basically my life? Have you not heard of bookish photography or PERHAPS OCD BOOKWORMS? I’m pretty sure they don’t know that bookshelves feel personally attacked when the series decide to change cover and size. THIS PLAIN RUDENESS PEEPS!

    I think misleading synopsis are the worst, BUT ALSO THE BEST? Like, I’ll think, hmm this sounds pretty boring BUT THEN I LOVE IT ❤ And I'll think OOH THIS SOUNDS AWESOME and I end up DNF-ing or falling asleep.

    I think taking forever t publish sequels is just plain torture but AUTHORS PROCRASTINATE TOO, allow them some time! (but not like 10 years #nope)

    I KNOW, like gimme a break! A bookworm can only read a certain amount of books in her lifetime and just release a mountain of hyped up books on my head is not good for my health, okay?

    ANDD BLANK PAGES ARE THE WORST. One time I was reading a book and somehow it ended EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS JUST A BEGINNING and there were like 10 extra pages of blank stuff and I tore through them (not literally) hoping to find SOMETHING. Stop giving me FALSE HOPE OKAY?

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    • WOO! 🙌
      I KNOW RIGHT. They are SO INCONSIDERATE to aesthetics and us poor bookworms??!? All we want is for the covers and sizes to matchhhhhh. 😭😭 I KNOW if they did know surely they would not put us through this misery??? I hope? SO RUDE. Listen to ussss!!!

      OH TRUE. I was more considering the synopsis that sounds like the book will be about something and then that something is set aside? But omg the boring synopsis that turns out to be THE BEST BOOK EVER is so fabulous ❤❤ HAHAHA omg right? Agh the second one is so tragic ahah. 🙈

      I KNOWWWW. From a logical standpoint (and fellow procrastinator 😂) I TOTALLY GET IT. Also apparently the publishing process is really long?? But as a reader I am AN IMPATIENT POTATO. 🙈 (omg 10 years NO WAY)

      Right?? We’re going to be crushed under the weight??? AND THE PAIN OF NOT GETTING TO READ THEM ALL?!? 😭 (Because time and money??? You may have heard of it?)

      I KNOW RIGHT. Omg. SO MUCH false hope is not healthy for my poor little soul! 😭😳

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  5. I sooo agree with all of these!! I hate mid-way cover changes and size changes, they are my worst pet peeves! And yes to all of the hyped books releasing at the same time, I feel like I’m in hype hell right now, I want all the books but I don’t have the money. *cries an ocean* Anyway, great post!

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  6. I have to admit I mostly read ebooks so a lot of these are less of an issue for me. Where I do want a specific version (in the UK you rarely get YA books in hardback) I tend to use Book Depository.

    I also hate the wait between books in a series. I kinda wish they’d wait and release them all at the same time. I’ve resorted to waiting years to start a series so I know they’re all out 😀

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    • Ahah lucky!! I’ve never minded ebooks but now they’re more tempting haha. Oh cool! The Book Depository is such a great site. ❤

      Ugh right?? It takes so long, it’s hard not to get impatient!! Haha yeah I totally get you 🙈 GOOD IDEA omg doing that would actually be so useful and convenient! 😆

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      • The only downside to ebooks is the publisher or whoever may randomly decide to change the cover that shows on your ereader. I bought Outlander with the original cover and after the show came out they changed it to one with the actors. Ok the guy is pretty hot but I didn’t ask for it or particularly want it (sorry, rant over 😀)

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        • Really? How #rude. 😩 Aghhh that’s so frustrating!! Changing covers on ebooks shouldn’t be a thing omg. Hahahaha at least there’s eye candy?? 😂😂 BUT omg you should have the option to CHOOSE at least!! I am frustrated on your behalf now aghhhh publishers what are you doingggggg. 😂😩 HAHA I loved your rant haha I’m in a very ranty mood myself these days… 🙈

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  7. HAHAHA THIS WAS SUCH A FUN POST!!! I literally agree with every single thing!!!
    I get so annoyed with cover changes that happen like MID-SERIES! That happened to me with The Bone Season like I own the first two books (and they are already mismatched because Amazon though it’d be fun to send me two different editions) AND NOW THEY’VE CHANGED THE COVERS COMPLETELY! And they’re a lot prettier but I don’t want to waste any more money so I’ll have to get the third one in the new edition AND SUFFER WITH THREE MISMATCHED BOOKS IN ONE SERIES! Ugh. Sorry for that short rant 😂😂
    But yeah, what I wanted to say is that this post was amazing 💜

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  8. Great post, I totally agree with everything here especially the cover changes mid series it annoys me so much. The worst cover changes for me are the Vampire Academy ones as I have the first two in one cover the middle two in another cover and the last two in another cover it’s so infuriating is it too much to ask for them all to match 😠😠😠

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    • Thank you! So glad to hear that ahah. Ugh right? Cover changes are the WORST. Oh!! I remember the cover change for the series! Ughhhh that sounds like the worst oh my gosh. Right?? It’s such a simple thing to ask for!!

