7 things all readers wish they’d known before becoming a bookworm // But nobody told them (#rude)

Yeah, so the ‘they’ and ‘them’ I’m referencing in the title? TOTALLY NOT TALKING ABOUT ME. Nope. 

Hello everyone!! I hope you guys are all doing well! ❤ I’ve kind of been MIA lately since my last post, but I’m back today with another post for you guys–another list (can you tell I love them?) but this time the focus is on us bookworms! 

Revelation you are maybe not aware of but kind of true: Becoming a bookworm is not really choice? It just decides to attack you suddenly after you realize, hey, I like books! Let me read more of them! And there you go. But like, there’s those moments you’re sitting there and you wish there was some sort of manual letting you know what you were getting yourself into because being a bookworm is dangerous and full of pain? (No? Just me? Okay.) Well, here’s that manual you never asked for or thought you needed!!

1. Reading books will be your favourite things of ever but it will also stab you in the back with all the feels???

I never knew I had so many feelings??? Or that my emotions can flip flop that fast?? One second I’m SOBBING ON THE GROUND because my precious children go through so much pain but the next I’m there squealing and smiling because it’s all SO BEAUTIFUL and agh. Stop messing with my heart, you cruel creature book! I love reading so much but never ever ever could I have predicted how invested I would become and how easily a book can break my poor fragile heart! Being a bookworm is dangerous omg, I told you.

2. You will be broke and/or sobbing miserably because you can’t buy those NEW BOOKS 90% of the time.

Just me? Yes no? (Fyi another 45% goes to me sobbing over my incomplete TBR and 95% due to my broken heart, shhh no such thing as just 100%.) Thing is: as much as it would be fabulous to spend all our money on books, there are certain other responsibilities most of us have! (ew. Responsibilities.) And so being an avid bookworm means that you will fall into at least one of these situations: a) you’re broke because you went way too book-buying-happy in the bookstore, or b) you decided to be sensible and not buy all of the new books but you’re suffering because YOU WANT THEM. Or perhaps you’re a bit of both?? Either way, being a bookworm gets much difficult and having a warning might’ve been useful?? Maybe then you’d have more money so you can save up for books instead of those useless baby toys you wanted as a kid. Which might rob you of your childhood

Sample of new releases that sound SO FABULOUS but like I can’t read them yet because I have other expenses? (ugh) *cries*

3. You will become obsessed with having your books match in size and cover and you will sufferrrrrr.

I wrote a whole post rant on this (among other whiny things) previously? And so I won’t go into it again but GUYS. Anyone who appreciates the value of physical books can relate on the fact that books, in series, mostly, that do not match in size or cover are utterly horrible and UGH. But like, I didn’t mind unmatched books before?? I don’t think I even notice haha because my prebookworm days were back when I was an oblivious little child with no care for aesthetic or owning books, even. Sooooooo being a #bookworm did this to me?

4. You will become double your age (if not more #me) before you come close to finishing your TBR.

Honestly, if we were to go by my Goodreads TBR? I WOULD NEVER FINISH. No joke. I have almost 2000 books on there I think? Over 1500 for sure, so. UM. Somebody needs to take Goodreads away from me and also block all the book recommendations I get from blogging?? (nooooooooo don’t actually you monster) And I know most (sane) people have smaller (but equally daunting, perhaps!) TBRs and so I think most people understand my TBR struggle hereeeeee. I am SO questioning my ability to finish the books on my TBR? I will be SMUSHED under all the books. Why did someone not warn me in advance how dangerous this is???

5. Waiting for books will be the bane of your existence.

And everyone said it would be climate change hahahahaha how cute. Anyone who has ever waited for a book to be released… a year later? This mostly applies to series, but I’m sure it has happened to any of you at one point. Waiting a whole year (or even more?!) for the next book is horrible ahghhhh. I mentioned this in my other post too, but honestly! So much can happen in a year; My house might collapse, my sister might steal my books, I become broke and can’t buy the sequel…? Better just give me the book now?

*sigh* You never thought being a bookworm would involve (somewhat figuratively) screeching because you finished a book and the sequel doesn’t release til 12 months later but SURPRISE!!

