Blogging disappointments: Unsuccessful blog posts! // SAD FACE.

Disclaimer: There are many positive things about blogging! Books! Friends! BOOKS!


Life is not full of positives always??? (I know, it’s an injustice.) And sometimes, we face disappointments which also applies to blogging (obviously or I would not be writing this post). There are a few I can think of but what I wanted to focus on for today’s post is unsuccessful blog posts!! (No duh Analee, go ahead and ignore the title again why don’t you??)

What is considered ‘unsuccessful’?? And what is ‘successful’?

Whelp, there I go again using a subjective term! Like what does unsuccessful even MEAN? (Not the definition, but like in this context.) And much like when I talked about success in blogging last month, it varies once again? I need to choose better discussion topics.

But, if we think in the form of stats; i.e. views, likes and/or comments: The thing is with each and every blogger, the numbers, the stats they expect and the stats they consider to be successful or unsuccessful for their blog VARIES. Greatly. But even those who are newbies to blogging, everyone has an idea of what most of their stats look like, you know? So successful and unsuccessful could be anywhere from stats that REACH or better yet, PASS their usual numbers and that DON’T REACH their usual numbers, respectively. And that’s only from a numbers perspective! Which is not the only definition for success.

But those numbers? They vary SO MUCH. A number that is considered a success for one blogger could totally be unsuccessful for another, based on the majority of their posts, and vice versa you know? It’s so subjective.

Now, for me, what I consider to be successful is a combination of two things; one of them being, COMMENTS. Likes too, but primarily comments because I love having that interaction with blogger friends and readers! Which means a successful post for me, is one that initiates conversation, one that people are interested in reading. And because I don’t check my stats all too often, comments (and likes) are the easiest way for me to measure how well a certain post is being received. Plus I love talking to you guys and getting comments on my posts just totally makes my day?!

So yes, when it comes to successful and unsuccessful blog posts, if we’re thinking numbers (which, I won’t lie, I do), the one ‘indicator’, persay, for me is the number of comments. I don’t go counting them obsessively or anything, but just seeing, oh, this [meme/review/discussion/list] did really well, I might try doing it again, or noticing trends like how reviews, for instance, aren’t that very popular, and so on. It’s just interesting to me and gives me an idea of what readers like, what worked and what didn’t, you know? There’s anything wrong in looking or paying attention to stats, and that applies to posts of course.

YET. I’m going to also admit, paying attention to stats can also lead to feelings of disappointment or discouragement? Not when they’re doing well, obviously, that’s an extremely positive feeling. But when a post doesn’t do as well as I’d hoped/expected, I’ll be the first to admit, I feel disappointed. Much like a book! You have high expectations, and when they’re not met it leads to disappointment! When they are met, or surpassed, it is the BEST feeling ever and it’s the exact same for blogging, for me haha.

And again, like books, obviously I don’t have the same level of expectations for every post, especially because there are so many factors that affect the stats you receive on a certain post! Examples, because I am a helpful potato today:

  • What type of post is it? i.e. review, discussion, list, book tag/award, bookish meme post [like Top Ten Tuesday, etc.]

Obviously this can be different for different blogs, but generally I’ve noticed a trend (for book blogs, because that’s what I am and what I follow) for different posts:

book reviews don’t usually bring in very high stats, unless it’s for a popular/hyped up book
meme posts are more popular than reviews, and they can be great for stats and discovering blogs but more and more people seem to be against these posts because they become very repetitive?
discussions & lists tend to be the most/super popular! I’ve noticed this on my own blog, and also on a ton of other blogs as well; I love reading their discussions and lists can be super fun as well if you come up with a topic I’m interested in!

  • What day did you post on?

I’m still trying to figure out which day is the most popular for me… WordPress claims it’s Tuesday? I’m not going to be posting all my posts on Tuesday though, and right now the way I set up my schedule I only have like, one other Tuesday post. So.

But different days can definitely bring different amounts of people visiting your posts? I am speculating that Tuesday is popular for me because a lot of people participate in Top Ten Tuesday? In comparison, Monday posts or Sunday posts don’t always do as well BUT again so many factors that play into that!! I give up on trying to analyze my stats why am I doing this

  • What TIME did you post at?

I am FOREVER conflicted on what time to post!! I don’t know about you guys, but for me, when I posted something totally affected the stats. See, a lot of people, I am almost 100% certain, read posts from their WordPress Reader. Which means posting at a time where people are most likely to go on to their Reader = better stats! What do you mean you can’t predict when people are going to go on their Reader shh.

What time to post? I honestly don’t know. #help I once (accidentally) scheduled a post for 10 or 11 at night and I got, like 2 or 3 views? It was kind of funny, to be honest. But I do not recommend for stats!!

