What I love about Beauty and the Beast + Retellings | THE MOVIE IS OUT!!

Beauty and the Beast is finally OUT!! *cue screaming* Or for others, will be out very soon?!! I actually watched it yesterday and I loved it so much!! To be expected of course, but oh my gosh, the anticipation for this movie, the expectations were so high and ajrlkwjgwjgwinencksanwhenjfhsjns I’m just so glad this movie was made the way it was and MET MY EXPECTATIONS. *squeals*

And that’s perhaps a post for another time, but today, continuing my little B&B theme going on, I wanted to do a post about what I love about Beauty and the Beast! I’ve talked before about loving retellings, but I never discussed what I love about the fairytale this was all inspired by?!?? So here we go!!

1. Belle is kind of fabulous

I relate to Belle so much?? Okay, fine, I relate to her love for her books. I can’t exactly relate to anything else, but BOOKS. I love books + Belle loves books = I love Belle for loving books! I also love her dedication and love for her father, it’s really sweet! We don’t see many positive parent-child relationships in the earlier Disney princess movies–and side note: the live-action movie represented it better than the animated one in my opinion!! She’s also brave and kind, and this is highlighted even more in the live-action movie. (Whoops, this is becoming less of my thoughts on the original fairytale and more on the live-action movie!!)

2. The Beast

Okay, so he’s a total… um BEAST?? And he is quite horrible 70% of the time, but the relationship between Belle and the Beast is a pretty big factor as to why so many love the story–albeit the fact that there are definitely problematic issues with it. But he goes through a sweet journey and has nice growth #thingsreadersappreciate. No joke, everyone is fawning over the relationship between him and Belle and I’m just here like I’m glad he’s not as much of a jerk at the end #truth. But I did love the beast, don’t get me wrong haha.

3. LOVE (for the library, obviously.)

DO YOU SEE THAT LIBRARY??!?? THAT IS MY LOVE RIGHT THERE. ❤ ❤ Imagine having a library like that??! Filled with alllllllll the pretty books I adore… #goals. Booklover’s dream right here. Forget the prince, I want his library?? Give it to meeeeeee.

4. Belle and Beast’s Relationship

I’m not here to discuss the Stockholm Syndrome debacle and all, because a) I don’t feel qualified haha and b) that’s a whole other issue that is not the point of what I’m trying to say haha. What I love about their relationship is the growth and the development, and the beauty in finding the beauty within. Don’t judge a book by its cover and all, right? Seeing the Beast change and become more caring, and less beastly haha, and Belle falling for his kind side (and not the abusive side, mind you) was actually very sweet!! ❤ (And it was so lovely in the live-action movie!!!!)

5. Lumiere, Cogsworth, etc give me life.

I’m kind of in love with all of them?? Haha they’re just so much fun and adorable and growing up, they’re definitely one of the reasons I loved the movie. Call me childlike if you want, but they’re just as precious and just as much part of the story as anyone else!!

6. Tale as old as time.

Such nostalgia! Such memories! Beauty and the Beast (and just Disney in general) was such a big part of my life growing up haha and there’s just that emotional attachment! They all have this aspect of magic to them and I just think, that, paired with all the other elements, makes it so memorable–and so beloved. The theme, the characters, the story, all of it, is just so special.

Retellings for your Beauty and the Beast cravings!

Okayyyyy so confession!! As much as I’m obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, and obsessed with retellings, I haven’t actually read many retellings of it? I know! #sad BUT. I shall read more of them!! And I have collected a bunch of them, as many as I could find, for future reference and for you all to either a) add them to your own monstrous TBR, b) screech at me to read one of them that you adored or c) join me in my despair as we realize the lack of B&B in my life *the horror!!*


  • A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas: An obvious pick, much? Haha. One of the most popular B&B retellings out there, I think. It’s New-Adult, I believe, and has some steamy scenes, but that’s the extent of it! I really loved this one.
  • Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge: I liked this one! I think?? It’s been a while since I read it and I’m not exactly sure anymore haha. It definitely had its issues, though (like any book) but it was still pretty good! The main character, Nyx, was kind of annoying, but I liked the world and the concept.
  • Beastly by Alex Flinn: Aha… um okay. Well. Didn’t like this one very much. Or at all. Which is so sad!! Because it’s Beauty and the Beast and everything but like…. I couldn’t connect to the characters much at all? The narrator, the Beast, was actually SO ANNOYING and didn’t get any better, and I just didn’t care about him at all. So disappointing!


  • Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay: I haven’t read this one, but it sounds really good?? It  was released 4 years ago, and I’ve heard really great things.
  • Hunted by Megan Spooner: This was released a few days ago, I believe, and I can’t wait to read this one!! Out of all the retellings, I think this is the most recently-released and most anticipated one for me.
  • As Old As Time by Liz Braswell: This one actually seems really good as well! I definitely want to pick it up sometime.

That’s it for this post! I LOVE Beauty and the Beast so much, and I just wanted to share a few reasons why, though I suppose a lot of it goes unsaid! 🙂 By the way, the movie was AMAZING and I now am going to squeal at all of you to go watch it!! If you couldn’t tell by my blog posts recently, I’m obsessed with this and the movie was so great as well so basically I’m screeching in happiness.
But I digress!! What do you love about Beauty and the Beast? What are you *gasp* not a fan of? (It’s okay, I can take it. Mostly.) What retellings of it have you read/recommend for me to read? Have you watched the movie/plan to watch the movie (the correct answer to the latter is a solid yes btw)? Let me know in the comments!!
Lots of love!

34 thoughts on “What I love about Beauty and the Beast + Retellings | THE MOVIE IS OUT!!

  1. AH I WAS SUPPOSED TO SEE THE MOVIE TODAY WITH MY FREN BUT MY MOM GOT REAL DIZZY AND SHE CAN’T DRIVE US AND MY DAD IS WORKING 😥 😥 I’M SO GLAD IT’S GOOD THOUGH BECAUSE OMG EMMA WATSON AND BEEEEELLLEEEE??? Also, I relate to Belle because BOOKS and omg I completely agree give me that library NOW. I need to read SJM’s books??? I’m really behind on that lol. (I didn’t know it was a retelling though SO THAT WILL BUMP IT UP ON MY TBR.) And holy cow, I REALLY didn’t like Cruel Beauty. I was so excited to read it and then… blech. *pukes* XD Sorry for this mostly fangirly comment??? And OMG I FINISHED ADSOM (like yesterday or something lol gosh I forget) AND IT WAS SO GOOD KELL AND LILA AND RHYYYYYYYY and I read an excerpt of AGOS and I’m so mad at the person who has it checked out at my library. XD

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    • OH NO!! 😨 That’s such a shame. I hope you can watch it soon though another time?? AND YESSSS. Emma Watson was the PERFECT BELLE and made her come alive and gave her more depth and just SO GREAT. Also right??! Booookssss and the library I’m sensing a theme here. Belle is so fabulous! Haha most people have read her books , but it’s all good, better late than never?? 😆 And yeah, ACOTAR is a retelling, it’s quite unique and different from the original though! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. Aw, that’s too bad!! How could a Beauty and the Beast retelling betray you like that??
      Haha don’t apologize!! ❤ I love reading your comments (fangirly or otherwise 😋)
      DID YOU REALLY?!! YAYYYY May welcome to the ADSOM party hahahaha excerpts are simultaneously a blessing and a curse in disguise honestly. 🙈 How dare another person steal AGOS from you!! I hope you get to read it soon haha. 💞

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  2. Love this Analee! Somehoww I knew there’d be a post about this coming :p If you haven’t read it, that book called Cress (and the rest of the series) by Marrissa Meyer is alsoo a fairytale retelling! :p