6. Books will completely, utterly take over your life.

I mean, I started a BLOG just to fangirl about books? And honestly, I don’t think there’s been a day that’s passed without me thinking SOMETHING related to books, whether it be shrieking about having nothing to read (but have a Mount Everest-sized TBR) or what 2AM book-themed post I should write next. AND thanks to blogging, I now probably spend wayyyy too much time fangirling about YA books (because there are so many like-minded people on here and ILY SO MUCH) and any normal person would think I have a problem? 😛 Irl, I bet my friends have gotten tired of me saying “Oh my gosh I just read this AMAZING book” or “That totally reminds me of this book I read!” #mybookwormlife in a nutshell, I’m telling you.

7. Almost everyone in life is now beneath your high standards thanks to fictional characters.

Thank god hardly anyone I know in real life reads my blog. Seriously though: Despite the amazing people we have in our own lives, fictional characters are kind of better? Sometimes! Like, I recently-ish finished the Lara Jean trilogy and I just want a Peter (or John Ambrose McClaren, tbh) in my life? *cries* Or Reid from The Upside of Unrequited (complete soft boy preciousness) or JEM? Or like even for my best friend standards?? SIMON omg. AND NINA. (Disclaimer: I love my friends, I swear I do.) And the WEASLEY FAMILY. Agh. So perfect and beautiful I want them to be mineeee too?! Bottom line is: fictional characters are kind of the best and I want them to be realllllllll. *cries* And I don’t know about you, but I totally have a high standard for guys to date now. 😛 (Kidding, kidding! Mostly!)

Sooooo I think we can all agree being a bookworm is dangerous, tragic and frought with obstacles?? And it would’ve been helpful to be warned in advance of such things? BUT. I think we can also agree that no matter what, being a bookworm is one of the BEST THINGS EVER and even if I did know in advance all of these (tragic) effects of being a bookworm, I would never ever ever not want to be a bookworm. Because it is fabulous! And plus, the book blogging community is one of my favourites ever and everyone is the nicest and just AHH so much love. ❤ ❤

Wait that wasn’t the point of this post at all oops. 😉 We must not forget the dangers and tragedies of being a bookworm!! Have you gotten tired of me yet.

TELL ME: What did you think of my super helpful manual of things all bookworms should’ve known in advance before becoming a bookworm??! Personally this is like my bookworm life in like (*checks word count*) 970 ish words honestly. xD Let me know your thoughts!!

80 thoughts on “7 things all readers wish they’d known before becoming a bookworm // But nobody told them (#rude)

  1. Oh god!!! The dreaded TBR mountain. I share my Kindle account with my 70 year old mum who keeps saying she’ll never read them all in her lifetime. To be honest the way I keep adding more I doubt I ever will either 😀

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  2. This is a great post Analee ❤ and most of these are things I've thought/felt at one time or another. Except the crying because I can't afford new books, I normally end up crying because I've spent all my money/more money than I actually have on new books, so I go completely the other way when it comes to that! 😀
    I have definitely been attacked by the feels so many times, I've ended up crying on the train either to or from work because I've reached an emotional part in a book I'm reading. Luckily in London no one acknowledges anyone on public transport so I haven't had to explain why I'm crying or anything. 🙂
    Also waiting for books is the bane of my existence, mainly because I have no patience when it comes to eagerly anticipated releases of mine. 😀
    Again great post Analee! 🙂 ❤

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    • Aw thanks so much!! ❤ Haha I'm glad to hear I wasn't alone in most of this! OH haha that is quite the opposite! Well, at least in that situation you have new books to choose from (and hopefully love reading), despite the money they cost haha. xD
      I know right?? Oh my gosh, yessss. Too many times I freaked out in public while reading a book!! (Usually while I'm on the bus haha) It's a good thing you didn't have to explain your tears ahah to some random stranger though! 😛
      I knowwww. How do people do it?? I'm SO impatient oh my gosh haha. Thank you! ❤

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      • That’s all right! Nah I think anyone who’s been reading for a long time has felt one or more of these things at least once or twice right? 🙂
        Yeah I’m never really stuck on anything new to read, which is nice, but my bank account is always low on funds which isn’t as nice. People in London are use to weirdos crying over nothing. I’m just one of them crying over my book.
        If anyone does know they need to share the secret with me!
        That’s all right! 😀 ❤

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  3. #6 is SO TRUE. I think about books literally all the time… I feel bad for all of my friends who don’t really read a lot because every story I tell seems to be about books or related to some bookish endeavor in some way. But #sorrynotsorry 🙂 Awesome post!

