Welcome to Book Snacks!

Hey to all readers out there! Welcome to my blog, where I’ll be writing review of books I’ve read and recommend! If I hated or disliked a book, I will most probably not even write about it, unless it’s well known and popular. No offense intended to anyone who loves a book/series that I’ve disliked, just stating my opinion!

I read a variety of genres of books, so no matter what genre books you like, you will probably have at least a couple of books in that genre (except maybe horror and historical fiction; I don’t read much of those.)

Also, feel free to drop in some book recommendations in the ‘Recommendations‘ page! If there is a specific book or series you would like to see a review on, also feel free to contact me at analee.suomynona@yahoo.ca or comment on my ‘About‘ page. If you’re an author/publisher with a review request, head over to my Review Policy to assure I qualify for your needs. Stay tuned, and happy readings!

-A (don’t worry, not from Pretty Little Liars.)