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  9. This is an amazing post Analee, and feel free to rant all you like on it as well because I’m sure plenty of other people will feel the same way you do. I know I do about certain things that happen with books.
    Mis-matched formats and covers are a huge no-no for me. There was one series I brought and loved which ended up going through a cover re-design halfway through. Kind of annoying because I thought the old covers looked better and because I had to go out and buy the earlier books in the new covers so they could all match!
    Gorgeous covers and anticipated books all being released in the same month are always going to be weaknesses of mine, but I’ve just had to accept it, and so has my bank account!
    Again great post Analee! 😀 ❤

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    • Ahh thank you Beth!! 🙈 I’m so glad I’m not alone ahah.
      Oh my gosh right?? It may bring in extra money (sigh) but it’s such a huge inconvenience to the readers who buy the books. I’m kind of distrusting whenever buying new series nowadays haha, because I have no idea if the covers or formats will change? When they do it’s just so annoying. All we want is for the covers to match ahah it’s really not that difficult!
      Ahah definitely, I’m in a forced state of acceptance at the moment haha. It’s inevitable!!
      Thanks so much! 💞

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  10. I work in publishing, I can help with some of this! The long waits between sequels or even the hardcover to paperback releases are usually due to maximizing on sales (hardback to paperback drives me crazy, I much prefer paperbacks but sometimes have to wait for two years! Almost everything can be explained by sales :-/) If an author is quick, it’s usually about a year of waiting for the entire publishing process, which takes forever, from start to finish. If you get someone like George R. R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame, it can take sooo much longer. This honestly usually makes me really frustrated and makes me lose interest.

    As far as the extra pages go, there’s a really simple explanation. A book needs to be printed with an exact number of pages — multiples of 16 I think. Those extra blanks at the beginning and the end allow for the page count to reach the number needed to be printed correctly.

    As far as the different formats go, I have no freaking clue. This drives me absolutely crazy. I want all my books to line up nicely on the shelf, is that too much to ask? Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom are killing me right now.

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    • Omg you are a much needed expert in that case!! 🙈 ohhh haha yeah figures most things are related to sales in some way. Wow that takes a while! What is it that takes the most time, do you think? It is definitely so frustrating!! Unless it’s a series I’m really dedicated to, (and even sometimes then) waiting so long definitely decreases my interest aghhhhh.

      Oh my gosh I had no idea!! That’s so interesting—though why 16?? but from a reader perspective those blank pages can be so annoying haha. Definitely explains why they’re there though, so thanks!! 😂

      Ughhhhg right?? It’s so inconsiderate and useless omg. What we want is SO SIMPLE AGHH. Oh nooooooo!! That happened to a friend of mine, she has Six of Crows in paperback and Crooked Kingdom in hardcover … I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO DEAL 😱

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      • The long wait really, really sucks. I try to hold off on reading the first or second book in a long, incomplete series, but I have no willpower. I think the writing process just sucks, especially because most authors sadly cannot support themselves just on writing — some of the best writers still have 9-5 day jobs!

        It’s something about the way the printing presses and binding work, I think. I honestly have no idea, I do so little with the production process (I just pester them to hurry up, they don’t like me much :D)

        I really hate it and I don’t understand why they do it!! There are a couple books I refuse to buy until they release them in the same format and size (which sometimes doesn’t happen at all). It’s so frustrating! Also, I moved from the US to the UK, so now I have some books in a series that are the US covers and others that are the UK ones. I think I just need to rebuy everything 😥


  11. I think what annoys me THE MOST about publishing houses is that there are SO MANY OF THEM and they all have different sizes for their various forms of books and it makes my life SO HARD. I am still pissed that my copies of Shadow & Bone and Siege & Storm don’t match in size because I managed to buy them off amazon from two different publishing houses… and that happened a) years ago and b) looong before I turned into the person I am now (who hates mismatched copies of books even more).

    There is honestly nothing worse than the wait in between books in a series to be released! I can’t believe I have to wait TWO YEARS to read Queen Of Air And Darkness once I finish Lord Of Shadows (I am currently too busy reading other books and I can’t believe I can’t just jump straight into it)! BUT. And that’s a BIG BUT for me! We’re getting the first book in the Magnus trilogy at the end of this year and then the first The Last Hours book probably during the first half of 2018 and the second book in the Magnus trilogy in late 2018 so I am still getting my Shadowhunters fix! Watch me not say this once I finish LOS. I am convinced I’ll be feeling very differently! xD

    And yes. Publisher conspire against us by having alllll the great books release in the same month! I think I had about 7 books on my list of May releases that I was excited about and I’ve only read two of them (I was lucky enough to be approved for an ARC of The Names They Gave Us so I crossed that off my list pretty early) and I have no idea when I’m going to read the other ones (that aren’t LOS, obviously).

