Reasons why there should be more YA books set in Canada (Where are thou Canadian authors??)

HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL MY CANADIAN FOLK OUT THERE! ❤ ❤ I have been SO EXCITED for this day to come, from a blogging perspective because I’ve wanted to talk about the lack of books set in Canada for a while now and had written this post in advance (I HOPE YOU LIKE IT) and from a literal perspective because it’s Canada’s 150th celebration this year and there is going to be so much fun today and AHHHHHH. *squeals* *starts singing O Canada in the bilingual English & French version because I’m Canadian like that*

Fun fact: I’d learned the bilingual version since preschool because I live in Ottawa and was in french immersion the majority of my school life, and I’m still not 100% confident singing the anthem in English. o.O OOPS. 

So, in honour of Canada Day I decided to have a more Canada themed post for today!! Because it feels like Canada is always sooooo overlooked in real life, sure, but also IN YA BOOKS. I mean, name more than one or two young adult books that are set in Canada?? Exactly. And not just set by name, but actually shows that it’s in Canada, not just says that so and so lives in _____, Canada. You know? There are soooooo many books set in the States, and I don’t mind, I just want more books in Canada because, hey! We exist and we’re kind of fabulous too (if I do say so myself) and having books set in Canada would be the BEST. Agh.

(Oh and!! Last reminder to enter my giveaway to win one released 2017 diverse book! It ends July 3rd, on Monday, and I’ll be contacting the winner on the 4th. 🙂 )

Now on to:

1. I live in Canada! (And also Canada rep please lol) 

Obviously this is a good enough reason? Okay, fine, apart from that there are also SO many Canadian readers out there and seeing that representation would be so so so lovely, at least for me! You have no idea how much I yearn for a book where I can relate to the setting!! Because yes, we’re making lovely progress on diversity people-wise, but I think people forget how much our surroundings shape us, and how having diverse settings (is that a thing? Does that make sense?) can also add such an authentic and relatable feel for people who’ve never lived in the States, for example. For people who live in CANADA.

2. Non-Canadians learn more about Canada! (byeeee stereotypes)



Just a slightly overused stereotype that you’d think is done with by now from Americans?? Especially when they live so near?? BUT NO. Argh. 😛 I don’t care as much, it’s not really a very harmful stereotype which is what I’m happy about, but having books (preferably written by Canadian authors or at least well-researched) with proper
representation of Canada
? (Of course, the rep can vary depending on where it’s set, but overall) THAT WOULD BE SO AMAZING. And I can’t imagine most readers would complain about having books set in Canada, honestly? Why wouldn’t you want them? 😛

3. We have snowwwww!

Unless you live in Vancouver or something, in which case not as much but as a person who lived in Ottawa her life and dealt with winter half the time very year, imagine the potential?? If we’re speaking contemporary, which is what I imagine the most because um fantasy isn’t usually set in States OR anywhere in our world usually?? Just THINK. Family/friend/romantic snowball fights! Ice skating! Watching hockey together! (NOT FOOTBALL STOP 😂) Having school off because buses are cancelled (I lived for these days omg #memories)! Yes this can happen in other places but why? Not? In? Canada? Then?? SO. MUCH. POTENTIAL. Agh. If I were a writer…….. *dreams* *comes back to reality*

I am now impatiently waiting on other people to realize the amazing set up Canada offers!! Calling for Canadian authors pleasssse.

4. We have POUTINE.

I am so hungryyyyyyyyy now. *cries* Seriously though, how do Americans live without poutineeeee it’s a horror and I just?? Don’t?? Get it??? In case you didn’t know what it was, it’s (technically junk food) heaven composed of french fries, gravy and cheese! I don’t even usually care that much about cheese but paired with the french fries and gravy ❤ ❤ ❤ I can just imagineeee already cute contemporaries composed of dates where they share poutine?? Though if it were me I’d order one all to myself tbh obviously that’s the smart thing to do.

