9 Reasons I have TRUST ISSUES with WordPress!

“WordPress is useful! WordPress is easy to use!” They say.

And sure, they’re not completely wrong? (Obviously or I would not be blogging on WordPress at all because I hate anything complicated and that I don’t understand there are many other platforms available if I didn’t like it.)


No site is perfect and so I find myself facing great troubles that cause much woe*! So obviously I came to wonder if WordPress has done this before to other people or whether it just holds a grudge against me… Hence, here are the odd glitches that have happened to me on WordPress, or just simply why I have trust issues with WP!

*No exaggeration whatsoever. Nope.

1. WordPress not letting me follow people while I’m on the app

This hasn’t happened to me before often but on occasion I haven’t been able to follow people while I’m on the WordPress app on my phone?? And I’m honestly so baffled? Like I tap on the follow button multiple times but it doesn’t seem to work. But it works sometimes? It’s not currently working, but it used to, not long ago. SO UM.

If anyone knows why this happens or how to fix it I would be much grateful?? Because it’s just plain annoying to be forced to switch to my laptop just to follow a person and I might not end up following that person because of it, to be honest. (I’m sorry! Lazy person here.)

2. Randomly unfollowing someone even though I KNOW I followed them?

Okay, this one I know has happened to other people and all I can say is WordPress, WHAT are you doing?? Especially for bloggers I actively follow regularly, or who I’ve followed for a long time, one day I see I’m not following them and I feel so confused? And then awkward as I follow them again and hope they don’t notice? But then I become paranoid that they secretly hold a vendetta against me now for unfollowing them. But! It! Wasn’t! My! Fault! And then …

Aghghghghghg. WORDPRESS WHY*.

*I’m seriously chill, guys. I just have TRUST ISSUES.

3. Putting comments in spam that were NOT spam

Gahhhh I know, I know! The spam thing is just doing its job. But there were times where there’s a comment from someone new, or even someone who’s commented before, that just gets put into the spam section! Sometimes they had links in the comments, which I understood (because there are often a lot of links in spam), but other times it was a simple comment! And I used to forego checking the spam section, so what do you know? One day I check my spam folder and there is a comment from someone posted A WHILE AGO that was actually not spam. Gah. WP, why are you letting me down here?

4. Not showing my notifications when I get a comment/like

This one is just odd? Now, there’s two things I mean. There’s the app of WordPress, which I have on my phone, where there’s supposed to be an orange notification bubble thingie™* that pops up every time you have a comment/like. Yet, there were times where I know I have a comment/like, but there’s no orange bubble thing! This is far from the worst thing that could happen, but I like seeing my orange bubble, you know?

And then there’s the other (worse) situation! This happened for SUCH a long time for me.

Whenever I was on my laptop, the notification bell part at the top right corner would show an orange bubble thing, but when I pressed the bell, it wouldn’t show me my notifications! This was so frustrating because I’m on my laptop A LOT, and not being able to see my notifications while I was on it made life so much harder**!!

*LOL. Orange notification bubble thing are my new favourite words. Because BUBBLES. Also it’s sunset orangeeeee. 

**First world problems, I knowwww BUT GAH. Not helping the trust issues thing.

5. Asking me to log in 10 000 times to have my comment posted

Okay, yes, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly.

And no, this isn’t the most horrible thing to have happened, just slightly frustrating at times when I try to post a comment on a blog (and I’m already signed into my account, mind you!) but then I can’t until I’ve signed in AGAIN. Am I being a tad unreasonable? Perhaps. 😛 But it is a disgrace! And WordPress has revoked its right to my trust for its simplicity!!

(Full disclosure: It’s not as bad as I make it sound, so don’t worry if you have a blog that does this! Just a small thing that in my eyes is totally unnecessary??? Like it’s so MEANINGLESS. I’m just confusedddd.)

6. Not showing pictures properly on the app after showing up perfectly fine on my laptop

I think it has to do with images in a gallery in particular? At least, from what I’ve noticed. And ahhh I wish there was something I could do about this? Because I tend to use galleries quite a bit, for book covers, as they’re super easy to organize. And they look really good!


In which case I’ve seen either blanks or even just a link/code thingie …………………… WHERE ARE MY BOOKS???

*muffled screaming in frustration*

And I know there are a lot of people who probably read my posts on their phone, and so for them to not be able to bless their eyeballs with PRETTY COVERS is just a tragedy!! For my part, it takes so much more effort to open the post in an internet browser, and also my wifi is super slow.


