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Why Do You Re-Read

This topic kind of suddenly hit me the other day. There is a lot of things I can mention about re-reading, but I’m going to be focusing specifically on why do we reread books? We all know there are pros and cons to it, but we all have our reasons for rereading books (or for nor rereading books at all). Here are some of my different situations where re-reading might be needed!

  • I hardly remember what happened in the first book, and the sequel is being released soon.

    This is one of the most common reasons for me. I can occasionally have very bad memory when it comes to previous books I’ve read in a series (especially if it was a while ago), and often times when there’s a newer book being released in the series, I re-read the first books to refresh my memory. Sometimes I’m lucky to start a series after all the books have been released, but a lot of the times I’m placed in a situation where I have to wait for another book to be released, and I reread the series in the mean time.

    Some examples for me would be the Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. I remember reading those series several times as I waited almost a year for the books to be released. 🙂

  • I loved this book!

    This one’s pretty self-explanatory! Sometimes there’s just those books that you simply loved so much, that you want to reread it just for the fun of it.

    Examples include… almost every book I loved? I’m only half-kidding. Re-reading books I love was something I loved to do years back. I don’t do it as much these days since I have so many books to read, but yeah. I can’t think of any off the top of my head!

  • I read this book a long time ago, and I really want to read it again.

    I don’t think this particular kind of case has happened to me in a while, but there are definitely times where there was this one (or several) book I read a very long time ago, and I remember enjoying it, or I can’t fully remember what happened, so I read it again.

    One example for me here would be the Harry Potter series. I first read it when I was quite young, and of course, since HP is timeless, I have re-read the books several times over the years.

  • The movie is being released soon.

    Yes, this is a reason! Sometimes there’s a movie being released for a book I’ve read a long time ago, and I can’t help but reread it before the movie is released. Or maybe I’m watching a book-to-film adaptation of a movie that’s already released, and I’ll reread the book. I don’t always do this, but I did do this before and I’m sure I can’t be the only one… right? I’m not sure whether I can truly identify the logic behind this… I guess I just want to book fresh in my mind for comparison?

    An example for me would be The Maze Runner. I watched the movie after it left theaters, and a few days before I watched it, I finished reading the book. I think I liked the movie more, but I’m not even sure anymore haha.

  • I don’t feel like reading anything new, so I read some old favorites.

    Sometimes there are no new books that are suiting my mood, so I simply re-read an old favorite to get myself back into the reading game! This can work for reading slumps too. After all, if you’re in no mood to read, what better way to try and fix the slump than to pick up a book you know you loved before?

    An example for me would be when I reread The Infernal Devices. At the time I couldn’t find anything that really suited my moods, call it a sort of slump if you will, and so I picked up TID, and binge-read the series. Needless to say, I loved it and I got back on track after that! (Of course, this doesn’t work all the time, but it’s definitely one of the re-reading scenarios!)

  • I don’t have any new reading material.

    This hardly happens anymore, but this is a possibility! Sometimes you simply have nothing new to read, no recent library books, no new ebooks, nothing. Only a bunch of books you’ve already read before. So the natural thing to do, of course, you re-read the books you have! I mean, there are just times where you have no new books. Sad, but it happens. (Of course, the opposite is true more often… too many new books!) At least we have a solution. 😉

    An example for me would be Divergent. I usually always have new reading material, especially as of late, but in my younger years, I didn’t have as much of a book collection, and so I reread the few books I owned when I didn’t have new books. At the time, Divergent was the one I chose!

  • I didn’t like reading the book the first time, but I want to give it another try.

    There are always some books I simply don’t like. After I finish them, I find they’re just not for me. But rereading them may change the original opinion. Although I myself haven’t gotten around to this kind of re-reading recently, I definitely want to try re-reading Matched one day (not anytime soon though, for sure) and see if I like it better. Or maybe even Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

  • I want to see if my opinions have changed on the book from the first time.

    This is kind of like the reason I mentioned above, but it’s different because this is more of rereading to simply see if my opinion has changed towards a particular book, instead of re-reading with the hope of having a different opinion. I don’t do this often, in fact, I can’t really think of an example on the spot, but I do know that I have considered rereading the Twilight series in the past, to see if I still like it as much as I did back in middle school.

So these are the main reasons why I imagine I and other people would reread books! Tell me; what do you think? Are you a re-reader? Which one of these reasons apply most to you? Don’t feel shy to let me know below, I love to chat and hear people’s thoughts! Just get comfy, and let’s babble!