5. And BeaverTails (or Queues de Castor if you want to be French)!

Can you tell I’m incredibly hungry?? In case you have lived without the knowledge of this deliciousness your whole life, it’s not actually beaver tails we eat, just fyi haha. I think most people have heard of it before though? It’s a delicious dough pastry with cinnamon and sugar and you can top it with so many different things that you like, whipped cream, candy, SO MUCH and I really really want it right now can you tell?? *cries* Worth setting a book in Canada JUST for this deliciousness, no joke because obviously food is very very important. And we also have Kinder Eggs (I still can’t believe they’re banned from the States like WHAT), plus some chocolates like Coffee Crisp and Caramilk and ketchup chips tooooo (though I’m kind of indifferent on that front, I won’t mind eating them!!).

6. Timmiesssss!

Did this become a Canadian foods appreciation post?? Yes yes it did and I can’t even be sorry omg haha. Starbucks is fine and all and sure, Americans have Dunkin’ Donuts, but we have TIM HORTONS. ❤ Cheaper than Starbucks, but just as good and with Canadian flair obvi. I need to go back there and get some more timbits and an iced cap?? Or like a donut? Or a CROISSANT YUM. Brb, gotta go visit Timmies now.  I can just imagine friends meeting up at Timmies, walking to different food stores, hanging out, EATING like normal people and just agh. So precious.

7. Oh and touring a part of Canada possibly! #win

And also, another point related to number 2 is that you get a better look into a part of Canada (obviously not the whole place cause that’s impossible most likely)! Whether it’s set in Ottawa (hey, I live here and it’s the capital, of course I’m going to mention it always :P) or Toronto or Vancouver or anywhere, there’s so much potential to see things! To exploreeee! Because it’s a whole new worlddddddd! Like a la Anna and the French Kiss except a person visits Canada instead? TOUR TIME. I need to write this. Wait never mind I can’t write.

And even if it’s not a tour, the little things can still say so much. Talking about taking the OC Transpo/whatever other Canadian bus line (OOH imagine the MCs met on the bus?? CUTEEE.) and using a Presto pass to get to school/uni, shopping at Rideau Mall… small details that would make the experience so authentic for fellow Canadians/Ottawans (in this example)! (SO ME BASICALLY. Am I requesting someone make a book for me? Yes yes I am.)

Where do you live?? No specifics haha just in general? 😛 Do you think there should be more books set in Canada? (The only answer is YESSSS btw) What other countries would you like to see books set in? Am I the only one who thinks YA is very filled with books in the States? Also I really want to write a book set in Canada now but like #lazy and how do you even write.

OOH and let me know if you’re Canadian!! (Aka squeal with me about the deliciousness of Canadian food.) If you don’t live in Canada, well I hope I made you want to visit?? (For the food obviously am I right.) And that I’ve shown you a part of the fabulousness of this countryyyy ahah. Let me know your thoughts and HAPPY CANADA DAY!! ❤ (Even if you’re not Canadian haha.) I won’t be able to get back to you right away because Canada Day festivities, BUT CELEBRATE CANADA WITH MEEEE! ❤ Let me know your thoughts!

56 thoughts on “Reasons why there should be more YA books set in Canada (Where are thou Canadian authors??)

  1. Pouring, beaver tails and Timmies are some of the best of Canada! Great, now I want a Nutella beaver tail! 😂 I find it funny that even out of the Canadian authors they rarely set their books in Canada. I wish there was more set in this beautiful country! Station Eleven was actually set right where I live! It was so weird to hear my own town names in a book and see it described how it is now!

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    • I know right?!? Oh my gosh sameeee I was craving on so much writing this post. 😀 Yes!! Like, you have the advantage? Use it?? Canada is such a wonderful country. Oooh really??! That’s amazing ahah, I must check it out now, I haven’t yet found a book set where I live but I can imagine it must’ve been funny to see that!