Nowadays, I tend to post more in the mid-afternoons. Not any particular reason why, though I’ve seen a lot of blogs I follow posting early in the morning like 7 or 8! So I might try that but so far my time has been working for me… mostly. What are your thoughts???

  • How relatable is it or how easy is it to create discussion?

Relatable posts are the best! Part of the reason why discussions and lists can be so much fun to read/write! Posts where your readers can relate in some way or talk about something do really well. Of course, it can be argued you can talk about something no matter what type of post, which is why I mention relatable! Obviously not every post has to be relatable, but having a mix of posts is so important, and relatable ones are the most fun to read and write, for me anyway!

OKAY got sidetracked there. Back to successful/unsuccessful posts!! I just wanted to touch on one more aspect of successful/unsuccessful posts, which is something totally unrelated from the numbers.

Comments and interaction is super important to me, but apart from that, I consider a successful post to be one that I’m proud of writing and put a lot of effort into as well. In the past, I’d say I kind of failed at this side of success? I posted mostly memes (SO MANY MEMES omg I honestly don’t know how people managed to survive on my blog back then) and effort was minimal! Which isn’t a bad thing, obviously, but I now focus more on quality over quantity, in terms of my posts? Being happy with your post is a whole different kind of success that can’t be measured.


Sometimes, even if I consider a post to be ‘successful’ in the personal satisfaction sense, the stats don’t always match my opinion. Which sucks, sometimes. I can pour my heart out into a post, spend HOURS on a post and be really excited about a post, and it might still flop? There may not even be a reason why.

Blogging, in that sense, can be so unpredictable. Of course you have certain expectations for each post, stats-wise, sometimes they’ll be met (YAY), sometimes they’ll be passed (YAY x2), aaaaand sometimes they will flop (CRY). It’s just how it goes?? I will be the first to say it’s disappointing when the latter happens, of course, but at the same time I don’t dwell often on it too long–my tip is to focus on all the ways your post was AMAZING rather than the numbers. 😉 Does wonders for your mood, haha. (“Easier said than done”, I can hear you say, but I swear it does get easier!)

RECAP TIME!! Because this discussion was too long and too confusing.

For me, I consider a successful post to be one with a lot of comments/interaction AND that I’m proud of writing. And whether a post is successful or unsuccessful depends on so many things, things like: type of post, what time and what day you post on, and also if the post invites discussion or is relatable. Yet sometimes there might not be a reason! Sometimes posts just flop, with no obvious reason why. And I think it’s happened to us all at one point?

What I consider personally to be unsuccessful posts, in a nutshell would be when I spend a lot of time on a post and it doesn’t provoke as much discussion as I was anticipating/expecting? Because comments mean SO MUCH to me, and having that positive feedback on posts I put effort into is a lovely thing. ❤

But I’ve learned to NOT dwell on disappointments for long, because then it just makes blogging all too serious and sad. 😦 AND THAT CAN’T HAPPEN!! (#hellobloggingslump) Focus on the happy stuff! Eat cake. Read fluffy or heartbreaking books. All is well. 🙂

Whoops, that was supposed to be a short recap. NOW is finally the time for me to shut my mouth!! What are your thoughts?? Don’t let this become a unsuccessful post pleeeease! (*wiggles eyebrows* Do you see what I did there?) What time do you usually post things? Have you had unsuccessful posts before and what is your definition of successful or unsuccessful posts? How popular are reviews, for you? Do you agree with me? What are some of your most popular posts? Let us discuss!!


26 thoughts on “Blogging disappointments: Unsuccessful blog posts! // SAD FACE.

  1. Ooh, I love this discussion!

    I definitely have had unsuccessful posts before! I usually have an average number of views/comments/likes I expect, and when they’re not met, I can get disappointed, but I’ll usually just move on! I mean, in the end, there’s really nothing you can do to MAKE people pay attention to your post, no matter how excited you are about it!


  2. AGH, I COMPLETELY agree! When I look at my posts and determine which are successful, I look at the number of comments, and also, like you said, if I’m proud of the post. (But then when I’m looking at popularity, I’m looking at the amount of views on each post.) Unsuccessful posts for me would be like you said — when I’m not very proud of it and it doesn’t get as much discussion.

    DUDE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TIME TO POST AT. I usually do it in the evening because school, but now that I’m out… I just post randomly. BUT I THINK I’m going to schedule it for 10 am always so 1) it’s early and people can read it and 2) when I get home from school I can answer comments right away.

