Okay, I’m back–FINALLY! | 2016 June Book Releases

Let me start this off by saying; I will not blame you if you decide to smother me with a pillow and chase after me with a stake! I’ve been gone, without a single explanation or notice for SO LONG it’s literally been a month (and more?) since my last post. Seriously. My last post was last month’s upcoming book releases, and now it’s June. Talk about absences. And awkwardness. Ahem. SOOO my point is I am immensely sorry! I offer chocolate and cake as apology. (That’s a big deal, just saying. No one touches my chocolate.) The past month has been crazy with exams and everything, and things are still a bit crazy but I’ve resolved to not let my blog die with me as I struggle through the final days of school. Yes. #determined

But that’s all besides the point. Right? Right. Let’s just all sit and share candy? And book recommendations? Or, even better, the upcoming releases of this month! It’s so much simpler to keep track of all the amazing-looking releases when they’re all in one place, am I right? You’re welcome, bookish fiends. (Pff, this is totally not to get me back in your good graces, what?)

2016 June Book Releases

June 7

June 14

June 15

June 21

June 28

June 29

I know there are tons more releases I must’ve missed, but I believe this is already around 50-ish books? Sooo yeah, I think that’s more than adequate (I’m drowning, pretty much), and plus, among these are the ones I’m most excited for. A nice mix of contemporary as well as sci-fi/fantasy novels this month, so it’s sure to keep any bookworm happy, am I right? (Not our wallets though…) Some of the ones I’m excited for include All the Feels, The Loose Ends List, One Paris Summer, Ivory and Bone, Never Ever, And I Darken, as well as Winning. So many amazing books and covers here!! *drools*

Alright, so I think that’s all for today, folks! Unfortunately I will continue to be a bit tied up with studies and everything for the next bit and I *might* take another unnamed hiatus (fingers crossed I won’t though) BUT I will most definitely be seeing you guys soon in another post! ❤ Hope you guys are all enjoying your weekend–let me know how you’ve been! I’ve missed you. 😀

Until the Next Meal, Analee

22 thoughts on “Okay, I’m back–FINALLY! | 2016 June Book Releases

    • No kidding! There are so many I can hardly keep count. I’ve never heard of Osheim and its series before now, but I’m definitely intrigued! Hope you enjoy them if (or when) you get around to them.


  1. SO MANY PRETTY COVERS, I am so excited for most of these books especially the contemporary ones. June is a really great month beause of all these book releases! Haha, definitely bookmarked this post for future references lol. 😄💞

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    • I KNOW RIGHT!! I’m honestly in love. 😍 LOL. Ooh yes there are so many amazing contemporaries being released! Perfect for the summer. ❤️ I’m honestly drowning though in book releases–I can’t keep up lol. Yayy so glad this post is useful! 💖

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    • I missed you too, Marie!! It’s been so long since we’ve talked. ❤ It sure feels great to be back (even if it's temporarily temporary? That makes sense..) especially talking to wonderful people like you! ❤ Ooh yes, those both sound so good. There are so many books omg. Neither can mine! XD

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  2. I’m glad that you are back! I took a mini hiatus too, I think I needed the break badly! It’s great to see so many exciting new releases this month! I just read the Leaving and I thought it was amazing! I have You Know Me Well on my TBR!

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    • Me too!! ❤️ It feels so good to be back and interacting with other bloggers. Haha yeah sometimes taking a break is exactly what we need! Yeah, there are so many amazing books that I can’t wait to read. 😄 So glad to hear it, definitely gonna keep an eye out for that one!


  3. I’m so so looking forward to Empire of Dust! AND ALSO IVORY AND BONE. Although I have an eARC of that and I should like um, read it?? Instead of just thinking nice thoughts towards it? THAT WOULD BE LOGICAL. hehe. Also the covers are just gorgeous here. The covers make me want to read all the books. AH! AH!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!</a

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    • I have yet to read the first book but I really want to read it!! Don’t know why I haven’t yet. LOLL yes I suppose that would be the logical path to take. Then again when are bookworms ever truly logical? 😂 Omg I know right?? So much cover love here! 😍


  4. Hi Analee! I totally understand being busy. I haven’t been very busy either. The end of Middle School swallowed me up. Glad to see you back! Looks like lots of great book releases this month 😀

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  5. Such a great overview of June releases. I always think that book releases slow down in the summer and now it just seems I’m completely out of the loop when it comes to summer releases. I will have to pay attention to your July release post. Thanks for keeping me informed!

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