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  2. HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!! I live in Canada! Here in Toronto! (Torrono–the proper pronunciation 😉) I love Canada! I want to see more books set in Canada that examples the landscapes at the touristy spots so I can scream out “HEY IVE BEEN THERE” while I’m reading! God bless Tim Hortons! One the best contributors to Canadian society and life! TIMBITS 😋 How can people live without tasting poutine is beyond me! It’s simply delicious! The world needs more Canada! The YA world needs more Canada! We are more than the neighbours of the north! We deserve books about us! But we also deserve cheaper book prices 😁😂😂😂 Happy Canada day!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 p.s. I’ve sung the bilingual Canada practically my whole school life so I sometimes forget what the English version says cuz I’m singing it en français! Or vice-versa!

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    • HAPPY CANADA DAY TO YOU AS WELL!!! ❤ I hope your day was great! And WOO Toronto! (Or Torrono :P) I don't live there, but I've visited many times and it's such a great city. I KNOW RIGHT??! That would be soooooo amazing agh, we need this!! Things like CN Tower, Niagara Falls, Wonderland?? Have you been? Imagine how AMAZING that would be. *cries because it doesn't exist* Ahah yesss!! I just went there earlier today haha. ❤ I knowwwww oh my gosh heaven itself. xD The world really does!! We need to be represented haha. 😛 And omg yesss why are books so expensive here??? #notfair Thank youuuu! ❤ YES RENDZ. I am so glad to hear I'm not alone there?? I literally can't remember the English version fully… or the French one fully either, for that matter. #OOPS

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  3. I’m Canadian! Well…almost. I’m from Alaska, but I’m pretty sure the rest of the US forgets about us and thinks we’re part of Canada anyway. (face palm) We have hockey, moose, mountains, forests, snow, WE SHARE THE PAIN OF BEING FORGOTTEN literally the only difference is we measure how cold it is outside in Fahrenheit. XD Although we don’t have Tim Hortons, beaver tails, or poutine. Though we should! Beaver tails sound amazing! 😀 EVERY TIME I GO TO THE LOWER 48 I GET ASKED IF I LIVE IN AN IGLOO TOO! LIKE NO I LIVE IN A HOUSE THANKS. XD Also I feel your pain of not very many books being set in your area.There are a few books set in Alaska, but most of them I think are either adult or middle grade and they are all survival stories about being stranded in the wilderness and almost getting killed by a bear and having to forage for food and all of that…which isn’t bad, it can very well happen, and it’s a good thing to teach kids how to survive crazy things like that, but it’s a little annoying that the rest of the world ONLY sees that part of Alaska. Like I would want to write a cute contemporary set here for the same reasons you want one in Canada. 🙂 Like, we ARE normal people, you know! Not all of us are redneck survivalists who learned to hunt with a gun when they were three! XD

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    • Well how about honorary Canadian?? 🇨🇦😂 Even if Alaska isn’t part of Canada (You’d think most people would know this? 😂) I actually didn’t know Alaska shared that much in common with Canada, apart from the cold part haha. YES YOU SHOULD!! Tim Hortons, Beaver Tails and poutine are to DIE FOR. ❤❤ Noooo, are you serious?!? WHEN WILL PEOPLE REALIZE. 😂😂 Cold temperatures do not automatically mean igloos!! There are such things as HEATERS and fireplaces! In a house! Ahem. Ahah yes, I haven’t read many books set in Alaska? Or any books? Lol. Which is a shame. Hahaha oh my gosh really? That sounds… intense? The world definitely deserves to see more than that aspect for sure. ❤ Yes!! WE SHOULD DO THIS. 😂 (Or I shall get someone else to do it because I can’t write but shh technicalities.) Hahaha yes exactly, must deconstruct these silly perceptions. 🙈


  4. This is a great post Analee. I didn’t know before this that you lived in Canada (for some reason my brain seems to default everyone’s home country to the same country as I’m in, not quite sure why) and actually now you’ve written this post I’ve just realised that I’ve never read a book set in Canada before, at least not one I can remember right now.
    I loved all your reasons, you’ve made me want to come and visit Canada which may not have been your goal but is definitely an acheivement. 🙂 Also you made me really hungry as well; those BeaverTails looks amazing, I’m thinking of coming to Canada now just for those! 😀 ❤
    Again great post.