    And haha Analee the people survived your meme-ridden blog because you’re awesome and we love you. ❤


  3. YES, EXACTLY. I feel like I have too many expectations for my posts *even though I shouldn’t* BUT I feel like a lot of the posts that I’m proud of generally get more traffic. MAYBE THE INTERNET JUST *SENSES* WHICH POSTS I’VE WORKED HARD ON AND GRANTS ME STUFF. WHO KNOWS.

    I DON’T KNOW WHEN I SHOULD POST AGHAGHAGH I always think about this when I try to schedule posts, but I remember once I scheduled it at like, 9 or 10 ish and I forgot to turn off my phone and it was going off like crazy during school.. (yep, I played dumb for a while but they figured out that it was me. 😥 ) A LOT of the times I just schedule it at like 11 pm whenever I finish it because #procrastination lol but if I finish it earlier I usually schedule it at like 7 or 8.. or maybe 9.

    I mean, yes I am personally against tons of memes BUT it really depends on how people take the meme and use it in their post.


  4. I also like using number of comments as a personal indicator of “success” because I think comments show the post was interesting enough that people want to take the time to engage with it.

    I used to think weekend posts were bad for stats, and I guess weekdays are still better, but part of it depends on what I post on the weekends. I considered just not posting on weekends at all, and I know some bloggers do this, but I think I’m getting enough traffic it’s still worth it, and people do seem to catch up on weekend posts on Monday.


  5. I really love comments on my posts because I love talking about books with other readers, and I want to get other people talking about books too, but my blog is small, so I am pretty happy with page views too. I post almost every day, because I read a lot and I also like to do some memes (Sunday Post, TTT, Can’t Wait Wednesday), which get the most traffic anyhow. The other days are for reviews and when inspiration strikes, a discussion post.


  6. I love this discussion! Like you, I don’t look at my stats often and I normally decide if my posts are successful or not by the comments/likes. 😜


  7. Hi!! I recently started to co-review with a couple other bloggers. We call those posts the Blog Book Club. On our first review the other two bloggers said their posts go out at 2am. We are all in the US and because our reviews were linked to each other I wanted mine to go out at the same time. So I changed my post from 6am to 2am and saw a noticeable difference! Maybe because bloggers from other countries could read it during their day? Then the US reads a few hours later? People are night owls? Who knows! But, ever since then I post at 2am and my stats are up. Yeah! Lol.

    W are looking for other Blog Book Club members if anyone is interested?


  8. It’s so weird sometimes I post and the post gets barely any interactions or views and then other times I do a similar post and it’s gets a lot of views and comments! And I can never figure out what time or day of the week to post either! I liked this discussion! Very interesting to read 🙂


  9. Comments > likes, at least for me. I feel more validated when I receive comments on my posts because then I will know that people really read what I wrote whereas when I get only likes, I feel like people felt obligated to like it just because they opened my post.

    Aaand as for the time, WordPress says my best time is at 8 in the evening and that is because most of my readers are from the US and I live in the Philippines. I used to schedule posts during the day but not many people saw my posts instantly so I changed to 8pm so I will still get to interact with people (because school won’t let me visit my blog during the day and I’m already too tired if I post later).

    I realized that my least successful posts are the ones I don’t spend too much time thinking about and personally don’t like (I don’t even know why I even publish those kinds of posts!!) I’ll try putting quality first even if that means I’ll be on mini hiatus on some weeks because I’ll have no good posts…


  10. OH this is such an interesting post, Analee! 🙂 I judge the success of my blog posts by the interactions they get, and mostly comments, because with each one of my blog posts I’m trrying to create discussion and I want to talk with people, so when they comment and react a lot, I feel like I have done something good!
    As for the time, I always schedule my posts at the same time, I actually never tried and did tests or changed that. Since everyone is basically in a different time zone, I’m hoping they will see the post in their reader and read it if interested ahah.
    My most unsuccessful posts are the reviews as well ; especially when they are for books that no one has heard of before, or it’s not a popular book. It makes me a bit sad but well… I don’t know what to do about it ahha 🙂


  11. Great discussion!

    Knowing what time to post is something that stresses me out. Not being in the US I’m never quite sure when the most successful time is? I normally post late at night my time which is like midday in the US? It seems to be working okay, but I always wonder if there’s a better time.

    I think interaction is definitely the sign of a successful post. Reviews are definitely my least viewed especially if it’s a backlist book or one that doesn’t have a lot of hype. It can be frustrating at times because I HATE writing reviews and would love some recognition 😂 but at the same time I tend to only read reviews for books I’m interested in so I understand why.


