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Hey everyone! I haven’t done a tag in a while, so I thought I might as well do this one–in which I was tagged in by Summer @ XingSings. Thanks so much, Summer! This tag is one I had meant to do for a while now actually, but I never got around to it. It was created back when it was the release of Huntley Fitzpatrick’s novel The Boy Most Likely To (which I have yet to read, admittedly–I will, one day, promise!) and was really popular for a while! Now it’s just drifting around, I think. XD Basically we just share our own blogger superlative, and some other stuff (I think?), and invite others to do the same (as per usual in a book tag).

The Blog Most Likely To

Alright, so are you ready for this? It was actually kind of hard to come up with only one, but finally I have reached one! And naturally, I cheated a bit and meshed two into one. Okay, here it is:

The Blog Most Likely To… Be Behind On Literally All The Reviews (And spend time squealing about books and chocolate instead)

Allow me to explain. (Yes, I realize you guys are all smart little minions but I am smarter* so hushhh)

If you’ve been around for a while, or even a bit, you know this is (unfortunately?) 110% true. As much as I would love for all of you lovely people to deny it, you just can’t. XD It’s totally not intentional, I swear it! But I just can’t keep up with writing reviews. Once I started slipping, it just kind of snowballed and now I can’t get out of it, aghhhhh. I literally have books I read over a year ago, like in May 2015, that I still haven’t reviewed, despite making a draft, telling myself I’d write up a review, etc. etc. I don’t know. LE SIGH. Around 98% of the time, I’m eating chocolate and read a new book rather than writing a review for the book I recently read.. which is really a bad habit of mine. I really enjoy writing reviews, I do! It’s so much fun expressing my thoughts on a book, especially if it’s one I loved.. or hated. 😉 But despite that, I seem to always never get them written?

*Hey, I like to dream, alright? No raining on my parade here.

Why do I procrastinate so much? 

(I mean, eating chocolate instead is time very well spent, in my book, but others may not see it that way. :P)

  • I love reviewing, but reading often becomes first for me. There are so many books to be read, I just want to keep picking up another book once I finish one! And once that happens, I get caught up in another book, and then another, and then another, and then.. I find that instead of one review to write, I have, like 5. And then 10. And then.. yeah, you know what I mean. 😀
  • I don’t always like to write reviews right after finishing a book, because I feel like at that time, I’m most likely still reeling from the ending and everything, so it wouldn’t be a very helpful or 100% accurate review because I’d most likely either hype it up way more than I actually mean to, or, the opposite. So. I like to wait a bit more, to clear my head.. except then I kind of don’t get around to writing the review at all, because of what happens in the above. *SIGH* I am terrible, guys.
  • Squealing about books and chocolate is so much more appealing sometimes? I like my books, and I like my chocolate too much, guys. #sorrynotsorry

 I think I’m supposed to offer examples as well? But I can’t exactly do that, so… I’ll skip to the tagging!

This post is turning out to be very short! But this tag was a lot of fun to do–it was interesting to come up with the superlative, at least.

As usual, no pressure if you don’t want to do this tag! And if you want to do it, but your name isn’t on here, don’t feel shy to go right ahead and do it! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to do it–and if you do it, please link back to this post so I can come check it out! ❤

Alright, so I think that’s it for this tag! What do you think? Do you agree with the superlative I chose for myself? (I won’t be too offended if you do. :P) Do you think I deserve another superlative instead? What do you think your own superlative would be? Let me know all and any thoughts in the comments! ❤
I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

Until the Next Meal, Analee


54 thoughts on “The Blog Most Likely To… | TAG

  1. Cute tag and thanks for tagging me! I have no idea what my superlative would be haha
    If I can give you a tip, maybe if you write your immoderate thoughts after you finish in a notebook it would help you keep up with reviews. I write my reviews in a notebook as soon as I finish but I don’t share them on my blog until the month after so I can marinate in my feelings and make sure I give it what I really think it deserves. But that way I don’t get super behind like I used to (though I still have to share all the reviews for 2015)

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    • It’s my pleasure! Can’t wait to see what superlative you come up with. 😀
      Oh my gosh, thanks so much for the tip!! ❤ Honestly, I need all the help I can get, so it's much appreciated. I will definitely try to do that! A lot of the times what ends up happening is that so much time has passed since I read the book, that I don't even remember all too clearly what exactly happened or what I thought about it. And so, I end up just leaving the review incomplete. This might help with that, for sure. ❤ Thanks, once again, Sara!

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  2. hah! Thanks for being honest about getting behind on your reviews. It looks like we have very different ways of looking at reviews. I write my reviews within two days of finishing a book because otherwise I will forget! And I feel I can most accurately describe how I felt about a book upon finishing. For me, the reading experience is all about how I felt as I was reading or upon finishing, not how I reflect on it after.

    I also love to write reviews, but I read so slowly that if I don’t review every book I read, then I would not have enough content up on my blog! lol I can’t afford to skip a review, unfortunately.

