With the New Year, Comes New Books..! | 2016 January Book Releases

Hello and happy New Year! I’m back from my trip to the U.S and it is officially the start of a new year, and with that new start comes, of course, new book releases—which I will be sharing with you all today! Guys, if 2015 was the year of amazing books, 2016 seems to be just as filled with exciting new books, including the beloved sequels to debuts we read in 2015..! (Rose and the Dagger, I’m looking at you! COME TO MEEEE.) But I’m getting ahead of myself. There are a lot of other tasty-looking books being released this January… let’s check them out, shall we? Warning: Prepare yourself for pretty book overload.. (then again, you can never get tired of pretty books, right?)

January 5th

January 11th

January 12th

January 19th

January 26th

Happy New Year once again, everyone! I’m sorry that I was so absent in the last few days of 2015—it was totally accidental! Unfortunately I didn’t get to schedule any posts and was busy with my family in America. However, it’s a new year, and hence, new beginnings! There are plenty of anticipated reads coming up this year, and the releases this month seems to be just the tip of the iceberg, but there are many books this month I’d love to read. What books on here interest you the most? And please, can we just take a moment to just ADMIRE THE COVERS. #coverlove

Lots of hugs and Happy New Year!

Until the Next Meal, Analee

30 thoughts on “With the New Year, Comes New Books..! | 2016 January Book Releases

  1. Soo many great books are coming out this month. I’ve only read The Girlfriend Request and Not Okay, Cupid among them The Girlfriend Request is definitely my favourite, it’s such an adorable read. I’m mostly exited about Passanger, Bookishly Ever After,The Love That Split the World and The Year We Fell Apart . Great post Analee! 😀

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    • Yess!! I haven’t read Not Okay, Cupid, but yes, I’ve read The Girlfriend Request as well, and it’s a very cute read! 🙂
      Oh my gosh yes those books are all high up on my list too!! 😀 They seem amazing.
      Thank you!


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