Bookish characters who are absolute QUEENS and make me look like a dull potato.

HI GUYS!! Ahhhhh I know, it’s been forever since I’ve last posted, and I am SO SORRY for that but I haven’t been feeling well lately, so I just really didn’t get around to writing blog posts or blog hopping for the past couple of weeks. I hope you guys have all been well and I promise I will be around to blog hop sometime soon!! I’VE MISSED TALKING TO YOU.

But I digress. I would love to shower you with all my love right now but you might get bothered sooooo I won’t do that. Yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday, and so I got inspired to do a little themed post of BOOKISH QUEENS!! (Because queens are the best.) They’re not all in the literal sense, but these are characters I just love so much that I think are, in their own right, queens. Let’s do this!

Woah, an intro less than 500 words!! Go me.

1. Nina & Inej from Six of Crows duology

OH HI it’s just one of my favourite duos of ever???? The whole Six of Crows squad is my faveeee but these two are the only ones who really qualify for this post right now haha. Inej and Nina are both so badass and they are just such fabulous queens, slaying no matter what they do! (Just the first two bookish queens and already my talents are disappearing *sigh*) Also, they both like food (Nina in particular–you see why I love her??) and that’s automatically evidence of a smart queen in my book.

2. Yael from Wolf by Wolf

Omg. Can someone give this girl a medal?? And a crown? And all the hugs????? Poor precious Yael, her strength astounds me. Here she is riding a motorcycle race and with a goal to kill Hitler (admittedly, I wouldn’t want to be in her place BUT not the point) and then there’s me whose race is to finish exams in time and whose goal is to read more books and get more sleep?? (Failing both, fyi.) GO YAEL, true queen here.

3. Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles

Girl, we have a CYBORG here who’s saving the world like a true queen. I love Cinder so much, such a sweetie and poor soul. She accomplishes so much?? Like HOW.

4. Elli from The Impostor Queen*

You’re welcome for that uncomfortably large close up of her face!! Like people needed more reasons to dislike faces on book covers hahahaha. Even I’m kind of disturbed by this close up jeez she should smile more, smiles are good okay I’ll stop now. 

But okay, this series is hardly talked about as much but Elli is actually such a great character! She’s one of the *actual* queens as well, but there’s a whole lot going on there that makes it more complicated BUT nonetheless, she is also a true queen in other ways that I am unable to disclose so take my word for it. (I’m trustworthy I promise!!)

*I just had the greatest revelation ever realizing impostor isn’t spelled with an e???!? I am actually mindblown, you have no idea. Why isn’t with an e though??? It’s pronounced more with the e rather than an o??

5. Lila from Shades of Magic

MY FAVOURITE PIRATE!! (Psh, nah she’s not the only pirate I know…) I didn’t like her very much wayyyy back at the beginning, but all that’s pretty much history because Lila is just too fabulous, honestly. I don’t know how she keeps slaying like this. (Kell and Lila are also the best thing of ever btw) Her sass, her wit, her fighting skills and A+ pirating talents make her one of the best ever and it will take a VERY amazing pirate-queen (she’s not actually but this is a thing now??) to out-queen Lila, let me tell you. *Me: rethinks all of life’s decisions*

6. Kestrel from The Winner’s Curse

Just fyi, Kestrel is one of the most badass characters out there. JUST SAYING. Despite not having any superior fighting skill–in fact she’s kind of horrible at combat (I relate)–Kestrel proves her strength with her intelligence and strategy against her enemies. Definitely one of the main reasons I love the Winner’s Curse series so much. Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be on her bad side?

8. Shahrzad from The Wrath and the Dawn

Can I first squeal over the fact that Renee Ahdieh’s Flame in the Mist is also now released and I CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT?? Ahem. Okay. Anyway! Shahrzad from TWATD is actually SUCH an amazing character, I love her so much and she’s just such a fab queen as well. SO MUCH LOVE. I honestly don’t know what else to say haha. Slay, girl!

9. Zahra from The Forbidden Wish

GUYS. If you haven’t read this book yet: YOU MUST. Apart from the fact that this is an Aladdin retelling that is quite frankly almost BETTER than the Disney story (I KNOW. Mindblowing already.), this book is such a great diverse, action-packed fantasy with such wonderful characterization. The main character, Zahra, is such a strong, and unique character. I honestly don’t know how else to describe her character, because truly she felt like a breath of fresh air while still being fabulous (as a queen is :P) and I LOVED IT.