7. Publishing my post based on the time I last revised it instead of when I was actually publishing it.

At least I think that’s what it was based off of? But this happened to me a few times, where I press publish but then I get like, no people visiting my post. And I check, and it says it posted yesterday or some odd thing like that.


I am now very very paranoid and always make sure to SAVE as a draft again before I publish, and have to check the date and time as well.

So much extra work.


8. Having a limit to the media storage space.

I still have quite a bit of storage left, thankfully, BUT I’m worried I’m going to run out of storage for photos? WHAT IF. You never know?? And then I’d be forced to, what, delete old photos??? But then they wouldn’t appear in the posts I used them in! I guess I would just have to start using the photo’s link instead?

But I’ve gotten used to uploading my photos! And what about my galleries??

LOOK AT THE AESTHETIC. This would all be lost without my photo-uploading ability!! I no longer trusttt WordPress with my media. *cries*
Yes, I realize you can upgrade and pay money for more storage, BUT MONEY. And me is broke. So.

9. Not publishing my post at its scheduled time.

Similar to #7, but also kind of different in the sense that I think this affected me the most, out of all of these? Like, I got over those issues. But this one? It happened maybe only a few times when I first started blogging, but ever since then I’ve been SO PARANOID.

I don’t even think it was WordPress’s fault, it was probably the time zone, but one time I tried scheduling a post in advance and it just DIDN’T WORK! I think one time it didn’t post, and another situation, it was at the wrong time (even though I swear I posted it at the right time!!) SO. Can you blame me for having trust issues after that?? 😛

Now, I sometimes even schedule a post for a certain time a few minutes beforehand (BECAUSE PARANOIA). “What if it doesn’t post on time?” Or even if I’ve scheduled it in advance, I’ll start WATCHING my phone obsessively for either the time or the notification from WP saying my post is scheduled.

YES I AM THAT EXTRA. Don’t laugh at me. xD

I was aiming for 10 reasons, buuuuut I think you guys have had enough of my overuse of question marks and screeching about WordPress glitches!! Ahem. (Also I can’t think of another reason at the moment because I haven’t had chocolate yet. So.)

Tell me!! Do you relate to any of these issues?? I may have gone slightly overboard with my paranoia and overall distrust (oops) BUT I think I got the general idea across? 😉

Don’t get me wrong, I do like using WordPress!! But of course from time to time there will inevitably be little mishaps here and there, which I just wanted to share, from my own experience!

Are there any other odd things that have happened to you on WordPress?? Can you offer any explanations for these odd happenings? LET US TALK.

Happppy Tuesday! Sending you all well wishes and hope your day is great/has been great. ❤ OH and feel free to tell me about your favourite type of chocolate, too! I’m feeling hungry!!

88 thoughts on “9 Reasons I have TRUST ISSUES with WordPress!

  1. I totally relate to your issues. I think I have found a way around the media storage space and that’s renaming all of my photos so that they come up when I search for something. So when I want to use a book cover from ages ago I type in the title and BAM it’s the same fricken photo! I have my favorite books so this at least saves me from uploading the same cover OVER AND OVER AND OVER!

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    • Oh well I’m glad I’m not imagining these issues haha! 🙈 Oh yes that’s a good idea! I’ve been doing that as well, makes it so much easier and definitely prevents uploading the same image over and over again! 😂 All the extra storage (and effort) that would take, gosh!

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  2. Totally agree with this. I hate using the app when I don’t have my laptop. When I try to save or schedule a draft it publishes it instead.

    Favorite chocolate hmm…..I really love milk chocolate covered pretzels, dark chocolate with dried cranberries or those white chocolate Hershey’s cookies and cream bars 🙂

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    • Ahah so glad to hear that, though sucks WO is having these issues! Agh, I know right?? The only time I use the app is basically to reply to comments, honestly. That happened to me too! I stopped trusting the app for saving posts haha.

      Oh my gosh that sounds DIVINE, milk chocolate covered pretzels are so good!! And omg I love the white chocolate Hershey’s cookies and cream bars so much. 😍😍

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  3. Galaxy Cookie Crumble…Ferrero rocher…kinder Bueno…YUM

    ANYWAYS YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS to all for these? I thought I was the only one who had to re-sign in. LIKE EXCUSE ME WP yes I’m sure I’m Ilsa. LIKE GOSH

    I swear for THE LONGEST TIME MY comments, YES MINE, were being put into spam EVERYWHERE on wp and it was not fair because everyone was commenting and i was being left out like ‘I commented. LOOK IN THE SPAM’ so I had to email all the bloggers I followed about how to take a message out of spam. then I had to contact Akismet WP to tell them about it and they sorted it out. WOW.

