Reasons why book bloggers would write the best books ever!

Fact: book bloggers are pretty amazing. They’re so smart, they’re so BOOKISH, they’re so friendly (ily people <3), they’re so aware and fabulous. Like, seriously. All of you book bloggers, YOU ROCK. I admire all of you so much, you have no idea!

Writers, you see, are also some people who I admire! They provide us with the AMAZING books that I would honestly be lost without. That I adore to read. That are fabulously written. SO. Just imagine the potential, then, if you mash the two together and have a writer who’s also a book blogger?! I KNOW. GENIUS.

This is partly inspired by the fact that there are so many book bloggers I’ve met and talk to (and many who I haven’t) who are aspiring writers and such? (So my genius idea and dream to have writers who are book bloggers publish books might not be too far off??! I AM PSYCHIC.)

And in case you had any doubts of the amazingness of book bloggers and their talents, well, here are reasons why book bloggers would write the best books ever!! (Talk to me after you’ve read the post, muggle who doubts the awesomeness of book blogging writers. Also seriously, they have some of the best ideas and I would 10/10 read books by book bloggers. #publisherstakenoteplz)

Oh and disclaimer I’m not trying to undermine authors at all!! In case you read any comment in that way, I’m proving why book bloggers would write amazing books, not that they are better than the authors we have or that the authors we have aren’t good! 🙂

1. They are creative as hell??

I’ve seen so many ideas for books and WIPs over on different blogs and via Twitter and I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THEM ALL. Like why can’t these books be written and published asap?? So many book bloggers I know come up with such great material for their blog, and even aside from that the book bloggers themselves are always so imaginative I’ve seen (bookworm trait??) and I’m telling you, some day these bloggers WILL get published and I’ll be here saying I told you so. JUST YOU WAIT. Just you wait.*

(Though like teach me your ways writing bloggers honestly I am very much a dull potato in comparison?? How are you so creativeeeee?)

*Wink wink.

2. They know what we need more of in books!

Like friendships and good families and diversity??! As book bloggers, they have access to so many different opinions and point of views and from their own reading must’ve picked up on things they like vs don’t like and things we need more of in books! Like, so many bloggers I’ve seen have spoken about having realistic characters, less romance, rep for marginalized voices, diversity and AGH. So many amazing ideas… imagine if those book bloggers put them to the page??! EXACTLY. Utter fabulousness. Told you.

3. They are fabulous writers.

I exclude myself because my writing is rubbish and I have no idea what I’m doing 100% of the time even if I’m a book blogger BUT so many book bloggers I know write such amazinggg blog posts and I have no doubt if they tried to write a book I would love it. Anyone who says blog posts doesn’t count as writing can FIGHT ME. 😛 Blog posts actually can take so much work if you put effort into making it yours and putting your voice into it? And like that would translate so amazingly into a book. ❤ Of course a reader does not = a writer but the best writers are definitely readers so you never know? Book bloggers = infinite potential for fabulousness

4. They would most likely write the best characters ever.

Goes back to the previous points a bit – book bloggers have such a good idea on different types of characters and what works/what doesn’t, you know? And they’re just so AWARE of story elements I think, and most specifically characters in this case, which means they would write the most amazing ones ever?? For example, it’s now considered a fact (for me anyway lolol) that bookish and sassy characters are some of the best characters in existence?? And what better person to write/create a character like that than someone who IS ONE aka a book blogger?? (NO ONE. Apart from maybe Becky Albertalli) And of course there are so many other options!! Bottom line is they would no doubt write FABULOUS CHARACTERS. ❤

5. #ownvoices for the win!

Books about marginalized people FROM marginalized people are one of the absolute best things to ever exist, second only to books in general! Of course not all book bloggers are part of a marginalized community, and those that are writers are not all necessarily #ownvoices authors either. Yet there IS still so much own voices material, of that I have no doubt. We want to hear your voices!!

And even aside from potential own voices authors in the book blogging community, the book blogging community is so diverse, there are so many lovely people offering beta reading and sensitivity reading services! As book bloggers, I feel like it’s a lot easier to have access and find beta readers? Which means proper rep and (hopefully) fabulous books!! #yas

6. They are good with deadlines!

Again, bar me from this grouping because deadlines are AWFUL AND I CAN’T DEAL WITH THEM.

But other book bloggers seem to be so good with them??? Submitting ARC reviews, scheduling and all that jazz. And I’m not an author, but from what I’ve seen and what I infer, there are many deadlines for an author? Submitting drafts, final copies, making edits, etc. So being good with deadlines would probably be very useful?? (Another reason why I can never be an author hahaha.)

7. They would have the best cheerleaders!

Writing a book is a solo effort, but there is SO much that goes into making/writing one and obviously supporters and friends are a big part?? PERSONAL CHEERLEADERS. To bring you cake and screech at you to finish the book, obviously. Jk. Kind of.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the book bloggers I’ve met are some of the nicest, most enthusiastic and supportive people ever? Like, apart from my irl supporters, you guys are like my family without the annoying side? #win 😛 Which means there’s a whole crew of people to support a book blogger in his/her book writing journey!! To provide feedback, etc and because the crew of people are also well-versed in books, it’s constructive and useful! YAY. And they also (figuratively) provide food! Secret to writing a book, I’m sure. (I wouldn’t actually know but shh)

Am I right or am I right that book bloggers would write AMAZING books??! What do you think is the number one thing that makes book bloggers great writers? If YOU are a book blogger who is also a writer, or simply a writer, tell me what you’re currently working on!! I want to squeal about your fabulous ideas ❤ Allow me to become your cheerleader!! *THROWS CAKE AND CONFETTI and pom poms*

ALSO. I just wanted to say that I will be on a mini-hiatus!! I kind of have been already, considering how I missed my scheduled day post for Monday, and this is a scheduled post right now. I haven’t gotten the chance to reply to comments YET, but I will soon-ish! I’ve just been super busy, I have summer classes and work and I am dying under stress and sleep deprivation. So. Um. That makes it difficult to write posts or even have time for myself? GAH. But I just wanted to give you a heads up and apologies in advance!! And THANK YOU for all your support, I feel horrible that I’m so behind on everyone’s blogs but once this week goes by *I HOPE* everything will calm down and I will go on commenting binges. WOO! ❤

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  1. I try to never write a post without mentioning at LEAST one book. Books are so important to living a better life. Great post! I need to start working on my book soon. 😛

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