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    • Thank you!! ❤ LOL either I’ve become very predictable or you know me too well… Perhaps both?? 😂 Ooh yes, I love that series!! I’m sad there’s no Beauty and the Beast retellings included haha but all the books are so amazing!! 😍

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  3. Awesome Post! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale and I’m so glad you loved the movie. I’m so excited to watch it! I recently finished Hunted and I absolutely loved it. I’m also looking forward to Beauty of the Beast by Rachel Demeter which is recently released. It’s a adult genre and I’m hearing great things about it so I really can’t wait to devour it. 🙂

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    • Thank you!! ❤ I can’t wait for you to watch it aha it was really lovely.
      Yayyyy I’m so happy to hear that!! I’m looking forward to picking up Hunted even more now. Ooh I hadn’t heard of that one! I hope you enjoy it. 💞

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  4. Great post Analee, and I’m certainly glad to see you carried on your Beauty and the Beast theme. Also I am really glad to hear you loved the film as well. I’ll be going to see it myself sometime soon (I think it came out yesterday here as well but I could be wrong) and I can’t wait I am so excited!
    I remember when I first saw the Disney version of this film I fell in love with the library the same way Belle did. I kind of wanted my own like that when I grew up (this was before I realised I was nowhere near rich enough to afford something like that!)
    These are some great retellings as well. Cruel Beauty and ACOTAR are favourites of mine, and oh I am so so excited to get my hands on Hunted so I can get started ASAP.
    Again great post Analee, will yo be posting a review for the film soon, or maybe a review for one of the retellings? I can’t wait to see if you carry on with Beauty and the Beast themed Book Snacks Blog. 😀 ❤

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    • Thank you!! ❤ Ahah I couldn’t resist. 😉
      YAYYYY I hope you love it!! I can’t wait for you to watch it. I was so surprised when I heard there were screenings of it on Thursday, I was expecting it to release on Friday but hey, earlier the better! 😆 Just thinking about the movie makes me so happy, I hope you love it!! ❤❤ And right??! That library was my DREAM and I was so sad when I realized there’s such thing as not enough money for that kind of thing, ahah. 😆
      ACOTAR and Cruel Beauty were lovely retellings! Yesssss I’m so excited for Hunter!! I can’t wait to see what you think of it once you read it sometime.
      And thank you!! ❤ And unfortunately, I don’t think I will be, although I love the idea. Thank you so much for being so supportive of this theme, I’m glad I’m not the only Beauty and the Beast-obsessed fan here ahah and these were so much fun to write. Thank you again, Beth!! 💞💞

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      • That’s all right, and if it’s as brilliant as everyone’s been saying it is then I can’t wait to watch it myself. I think most movies are released on Thursday, for some reason, and thanks I’m sure I’ll love it! 😀
        We’ll just have to do the best with the money and the books we have I guess.
        I can’t wait to get started on it. I’m avoiding all reviews pretty much so I can go on blind.
        That’s all right, and no definitely not the only obsessed fan on this site! XD ❤

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  5. I’m so glad you enjoyed the movie! I can’t wait to see it too (I’ll probably be the only teenager in the theatre though xD)
    I loved all your reasons for liking Beauty and the Beast. Particularly the fact that their relationship has so much growth through the story. I also like that Belle doesn’t fall for him immediately. In the start she’s very vocal about how much she hated him and only after getting to know him better they fell in love 😀
    I’ve wanted to read Of Beast and Beastly for so long!

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    • It was so great!! ❤ Haha there were actually a fair amount of teens when I went (but a lot more parents w/ children), so you never know! 😂
      And yes, I loved the growth! It’s so important in a romance, in my opinion. It definitely wouldn’t have been as much of a hit with me if Belle had fallen for him immediately!! 😉
      Same!! I haven’t read it yet and I’m sad ahah.


  6. You know in the Disney animated movie there was a scene where Beast brings Belle to his library and even though I was only 5 I was like “Mom I want Beast!” Cause like dayam that library had So. Many. Books.

    I was so jealous of Belle at that moment gosh. 😂😂

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