Things I Discovered About Americans…

HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE (of the border…)

That will never get old, I’m sorry.

In case you didn’t see my post yesterday, I am back from the States and at home in Canada, and instead of writing a recap post, I decided to make it a bit more fun and making a little post about the things I found out about Americans! This is just a little non-bookish post which I thought would be a little fun to do—please don’t take anything personally.

So.. let’s get onto the things I discovered about Americans! *Claps enthusiastically*

1. Americans don’t have Tim Hortons… they have Dunkin’ Donuts??

THE HORROR. As you guys have probably just realized, I like Tim Hortons. What can I say, I’m a Canadian! (Well, I’m technically American since I was born there, but DETAILS, DETAILS. Who cares about them?) I guess I’m not that surprised that America don’t have Tim Hortons—I was mostly kind of… well, I don’t know what exactly I was, but it was mildly interesting to see how they have Dunkin’ Donuts instead, which I have never heard of in my life… LOL.

2. Americans have some not-so-correct stereotypical ideas about us Canadians…

Now, for all you Americans out there, I’m not trying to say that ALL of you have these kind of ideas! But when I went to visit my cousins in Boston and New York, let’s just say that I.. did not exactly agree with their idea of what Canadians are like. 🙂 But it was all just in fun, of course. Here are some that they told me:

-Canada is basically the North Pole.
UHHH, NOPE. (Thank god.) Yes, it can get super cold here in Canada, but we do have something called… SUMMER. The season of suns and hot weather. You know.

-Canadians pronounce ‘sorry’ differently.
Where did this come from?! Like, apparently there’s more of an emphasis of the ‘o’ in sorry when Canadians say it? I’m not sure if that made any sense, but… whatever. It’s definitely not something I’ve ever heard!

-Canadians say a-boot, not about.
Again, UHHH NOPE. At least not for the Canadians I know. Maybe for other people..?? Possibly? Improbably, but you know. I don’t know. I can say for sure though it doesn’t apply to me!

-Canadians always say ‘Eh’.
Uhh, do we?? I honestly didn’t notice this one, but.. maybe it’s true? Canadians, help me out here. Tell me, do we say ‘eh’? AHHH the struggles. The fact that I don’t know if I say it probably means that I say it so much I don’t notice that I say it, but maybe not, so.. HELP.

-Canadians live in igloos.
THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY… apart from the few handful of people who live in igloos, I can whole-heartedly assure you we do NOT live in igloos! 😀 LOL.

Ah, little cousins. (They’re like, 10.) CLEARLY THEY NEED MORE EDUCATION. XD

3. They insist on making things difficult and continues to use pennies.

Maybe this is just me still ranting because I had a hella hard time trying to pay when I went shopping, but… THIS IS A VALID POINT. As some of you may know, Canada discontinued the use of pennies—but Americans did not. Which caused me much pain as I tried to pay $3.28 for some donuts and an iced cappuccino Dunkaccino when I struggled to find 3 pennies in my purse. AGHHH.

SO. There we have it! A few of the things I discovered about Americans, while on my trip! This was a lot of fun to write—do let me know your thoughts! But please, do not misunderstand my intention, I wasn’t trying to offend anyone with this post, and if I did, I offer many apologies! ❤

I know there are a lot of Americans out there, and Canadians too, and I’d love to see what you think of the things I listed. And for all of my other-nation friends out there, please don’t shy away from letting me know the things YOU discovered/know of/heard of about Americans (or Canadians!)! I love discussions.

Hope you guys have all had a great new year yesterday!

Until the Next Meal, Analee