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    • OH MY GOSH YES. WHYYYYY ARE THEY MAKING LIFE SO DIFFICULT??? Nooooo that’s horrible!! 😤😨 I’ve had too many similar circumstances aghhhh the struggle.

      I KNOW RIGHT?? I get from a logic POV it takes time to make a book but the wait. Is. Too. Long. I knowwwww I don’t know how I’m going to deal with that, especially since Lord of Shadows has a cliffhanger too?? I still haven’t read it either haha so you’re not alone! OH TRUE. Hahahahah same though!! Lord of Shadows will make me so needy for the third book omg. 😂

      THEY DO!! How can we keep up with them allll omg I want to read all the books?? 😍 Ooh that’s great! How was it?? I’ve been looking forward to that one. ❤ I know right, same!! Bookworm strugglessss. *cries*

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      • I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would! I am typically not the biggest fan of reading contemporaries and the way teenagers are often portrayed in them but the characters in The Names They Gave Us felt older while still being teenagers so that worked out well! I was also a bit worried about the religious aspect of the story but that was for nothing! It was handled really well throughout the entire book! You should definitely read it soon!

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  12. Amazing Post Analee! I totally agree with you on everything! I absolutely hate misleading synposis and cover changes. I’m so glad to hear that you loved Flame in the Mist! It was totally epic and now I’m dying to read the second book. It’s pretty sad that Love Interest turned out to be a disappointment but I still had fun reading it. I’m going to start ACOWAR as soon as I’m finished with my current read.I hope you enjoy it when you get to it. 🙂

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    • Thank you!! ❤😊 Ughh right? Misleading synopses and cover changes especially are so infuriating. Yes it really was!! I can’t waitttttt for the second book omg. Oh yes I had fun too! I read it in one day, but ultimately it felt underwhelming. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Ooooh I can’t wait to read your thoughts on that one, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks, me too ahah.


  13. I AGREE WITH ALL OF THESE ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL. Cover/Format changes are the worst! Especially mid-series! I buy mostly paperbacks but when they suddenly decide to switch to hardcover WITHOUT HAVING A PAPERBACK VERSION AT ALL, a little part of me dies. Also something that I’ve noticed is that cover changes usually suck xD I mean, taking your example – Rebel of the Sands looked so pretty but then the new cover is kind of meh? I find that kind of weird lol 😛
    And yess May had so many great new releases! What is this conspiracy to make us broke by the middle of the year?!
    I’m reading Lord of Shadows right now and I did not know that the next book is out in 2019… I already forgot a lot of what happened in Lady Midnight, what am I going to do then? xD

    I loved this post! So fun reading your rant-y thoughts 😀

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    • YES SHOTO!! BOOKWORMS UNITED. ❤ ❤ Ugh I know right??? I die tooooooo it's just the worst when they switch formats/covers, at least give us the option to have the other one??? Like it's not going to hurt you, we're still buying the book? (Though I suppose since hardcover are more expensive that's better for them but STILL. How #rude to switch without giving the option to have paperback when that's what they started with??? UGH.) I know right?? If you're going to change the covers at least make them look gooddddd. (And decide it before people have bought the first/second book while you're at it??) It makes no sense to change them when the first edition was already so good?? (Rebel of the Sands, RIP. *cries*)

      I know right?? And they're not stopping eitherrrrr omg.
      Oh really?! I've heard it has a killer cliffhanger haha GOOD LUCK and let me know what you think of it!! I knowwww same I hardly remember what happened in Lady Midnight. The long wait for the third book is making me hesitate to pick up the second even though I REALLY WANT TO.
      I KNOW RIGHT??! *shudder* *cries* *angrily storms off to rant more about publishers*
      Haha thanks!! So glad to hear that. 😀


  14. Oh I so feel your rant!!! UGH! All of these make my blood boil and I guess it’s one of the reasons why I’ve been more into e-books lately (it’s not bulletproof but at least makes #1, #2, #4 and #7 irrelevant).
    When will writers/publishers realize taking too long to release a sequel will only make readers lose interest? Seriously, it’s not just you, me and a few others, it’s the majority of people. Why would we want to re-read an entire series (because we’ve obviously forgotten most of it in the meantime) just to be able to enjoy the long awaited sequel? I surely am not in the mood for it.
    (By the way, Crystal Storm was a bit underwhelming… I was not super impressed by it. I certainly hope the next book is better!)
    I get that authors need time to write good stories. That’s fine. But a year? That’s a bit of a stretch (nevermind that some authors take YEARS, plural, but well).
    I’ve honestly given up on the aesthetic aspect of reading. I don’t have the money or the space to care if my books match or not. I do love to have them in physical form, if I can, but will no longer feel down if that is not possible. My bookstagram suffers but oh well! XD
    Great post, Analee! I’m with you all the way, girl \o

