Intro | Book Snacks Babbles

Hello my fellow bookworms! I have for you an exciting announcement and intro (well, exciting for me, anyway) of a new blog series/feature I will be doing here on my blog: Book Snacks Babbles!

Where did this come from?

After reading Summer’s post about blogging for yourself and her intro to her new blog series, Summer Says, I really felt inspired to do something on my blog that will bring out the more creative side of me (even though I hardly consider myself creative). And so I decided to do a discussion feature, which I shall be naming, Book Snacks Babbles. Because that’s basically how all my opinions start out as; senseless babbles that I later on think more about. I think it really suits the blog and the whole point of the feature; to ‘babble’ or, discuss bookish topics. I had been thinking of doing a discussion feature for a while now, especially after Poulami’s Daydreaming Discussions monthly feature, & Josie’s Discussions Thursday mostly-weekly feature.


Now, I’m still not sure when I’ll do these posts. I’m thinking I might follow Poulami and make this a monthly thing, or I might make this more of a random, sporadic, anytime-post kind of thing. Or would you rather this be a bi-weekly feature? I’d love to know your thoughts on this, because I honestly don’t know when I should do this feature. I guess I might judge after seeing if people enjoy it. 🙂

What will I be discussing?

Moving on to what exactly these discussions will be about. Generally speaking, these discussions will be about everything and anything bookish. Specifically, well, not much I can say, because that’s really all it is; anything bookish! Whether that may be genre talk, favorite books, book boyfriends, or even a discussion of a specific book. I may also do discussions about book blogging; what makes a good review, blogging habits, etc.

Your Thoughts?

So what do you think of this new feature? I’d love to know your thoughts. And please, let me know your ideas for some discussion posts you’d like to see! I’m always open to suggestions!

Analee 10

40 thoughts on “Intro | Book Snacks Babbles

    • Yes, it’s a great chance for bloggers to have fun chatting about all sorts of topics! I’ll be trying my best to have at least 2 discussions per month, or even more if I can come up with ideas! 🙂 Thank you for your opinion.

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  1. this sounds great 🙂 but you should do it whenever you feel like it, and not put any kind of schedual on it. Maybe there’s a time qhen you want to discuss a lot of things, and maybe one month you don’t feel inspired, so do it whenever you feel like it 🙂

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    • Thank you! I think that’s what I’m going to do, with no schedule, I mean. I think it would be more fun and more babble-like, lol. I don’t know, ’cause ‘Babbling’ happens everywhere and anywhere, at anytime, so… XD Or it just be me talking nonsense. Either way, thanks for your opinion, it really helps! ❤

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  2. Wow, I feel honored that you got some inspiration from my Summer Says post. Thank you for mentioning me. I’m so happy that you decided to do a discussion series of your own. Book Snacks Babbles is a lovely and fitting name; I’m sure it’ll be a hit on Book Snacks. Let’s grow as bloggers and have fun together through these posts! 😀

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  3. This seems like a great idea, and I’m glad Summer Says inspired you because it was fabulous! I think you could do this sporadically so you’re not pressured. Whenever you come up with an idea, and finish your process with it. I look forward to your discussion posts. You’ll be amazing!

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  4. From my experience, discussion posts are the easiest to write and the funnest to participate in. My two discussion posts are the posts with the most comments and reader interaction. Looking forward to your new series!

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  5. In my experience, if you are going to do discussion posts you should do them on a somewhat sporadic schedule. Now here me out, the reason why for this is because you will then be writing them when you have an idea that you really want to discuss which allows for the creativity and thought process to flow rather than having to deal with the struggle of picking a topic and discussing it on a schedule. I think this will make for a much less stressful and more fun experience for you. Look forward to reading it!

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  6. Yay! I think it’s totally wonderful that you’re doing this. I love discussing random topics that come up, their one of my favourites to read and I think I would really enjoy seeing the things you come up with to discuss!
    Also, in glad my feature inspired you! We need more people doing discussion posts, they’re honestly amazing.
    I cant wait for this! xoxo

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    • Glad you think so! 🙂 I can’t wait to get started on them, it’ll be so much fun to discuss and chat about topic with other bloggers.
      Yes, and I’m happy you’re doing them! Your discussion posts are great, I doubt I’ll be able to make mine as thought-provoking as yours, but I’ll try! 😀
      Thanks for the lovely comment, Josie! ❤

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