10. Juliette from Shatter Me

Brb as I fangirl over the fact that there is going to be more books in this series??!? (But I have to wait SO LONG *cries*) Okay, I’m back!! Because Juliette, my darling girl here deserves some spotlight, I don’t think I’ve mentioned her enough on this blog here lately haha. Her powers are just so cool and I also adoreddddddd her character development over the course of the series. Going from a shy, scared girl to being a strong, fearless QUEEN with fabulous skills. Go, Juliette!!

11. Starr from The Hate U Give

CUE CHEERS for a character featured from a contemporary novel!! Honestly, there should totally be more… either I haven’t read as many of them, or my brain is slow and I just didn’t think of them. (OOPS in the second case but I mean?? I’m a goldfish, how fast are their our brains anyway.) Nonetheless, Starr is legitimately one of the best characters out there ever, and such an absolute queeeeeen omg someone give her a crown PLEASE. If you haven’t read this yet: YOU MUST.

ALRIGHT!! I’m going to stop there because a) I have to go and b) if I continue I WILL NEVER STOP haha.

I had so much fun writing this post!! To everyone who lives in Canada I hope your Victoria Day was great!! I really had planned for this post to go up yesterday but I went out to the tulip festival and I clearly didn’t get to do that oops. But anyway, which of these bookish queens do you agree with? (All of them obviously.) Are there other bookish queens you know of? (Literal or otherwise!) Let me know!! I’ll be around to visit blogs later as well, I can’t guarantee my activity for the rest of the month (what’s left of it, anyway, how did it go so fast??) but I do hope to have a couple of posts up and catch up on the loads of posts I’ve missed haha. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! Sending you lots of hugs. ❤ ❤ 

86 thoughts on “Bookish characters who are absolute QUEENS and make me look like a dull potato.

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere Analee! 🙂 ❤ I’m excited to see more of your posts now you’re here again.
    Also you have picked pretty much all of my favourite, most kick-ass characters for this list (the only exceptions are the books I haven’t read yet!). I love the Six of Crows duology because all the characters are so well written, so well developed, and so diverse as well, especially in terms of their talents and what they can offer the team. Nina and Inej are beyond amazing. Same with Lila, Cinder, Kestrel, ahh, pretty much everyone you featured! 😍
    Great post Analee! 😀

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  2. I haven’t read The Impostor Queen or The Hate U Give, but I’m excited to meet these amazing characters. And one thousand times yes to Nina and Inej. They are seriously some of my favorite female characters in YA. And I absolutely adore their friendship. Also, yes to Cinder and Lila. I actually didn’t like Lila in the beginning either, but she definitely grew on me. And her romance with Kell is just so wonderful. Great list! And welcome back to the blogosphere! 😀

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  3. So nice to see your posts again, I hope you keep feeling well and can post again. A great idea for a blog post. My ‘Queen’ would be Becky Bloomwood / Brandon from Shopaholic and Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables.

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  4. Ah, yes; I agree with so many of these! I love Nina, Inej, Lila, Starr, and Cinder! I think my favorite Lunar Chronicles girl is Cress because she’s so much like me, and I also love Cath from Fangirl (again, because she’s so like me), and literally any lady from Sarah J. Maas’s books because they’re always badass and wonderful. 😍

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    • So glad to hear that!! 😄 Right?!? They’re all so amazing. Ahah I really should put all the Lunar Chronicles girls honestly, they’re all such queens in their own way, which is what I love about them all! Oh Cath is totally fabulous as well, I related to her so much too! ❤ Oh my gosh how could I forget about Sarah J Maas’s characters?!? Such strong leading ladies, all the time. 🙈

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  5. This post made me realize that I really need to pick up Six of Crows. I bought both books the day they released and I haven’t read them. I also should probably finish the Grisha trilogy first… whoops. But yes! Juliette! ❤️❤️

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    • You dooooooo!! 🙈 THEY ARE SO GOOD you won’t regret it I promise. Though finishing the Grisha trilogy first might be a good idea haha 🙈 Six of Crows is a lot better imo but I love both! Yessss Juliette omg ❤❤


