Oh my god Lady Midnight!! And so many other books, woo! | 2016 March Book Releases

Eeep, happy 1st day of March! There are soooo many books being released today (ahem, proof is right below), along with so many amazing books being released throughout the month! And, me, being a good little chocolate bar, decided to create a collective post (as I always do at the beginning of each month!) with all the YA book releases I find that are being released said month. This month in particular is one I’ve been anticipating FOREVER, because—you guessed it—LADY MIDNIGHT is being released!! *Cue intense fangirling shrieks* And sooo many other AMAZING books too. So let’s do this!

(Oh, just a tip if you want to gush over all the amazing covers—which you obviously want to do—if you press one of the book covers, it will open up a bigger sized view of the cover, and you can view the other covers this way too.)

2016 March Book Releases

March 1st

March 3rd

March 8th

March 14th

March 15th

March 22nd

March 29th

Okay, so which releases are YOU most excited for?!?!??!!! Anyone else want to freak out with me over these books, ’cause…. I’m freaking out. I NEED LADY MIDNIGHT omg. Also The Winner’s Kiss!! Oh, and Beyond the Red and The Great Hunt both seem so freaking good. Oh, and The Serpent Kind and Map of Fates!! I WANT THEM. Scratch that, I WANT ALL THESE BOOKS. Alas, it’s not possible (Whyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!-I’m yelling on the inside) but it doesn’t stop me from fantisizing about them! XD They have such amazing summaries and such gorgeous covers, eep. Let me know your thoughts and what books you’re looking forward to the most below!

Happy reading!

Until the Next Meal, Analee

19 thoughts on “Oh my god Lady Midnight!! And so many other books, woo! | 2016 March Book Releases

  1. SO MANY BOOKS. I feel like you’re doing these posts just to torture me, haha, and I LOVE it. I can’t wait to read In Real Life, A Drop of Night, You Were Here, and ohhh I’m going to have to check out all of these books. If my TBR grows constantly, I blame you for it :p :p

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    • Hahaha maybe I am…! 😏LOLLL just kidding (not really) but I’m glad you love it because I’m not stopping anytime soon!
      Omg so many good books! In Real Life, A Drop of Night are both on my TBR too and ahhh You Were Here was so good!!
      Mw ha ha you’re welcome! I suppose I do have a knack for aiding people make their TBR (unnecessarily) larger, especially with these posts. 😈 I’m just a total angel that way.

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  2. Wow! I still haven’t finished with the books released in february yet and now comes march with lots of new interesting books. Argh!!! There are so many books to read but not enough time 😦 I’ll try my best to read as many books as possible. Anyway, I’m highly anticipating Burning Glass, Winter kiss, Beyond the red, Gravity and walk the edge. There’s also some other books i’d like to read if only there was more time. 😀

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    • Haha same here! Who am I kidding, I still have releases from LAST YEAR still waiting to be read. *sigh* I hope you get to finish all the books you hope to finish!
      Ooh yes, those books all seem so good!! Ahh if only we had enough time to read them all…😂

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  3. I’m more excited than I had originally thought I would be for Lady Midnight. I’m still not sure how I feel about yet another author setting yet another book in yet another popular series’ setting, BUT I DON’T CARE because I want it. XD Also, March 29th cannot come sooner. I can’t WAIT to get my hands on the Winner’s Kiss!

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  4. I’m dying to get my hands on Lady midnight. And I already read an ARC of The Winner’s Kiss. My review is not up yet but IT WAS AMAZING. I also have The Great Hunt already but I need Half lost, and those Renne Ahdieh novellas. Great post, it probably took a lot of time and effort to prepare this. And you just made my TBR grow larger. So thanks for that. 😂😂

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    • AHHH I know right?!! *cue fangirling shrieks*
      Omggggg I’m so jealous!! You’re so lucky to have ARCs of The Winner’s Kiss and The Great Hunt!! I’m so glad you liked The Winner’s Kiss, I can’t wait to read it. 😍
      Aha thank you! It definitely took a lot more time since I kept stopping to add so many books to my TBR… 😂 I got distracted way too easily, lolll.
      Haha you’re welcome! 😈😉

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