    I totally get the Pictures thing! LIKE it happens with GIFS sometimes. Theys how up when writing the post but don’t show up in the actual posts. #rude. And formatting pictures just makes my whole blog explode. Very dangerous.

    Ones I can’t relate to. Both of the following ones.ANd my scheduled posts always work? So…dodon’t understand your struggles there. And Media storage…To be fair I’ve just started my new blog so I have a lot of storage!

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    • Ahhhh I’m so hungry now!! 😍 YESSS OMG. It’s one of the most ridiculous things ever???

      AHHH really!?? That is SO ODD omg. So much WORK too, WP needs to do better lol. 😂 I’m glad it’s sorted out now!

      Ohhh yes, I’ve seen that too! I KNOW omg so rude. Hahaha yes!! So dangerous ahhhh.

      Ahhh you’re so lucky!! 🙈 They’re a pain haha. Oh and I just checked and I do have quite a lot of storage left (I’ve used 14%, and I have over 1000 photos I think.) buuuuut I’m super paranoid I’m going to run out anyway. 😅


  4. Publishing when I last revised is MY BIGGEST ANNOYANCE right now. I posted something the other day and it didn’t show up on my feed and I got no activity, even though it was right there on my actual blog. Then I realized the post date was the previous day and I was like WHY?? It had never done that before….what’s the deal, wordpress?

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    • I KNOW RIGHT??? Ahhh I totally relate, when it happened to me I was SO CONFUSED. Like why does WP think because I last updated/edited it the day before, I want it to be published then instead of when I’m, you know, actually pressing publish. *frustrated screaming* Yeah, exactly!

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  5. [ Smiles ] Oh, I feel your pain.

    The issue is with the WordPress App and not WordPress.

    You can either uninstall the WordPress App and reinstall it on your smartphone and see if that helps.

    Besides, the blogging experience is a thousand times better on a laptop computer.

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  6. OH MY FREAKING GOD WordPress is the cause of ALL my trust issues, I swear. Yeah, there’s something weird with WP now so that I can’t “publish” a post — only schedule it??? THE PUBLISH BUTTON IS GONE I TELL YOU. GONE. Replaced by the schedule button. And then when I schedule it like a few minutes ahead of the current time because that’s as close as “publishing” as I’m gonna get — IT. DOESN’T. POST??? WordPress whyyyyyyy. But I’ve very recently (aka right now) figured out another way to publish posts so whoop whoop.

    RANDOMLY UNFOLLOWING PEOPLE IKR!!! Or or or when you’re FOLLOWING THEM BUT THE POST DON’T SHOW UP IN YOUR READER. What are you doing WordPress. WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING. And oh gosh, I did NOT know that your old photos disappeared when you deleted them from the gallery, so now I have weird al;fja;lsdjfl;asdjfasdadsfajsdf;lka.png things on my blog. XD

    And YESSSS. Putting comments in spam when they’re not spam is just so UGH. I have to manually check on it, AND THEN when you reply to them, it’s like a million years late and makes it so awkward. OR you just DON’T reply and leave them wondering “Why is May ignoring me???” XD This was an AMAZING post and I loved it! ❤

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  7. I can relate to all these issues Analee. 🙂 I feel like there have been so many occasions where people have commented on my posts and I haven’t gotten a notification. It’s only because I’ve actually checked the post in question out on my blog that I’e seen their comment still unreplied to by me. I’m not sure how it happens but sometimes I worry I’ve missed a comment on a post from forever ago that has remained unanswered.
    Also I have issues myself with my comments being put in the spam folder. It’s never easy having to go through WordPress to get them unspammed again. I could certainly do without that.
    Great post, again I feel a lot of us can relate to these issues. No website is perfect, but I suppose there are plenty of good things about WordPress (mainly all the people I’ve met through the site!) 😀 ❤


  8. Hi! Love this post!
    The WordPress app works fine for me most of the time, though I do find that it is glitchy at times (won’t let me follow someone etc)
    I also have trust issues with the “schedule” feature. For some reason my WordPress is set to a time zone that is +4hours from my current time. I am also paranoid that my post wouldn’t be posted at a given time haha….. I also find that my scheduled posts on avg have worse stats than the posts that I post myself? (Or this might be completely in my head haha!)

