2015 July Book Releases

Hi! It’s almost July everyone, and there are so many great books out there that are being released this July! Here are a few that I know of and that seem interesting:

July 1:

July 7:

July 14:

July 21:

July 28:

July 30:

What books on this list are you looking forward to? Any good ones that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy reading everyone! (Can you believe it’s almost July?)


6 thoughts on “2015 July Book Releases

  1. Oh My! Each month so many interesting books are being released and I didn’t even completed june releases yet and now july came with so many good books eventually increasing my TBR list.So, I’ll just have to become choosy(which i hate so much) now and what do you say do you think you can read all of them or your chosen ones?

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    • Oh! Sorry, I just saw this comment. 🙂 But I definitely agree, there are so many books being released, and I have hardly read the june releases either! I wish I could read all of them—I definitely would if I could! But paired with the older books that have been on my TBR, I’m going to have to be more choosy. :/ And now August is coming! Oh boy.

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