Day and Night Book Tag

Hi! I was tagged by the epic Meena @ Tattooed Pages! Check out her blog, it’s amazing! ❤ Alright, let’s get started!

D: Do you read more in the morning or at night?

I don’t read much in the morning for sure, definitely at night since I always crawl into bed with my e-reader with me! I also read in the afternoon, especially if I have paperbacks or hardcovers I’m reading, since they’re not as comfortable to read with lying down.

A: Are there any books that changed the way you thought about things?

All books leave and impact on my thoughts and feelings, but one that particularly comes to mind is the Harry Potter series. There are just so many messages and stuff in the books that will always stick with me.

Y: YA or not?

Why is this even a question?? YA for life! ❤

A: Are there any characters you honestly believe to be real?

As much as I wished they were,no.There are times where I think of a character so much they become real in my mind, but never did I believe them to be physically alive.

N: Nobody borrows my books or I don’t mind lending them out?

I don’t mind lending them out to the right people.

D: Do you ever smell your books?

Sometimes. 🙂

N: Not everyone likes books, is this a positive or a negative?

Negative. Like Tessa Gray once said, “Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.” Although I understand that not everyone loves or enjoys books as much as I do, I do believe with the right book anyone can (and should!) come to enjoy literature.

I: I keep my books in the best condition or maybe not? Which are you?

I definitely try my best, but older books have gotten a bit worse for wear unfortunately.

G: Gosh I have too many books! True or False?

100% false! I have way too less physical books and although the number of my e-books are growing, there’s never too much!

H: Have you ever spilled or stained your books before with something, and if so how?

I haven’t spilled or stained any of my personal books, however I accidentally dropped a few library books in puddles before. Oops!

T: Toned or untoned while reading? . . or in other words. . .Do you read and workout at the same time?

Well, I barely workout (although I really should), but on the rare occasions I do go on a treadmill, if I’m simply walking at a reasonable pace, I have my Kobo to read. I don’t do this often though.

That’s it for this tag! Thanks again Meena for tagging me, this was lots of fun! I’m too lazy to specifically tag anyone so feel free to do this tag if it interests you. Call yourself officially tagged! Just link your post in the comments below so I can check it out!


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