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  4. OMGGGG!!! This post totally resonates with me! I have been a huge book nerd ever since I could remember and I chose it as my course of study in university. About 80% of my paycheck and financial aid check from university goes straight to buying new books ! I read and read and read and find myself lost in multiple fictional worlds to the point that reality never seems to compare! As soon as I’m done reading a book I somehow begin to take on the traits and begin acting like my favorite characters. There will be 2 am moments that I’ll think “What would ____ do right now?”
    So true, books DO take over lives!
    Happy reading 🙂

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    • YAYYY I’m so glad to hear that!! Ahhh same here oh my gosh books have always been a huge part of my life! Ooh good choice ahah. 🙈 Yesss SO much of my money and paychecks go to buying books for sure!! Fictional worlds are just so interesting?? Reading about the lives of so many different characters is such an incredible experience. 😍 Haha books influence us so much, don’t they?!? I KNOW RIGHT. We can’t resist! Thanks, to you too! 😊

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  5. AGREED.

    WHY DID NO ONE WARN US OF THESE DANGERS BEFORE WE STARTED READING?? *shakes fist* there should be a warning up on the internet like, “Proceed with caution. Your heart will break.”


    And seriously, *glances around* does anyone know of a way to become immortal?? I NEED TO FINISH MY TBR. WHY IS IT SO BIG. AGH.

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    • I KNOW RIGHT??! Literally. There needs to be A WARNING for the poor innocent souls who don’t know what they’re getting into?? I never knew it would cause so much PAIN oh my gosh haha.

      AGHHHH I KNOW *cries* WHYYYYYYY. Tis a question I ask everyday. *cries some more*

      Oh SAME. Let me know if you find out how???! It’s the only way I’ll ever finish my TBR, honestly. It will crush me before I get even halfway through?? Or even a quarter?? TOO MANY BOOKS omg. xD

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  6. “And everyone said it would be climate change hahahahaha how cute.” LMAO SO TRUE! I literally NEED the sequel to Three Dark Crowns right now or I might die!

    And same about the Weasley family! I wish they were real SO BADLY!!!

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    • RIGHT??! Everyone worrying about climate change needs to WAKE UP and realize the true threat here omg haha. 😉 OOH I heard so much about that book!! GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND. When is the sequel released??

      YESSS!! They are absolute bookish family GOALS haha. ❤

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  7. I feel like the one thing off your list that is the most like me is my books not matching in size. It really makes me so angry when I look at my shelves and see books in a series not being the same size. I’ve got a few of them and I would like to throw them all out the window but then they cost money – so I can’t actually do that.

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    • Ahah I know right?? It’s utterly horrible, and doesn’t look aesthetic whatsoever 😩 Is it so hard to ask for the books to be the same size?!? Haha I knowww and if you’re desperate it means you’re forced to buy the new covers 🙈😔

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  8. So true! Maybe if I’d known all this I’d never have started reading (hahahaha). My standards for everyone is so high now. I don’t think I’ll ever be 100% satisfied until I have a William Herondale in my life and it’s the worst because I will not settle for anyone who is not William Herondale, actually, that’s a lie I’d definitely settle for a Peter K. Great post!

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    • Glad you think so!! Omggg YUP TOTALLY never would’ve… 😂 Oh my gosh YESSS. Willlllllllll my love 😍 I don’t think there’s anyone irl in my life who could compare?? Haha yes Peter too. 🙈 Thanks so much!


  9. I object to number 2. You will not be broke, you will just not have ANY TIME, because you are saving the money while specifically taking up blogging (=second job) to get early free copies. Stress on word EARLY. 😀

    Okay, so you will still buy books even when you start doing that. I might be somewhat in denial here.

    You have 2000 books xD alright, I now feel better about my 514. Ish.

