2015 July Wrap-Up

Hello! July is rapidly coming to an end, can you believe it? It honestly felt like it passed in a blink of an eye. Here’s how this month has been for me!

Books I’ve read this month (Link to Goodreads): 

Books I’ve reviewed this month: 

Tags I did this month:

Book Blitzes:

Blog Tours

Award Posts:

Book News:

Top Ten Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday

WWW Wednesday 

That’s What He Said Thursday

  • #12: July 2nd (Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier)
  • #13: July 9th (Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover)

Friday Finds

Exploring My Bookshelves

Other Posts I did:

So that’s how my July month went! It was pretty productive as far as my reading is concerned. How did your month go? (Bookish or otherwise.) Let me know in the comments below, or link your wrap-up post, if you have one. 🙂

Analee 10

44 thoughts on “2015 July Wrap-Up

    • Yes, I was kind of reading monster this month, lol. Mostly because of all the free time I had. I think I might be leaning into getting into a slump, but I hope not. I’m sorry to hear about your slump! But at least you read something, it’s better than nothing! 🙂 Hopefully August will be a better month for you. ❤

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  1. Holy. Freaking. Moly. I’m blown away by your progress in all areas of bookish and bloggish things! My jaw is literally on the floor! You’re amazing!
    You have a talent for reading books, it’s evident in this wrap up! My gosh I admire you. Teach me your ways! Do you have school or anything that you do at the moment? University/college? If you do, I don’t understand how you read so much!
    But this looks like an incredible month, a really really great month! xoxo

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    • 🙂 You’re so nice, Josie! Thank you! ❤
      At the moment, I hardly gave anything that I have to do since I'm on summer vacation; I have lots of free time! I do have some light preperation for my last year of high school and occasionally I babysit, but other than that, nothing much. Thankfully I'm not in university or college, I would hardly ever have the time for anything if that's the case! I don't want to even think how life will become when I go to university…
      Thanks Josie! But it's only because of summer vacation and the fact that I read several books at once, I'm sure once school starts again my reading will be quite low. XD

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      • Ah, I see, summer vacation! That explains it.
        Oh, you’re still in high school, like me! Its my last year too, I graduate in three months! Eep! But I’ve always been told, at least here in Australia, that when you get to university it gets so much more relaxed in terms of time!

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        • Yep! I’m savouring my last bit of freedom to read books before school starts again, lol!
          That’s awesome, Josie! How exciting!! 😀 And if that were true (having time be more relaxed in uni in Australia) then that’s great for you! ❤ At least some time for reading. 😉

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