BookSnacks News: Top 10 Tuesdays

I’m planning on now starting Top Ten Tuesdays (a feature created at The Broke and The Bookish) for some more BookSnacks fun, and I hope you enjoy!

My lists for Top Ten Tuesdays will be on anything related to books (ex. Top 10 favourite quotes, Tob 10 authors, Top 10 things I like about the Percy Jackson series, Top 10 reasons vampires are awesome, etc.) Most of the time I will try to follow the themes set by The Broke and The Bookish, but there may be exceptions. 🙂

The themes for April are:

April 07:Top 10 Most Anticipated Books/Series to be released in 2015-2016

April 14: Top Ten Inspiring Quotes from Books (anything that inspires you, challenges you, makes you think, encourages you, etc.)

April 21: Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors (yeah, I’m mean like that! You could narrow it down to a genre if you it REALLY kills you…or just make your list a top 20 😛 )

April 28: Top Ten Books Which Feature Characters Who _____ (are musically inclined, have lost someone, have depression, who grow up poor, etc.)

Until next time!


P.S. Only the theme for April 07 is different from the themes of The Broke and The Bookish. 🙂

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