  12. I tend not to look at stats much, especially not at likes. I like knowing people liked my post but often, especially in the beginning of my blogging career, people liked my posts without reading them. It’s really weird, I had more likes than views, which should not be possible. I do love comments and value those at least ten times more than likes.
    I don’t stress timing, I did that in the beginning but I think it was just a fluke or something, because people tended to read more of my posts during my night. Now I really don’t know, I tend to post in my afternoon/evening, just because that’s convenient for me.
    For me, the most active day on my blog is Sunday, and I thought it was because people might be catching up on my posts on Sunday, but I don’t know?? I got a large Tuesday crowd too but that is because of my discussions, which I always post on Tuesday.
    Great discussion!


  13. Loved reading this post, is very relatable, as you said discussion posts can be! I took a break from blogging, and since being back, I haven’t been getting the stats, comments and likes that I used to before, which I consider unsuccessful for me, especially when I have just come back to doing something I love but not really getting it noticed the way it was before. I do find that my discussion posts are a lot more popular than my reviews, but I also tend to write long posts, so I don’t know whether that puts people off reading them? I usually post about 10am, but I think that’s just a standard time I have chosen, I don’t know whether to change it?!


  14. SO I BASICALLY hate all the posts on my blog.Partially a reason why I’m moving blogs because right now, I don’t LIKE the content I’m posting. If someone else posted my content, I wouldn’t comment, maybe just like. It’s just not the content I want. Even if I got 100 comments on that post (which would never happen because I don’t like that post, so other people won’t so it wouldn’t get that many comments I still wouldn’t like my post but I WOULD feel successful because people are commenting on my horrible content which shows that no matter what I posts, I have got some amazing followers). I LOVE it when people comment on them but I always feel ‘but this isn’t a good post, WHY are you reading my rubbish content?? I CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS. I promise you’ but of course I can’t say this because those lovely bloggers actually used their fingers and eyeballs to show me some appreciation.

    However, If I have a post that I like and get good comments then those comments are well-deserved and I feel much better.And if it’s a post, I’m MEH about and I get a lot of comments, then I feel successful I stopped checking my stats because honestly, they take so much EFFORT

    I don’t have a schedule and I have no idea about timings BECAUSE TIME ZONES. So don’t ask.


  15. This is a great discussion Analee, and I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve said in it as well. 🙂 ❤ I think everyone has disappointing posts, I've had a few myself that haven't reached the stats I've expected/hoped they would, but I tend to move on to the next post pretty quickly, and when it comes down to it as long as I get people viewing my reviews/tags/etc. I'm happy.
    I tend to post at the same time every night, or around the same time. Not sure why but it's probably because it's when I get back from work and have had time to answer comments/comment on other people's blogs. 🙂 I don't do change easily so once I settle in a time to post I stick to it.
    My most popular day is Tuesday as well, but that's probably because that's when I publish my TTT posts! 😀


  16. Nice discussion! I think about this so often! It’s very interesting to find out how someone found my blog, why they decided to follow and what encouraged them to comment – this goes for particular posts too! It’s interesting to find a trend as you explained with discussion posts being the most popular.

    I never really thought about particular times to post – I usually schedule them anywhere between 10am through 11:45am, but I’m definitely going to pay a bit more attention to this in future to see which posts get more traffic quickly depending upon time of day!


