Fictional Settings I Wish Were Real | Seriously, I REALLY wish these were real.

Hello. It’s me.

(Sorry, I feel like this post warranted that. It’s been so long, and it’s so old, I know! But I had to. SHHH you know you do it too.)

I’m back today with another post, you guys! Be proud of me. I’m not exactly sure what inspired this topic, but I was making a few header graphics for some of my other planned posts and then suddenly I saw a picture that just made this idea pop into my head. Be prepared for a severe case of wanderlust guys, for these fictional places! I mean, come on, who DOESN’T want to go to these places?

Let’s do this! I apologize in advance if this post causes your wanderlust to go overboard and like me, you end up sobbing because these places don’t exist.

Fictional settings I wish were real

1. Hogwarts (Harry Potter)

YOU ALL SAW THIS COMING. I mean, come on! Even people who haven’t read Harry Potter (ps you must definitely go fix that mistake asap please and thank you) wouldn’t mind going to the utter fabulousness that is Hogwarts. And other magical places. (Diagon Alley, anyone? I WANT TO GET MY WAND and magic thanks.)

Hogwarts 2
LOOK AT IT!! ❤ ❤

2. Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)

Hasn’t anyone else dreamed of visiting Narnia once upon a time?! I mean, come on. IT’S NARNIA peoples. ❤


3. Camp Half Blood/Jupiter (Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus)

Rick Riordan’s books have always had a place in my heart, and it’s definitely a certain that Camp Half Blood found a place there too! IT’S JUST THE BEST. Someone take me there, please? *heart eyes*

Camp Half Blood

4. Luna, New Beijing (The Lunar Chronicles)

The settings in the Lunar Chronicles sound so cool! And I SO wouldn’t mind visiting Luna or New Beijing. Seriously, why can’t these places be real?!


5. Panem (The Hunger Games)

I think it makes sense to wish this was real, right? I mean, war’s over and everything and Panem just sounds SO COOL. And really pretty? Are there any tours available, ’cause sign me up please. (Yes, I realize Panem is FICTIONAL *sadly* but maybe the places where the movie took place? ‘Cause those were super great. Ahem.)


6. Ravka (Grishaverse)

Ahh, Leigh Bardugo and her Grishaverse. Can never get tired of it, really. Especially now that we have the amazing Six of Crows and the books in that series! Ravka’s world just seems so cool. And I know it’s based off Russia too (which is already on my to-visit-someday list because RUSSIA.)


7. Trollus (Stolen Songbird)

I haven’t squealed about this book and the series enough, tbh. There is SO MUCH going on for this book and oh my gosh, the world building is most definitely one of the best parts!! Trollus just seems SO AMAZING (I’m saying that for literally every place on this list, but SHH. They’re all so amazing.) and I really want to go visit! It sounds really dark and cold and everything but beautiful with lights and hidden treasures. ❤

I found this on Pinterest and it LOOKS SO PRETTY

8. The Fae Courts (A Court of Thorns and Roses)

If there was one thing Sarah J. Maas didn’t blotch in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, it’s the world and descriptions! I absolutely adore the idea of the Courts (Spring Court, Summer Court,etc.–SO BEAUTIFUL) and it would be SO COOL if they were real (apart from the part where there’s a whole war going on… details, details.)


9. Khorasan (The Wrath and the Dawn)

Set in the middle-east, The Wrath and the Dawn duology is probably one of my favourite books, for like EVER. Seriously, I love this book series SO MUCH. (So basically, if you haven’t read this yet, LEAVE. AND DO SO IMMEDIATELY. Ahem.) And the setting was so cool!! I would definitely not mind visiting someday… (except I can’t *sob*)


10. Primoria (Snow Like Ashes)


Can I just squeal about how much I adore the world in Snow Like Ashes? It’s based on the seasons, and there are 4 kingdoms (each based on a season) and it’s just asjksfhkdhgolehtogrehgaernglekg. Seriously. I have no words. The descriptions and everything was all SO PRETTY AND MAGICAL. I just really want to go. Pretty please? PLEASEEE.