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    • Thank you Beth!! 😊 Haha really? I’m the same, though I imagine most people to be living in the States. 😂 Right? There are so little books set in Canada, I think I’ve read maybe one or two, at most. 😳 Haha it was definitely one of my goals, so I’m glad to hear it!! Canada is a lovely country. 🙈 Beaver Tails are AMAZING, totally worth coming to Canada for them haha. 😍 Thank you!

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      • That’s all right. 🙂 My brain just automatically seems to default people to being from the UK. I haven’t read that many books set in the UK either, then again I mainly read fantasy so I guess I should say I haven’t read too many books set in the real world at all! 🙂
        In that case I won’t feel bad that at the moment they’re my main reason for wanting to visit Canada. That could just be because I’m hungry though. 🙂
        That’s all right! 😀 ❤️


    I’d love to have more books set here. I am absolutely in love with the place, but I don’t feel like people actually talk that different. Do you say “eh?” at the end of sentences? Because I’ve never actually heard that hahaha

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    • THANK YOUUUUU!!!! ❤❤❤ Happy Canada Day to you as well, where did you spend your day?? I hope you enjoyed the celebrations!! ❤ AND YES THANK YOU! We really don’t talk that different, and I don’t think I say ‘eh’ at the end of sentence? My friends and other people I know don’t, so honestly don’t understand where that comes from. 😂

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      • I am in Vancouver for now (and the next couple of months). I spent my Canada day at the free concerts at the waterfront, seeing Hey Ocean! and Sam Roberts band.
        I am so glad, I am not missing out on the “eh” because that is just beyond me. There are SO few differences in the language. Only like slang terms.

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  6. Oh my god this was such a wonderful post 😂😂😂

    I remember I first heard about Poutine when Harry Styles did a full on rant about it on stage in Montreal and it was one of the most hilarious things ever!!! He got so crazy about it XD it sounds a little weird though like fries with gravy??????? BUT I REALLY WANT TO TRY IT! Someone take me to Canada 😭

    And happy Canada Day!!! ❤️

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    • Thank youuuu haha! ;D Ahhh really??!? I need to find this rant now omg I RELATE TO THIS. Hahaha I knowww it’s not a very… conventional pairing?? BUT IT IS SO GOOD you must try it. ❤ And thanks! Even though it's August now… #bloggerfail

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  7. I’M ACTUALLY IN CANADA RIGHT NOW FOR VACATION HAHHAA. I also have a Canada 150 (temporary) tattoo on!!! And then on the 4th I’ll put on an American flag shirt on for the States’ Independence Day. XD Also why is it called CANADA Day but not AMERICA Day??? Omg I literally just saw a commercial for Tim Hortons. XD AND HEY. WE HAVE GREAT FOOD TOO. I just can’t think of any. Actually I’ll be a #ProudThai and say that THAI FOOD IS THE BEST AND YOU HAVE NOT LIVED UNTIL YOU HAVE EATEN SOME.

    I’m American and didn’t think you lived in igloos??? Like no. That’s Alaska. XDD And pleeeeeeeeease write!!! I am 112% sure that you will be an amazing writer. Also I’m going to do some awkward self promo and say that I’m starting a blog writing project next weekend so maybe you can join that. 😉

    AND NOW COMMENTING ON THE ACTUAL POINT OF THIS POST. Books should definitely be set in Canada! I personally write stories in the States since I’m FROM the States; I don’t want to misrepresent a country and I don’t have the money to visit each place I write about. 😂 But basically I think books should be about other lesser-known countries because #rep!!! It’s hard but it should be done. (Wow, May, so sympathetic. 🙈)

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    • YAYYY!! (but also whelp, I feel like a failure because it is now A MONTH since your comment. CAN I CRY NOW why is life so cruel) Go Canada. I saw your pictures, and um if there was any more proof needed why Canada is fabulous? THERE. Haha yesss go temporary tattoos! LOL no clue, honestly. Yasss Tim Hortons!! MY LIFE. Hahaha I’ve only tried Thai food a couple of times (like just pad thai or something), but YES I AGREE! And I will also take your word for all the food I haven’t tried yet haha.