  17. I COMPLETELY had to disregard my stats in this year because they are horrendous compared to what they once used to be. It doesn’t matter if I look at visitor numbers, likes or comments, the blog is a wasteland right now and I know it all started when I was overwhelmed by work and didn’t post as regularly anymore. I know that my friends and some people still care, but it really doesn’t feel the same when the numbers don’t back it up. It was actually really dragging me down, so I try to just not look at all these days. I can’t do more than I am doing right now and even with my #CurrentlyWatching posts, which were A TON of work, it seemed like I wasn’t getting the kind of feedback I once used to get.
    I am clearly very bitter about this hahaha I am sorry I am loading this off here, but it’s just a phase I suppose.
    I know there is so much that plays into it, especially me not doing popular memes like Top 5 Wednesday and TTT anymore made the stats go down. I think the time difference also comes into play now that I am in Canada, but in general I don’t know what exactly it is that doesn’t work. Either way, I can’t go back to posting 5-6 times a week, there’s just no time for that hahahaha
    I love your posts and this one in particular, because blogging isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Thanks for the food for thought ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • AHHH KAT!! I relate to this SO MUCH, you have no idea. When I returned to blogging a few months ago after my 7-month (*hides*) hiatus, my stats…. AGH. A complete disaster compared to what they used to be because of my hiatus, and also because my present schedule makes it SO HARD for me to blog hop as regularly as I used to, which definitely affects my stats. I am SO grateful for anyone who visits my blog and the friends who comment, but it didn’t always feel the same knowing my stats were better in the past or could’ve been better now *if only* I had posted more, etc. It was a horrible mindset! Dragged me down for so long. I have a suspicion the stats played a factor in why my hiatus lasted so long too? Because I was/am putting so much effort, and work into writing posts, and so when I don’t get that feedback, it’s really disappointing? I know there’s nothing I can really do about it, and I do get over it, but the stats affected my mood, so much, and so I hardly look at my stats page anymore. I am so relieved to see someone else feel the same way, because it seems like most people are not as affected by the stats as I was? But at the same time, I’m SO SORRY you feel/felt that way, I know how much of a downer that is. ❤ ❤ And haha no worries!! This was actually so refreshing to read because I relate so much! I was so bitter about this as well, and I didn't feel like I could really talk about it then? But ahah I totally understand you. ❤ Your blog is FABULOUS though, don't you forget! 😉
      Oh yes, what type of post it is definitely plays a factor! I didn't participate in memes for such a long time, but when I did, my stats were definitely at least a bit higher haha. I know right?? It's impossible to know why a post doesn't do well, which is frustrating because all I ask is WHYYY?? And never find an answer. *sigh* Oh same! Back in… 2015? (WOW) I posted SO often, especially during the summer months, but now I have work, and I put more effort into posts which means I have zero time for posting that often haha. And it's okay! You do you. ❤
      Ahh thank you, this topic has been festering inside me (that sounds so odd, ignore that) for such a long time and I really needed to share this! xD Thank YOU for this lovely comment, I needed to hear this so much. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • I am sad and glad at the same time that you can relate to this. I didn’t go on hiatus as long as you, but throughout the past year I kept doing mini-hiatus of sorts where I didn’t post for a week or two at a time and it has really affected the blog.
        I think all your blog posts are so original and creative! ❤ I can totally see the work you are putting into them and I would need hours and hours to do a fraction of what you are doing, because you are so thoughtful and funny with everything you put out there. I am sure the stats will go back up for you soon enough 😉 but I can also picture how different it was before the hiatus.
        Do you also sometimes feel a little bitter about people not visiting while you are gone? Because I can see such a difference in a single week, just from looking at the days a post goes up to the days where there is nothing new and it frustrates me a little bit. I don't know how some people post every day, stay up to date with their comments AND blog hop all the time. I have become absolutely terrible at interacting on other people's blogs and I feel so bad about it. Because, of course, I can't expect people to make the effort on my blog if I never return the favor. Ugh, this is all so difficult but I am so glad you could relate and that you posted all of this! ❤


  18. Absolutely agree! Comparing ourselves to other bloggers is very toxic and won’t make us feel any better. You just do you you 😉
    Also, stats don’t matter as long as you’re enjoying yourself. Writing about a book/subject you’re not passionate about just because it attracts more bloggers is insane. Why not both?
    Sometimes it’s more a matter of luck rather than skill, to be honest… In the end, it’s just numbers! Everyone should aim to simply have fun 🙂


  19. I agree with so much of this! Like, sometimes I’ll write a post that gets a load of views and other times I’ll have almost nothing. That pushes me toward certain types of posts, even if I don’t like them so much… which is just so wrong – I should write about what I enjoy! So I try not to look at stats too much 😀
    Megan @


  20. This is a really interesting topic! I don’t look at my stats too often but it’s obvious when I have more/less comments/likes on a post that is/isn’t doing well. I had this happen to me recently with one of my posts. And it’s such a bummer that reviews don’t do as well, because they’re a standard in the book blogging community, and a lot of the time, I think people expect you to write them. And discussions, some of the most time-consuming posts, are the ones that seem to do well. Most of the time.
    I’m trying to find a good balance of posts on my blog, and this month is just getting to be hectic! Wish me luck haha. 😉 Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah yes same here! I kind of have an idea of how well a post should do so based off the likes and comments I can kind of tell which ones didn’t do as well. Oh yeah same here! I don’t write many reviews nowadays, but when I did they definitely were not great for the stats, which is so sad!! So many people write put time into writing reviews (or don’t, I guess it depends) and it’s disappointing when they don’t do well. Ahah yes discussion posts tend to be super popular! I find it super disappointing as a result if they *don’t* do well haha. Oh it is so hard to find a balance! GOOD LUCK! You got this. 😂❤ Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Right! I totally agree.
        I’m trying to write some more because I WANT to share my thoughts on the books I read, but it’s so disheartening and dissuading that people don’t read them. :-:
        That is very true! I’ve had a couple that just fell flat and then it’s even more disappointing!
        Hahaha thanks so much! 😉


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