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    • RIGHT?? *shares chocolate* (Chocolate lovers think alike am I right???) Haha omg yes!! ebooks are actually so convenient and that’s so trueeeee. The struggle of 1,2,4, and 7 is SO REAL with physical books and definitely can make ebooks an appealing option. ❤ Right!? Except for select series that I ADORE TO DEATH, taking so long to release a sequel makes me lose interest so much. 😩 And I have a horrible memory so rereading can be so necessary but I have zero time and especially if there are a lot of books?? NOPE. (Nooooooooo how disappointing. Well, I suppose it’s not a horrible thing that I’ve lost interest in it, in that case! 😳 Here’s hoping the next book is better for sure.)
      I knowwww!! Apparently the publishing process is very long though??? I get that, logically but as a reader I JUST WANT THE BOOK. 😍
      Haha I don’t have money either tbh but not having books be the same size drives me insaneeeee but it’s good it doesn’t bother you as much. 😊🙌
      Thank you Sophieeee!! 💞💞

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      • Yay, chocolate!!! 😀 Thank you!!
        I totally get you, we bookworms have this compulsory need to just buy books! Tons of them! No matter if we already have too many and/or might not be able to ever read them all XD
        Oh it bothers me a liiiitle bit but I’ve learned to accept it hahaha Nowadays I just try to look past my vanity (believe me, it’s hard!) and just enjoy the story 😊
        You’re very welcome, lovely! ❤️

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  15. I definitely agree with the hypes books releasing within the same month! I’ve actually noticed that there seems to be particular days as well – like three books will release on May 9, two on May 16, four in May 23, etc. It’s really weird. 🤔

    And, definitely, publishers are totally making the covers gorgeous so I’ll keep adding their books to my TBR! It’s so unfair!

    And yes to misleading synopsis! I’ve read so many books that had this awesome premise and just let me down, which I always hate! 😩


  16. i love this post SO much Analee ❤ I agree with SO MUCH on here, cover changes make me want to cry every single time ahah, but not as much as having to wait months, YEARS for a sequel I am eagerly waiting for. Also, I don't get why all the hyped books are released the same months – May was CRAZY, I agree – also, I'm definitely going to buy too much books because of that now ahah.

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    • YAY I’m so glad to hear that!! AGH I KNOW RIGHT. *cries* Oh so true!! The wait is absolutely horrible oh my gosh. Yes!! It’s insaneeee. How are we supposed to keep up with all of them?? SAME. Struggles of a bookworm omg.

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  17. OMG!! YESS to everything in this post! I hate it when books are in the same format yet the size is different…Why the hell would anyone think that is a good idea? :/ It’s sooo frustrating seeing them on the shelves next to each other. Also there are sooo many pretty covers out there and I always want to buy all the books – definitely not good for my wallet. XD Great post Analee!

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    • RIGHT?!? Ugh yeah, why can’t the sizes just be all the sameeeee. 😭 Horrible idea on the part of publishers for sure omg. It just doesn’t look aestheticcccc and my heart cries. I know right?? I mean, I love pretty covers but it does not help my wallet or TBR at all haha. 🙈 Thanks!

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  18. haha I relate to this so much!! I hate the cover change thing halfway through the series!! And yes there are so many books with misleading synopses- I remember there was one book that turned out to be completely different to the blurb (can’t remember the name now, but it was by Sarah Fine) and it wound me up so much because it was really *not* what I thought I was buying :/ And I also notice they do this a lot when they compare it to other books- like “the next Hunger Games”- you just know it’s not going to be like that. hahaha 4 is so true!! And I know what you mean about waiting for sequels!! hahaha empty pages at the end are just cruel!! Fantastic post- agree so much!!


  19. Loved the rant and I totally agree with you on all these things.Hyped books,taking too long to release the next book and the covers.I once got an ARC whose cover and title were changed.I was so confused because I thought they were two different books at first.Oh,I’ve also had an experience of my request on NetGalley being rejected and then the next day,the book was on Read Now(available to all) or being invited to read a book and then putting in the request and getting rejected.Publishers decisions are definitely interesting but yeah,we do love them.Great post!


  20. […] I wrote a whole post rant on this (among other whiny things) previously? And so I won’t go into it again but GUYS. Anyone who appreciates the value of physical books can relate on the fact that books, in series, mostly, that do not match in size or cover are utterly horrible and UGH. But like, I didn’t mind unmatched books before?? I don’t think I even notice haha because my prebookworm days were back when I was an oblivious little child with no care for aesthetic or owning books, even. Sooooooo being a #bookworm did this to me? […]


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