Bonus: Multi-Londons (Shades of Magic)


I suppose you can count this technically as a real setting, because, hello? LONDON? But this world as a whole is (to my dismay) fiction so. SOB. Who doesn’t want to visit multiple Londons? Red London, Grey London, White London. They’re all SO COOL and I severely want to visit!!!


*offers you tissue box*
Anyone else facing the struggles of being (too) attached to fiction? I am seriously SO SAD that these places don’t exist for us bookworms to visit… (With the exception of Hogwarts, kind of, since we can visit at Universal Studios? BUT IT’S NOT THE SAME *sobs harder* [I’m totally okay, guys. Totally sane. I’m usually not this emotional, sorry. 😛 But can you blame me?]
ANYWAY. Join me in my sobbing wanderlusting! (That sounds kind of weird..) Which of these places do YOU wish were real the most? (Obviously ALL of them, but if you had to pick. (a horror, I know! I apologize in advance.) Which of these books have you read? TALK TO ME, please. (I’m very desperate and it clearly shows.) Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend! ❤
Until the Next Meal, Analee

51 thoughts on “Fictional Settings I Wish Were Real | Seriously, I REALLY wish these were real.

    • *high fives* YESS you know what I’m talking about! Hogwarts and Diagon Alley would totally be the best thing ever. Haha Summer from Snow Like Ashes would totally be great! I’d so love to chill there for a summer vacation. 😂


  1. YES, YES, YES TO ALL OF THESE. It would be my dream to be a Camper at Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter – that would be absolutely amazing. And a real-life Hogwarts would be pretty fantastic as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! ❤

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  2. This is pretty much my wish-list of fantasy places I wish were real as well (OK, maybe not Panem, knowing my luck I’d get drafted into The Hunger Games and die within five minutes!). Also yes, I would love to be able to visit Red London, technically I guess real life London would be Grey London but I’d love to see a version where magic exists! 😀

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  3. I have a post like this on my ideas list, but the one in my mind wasn’t anywhere near as pretty. So if I do get around to doing it, I will use more graphics and list you as inspiration.

    My only caveat is that I want to visit these places when there aren’t any state department tourist advisories – no evil witches, monster attacks, or plagues.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aha thank you! I’m glad you liked this. And you definitely should! It would be great to see your list. 😉
      Haha yeah, that’s true, all those issues would probably put a damper on visiting the amazing settings!


  4. LOVE everything you mentioned, especially the Fae courts because I just finished ACOMAF and AHGsadkjhfaksdjhfk it was AMAZING! And is it weird that I always get hungry when I think of Khorasan? Because it sounds like honey and delicious food to me.

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  5. So many gorgeous maps :O I’ve always wanted to go to Narnia! Through the wardrobe of course, not through the painting with the ocean, which would make me wet and cold and I’d hate that 😀

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  6. Great idea for a post. Whenever I have bookish wanderlust, its usually for places that could exist, like beachy cosy foodie places – The Comfort Food Cafe. Or Green Gables, Avonlea – Anne of Green Gables. But if we visited these fantasy places,then we could make our other fantasies be there too? Sounds good. 😉

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  7. Great post, Analee!

    I asked my husband recently if there are any fictional places he feels nostalgic for. He is more of a non-fiction consumer than a fiction junkie (like me), so he found the idea of being nostalgic for a place that doesn’t exist a little curious.

    But gosh! If I don’t pine for the whomping willow and Halloweens in the great hall!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Oh my god that’s hilarious! I’m sure the people in my life as well who don’t understand my love for fiction books would probably have the same reaction. I wouldn’t know, but I should definitely ask now haha.

      Oh, I know right? That would be the most amazing thing ever. ❤ Thanks so much for stopping by!


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