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    • 🙂 Of course!
      Aha yes, it does seem we have different ways of looking at it! I think, for me, a lot of the times what happens is that once I finish a book, often I’m so caught up in the story even when it ends that I tend to over-judge or under-judge my feelings on the book as a whole–when it might not be fully what the book deserves. I totally understand your way of reviewing though!


  3. I’m the same, but with tags instead of reviews. It’s just so easy to find other stuff I’d rather be doing! Not that I’m completely up to date with my reviews either… Good luck catching up, if you ever decide to try and tackle that daunting task 😛

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    • Haha I can totally understand that; with so many tags lined up, it’s so easy to fall behind on them and procrastinate! And after missing out on writing so many reviews, it’s a huge pile there too. 😂 LOL I’ll most definitely need all the luck I can get if I end up attempting to catch up on my pending reviews, so thanks! 😉

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    • Phew, I’m relieved to hear I’m not alone in this! Haha yep, it’s so easy to get caught up in a new book and miss out on writing a review for the previous book we read.. 😂
      No problem, I can’t wait to see the superlative you come up with!

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    • It’s a super fun tag! Haha YESSS exactly. We’re so alike, omg. 😄 After I finish a book, although I’m tempted to gush my feelings about it to someone, I also want to let my feelings distinguish themselves and make sure they won’t change before I go and write a review. And then I get caught up in another book.. And another.. And, well you know how it goes. 😂

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  4. Eating chocolate is a hard job, totally get it XD It’s so easy to get behind on reviews. It’s like you finish a book and say you’ll write it tomorrow… and then tomorrow you say tomorrow… got to love procrastination!

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    • Oh my gosh, I KNOW RIGHT. Like, why would you ever NOT want to eat chocolate? 😂 No problem!
      Ahh is it bad that I’m kind of glad I’m not alone in procrastinating reviews? It’s kind of a bad habit, but I just get caught up in so many other things I just end up neglecting and ignoring them.. Oops!


  5. Haha don’t worry you’re not the only one who procrastinates writing reviews. There are quite a few books I haven’t reviewed yet either, and at this point I’m not planning to do so anymore since it’s been so long and I don’t remember the books that well haha. Also eating chocolate is important. Don’t procrastinate on that!

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    • *breathes out a sigh of relief* Thank god! 😂 I’m quite glad to hear that, actually.
      Loll I totally get that!! I mean, I occasionally delude myself into thinking that I’ll write those reviews, but even then I know that it’s definitely not going to be soon (or ever..! Unfortunately.) It’s hard to review a book when you don’t remember it!
      Oh, yes, I agree 100%. I must not slack on that–but then, why would I ever want to, am I right?! 😉 Have you done this tag? ‘Cause if you haven’t, you should–I’d love to see what superlative you’d come up with for yourself. XD

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  6. I love your superlative – very creative! It’s going to take me ages to come up with anything for myself but thank you so much for tagging me.
    And you really should read The Boy Most Likely To. It was a great companion to My Life Next Door, even if the focus was a lot less on romance than in the predecessor.

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  7. Ohh, thanks so much for the tag! It’s probably gonna take me a while to come up with something for my blog but I have a queue of tags I still need to get through so it may take me a little while anyways.
    But I know what you mean I am a terrible procrastinator as well, actually blogging here and posting reviews has helped me to manage my procrastination so I’m not as bad as I probably once was! But it’s still an uphill struggle.
    Thanks again for the tag 😀

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    • No problem!! 😉 Aha no worries it took me a while to do come up with one myself, so I get you. And there are so many tags around now, it’s so hard to keep on top of all of them!
      Haha I’m relieved to hear I’m not alone in my procrastinating ways–and glad that blogging is proving to be helpful in improving said procrastinating ways for you. ❤️ Lol, once a procrastinator, it’s hard to stop..

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m trying to keep on top of my tags, I know which ones are in my queue, there’s just a lot I still need to work though, may have to start posting two a week or something.
        Oh yeah I’m still definitely a procrastinator, but now I seem to be getting to the stage where I’m doing nothing for an hour or so before I think to myself, ‘no, I really need to start blogging now’. Works well to get me moving and actually writing something for my blog 😀
        Thanks again ❤️ I can’t wait to start this one!

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  8. I’m the same way – haha! I have a “to review” shelf on Goodreads, and I honestly think it’s probably my biggest shelf. *hides* No regrets though. xD Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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    • LOLL I’d probably be in the same situation, except I don’t actually have a shelf for that yet. It probably wouldn’t do anything much anyway. My to-review pile just keeps getting bigger! 😂 Eee thank you!! 😘


  9. I am behind on two months worth of reviews. I’ve read 12 books and I haven’t stopped reading which means that my reviews just keep piling up. These don’t include book tags, awards or tv show reviews which have also been accumulating. WHY. SO. HARD?!?

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    • Aha, don’t worry, that’s better than me, at least! I totally know what you mean. You get behind on one, and suddenly it just keeps growing until you have a ton of books yet-to-be-reviewed. XD And yes, there are so many other things that just keep piling up! The struggle is real omg.

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