    Good one about the standards of fictional characters 😀 really, really good! But then… you just have to think of the typical YA parents and you’ll realize your own must be like 500% better, cause, you know, YA parents. Most of those come straight from hell? 😀

    Great post!!

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    • HAHAHA omg #me. 🙈 I don’t have any time ever for sureeee and blogging does take up a lot of time? But on the not buying books front… I SMELL DENIAL. 😂
      Hahaha I know right?? I have a problem… Good luckkkk on your 514 books!!
      Oh my gosh SO TRUE. Soooo many favourite amazing characters in fiction but there are just as many parents (not to mention the villains, I suppose haha) that I am SO GLAD are not real. 😅 Haha yessss they kind of do sometimes.


  10. Oh my god, this is so true.! I think my TBR list is never gonna end, its just gonna keep expanding and expanding till I donno when xD And this is basically the story of my life, so legit true. Amazing post ❤

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  11. Hahahhaa oh yes, being a bookworm might be the worst and the best thing ever because there are just SO many conflicting feelings here. GREAT feelings because of all the books and everything they bring us, but also just HEARTBREAKIN for the exact same reason – and also because we can’t only eat books and survive, we might need to keep some money for food and life and stuff ahah. Great post!! ❤

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    • I know right?!? Being a bookworm is so contradictory haha. SO amazing to have those feels for sure but aghhh the HEARTBREAK. 💔🙈 Haha for sure, as much as it feels like I live off books, I need food?? And other stuff haha. Thanks so much! 😊

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  12. Great post, I’m always crying or laughing at books which isn’t fun when your reading in public and people look at you like your crazy which happens way too often. I also spend way too much money on books and then end up feeling guilty about not saving my money. Fictional characters are always better than real people.

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    • Thanks so much!! SAME oh my gosh haha. I laugh or squeal way too often reading some books, and yup, definitely got my fair share of stares there haha. 🙈 I knowwww it’s so difficult to resist though?!? Haha they’re pretty amazing. 😍

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  13. This is such a great post !! Tbh, the bookworm struggles are real. I’m constantly torn between wanting to read or have a day where I’m not emotionally torn apart 🙂 And about the waiting for books thing……… I’m in love with the Diviners series by Liba Bray and they come out like every two or three years 😥 My tbr on my goodreads is only like ten books !! (But I think that’s because I’m too lazy to actually add books to it……)

    (And I totally need Bram to exist in real life so we can be best friends 😥 )

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    • Thank you!! ❤ I KNOW RIGHT. Haha yessss oh my gosh with every book comes the possibility of heartbreak, sometimes a break is necessary?? Aww no really? I’ve heard of the series, that sounds awful oh my gosh one year is hard enough ahah. And HOW??? 😱 I can’t believe such a thing haha. Do you have a larger tbr elsewhere or something? 😂

      EDIT: I didn’t see it earlier, but YESSS BRAM omg. ❤ ❤ *cries* WHY isn't he real??!?


  14. Awesome post ! I love reading whatever you write 🙂 🙂 I am a new blogger…an infant basically…and I really wish some day I could write something which is as engaging as all of your posts 🙂 🙂

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  15. OMG I love this post so much – everything you’ve said is so, so accurate! I completely agree about it being so hard comparing characters and people in real life. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  16. YES YES YES YES YES ARGHHHHH WHY IS BEING A BOOKWORM SO DIFFICULT. Especially the cover thing. I never used to care???!? But now it’s like I HAVE THE SEQUEL I NEED THE FIRST WHY DO I NOT but there is money to consider. AKA I have none of that. And a gazillion other books to buy too. UGH. Great post. Loved it to pieces. XD

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  17. THIS POST IS AMAZING ANALEE. So relatable. *cries*

    My main thing is that I become SO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN BOOKS. I did not sign up for this??? And do you know what’s worse than waiting for a book to be released??? WAITING FOR OTPs TO GET TOGETHER. IT’S THE WORST. *cries* But like dude, authors should not be allowed to mess with our emotions with this??? NOT. FAIR.

    Also, I see Simon Vs. and think BRAM. I LOVE BRAM. HE IS MY HEART AND SOUL. ❤ ❤

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