Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

I was tagged to do this tag by Poulami @ Daydreaming Books! I was interested in this tag for a while, and I was super happy when I found I got tagged to do it! ❤ So, here are the rules:

1) Pick any five books randomly (or not randomly, your choice)

2) The first name you see when you flip open the book on a random page, will be the person who is the answer to the question.

3) Each of the book must answer two questions.

The books I pick:

So now, to the questions!

#1: The first person to die? (Divergent)


Wait what? I read that wrong, right? Please tell me I did. Oh Lord, if Four dies, we have no chance. NOOOOOOOOO!!! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!! *Sobs uncontrollably on the ground for 20 minutes*

*Shakes head* Look at me. Crying from the very first question. Everything’s looking great, isn’t it?

#2: The person you trip to get away from the zombies? (The Fill-In Boyfriend)


Meh. Bradley, I’m sorry (not really), but we’re gonna have to say sayonara to you! You would’ve dragged us down anyway. No offence, Bradley, I just don’t really care. As long as I save myself. (Oops was that rude?)

#3: The first person to turn into a zombie? (A Thousand Pieces of You)


Huh. I actually don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, I like Theo, but really, all I can say is

#4: The person that trips YOU to get away from the zombies (Unravel Me)


What?!! Noooooooo Warner you’re supposed to save me!!! How could you betray me so?!! This must be a mistake… right? RIGHT?! Don’t break my heart, Warner…

#5: The idiot of the team? (Angelfall)


HA!! HAHAHAHAHA. Raffe, the idiot? Please. This is so messed up. Which is why I will die. Because if Raffe is an idiot… I don’t even want to imagine.

#6: The “brains” of the team? (Divergent)


Wonderful! We’re talking about the guy who thought suicide was the answer to his problems. Yay. Who wants to come to my funeral?

Mm-hmm, totally not gonna die.

#7: The team’s medic? (The Fill-In Boyfriend)


Umm… excuse me when I say that I most certainly DO NOT trust GIA to be the medic. I don’t think she even knows how to properly treat a common cold. (No offence intended!) A zombie infection is out of the question! Geez. What have I done for fate to hate me so much? If I’m not going to die because I was tripped by Warner 😦 (see cryfest in question #4) then I will most certainly die of a flesh wound left unattended! Thanks, Gia. Very helpful. I might as well be saying

by letting her tend to my wounds.

#8: The weapons expert? (A Thousand Pieces of You)


Seriously? Out of all the characters! Don’t get me wrong, she’s a perfectly fine protagonist, but as a weapon’s expert? Ehh you might as well kill me now. Almost not kidding. Would you like to attend my funeral? I’ll be sure to send you the invitation.

#9: The brawler? (Unravel Me)


Noooo Kenji you’re supposed to be the brave! Don’t cry on us now, we need you!! If Kenji’s crying, we’re definitely dead.

Edit: Ha ha I mistakened ‘brawler’ for bawler. Oops. Thanks Joysofbookworm for noting that! 😉 Anyway, am I glad Kenji is on my side! With him, I have a better chance of surviving… if I’m not already dead because of Warner’s betrayal… (Nope, still not over it.)

#10: The Team Captain? (Angelfall)


YES!!! Maybe there’s a chance I will actually live!!! With Obi, at least the world’s not going to be completely destroyed… hopefully.

I have hope. With Obi, who knows?

But then I see the rest of my team… Yeah, my chances aren’t that great…

So! My zombie apocalypse team:

  • First to die: Four (Divergent)
  • Person I trip: Bradley (The Fill-In Boyfriend)
  • Person who turns into zombie: Theo (A Thousand Pieces of You)
  • Person who trips me: Warner (Unravel Me)
  • The idiot: Raffe (Angelfall)
  • The brains: Al (Divergent)
  • The medic: Gia (The Fill-In Boyfriend)
  • The weapons expert: Marguerite (A Thousand Pieces of You)
  • The brawler: Kenji (Unravel Me)
  • The captain: Obi (Angelfall)

Looks like I can safely say that I will be dying soon! Sure, I have Kenji, Obi, and… no one.

Unless you want to count Four, who will be the first to die (NOOOOO), or Bradley, who will not be missed when I trip over him, or Theo, who will turn into a zombie, or Warner when he leaves me to die (*Sobs uncontrollably for another 20 minutes*), or Al who will lead us to a death trap, or Gia, who will infect our wounds even further as our medic, or Marguerite, who supposedly is our weapons expert??? Yep, my odds are great. LOL!

I hereby invite you all to my funeral!!

I tag the next 1o of my followers:

I wish you luck! Hopefully your luck will be better than mine!

So that’s it! This is a great tag, and although I just found I’m not going to be living much longer with these people on my team, I had super fun with this, LOL! I’d love to read your answers if you decide to do it. Of course, if you haven’t been tagged and want to do it, please join in, and if you have been tagged and already did it, feel free to ignore.

Have a wonderful day!


Note: Banner was made by me thanks to Canva. 🙂

59 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

    • It was a great tag, thanks for tagging me! 🙂 Hehe with my crew, my luck is pretty bad… at least with Kenji and Obi on my side, there’s a slight chance, but when you weigh the odds with the rest of the crew… 😉 Guess I should get into shape before the apocalypse! Seems like I’ll be running a lot, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Haha that’s hilarious! I love your reactions!! Also, it’s brawler (fighter) not bawler (crier) so you’ll be slightly better – he can turn you invisible and you can run away together! (You know, after Warner trips you and leaves you for dead)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Also, now that I’ve temporarily recovered my ability to speak before I go on screaming ‘no!’ again, you had better run, Analee. Your team looks absolutely… shocking. I wouldn’t want to lose my sister, and definitely not to a bunch of stupid zombies who are planning to kill Four!
    Oh, Four… 😥 no…

    Liked by 1 person

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