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    • Hiiii! Eeeep I’m so glad to hear that! ❤
      Oh yes for me too, the app works fine except for the issues that pop up from time to time.

      Ahhh I’m glad I’m not the only one!! That is so odd omg, is there not your time zone at all?
      Yes! I’m forever paranoid now. 😂 And wow, really? That’s interesting, I’ve never noticed anything like that!! Maybe it has to do with the time at which you schedule vs the time you post yourself? 😆

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      • Haha I should probably look into the time zone thing (laziness haha…) I guess it’s just me being paranoid about scheduling vs posting! There probably isn’t any real difference 🙂


  9. This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Right now, for me, WordPress refuses to save any of my posts, so now I have to publish them, then revert to draft to get them updated. I almost had a breakdown because I lost an entire post I spent an hour writing yesterday because it wouldn’t save. 😭 Re-wrote the whole thing.

    I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHOSE WORDPRESS PUBLISHED WRONG. This happened to me way early in my blogging time, and I hadn’t noticed, so I was so confused when I had zero people see my post until I realized it had published days earlier. Had to solve the problem by changing the date and time before I publish any of my posts. 😒

    Literally only a couple months ago, I found out I could see spam comments! I was so shocked to see so many legit comments trapped there! I’m honestly genuinely confused how someone who can comment on literally all of my posts, but one day, they’ll be marked as spam???? And sometimes I don’t get the orange bubble either! It will go back and forth every time I check the app or browser, and it drives me crazy. 😬


  10. You’re not the only one that struggles with scheduling posts! Mine rarely post at the scheduled time and I often have to go in and post it manually, or it will post hours after I wanted it to! I made sure I set my time zone as well and it still doesn’t work! But as you said there are also many great things about WordPress I can’t imagine using anything else

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    • Oh I’m glad to hear that; though that sucks ahh! Oh nooo, that sounds awful and so much extra work. 😞 Totally eliminates the usefulness of scheduling at all! Haha yes for sure, even with all these issues I love using this platform. 🙈


  11. I totally agree with this post! I’ve also faced many issues with wordpress especially 2,3, and 6. I hate using wordpress app! I only use them when checking new notifications and posting comments.

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  12. I love all chocolate. Seriously. With the exception of white chocolate, which tastes nothing like chocolate and more like a weird combination of milk and cheese and sugar.*dodges the hate* :^)

    and seriously, the WP app got me so frustrated. I just feel like the app version of everything is just a pain in the behind *cough* goodreads *cough*.

    Also YES I love the orange notification bubble thingy?? It makes me feel so validated. I, too, have been experiencing super annoying problems with the bubble thingy and it fills me with endless sorrow. :((

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    • CHOCOLATEEEEE ❤ Same, honestly, though I’m a bit pickier with chocolate with nuts haha. But nooooooo! I ADORE white chocolate omg HANNAH. I am shook at this claim of yours. 😨😂

      Aghhh I know right?? Whyyy can’t they make better apps. Omg yes so true!! I find the app of goodreads so…. blech and mediocre. 😣 LIKE WP. Gah.

      YAYYY a fellow orange bubble lover!! 😂 Ahah same. Oh noooo that’s a shame! *sends all chocolate but not WHITE CHOCOLATE* 👀😝

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      • thank you for the chocolate (;

        but seriously I think white chocolate is the worst omg *hides*

        and I seriously need the Goodreads app to step up their game and IMPROVE THEIR USER EXPERIENCE FOR ONCE


  13. Yep, I’ve had quite a lot of the problems above (occasionally due to me doing something silly like scheduling a post for pm when I meant am). Most of the time it’s the app on my phone that seems to be a bit buggy.

    I never post from the app as it does the revision date instead of when I asked to publish, I can’t comment on peoples posts if they don’t have a wordpress.com site (sorry people, I try but it won’t let me) and the newest thing is that the like button has disappeared on comments (again, sorry people, I like your comments I just can’t “like” your comments)

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    • Ahah right? I think that happened to me before too. 😂 Oh yes, very true, same here!

      Oh how inconvenient! I never post from the app either, though I’ve noticed posting at the revision date instead of when I’m publishing happens while I’m on my laptop too, sometimes! Ugh yes, the app is so picky. Has it really?? That sucks! I still have my like button on comments though, I’m pretty sure!


