Blogging confessions: Sneaky things all bloggers have done hoping no one would notice

In the past, I’ve been known to expose myself quite frequently.

Especially when it came to book blogging habits. (I just love to hop into graves I created myself, apparently.)

And well, would you look at me now! Again! Exposing! Myself!

Why do I do this to myself

But it’s okay, because I’m dragging you all down with me!! Unless this list does not apply to you, in which case a) You’re making my title a lie, excuse me, I DO NOT LIE. and b) Are you sure you’re not lying???? *side eye*

1. Saying you’ll read a book someone recommends and coincidentally never mentioning it ever again



Well. You see. In my defence, I don’t intentionally NOT read a book I get recommended! I just… forget!

I AM A GOLDFISH and I literally won’t remember anything past 2 days, okay. (Yes, exams were difficult.) It doesn’t mean I didn’t like your recommendation or something!!

I just.. consistently forget?

*Tiny whispers* Though sometimes I’m just not actually interested in the book but I feel too guilty to say that when someone loved it so much ……. *hides*

2. Stalking previous comments in a non-stalkerish way

If you say you’ve never stalked comments on someone else’s post, I’m 99% sure YOU ARE LYING.

Generally no one will know (or care) if you stalk the comments! That’s okay! It’s just entertaining to see what other people thought on a topic, and maybe they offer some useful information as well?


It’s when you accidentally press “like” one someone else’s comment while stalking the comments without having commented yourself and then you’re exposed as a somewhat stalker??? WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK.


You’re sneaky and all clever as you go giggling* through the other comments UNTIL IT’S NOT.

*Okay hopefully that’s not what you’re doing because that’s kind of creepy but hey, this is a mostly judge-free zone.

3. Editing a comment we wrote on our blog or deleting it completely

I don’t think I’ve ever deleted any of my own or anyone else’s comments? I haven’t edited anyone’s comments either (can you do that?) but I’m going to sheepishly confess I’ve totally edited my own comment before.

It’s not anything bad, I swear!! And I don’t change the general idea of what I wrote originally, so I’m not deceiving anyone! 😂 I just… typos are frustrating okay??? And sometimes I want to add onto what I said originally and so I go back and add it?


(Please don’t answer that)

(I don’t think it does?? If it makes you feel better, I do it 0.0008% of the time anyway, which is to say I hardly do.)

My question is, does the person who I’m replying to notice if I changed my comment? Like, will they still receive the original comment? Probably, right?

Oh darnit people have witnessed my non-sneaky sneakiness

4. Not fully reading a blog post (and accidentally writing a comment that shows utter ignorance)

Ahahah…. oops.

I… don’t always read full blog posts? I feel kind of guilty for admitting that, but I would totally understand if people didn’t read my full posts (especially when they’re long as heck), and I’m already exposing myself so why not!

I do try to read full posts as much as I can, though!! I don’t intentionally decide, oh, hey, I’m not going to read the full post of so-and-so for so-and-so reason, because usually it’s completely arbitrary and up to my mood and how much time I have. 😅

Generally people won’t be able to tell? (If you don’t read my full post, I generally won’t know?)

YET. One time.

Oh god, I still cringe.

I feel so guilty!! This hasn’t happened to me recently, this was like in 2015? Somehow, I read-skimmed a post about a book, okay. Normal things. And then I go to comment, because it was a good post and everything, and then I comment about a WHOLLY DIFFERENT BOOK.

The sad thing is, the titles weren’t even remotely alike, apart from the fact they both had “All the” .


Oh yes, because I am an absolute IDIOT.

(My memory strangely remembers this so well?? I’m scarred for life, apparently.)

5. Post something, delete it, and then post it again at another time or date 

HAHAHA okay I’m going to confess I’ve totally done this before. If you’re one of the people who’ve noticed the same post of mine come up twice, well… now you know.

But to be fair, one time it was because my scheduling thing didn’t post it on time and posted it super late, and hardly anyone saw it?? (Obviously you guys were deprived of a masterpiece*)

So I sneakily just deleted it and posted it the next day at a regular time, and, well, I actually had people reading it? Sooooo I don’t see the downside of this other than it seems kind of suspicious… sorry???

Also there was that time I accidentally posted a draft without realizing… Sigh. And people wonder why I’m paranoid, geez.

*Hahahah. WP was probably trying to tell me something yikes. 👀

6. Unfollowing a blog 

I don’t actually unfollow blogs often, because I’m wayyyyy too lazy to go through my 100+ blogs followed list to unfollow people, and I just don’t see the worth in spending my time on that tbh.

But the times I did, I swear you’d think I was comittting some sort of crime????


It’s this super stealthy affair of me deciding how long it’s been since they posted and sneakily pressing that unfollow button and having the wrath of the bloggers come down on me and–

Yeah, no, not really. I just press unfollow. But I do hope they don’t notice?? 

8. Reading multiple posts from a blog without commenting/Liking posts without reading them.

Honestly, there’s not really a way for the blogger to know if you’ve been reading the post at all so it’s pretty easy for bloggers to get away with liking posts without having read them? Or reading without commenting?

But I mean… I don’t think anyone goes into a blog post thinking to themselves, “hehehe I’m going to be super sneaky and not actually read their posts or comment” because UM???? What the heck, pal. Why would you even. It’s fine to not comment or read a post, but don’t actively plan not to? 😂

I totally get how sometimes you’re just not in the mood to comment or read so you may just like it and leave! And it’s okayyyy! It’s not a super bad thing!

I’m just paranoid and feel bad afterwards in case the blogger is secretly wondering why I didn’t comment on their posts??

I don’t think like this so I have no freaking clue why I keep imagining other bloggers doing so?? MY MIND IS JUST… ODD, someone save me from it.

9. Deleted old posts because they were trash in need of being hidden away from the world for protection

Hahahah, okay I can hardly look at my old posts?? I haven’t deleted a lot of them, but I low-key really want to do that 😂 I’ve totally had posts I deleted though before, though I can’t really remember why??

They were probably just reaaalllly bad posts and well, GOOD RIDDANCE.

See: there are two types of bloggers: one, is the type who just started blogging either knowing what they were doing, or didn’t know but seemed like they did. This type, have pretty decent posts.

And then there’s the other type: the one who did not know what they were doing and seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing! That’s me!

My posts weren’t all BAD*, but… I didn’t enjoy writing them as much as I enjoy writing my posts now? I did sooooo many memes, and wow, was it a mess.

So delete they go!! And no one notices either, which is ultimately perfect.


I would make a wonderful spy.

*Hahahahahahhahahahha I’m so funny

(Yes, for the extra perceptive people, I cheated and skipped #7 .. ending on 8 is just such an ugly thing, okay, I can’t just end on 8 things???? STOP EXPOSING ME)

What are some of your blogging confessions??? Have you done anything here? Do you ever like posts without reading them? Have you ever edited or deleted one of your own comments? EXPOSE YOURSELF WITH ME.

I hope your Friday is amazing and you’re doing well!! ❤