Until the Next Meal, Analee

40 thoughts on “Why Do You Re-Read? | Book Snacks Babbles

  1. I RARELY reread books simply because there are so many on my TBR shelf that it’s hard to set aside time for old ones. I would have to say that the #1 reason I reread books is for the first thing you mentioned– the sequel is coming out and I can;t remember what happened in the last book! I have the worst memory, so I simply must do this in order to know what the heck is going on in the new book. One workaround I have found for this though is to listen to the audiobook version of the previous book in the series. That usually saves me reading time since I can listen to audiobooks at work.

    Also when it comes to reading books right before the movie comes out– I actually avoid doing this! The more time that has passed between me reading a book and seeing it in movie format the better because then I am less disappointed by the movie! haha!

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    • I can soo understand that! I reread books a lot more when I was younger—now I simply don’t have the time to reread them since I have so many new books to get to! And I’m glad I’m not alone in having a bad memory. Re-reading previous books in a series because a new book is coming out is definitely the most common reason for me.

      Yes, audiobooks can be quite useful in that sense! I myself am terrible with using audiobooks, I can usually never get into them and for that reason I stick to print or ebooks. But it must be quite convenient, I’m sure! ❤

      Haha I definitely understand that logic! Movies often change a lot of things from the book, and the more time that passed between reading the book and seeing the movie will surely save you from disappointment. A good tactic! 🙂


  2. Oh, I love to re-read. I have a particular author that is just… a bookworm’s equivalent of comfort food. There’s two stories from her that I know I’m going to enjoy every time I read, so whenever I’m down, or bored, or just need to escape, I open one of those two books, and proceed to giggle my butt off.

    My other main reason is the: Not wanting to read anything new. Sometimes, if its 10 pm, and I know I need to go to sleep soon, but I want to read too…I don’t want to start anything new. So I open an oldie-but-goodie. Side note: You’d think this would make it easier to put the book down. Not all the time. Stayed up till 2 a.m. reading a book I’ve read about 7 times before, simply because I wasn’t ready to let the story go.

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    • That’s great! It’s must definitely be a comfort to always have a choice of reading material that you know you will absolutely enjoy. I’m now curious about this particular author! 😛

      Yes, I totally understand! Sometimes, even if I have plenty of new books to choose from, I just stick with an old favorite. And yep, a lot of the times I still struggle with putting it down as well! Even if I know what’s going to happen, I’m still pulled towards the book. ❤


  3. I am definitely a re-reader. Sometimes just because I love a book/series, b also because I find that I get something different out of a book depending on what is going on in my life! Personal experiences change the way I read. Sometimes. Sometimes I just love the book!! (I was the same with the Heroes of Olympus series – I kept re-reading each time a new one came out. Jason and Piper annoy me though… ;). )

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    • That is an interesting thought! I’ve never particularly thought about it, but yes, personal experiences do play a factor in the way we see books. Rereading books will probably bring out some new perspectives, depending on each situation.
      Glad I’m not alone in re-reading the Heroes of Olympus series as newer books were released! Jason and Piper actually didn’t annoy me that much though. ❤


  4. I re-read books all the time. Most often it’s because I love the book so much (those are the ones I’ve read more times than I can count). I’d say the other big reasons are that it’s been a long time since I’ve read it and want the refresher, or because I didn’t like it before and want to give it another try.

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    • Yes, isn’t it just so comforting to re-read books you know you loved? 🙂 I myself enjoy re-reading books, however as of late I don’t get as much time to do so. But when I do, books I’ve read a while ago are some of my choices! Although I have yet to re-read a book I disliked before, I think I want to try it out. ❤ Do you find that you enjoy books more the second time you read them, better than the first time?


  5. Interesting post, you gave me a lot to think about. I think a common reason I re-read, or want to re-read a book, is becasue I am read it too fast the first time. This year I’ve really struggled with blowing through books and then not remembering details about them. There’s books I read in August that I’m now sitting dwn to review and I can’t remember significant things that happened! I think it’s because I am trying to hit my Goodreads challenge of 50 books, and I really slacked off in the summer and got behind.

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    • I’m so happy to hear that! Thought-provoking is what I was aiming for. 🙂
      I can definitely see why re-reading might be needed in that case! I don’t believe I myself have gone through that recently, but I do understand how sometimes by rushing, the words fly over your head! 😉 My advice would be to not worry about your Goodreads challenge; you still have several more months to complete it, after all! ❤


  6. Guilty confession….I don’t reread books, or at least I never read the same book twice when I was younger. I just found it incredibly boring to read the same book over and over again. All of that changed with Harry Potter of course because there were always new things to notice and think about.

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  7. I used to do a lot of rereading but that tapered as I ran book blogs. I reread old favs now because I want to revisit the world. Also I never try a book again if I didn’t like it the first time unless forced. Once was enough, time to find a better read!!