  6. I totally agree with you on Inej, Nina, Shazi, Cinder and Juliette! I haven’t met Kestrel and Lila yet but I’m planning to meet them soon. I haven’t read Forbidden Wish but It sounds like a great read.
    Great Post! 🙂

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  7. Is it wrong that I kinda want Queen Levana on the list rather than Cinder? She might be an evil villain but she’s a strong (rather scary), powerful woman who knows what she wants and usually gets it 🙂

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    • Not wrong at all!! An interesting and totally acceptable perspective actually haha I never thought of her that way but she is quite the authoritative and strong-willsd figure as you said, much like a queen (which she is, I suppose, albeit an evil one 😂)

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  8. NINA AND INEJ! LILA! CINDER! Shatter Me is on my TBR, as well as THUG but now I can actually READ IT BECAUSE IT’S AT THE LIBRARY (even though said friend did not end up giving it to me sighhhhh). Like Inej is so silent and sleek (wow, like a car, May??? really???) and Nina is a FOOD-LOVER OBVIOUSLY MAKING HER AMAZING. And Lila is just… *shakes head* amazing. Sassy. WITTY. No other words. (Although Nina’s quite witty as well. 😉 ) Love this post, and OOH A TULIP FESTIVAL! XD

    PS. Impostor should totally be spelled with an e. Imposter. WAHT THERE’S NO AUTOCORRECT SO IS IT RIGHT???

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    • RIGHT?!??? 😍😍 You’ll love Shatter Me. And YAYYY finally!! (Noooo how could she fail you so but at least it’s at the library now!! 🙌🎉) Omg Inej ❤ Tsk, tsk, May I don’t think she appreciates being compared to a car (wait she wouldn’t know what a car is nvm) and NINA is literally my spirit animal!! 💞😍 Lila is so fabulous and witty too… I’m sensing a trend here… YAY thank you and IT WAS SO PRETTY. 🙈😍

      PS. Thank you!!! It should totally be with an e??? Who made this word, I want to hold a debate here. WAIT REALLY?? I had autocorrect when I typed it on my laptop though 😳😭

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      • Basically all the characters are amazing, let’s just stick with that. XD AND YOU HAVE TO SHARE PICTURES OF THE FESTIVAL!

        I looked it up and apparently imposter isn’t wrong, but impostor is “more correct”. XD


  9. OMG YES Lila and Starr are my queens! My Victoria Day was great too! I mean it was a day off school which is even better 😉

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  10. Starr from The Hate U Give is one of my favorite characters ever! And all of the characters in the Six of Crows duology give me so much life! This post is amazing, and all of the queens included in this post are amazing!

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and am very impressed by your blog. I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

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    • Right?!? I LOVED HER SO MUCH. And yessss!! Six of Crows is literally the definition of squad goals honestly haha. ❤ Thank you so much, I'm so glad you think so!!
      WELCOME! Thanks so much. ❤ And tips… well, number one, don't be afraid to be yourself and reach out to other bloggers as well! Commenting and talking to other bloggers is the best way to make friends as well as have people visit your blog. And make sure to have fun!! Blogging can take lots of work, but enjoying it is what makes it such a special experience. 🙂

      I'll definitely check out your blog! Thank you, to you as well!

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  11. Fantastic post, Analee! ❤ I haven't read all the books on here but I have to agree about Cinder, she's THE BEST, isn't she? Though all of the female characters in this series are kind of badass…don't you think? 😀

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  12. I looooove all of these that I’ve read, but most are on my TBR! I actually own The Impostor Queen, and was rather wondering if anyone out there with a non-robotic opinion had read it! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it; I’ll definitely have to pick it up soon!

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  13. YES TO SO MANY OF THESE!! (also there are so many from books that I haven’t read yet but need to) Nina and Inej, Lila, Kestral, and Juliette! Especially Inej and Nina because those two are my top favorites and probably one of my favorite female friendships in fantasy. If I could be a part of any friendship in a book it would be their’s hands down. But at the same time if I could be any character it would be Lila because she is completely badass. Also, Feyre, Nesta, and Mor from ACOTAR. Those three are definitely Bookish queens too! And Emma from The Dark Artifices. Great list, Analee!! Good to see you back on the blogosphere. 😃


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