      HAHA well I’m glad to hear some (hopefully most) Americans have common sense!! xD My cousins didn’t, so ummm yeah. I educated them, obviously. Ahhh aw thank you!! And eep I totally would’ve, so sorry I missed it ahh. I can become a very unmotivated potato very easily though, so I think I’ll leave the writing to the dedicated (YOUU and other scribblers haha). ❤

      HA. Yes they should, indeed! Haha yup, I totally get that–and I imagine that's the reason why so many other authors set books in the States as well, quite a lot of them seem to come from the States! 😀 Haha for sure!!

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  8. Happy Canada Day! This is such a fantastic post and I would LOVE to read more books set in Canada – it would be so awesome to discover the cities, landscapes and everything there, the bilingual areas as well such as Montreal and everything else. I want to visit so, so badly ahah. Great post! ❤ ❤

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    • Thank you! (Even if I’m replying a month late, agghhhhh.) Haha right??! Having more books set in Canada (AND FRANCE *wink wink*) would be the best. Ahah Montreal would be so cool to explore! I’ve only visited a few times, so it would definitely be a new experience. And a treat for fellow French people, I imagine ahah. So much to discover! Thank you!

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  9. Happy Canada Day! I was out yesterday celebrating so I’m just catching up on blogging today 😛

    I totally agree with you! We have such a beautiful country and I think we often overlook it as well. How many of us go abroad for travelling when we have everything you would see abroad (except maybe castles and some older architecture). BUT THE SCENERY! It’s a beautiful place!

    I try to read as many Canadian authors as I can and when a book is set here, automatically a read. It’s a shame that there aren’t more.

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    • Ahhh I’m so sorry, just found this comment now!! I hope your Canada Day celebration was lovely! ❤

      Yes, that is so true!! So many times I wish I could go see beautiful places around the world and forget about the treasures in our own country haha. It totally is!! I must tour Canada one day. The scenery is amazing!!

      Oh same here, though I haven't been doing a super great job on that front ahah, especially since there seems to be so little in the genre I like to read!

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  10. Happy Canada Day! Traveling to Canada is definitely a goal of mine. It seems like such a beautiful place with delicious food 🙂 There needs to be more books set in Canada. I have read a few but I agree there needs to be more!

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    • Oh yes, I’ve read Anne of Green Gables! Haven’t read the latter, though I believe it’s on my TBR and now I want to read it asap!! ❤ Oh yes, it would be SO amazing to have more ahah, I am so glad you agree. I KNOWWW, I am so craving one right now haha. Thank you!


  11. Alright. I don’t live in Canada, but I live close to Canada. :p I’m like… right across the lake. (Well, one of the lakes. 😉 ) And we have Tim Hortons down here. I think it’s just hard to compete when America is like… the capital of fast food industries. :/ Still, I think Tim Hortons stands a chance!

    And I like this idea of beaver tails. I saw M&Ms on chocolate and carbs and went: GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!! *grabby hands*
    Though, I can’t say how I feel about this poutine thing…. gravy on fries? I mean, I don’t even eat gravy on the normal foods it’s supposed to go on. Perhaps I’ll have to try it when I come to Canada this month. It can’t be worse than fries with vinegar, yeah? (Still, don’t get that one. Sorry.)

