Types of Male Love Interests | Happy Valentine’s Day!!

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Woot woot! I hope, if you’re with your special (wink wink) friend you’re enjoying yourself, or, if you’re all alone this V-Day, you’re surrounded by books (or family, but, you know, booooooks) because what else is better to be surrounded with? But anyway. I was going to do a bookish OTPs post today, but seeing how tons of other bloggers have covered that area already in the past few days, I’ve decided to do a different kind of post and talk about my types of book boyfriends I have met in books! I was debating over this and types of bookish couples/girl friends, but in the end I went with the book boyfriends. (But if you’d like a ‘types of bookish couples or girl friends’, let me know!) Let’s do this!

Ty[es of Male Love Interests

1. The player/bad-boy.

Kind of touched on this, I think, the other day when I talked about romance tropes we love or hate, but it’s definitely worth mentioning again! You know the type; he’s trouble, and the girl knows it. Oftentimes it concludes with said bad-boy changing his ways because he fell in love with the more ‘goodie two-shoes’ type girl. The player is a very common and popular type of book boyfriend; and if you’re read at least a few YA books, you know what I’m talking about. I’d offer examples, but… this one’s everywhere.

2. The possessive one.

*Cough* Edward Cullen *Cough* Just kidding… but not. If you’ve read or heard of Twilight, it’s definitely one of the biggest example of the possessive boyfriend! Whether you like this type of boyfriend or not is completely a personal preference, but it’s undeniable that this type is quite popular in YA! As far as I’ve noticed, anyway. The possessive boyfriend is the one who’s also usually VERY protective and rages upon anyone who threatens to touch or hurt his love.

3. The anti-hero.

This kind of ties into the first one, but at the same time, doesn’t. I’m talking more about the villainous sort of love interest, the one with a darker agenda, if you know what I mean. This type is most common in YA fantasy, dystopia, and the like, and can be very popular among readers! #Darkling Basically the opposite of a hero (duh, hence being called the ANTI-hero).

4. The best friend boyfriend.

This particular boyfriend is not only a love interest for the character, but is also a very close friend. I don’t know, this seems kind of uncommon sometimes? Like, sure, the usual book boyfriends are a good friend too, but.. there’s a few that are, like… I don’t know how to explain this without sounding completely bonkers, but basically, isn’t just a boyfriend, you know? He’s there to be a friend, too. (Which, to be honest, is what all boyfriends should be, but I guess I can’t say.)

5. The Prince Charming.

This type of boyfriend can be put two ways: one, he’s the type who always saves the day—the hero. Two, he generally always needs someone to save, protect. There’s a reason why the Prince Charming is associated with damsels! True to its name, the prince Charming-type boyfriend is often, well, charming, and, as I mentioned, saves the day or needs someone to save. To be honest, I’m kind of on the fence over how much I like this type. I don’t know. Also, is it weird that I kind of picture the Prince Charming in Shrek?? LOL that’s so random.

6. The hero.

I suppose this can be taken for Prince Charming, but… I don’t think so. The hero, to me, is the type who’s, you know, very loyal and brave, and strong. He’s willing to do what’s right for the one he loves (or whoever he’s loyal to). It’s more different than the Prince Charming, since.. Gah this is turning out to be the most confusing thing ever. But where the Prince Charming is sometimes, well, not as honorable as he seems, perhaps, the hero, is… the hero. I don’t think there’s anymore to add other than that.

7. The sweet and romantic.

Ahhh let’s bring out the awkward and adorable love interests! To be honest I kind of love this type alongside the bad-boy one—opposites, much? I know, lol. The sweet and romantic boyfriend, well, is exactly what he sounds like! These are the types that are sweet, thoughtful and (usually) very understanding. Oftentimes I also see this type with the best friend boyfriend—and it totally makes sense why! Étienne from Anna and the French Kiss and Simon from Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda both come to mind for this one!

8. The funny one.

By the way, by ‘the funny one’ I mean, you know, the type who’s almost always cracking jokes and smiling, not, like, the ‘weird one’ or something, though I suppose it could be that too. XD This type of boyfriend is often very charming, albeit a bit silly at times, due to his very charming and happy demeanor. I kind of love this type, because, who doesn’t like a good laugh?? Characters like Percy or Leo, can both apply for this one, don’t you think?

So that’s it for this little post about types of male love interests! I know there are probably a lot more I haven’t touched on, so feel free to add any type of love interests YOU’VE encountered! Also don’t forget to mention; which types of these do you love? Which do you dislike? Also, let me know if you’d still like a bookish OTP post, or types of bookish couples. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! *Virtual hug*

Until the Next Meal, Analee

25 thoughts on “Types of Male Love Interests | Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! And great examples of possible fictional boyfriends and male love interests. I like most of them, except for the possessive one. I did however like Edward back in the day … I am weird that way.
    My favourite is the funny one or the best friend one. I just find them so adorable!

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  2. This post is amazing!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

    I do love a book boyfriend who starts out as a bit of an asshole and then warms up into a gooey love mess! Haha!! But let’s be real, I have book boyfriends that fit all these categories!

    And yeah! I’d love to see a types of couples and types of gf post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! 😘❤️
      Haha yesss those types are always so much fun to read about. 😂 Lol I feel you, I have book boyfriends in almost all of these categories too.
      I will definitely try and do those sometime! They seem like they might be fun to do. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 2, 4,and 8 are my favorite. I’d like to see more of type 4 in non-contemporary genre. I love best friends relationship because they know more than the outside of the character. Players are my least favorite especially when they change for the main interest. Reason why I put down most NA books. It’s the most common trope. Hope your Valentines day was good😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, those aren’t bad! And yes, seeing more best friend boyfriends in other genres of books would be nice; they seem to mostly be limited to contemporary! Players I find to be entertaining to read about, though since there are so many of them these days it can get a bit tiring.
      Thank you, I hope yours was good as well! 😘

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  4. Great post! 😀 I really like the sweet and a little bit awkward guy, it’s just SO cute to read about. And the best friend boyfriend, idk hahaha. I just don’t like the possessive one. A little jealousy is good, but too much is, no no no no no ! I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! ❤️ Omg yess the sweet and awkward guy is ways adorable!! So much fun to read about. And yes! The best friend is totally amazing, I love seeing a strong friendship bond through the romance. Haha yeah, there are very few times where the possessive one is done well… No thanks, I’m good! 😂 Ahhh thank you, I hope you did as well! 😘

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  5. Of these, the sweet romantic one can be bother either good or bad for me. When they cross the line with being cliche and cheesy I’m not really a fan. However, I love the best friend boyfriend and the bad boy in ya lit. However, I probably wouldn’t like them in real life as real love interests for myself. I’m more into the sensitive and caring if there was such a category! 😀

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    • Haha yeah when anything crosses the line with being cliche or cheesy, it doesn’t always go too smoothly. Eeee the best friend boyfriend and the bad boy are both such entertaining ones to read about! I love them both quite a bit, lol. Haha yeah in real life it might not be the type we’d fall for–especially the bad boy type (for some reason I feel like there actually aren’t many like these in real life??) 😂 Aha a sensitive and caring love interest would be absolutely lovely. 😝

      Liked by 1 person

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