  14. All of these! I’ve had endless problems with every single one of these, and even more from trying to use Jetpack to utilize WordPress.com in addition to WordPress.org… to the point where I’m now ditching my self-hosted blog, just so I don’t have to deal with even more problems.

    Honestly, I knew there were a lot, but seeing them all together in a post is shocking. Great job compiling them! (I think the worst one for me is the spam issue. I feel so bad accidentally missing comments sometimes!)

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    • Ahhhh really?!? I’m happy I’m not suffering alone here haha, though it sucks these issues affect so many people! 🙈 Oh wow, that sounds so complicated! I’m sorry to hear you have to abandon the self-hosted blog because of the extra problems, yikes! I hope things get easier to manage though. 🙂

      Haha I know! I never thought about just how many issues there were until I listed these ones–and even then there are still more! Ahh yes, the spam issue is the worst oh my gosh. 😣 I feel so bad for missing comments too agh.

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      • Thank you! I hope the same for you, too. 😀 I also hope they fix a few of these, but it seems like new ones pop up each time the site changes a little. So frustrating! But, what can you do. :’D

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  15. I have had a lot of this happen to me as well! Lately so many comments have ended up in my spam and it is so annoying! #7 has happened to me so many times and it drives me so insane! Another issue I have been having with the app is that not everyone’s posts show up in my reader so I have to log on my laptop so I can make sure I don’t miss anything!

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    • Right?? Aghhh I know, isn’t it the worst?! Eeep yes!! I hate it so much when that happens. 😣 Oh no, really?? That sucks! Sometimes it’s so much more convenient to read posts on the app, so that’s frustrating ahh.


  16. I schedule mine for the same time every Tuesday and Thursday and once it was an hour later and I still didn’t get he notification. Like WordPress what are you doing???
    Also the app is horrible for writing posts 😢

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  17. My comments just failed today, they weren’t let anyone post any! I was so bummed, and switched my comments to Disqus because I could NOT figure out anything to do. Your blog post definitely encouraged me, I can relate on so many levels. Though WordPress has worked so much better than other platforms for me.

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    • Noooo really?? How awful. Maybe the setting for post comments is switched off? Oh, but how’s Disqus working for you? I suppose if you like it then at least people can still comment! 😊 Ahh I’m glad to hear that!! I haven’t tried any other platforms, but I definitely like using WP despite the issues. ❤


  18. I would uninstall and redownload the app. The random unfollow is because of an unintentional tap to an oversensitive button. I believe the inability to follow might be because the WordPress owner doesn’t have Jetpack installed or maybe just the opposite. The misfire on the posts is not something I know how to fix but I know to look for it happening lol images can be compressed and save you space using a good compressor app. The photo orientation confusion generally is because of the metadata on the photo caused by iPhone. I’ve never heard of the problem with an android or other type of phone. Use snipit on your computer if you have windows to screen grab the photo in the correct orientation and then it’ll appear correctly everywhere.

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  19. Oh do I relate girl. Do I relate?! What kind of question is that? I think EVERYONE can relate 😢 Or what about that time that WordPress kept stuffing up my damned post by messing up the paragraphing? I was doing some serious stress eating. BRING OUT THE CHOC COOKIES AMD MAKE ME A CUP OF HOT CHOCOLATE DAMN YOU MAKE THAT TWO AND DON’T YOU DARE FORGET THE CHOCOLATE IN IT’S NATURAL FORM

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    • Ahhh I know right? And here I thought I was suffering alone but looks like wordpress woes affect everyone at one point! 😤 They should really do something about all these glitches, gosh. Aww no, really?! AGH. Secondhand annoyance! YESSS GIVE ME CHOCOLATE EVERYTHINGGG 😍😍😍


  20. Haha.
    Apps are evil.
    I literally refuse to download the app.

    OMG. The spam comments happens to me too sometimes??? And literally it will be someone who has commented on my posts MULTIPLE TIMES and they randomly land in spam -.- WAIIII.

    I also don’t see the bubble all the time, but I get emails when people comment so I do know there are notifications to check! Also: IT IS MY PERPETUAL FEAR THAT I WILL RUN OUT OF STORAGE SPACE??? Like. I can’t just delete old photos because then old posts will just be photo-less?????

