Tons of new books, as usual! (The Rose and the Dagger is coming out–YES!) | 2016 April Book Releases

Okay, so I’m like 8 days late on this? Oops. But oh well, rather do it late than never.. these posts are as much for me as for you guys, and I must admit this can be very useful for me when I need to remind myself of the books I want to look out for? XD (THERE ARE SO MANY I CAN’T KEEP TRACK omg) Though for this month I feel like the number of anticipated books I have is lower than usual..? But still, lots of books. *grabby hands* (Also, The Rose and the Dagger is being released this month–which, honestly, would be enough just on its own, I’ve been waiting for this book for SO LONG. AHHHHH.) Anyway, let’s get onto the books!

2016 April Book Releases

April 1st

April 5th

April 12th

April 19th

April 21st

April 26th

April 28th

See what I mean? So many books. Of course, in the back of my mind I’m feeling depressed that I can’t own these all, but mostly I’m just in awe of all the pretty covers! Oh and the interesting books. (But mostly the covers. #bookwormtruths) And of course, you all know I’m super psyched for The Rose and the Dagger (it’s like chocolate-level amazingness for me right now, even though I don’t know how it will turn out yet), though I also can’t wait for many other books like The Glittering Court, The Raven King, When We Collided, etc etc. SO TELL ME. What books are YOU looking forard to the most? Let us squeal over these books! Because, ahem, they look stunning. Oh, and they all seem amazing. So. Fangirling time!
I hope you guys all have a great Friday! You can bet I’ll be gobbling up chocolate to celebrate (any excuse to eat chocolate is fine by me, obviously) the arrival of the weekend…

Until the Next Meal, Analee

25 thoughts on “Tons of new books, as usual! (The Rose and the Dagger is coming out–YES!) | 2016 April Book Releases

  1. I was thinking there were a lot coming out in April and it appears there’s even more than I suspected! I love the cover for Daughters of Ruin and it makes me want a copy right now!
    Lynn 😀

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    • Omg I KNOW RIGHTTT. 😂 *dies* I swear the publishers are literally all conspiring to drown all their readers in books…oh, and also to make them go bankrupt too probably. (Though that’s not exactly their fault..)
      If only we had tons of stores of money at hand for book buying, am I right? 😉

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  2. A new book by Kate Dicamillo? With a cute cover? Yes please 😍
    Also Dreamers often Lie looks really interesting! And I’ve already preordered The Raven King since last month… I can’t wait to read it!!!

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  3. AHH! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together – it is so helpful for keeping track of all the upcoming releases. And there are so many good books coming out this month! I’m especially excited for The Star-Touched Queen and The Rose & the Dagger. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  4. I already have so many of these on my TBR but I won’t be able to read anything till June. Bloody exams! I was most excited about The Glittering court, The Rose and the Dagger, The Mirror King and so many more. Great post!

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