MORE PRETTY BOOKS…! | 2016 February Book Releases

The first month of 2016 is over?? Whaaaat?! Hello everyone and welcome back to another monthly book releases post! As you can probably tell, I’m still in a state of shock that this month has come to an end so quickly. Seriously, where does the time go?? But that’s not the point here. 😉 With the arrival of a new month comes the arrival of many more books (I swear, I can never keep track of them all…!) so without further ado, let me share with you all the books I’ve discovered that are being released this upcoming February! Once again, prepare yourself for the PRETTY BOOKS. *Heart-eyed emoji*

2016 February Book Releases

February 1st

February 2nd

February 8th

February 9th

February 11th

February 16th

February 23rd

February 29th

So that’s it for the releases of this upcoming month (that I could find, anyway)! Can I just, you know, devour Glass Sword…like, now?? Grrr….Also, I’m hoping this will be the month I finally read A Darker Shade of Magic, since A Gathering of Shadows is being released this month. I’m also really excited for Unhooked, The Girl From Everywhere, Stars Above—and a lot more, of course. Tell me what YOU’RE looking forward to this month in the comments! I’d love to talk.

Until the Next Meal, Analee

21 thoughts on “MORE PRETTY BOOKS…! | 2016 February Book Releases

  1. Why can’t I just have an infinite supply of money so I can get all of these books?? I added Beautiful Broken Things to my TBR just because I loved the cover so much. And The Girl from Everywhere has gotten a lot of hype, but the cover seems to fit it perfectly — mystery, adventure (plus it’s so so pretty!)

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    • OMG right?! That would totally be the best thing ever. Beautiful Broken Things definitely has a gorgeous cover!! I don’t blame you. 😉 #noshame I can’t wait to read The Girl From Everywhere, it seems amazing! 😍 And the cover is fab, of course, hehe.

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      • See, this is the problem with books being so beautiful! There are too many gorgeous covers that make me want to read the book, and then my TBR grows to be unmanageable… why can’t books just be uglier? XD


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