    Hmmmm I’ve never had the problem of WordPress posting at the wrong time, it’s usually pretty on point! I know I had set the wrong time zone at the beginning so it was a little off wack, but in the end it turned out to be my fault haha
    But I do agree, WordPress has a few things they could get better at!!

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      Right?? I honestly don’t understand. You’ve accepted this person before, and now suddenly you don’t? RUDE.

      Ah, yes, that’s true! The email notifications help. I KNOW RIGHT???!?!? It’s honestly so scary because I wouldn’t have many options if I did run out of space?

      Oh, that’s good!! It doesn’t happen all the time, but just those one or two times were enough to make me paranoid haha. Ahh I set the wrong time zone before as well!! Whoops.
      I’m glad you agree!


  21. I think all of these have happened to me! The most annoying at the moment is the scheduling thing. I set a post up to go but it just doesn’t post, and when I log in to check it’s just still sat in the scheduled line, saying it was scheduled to go 2 hours ago! Very annoying!

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  22. I pretty much relate to all of these! Especially when WordPress doesn’t post a scheduled post! So frustrating😭
    My favourite type of chocolate has got to be milk chocolate! Absolutely love it😍😍
    Great post as always! Xx

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  23. YASSS. This post is so accurate! The signing in again really annoys me, I don’t understand it?? And scheduling is the most confusing thing! I’ve tried to schedule posts numerous times now and it just hasn’t worked? I have to click publish myself before WordPress decides to tell me ‘your scheduled post has been published’? Whyyy?!

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    • EEEP I’m so glad you agree!! Omg right?!? I thought I was the only one who had to do this, it’s so tedious and just plain UNNECESSARY. Gah. Ahh really?? That is so odd. Totally defeats the purpose of trying to schedule it, even?? What is WP doinggg.



    Yeppp the unfollowing whyyyy WordPress whyyyy. It’s so confusing??? I start to doubt myself ‘did i accidentally click on unfollow’ BUT I CAN’T ACCIDENTALLY UNFOLLOW PEOPLE THAT OFTEN



    I worry about my media storage ALL THE TIME. It’s why I used Photobucket in the past but now they want hundreds of dollars from me if I want to use it so,,, nOPE

    To sum up all this yelling with more yelling: YES I HAVE TRUST ISSUES TOO AND I RELATE A LOT

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    • I KNOW RIGHT LIKE WHYYYYY?? It just wouldn’t work for some reason ughh.


      Ahhhh SAME. Omg PREVIOUS YEARS. How does WordPress mess up THAT MUCH omg. 😂

      Ahhhh I KNOW! Though I still have quite a lot of storage left?? BUT WHAT IF. Oh wow definitely NOPE. 😂 How much storage have you used up so far?


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      • I don’t know?? It’s not like I started that draft the year before or something 😂 That seriously traumatised me though

        Yeah WHAT IF WE RUN OUT OF STORAGE ANALEE WHAT WILL WE DO THEN. I’ve used 20% so I have plenty left but that’s because I used to use Photobucket before which I’m not going to do anymore soo rip



  25. I actually don’t use the WordPress app, so many of those don’t really apply to me. Haha, I guess I just prefer blogging over the computer. 😂
    Randomly unfollowing someone is definitely the WORST! Words can’t describe how much I hate that. Luckily it hasn’t happened that often to me, but just thinking about that makes me mad. (Or at least I don’t think it happened that often, but who knows when I can’t even check for that!!)
    Putting comments in spam that weren’t spam is something that happens all the time! Recently I have begun to check my spam box whenever I’m blogging to see if there are some comments there. I just don’t want to miss any of them, it’s very frustrating that they are there in the first place.
    Great post Analee!! 🙂

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    • Oh lucky you!! 🙈 I do like to do most of my blogging on my laptop as well, but blog hopping and commenting is sometimes easier on my phone (when there aren’t the glitches, that is!) 😂

      Right?!? Omg. And I wouldn’t even know I unfollowed someone, until I visit their blog so who knows how many blog WP accidentally unfollowed without me knowing ?? 😦

      Oh yes!! I’ve started to check for comments in spam too ahhh after all those instances where I find some in there after soooo long. Gah. Yes, exactly! I feel so bad afterwards and just whyyyyy must WP mark them as spam at all? *grumbles*
      Thank you!

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  26. I had no idea that WordPress has so many problems! So far I have faced none, but I moved my blog only recently. I didn’t know that there’s a limit to the image storage! From now I will use the html for adding them. I’m pretty sure that I could run out of space soon.