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    • Likewise, I did a lot more re-reading in past years than as of late! I simply don’t have the time, with my huge TBR, and all the new books I want to get to. Of course, revisiting old favorites is always a pleasure when I get the chance! 🙂

      I myself haven’t yet re-read a book that I didn’t enjoy the first time, but I have considered doing so several times! I agree with your logic though, it’s one of the reasons why I haven’t yet re-read a book I didn’t enjoy.

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  8. Great post and valid reasons!
    I personally don’t really reread books that much, because I just have so many books that I want to read that I want to get to all of those instead. If a movie or sequel is coming out, I usually just find a summary (usually Wikipedia) to refresh my memory.

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    • Thanks, Ashley! ❤
      I agree, I've been the same way as of late, I did do a lot of re-reading in the past, but nowadays I haven't been doing as much re-reading, since there are so many new books I want to get to.
      That's definitely a good tactic! I've tried that a couple of times myself. 🙂

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  9. I reread books when I ran out of tbr and in a reading slump too lol! The most re-read one would be Anna and the French kiss and the other two companion novels! They work great for me whenever I need to get out of the slump or just need a laugh (along with butterflies <3) This is a great discussions! 😀

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  10. I can’t remember the last book I re-read. There are certainly books I didn’t like that I would like to give another shot, but with all the new books constantly being released these days, I do wonder if I’ll ever get round to it. This is, in part, why I have bought less books (at full, bookshop price, anyway) in recent years, and instead have been using libraries or borrowing from friends. I have a friend who can re-read the same book two, three, four times, so I guess it is down to the individual’s reading habits 🙂

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    • Haha that’s the same thing for me! I enjoy re-reading, but I had done it more in the past, and I haven’t re-read any books recently. And yes, again, with so many books being released, I simply don’t have the time (and enough motivation) to pick up a book I didn’t enjoy the first time—although I definitely would like to!

      That’s a very good idea! I’ve been doing too much buying nowadays, it would be best if I borrowed books more, especially for books I’m not that sure on.

      And yes, different readers often have different habits for sure! ❤


  11. I don’t re-read too many books. There are so many “new” books to read. I’ve re-read The Twilight Saga and The Lace Reader, but that’s it. I do plan on re-reading Nine Minutes and Out of Time before the third book in that series comes out.

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    • I used to re-read a lot of books, back when I was younger and had a smaller TBR, but nowadays, I don’t get the chance to re-read books either. I have a lot of books on my TBR now, and there are lots of ‘new’ books to read for me as well! ❤
      In that case, I hope you enjoy your re-read of the series! Do you think you'll enjoy it more or less if you read the books again? 😛

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  12. I often reread a book and find that my thoughts on the book changed after rereading it! Also, I just love rereading a book just to relive the experience again (I’m talking about Harry Potter, of course…)

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    • I can definitely see how that’s possible—I believe it happened to me before as well, in the past. 🙂 And yes! Reliving the experience of a book you know you loved is a great feeling. ❤ Glad to find another Harry Potter lover!

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  13. Great choice of topic, and comprehensive list of reasons! I love re-reading books, and I think I’ve done so for all the reasons you’ve listed above at least once or twice . . . . although I also find that I don’t re-read as much now as I did when I was younger. I still love going back to old favorites, though. 😀

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    • Thanks, Honya! I’m so happy you think so. ❤
      That's the same thing for me; I used to re-read a lot more when I was younger, but nowadays, I hardly re-read! There are several books (old favorites, mostly) that I'd love to return to, but I simply have too many other books to read. XD

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  14. My goal is to review every book I’ve ever read on Goodreads, which means there will have to be some rereading. Haha, omg, I sound like a crazy person admitting this, but yeah. Also, I’m a big mood reader and sometimes just want to reminiscence wonderful reading memories by picking up a book I read before. It doesn’t happen often now that I blog, but before I started blogging most of the books I read when I was in high school were books I loved and had already read before (well aside from assigned reading, of course). Love this discussion topic, Analee! Very relatable since I’m a big rereader. (Speaking of discussion seres, I scheduled my post about review copies for next week and I made sure to answer the things you were wondering about!)

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    • No! Not crazy at all. Very ambitious of you, I’d be quite impressed if you do manage to review every book you’ve read on Goodreads. You go girl! 😉 I totally get what you mean there! Sometimes nostalgia and my moods just bring me back to a book I’ve read before. And that’s the same case for me; I don’t necessarily have the time to re-read books anymore, and I always have so many other books to get to! My younger days were more of when I re-read books. Thank you, Summer! ❤ So glad you liked it.
      Yay, that's great! Thanks so much for making the post, looking forward to reading it!

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