    Hey! We gots snow here, tooooo! :p Aaand now I’m just imaging a snow storm reaching the border and going “Nope. That’s America. We can’t go there. Take a U-turn and head back to the Canadian side. No snow for them…” (Uh. What do you call us? Like what’s the colloquial term for Americans from Canadians? o.o)


  12. I actually live in Illinois, and not in Chicago, so I’m surrounded by cornfields. I totally agree that most books (specifically YA) are set in the US, and I always think it’s neat to read about a different country! Even within the US though, I think it would be way more interesting to explore different cities and places. I don’t know about you, but I’m over New York City (even though I’ve never visited), LA, and Chicago. Same for the UK. I would love to read books set somewhere other than London or Paris.
    Anyhoo! I’ve actually never heard the stereotype that Canadians live in igloos, but we do think that you’re all super nice! XD When Trump was elected, a lot of people who didn’t like him said they were going to move to Canada. It was nuts.
    Your food sounds amazing. I now want to visit Canada, thank you very much! And I’d totally love to read about books set there! I actually just saw a YouTube video from Hailey in Bookland recommending books by Canadian authors for Canada Day, so you should definitely check that out! 🙂

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    • Oh, that’s cool! I don’t generally see cornfields, though there’s a lot of farmland depending on where I am haha. And right?? The majority of the YA books (that aren’t set in some bloodthirsty fantasy world lol) I’ve read are set in the US. It would be so great to have different settings! And yes, for sure! Within countries there are so many different places that can be explored rather than the popular ones like you mention. After a while they do all blur together, it would be so great to have a different perspective, a different place (though I’m forever biased towards London or Paris hahaha).
      Haha I think (I HOPE??) most people are over that one? Though the last time I visited the States, my cousins certainly weren’t… xD Hahaha I’m glad to hear it! I knowww oh my gosh, that was hilarious. 😀 I can sympathize, though, honestly, Trump is just…. Yeah, okay.

      IT IS! Not to brag or anything… ahem. You totally should haha and you’re very welcome. 😛 Yes! They would be so amazing. Oh, really?? I am like, a whole MONTH late on this comment, but I’ll definitely check it out ahah thank you for bringing it to my attention!

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      • Understood! I live in a small town 🙈 Exactly! Some variety even within the settings that are visited so often would be helpful. (This is true, this is true- Anna and the French kiss? Eh? Eh? 😂)
        That’s hilarious! Yeahhhhhh it’s interesting over here haha.
        I’ve never been outside of the states and I think it would be a fun place to visit; I might have to sometime!
        Nah, that’s totally fine. 😉 Enjoy!


  13. Books set in Canada would be lovely! All the ideas for cute contemporary novels you mentioned are great haha. Also all the food?? I need?? As a kid we travelled through Canada and it’s such a beautiful country why aren’t there more books set there. Also a possibly bigger question: WHY are Kinder Eggs banned in the US??? Welcome to America where you can have a gun but not a delicious Kinder Egg! Seriously those poor Americans are missing out .
    I’m trying to think of a book set in Canada but I can only think of Son of Neptune and that took only partly place in Canada?? WHERE ARE THE CANADA BOOKS. I had never thought about this until this post haha.

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    • Right??! Ahah thank you, I just need to get someone to write them for me now?? xD YES. Omg. I liveeeee for the food, honestly. POUTINE. BEAVERTAILS. How do people survive without them, I don’t know. (Also excuse me, how dare auto-correct try to underline those two words ahem can I turn this dictionary off.) Omg YESSSS. The biggest question ever? I swear, I am FOREVER going to question this, like what kind of decision making skills do people have where you can have guns but not CHOCOLATE and a little toy??? “Choking hazard” UM yeah what about “POTENTIAL DEATH” okay I’m done. Ahem. Just a little salty today, don’t mind me. xD They totally are missing out!
      Hahaha I know right?? Apart from that I can think of… maybe 2 at most? (And like, 10 000 in the States excuse meeee.) WE NEED MORE CANADA!

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      • Yes America what even?? They refuse to listen when people tell them that guns are dangerous, but instead they go ‘the toy inside that chocolate egg is dangerous let’s ban THAT’ because kids die because of Kinder Eggs all the time and not because of guns that’s a ridiculous idea *shrug*


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