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    • Ahah I know right? A lot it stems from the app, though WP itself isn’t perfect either. 🙈 I’m glad you haven’t faced any of the issues though! Oh same, took me forever to realize. Though there is still quite a bit of storage left for me and I’ve uploaded probably over 1000 photos haha. So I may be slightly paranoid, but it’s something to keep an eye on all the same! 😂

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    I /would/ normally go through the spam to check if any are real, but NO. because I’m lazy and WHY NOT. Also, WORDPRESS APP WOES OKAY.

    – Drafting in WordPress app. LIKE *screams* I CAN’T EVEN GO INTO MY MEDIA OR UPLOAD MY MEDIA FROM THE APP. I can go into my camera roll, but I DON’T WANT TO UPLOAD BADLY TAKEN NATURE PHOTOS.

    – Following people and opening up links. WHY CAN’T WORDPRESS just not open up the browser when it’s a wordpress blog? It makes everything so much harder, and it’s so hard to follow someone on the browser. I recall trying to follow someone, BUT I DIDN’T *cries*

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      Ahhh I’ve never tried checking spam on the app but I imagine it wouldn’t be easy because the app seems to HATE ME?? I do try and check the spam occasionally though (because trust issues) BUT THE EXTRA WORK AGH.

      Omggg yesss!!! I’ve just given up completely on drafting posts on the app. I was horrified for the media part!! LIKE WHYYYYY I want my precious uploaded book covers, not my own camera roll???

      Oh my gosh yes! I can’t believe I missed mentioning this one. It frustrates me SO MUCH agh. My wifi can be super slow, so waiting for the browser to load, trying to navigate the blog at all, let alone following it!! 😨 Ahh I know, same! WORDPRESS WHY. Fix your app pleaaaasse.


  28. I haven’t had a lot of these issues but I’ve definitely heard about them!
    The non-spam being marked as spam thing happens to me occasionally too. Which reminds, I should check my spam folder!
    NUMBER SEVEN HAS HAPPENED A COUPLE OF TIMES AND OMG IT IS TERRIFYING. Like WHY. I published it NOW, not yesterday. And then no one reads in and I get paranoid and I’m like NOBODY LIKES ME I’M GOING TO GO DIE IN A HOLE oh wait it’s just wordpress WORDPRESS YOU SHALL DIE IN A HOLE.
    Okay, I completely understand the media storage fear. It hasn’t been an issue for me so far and I don’t think it will be for a long time, but STILL. Yikes. Alas, in the past year or so whenever I use GIFs or book covers or something I’m actually getting off the internet (and I don’t need a gallery or anything), I’ll just copy and paste it so it doesn’t take up MY PRECIOUS STORAGE.
    Also I have MANY FAVORITE KINDS OF CHOCOLATE. But two big ones are A) REESE’S OMG I LOVE THAT STUFF and B) those chocolate egg things that are filled with creme that you get at Easter? I don’t know if you know what I’m talking about? But OMG I love them SO MUCH.
    Wow, I’m really craving chocolate now. help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh lucky you!! 🙈
      Ahahah yes! I was so surprised when I checked my spam folder one day. 😂
      I KNOW RIGHT?? Like why does it even happen, can WP not understand I’m pressing publish NOW not yesterday?? OMG SAME. Like no one reads it and I’m like was it seriously that bad of a post??? 😂 YES Omgggg WP must hahaha
      Oh same, I still have quite a bit storage left! But I’m so paranoid ahhhh. Oh yes good idea! I tend to upload most of my book covers but I don’t usually upload GIFs. WE MUST SAVE THE STORAGE!

      YES REESE’S I LOVE IT TOOOO. And oooooh I think I do!! Those are so delicious dangit I am so craving chocolate nowwww too I’m dying 😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

      • RIGHT?!?
        It doesn’t make SENSE. I KNOW I worked on it yesterday but it was a draft and it stayed a draft and ARGH. WP makes me question myself sometimes 😂 and then it’s always WP’ fault!
        Mmmmmmmm I’d just gotten over it OKAY THEN. (But tbh I just had a cupcake so I’m okay)

        Liked by 1 person

    • RIGHT?! It’s the worst thing ever, now I’m forever paranoid haha. Is it your time zone maybe?? It’s honestly so confusing why it happens. Haha right? I still have a lot left but when the day comes… 😳


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